One of my favorite things about being married to a doctor with his own private practice is being able to role-play as a naughty nurse whenever I get the urge. Like last Friday. Jeffrey was working late, catching up on work after the office closed. I was in the mood to have some fun. I dressed up in my favorite naughty nurse costume and went to surprise him.

I’d already called to make sure he was alone and since we were, I dropped my coat as soon as I’d locked the front door behind me. His office was in the back, so I headed that way to surprise him. I grabbed some empty files from the front and as I walked down the hall, I called out, “Dr. Jeffrey, I need your assistance in exam room four.”

“Sarah?” he replied. “Is that you?”
I’d surprised him all right! I stayed in character. “Doctor,” I called again. “I need you in room four.”

Jeffrey is used to my tricks, and he knows there’s nothing I love more than showing up at the office to play doctor. After a quiet laugh, I heard him push away from his desk. His footsteps moved across the floor, getting closer and closer to the hallway. I ducked into the exam room when I saw his shadow in the hall, and summoned him again.

As soon as my husband came into the exam room, his mouth opened in happy surprise. I was wearing my latex nurse’s uniform. It’s his favorite of the dozen or so I own. Seeing me in that skintight latex outfit gets him hot right away. He was so turned on it took him a moment to get his voice back. Then, as seriously as he could manage, he asked, “What’s the problem, Nurse Sarah?”

After years of helping in his office, I have become very familiar with medical jargon to make up a plausible scenario – one that would require his attention and allow me to show some skin. I complained about an imaginary pain in my pussy, and when he pushed his fingers against me through the latex, I jumped, pretending he’d hit the spot.

“I’ll need you to lift your dress so I can examine you,” he said. I quickly complied, shifting and shimmying until the hem of my tight dress was high enough for him to see the “source of my discomfort.”

He pretended to examine my pussy, poking and prodding as I squirmed and squealed with delight – while, of course, telling him how much it hurt. He slipped a finger into me, still attempting to “find the problem” and I had to bite back a moan. I didn’t want to be pulled out of character so soon. The fun is that much more delicious when I can keep up the naughty nurse act as long as possible.

Jeffrey started to add more fingers, slipping in a second and then a third. We pretended there was some important medical reason, but every thrust of his fingers made it harder to keep a straight face. Still, we continued and whenever I wanted to moan, I’d cry out, “Yes, doctor, there!” as if he’d found the painful spot that needed help.

After a few minutes, he told me he’d need to examine more deeply – to determine was was really going on up there. He told me to lay down on the examination table. I did so, making sure my dress stayed above my waist. I was very excited and ready for what I knew was coming. He turned to “get his tools ready”—which meant he was unzipping his pants and freeing his rock hard cock. I pulled the stirrups up and laid back with my feet in them. Then Jeffrey turned to me and his huge cock looked so good as he moved between my spread legs.

My pussy was so wet and ready and he quickly slid into me. The pretense was over at that point. All we were focused on was the fucking. I grabbed the sides of the table as Jeffrey began to thrust, and he held my latex-covered hips firmly, keeping me in place. His cock is long and thick, and it went in deep with every thrust, filling me up completely. He started off slow, warming me up – but soon he picked up his pace and began pounding me hard and deep. I really got to moaning then.

When he started thrusting harder, I dug my fingers into the examination table and slid my ass toward him, grinding my hips into him. Before long, we were really banging each other, his hips slapping loudly against mine as the paper on table crinkled under my ass.

Jeffrey was fucking me so good, I was getting really close to cumming. I knew it would be even better if I stopped trying to fuck him. As I got closer, I relaxed back on the table so he could fuck me a better angle, and I reached down to stroke my swollen clit. It was so ripe and ready that the lightest touch took me over the edge. I came hard and my pussy clenched around his cock, holding him inside me as my juices gushed out with every contraction of my cunt.

My husband wasn’t done yet. Even though I had cum, he was still rock-hard and wanting to fuck. He kept his cock buried in my cunt and soon began thrusting again. In another minute or two of furious fucking, he was ready to blow. He pulled out before he came so he could shoot his load all over my stomach and mound. I love watching him spray his cum all over and I fingered my clit to cum one more time before he’d finished cumming.

When it was over, Jeffrey zipped up his pants and headed back to his office to gather his belongings while I cleaned up the exam room. I wanted it tidy enough that the cleaning crew wouldn’t think anything was out of sorts when they should up later that night. Then we headed home, both of us satisfied and ready to cuddle for the night.