History Lesson Erotic stories

She can hear the last ringing of the bell echo through the halls, as she heads for her tutoring session, passing a few stragglers still hanging around. But today she doesn’t have time to goof around with them, she’s pre-occupied with other things. Mostly just the usual 16 year old stuff; boys, clothes the homecoming dance coming up; nothing really earth-shattering. But mixed in with those things, she’s wondering why he had scheduled this session for after school instead of before like all the others.

Their sessions had been going on for most of the year, because let’s face it, she’s lousy at history. Always has been, just too many dates to remember. But lately she had noticed that the last few had been different. 

He was always teasing her about something or other; like her short skirts, how tight she wore her jeans or how low she kept her blouses unbuttoned. But the past few weeks he had started to tease her endlessly about chasing her around the room. Of course he was always evasive about what would happen when the catch was made. And she was not beyond teasing him also; so the friendly teasing had turned to open and blatant flirting on both sides. 

She enters the classroom today looking the picture of schoolgirl innocence, with her white cotton blouse and pleated skirt swirling around her knees. As usual he’s waiting for her, wearing his wickedly warm smile. As he looks up from his desk, though, she feels a little nervous all of a sudden; as if he was boring a hole through her with his eyes. Instinctively she clutches her books tightly to her chest, trying to hide the fact that she’s not wearing a bra. Now she wishes she had worn a jacket, but she had forgotten it in her locker. 

Studying history with him was always good for laughs. That’s what she liked about him the most. He wasn’t stiff and boring like the other teachers she had. He made her laugh and smile and treated her like an equal, never just a student. And he always had a reward for her when she did well. 

Today’s session seemed to be particularly hard for her, but she was doing OK. After doing well on a really difficult question, he gives her a special reward, one that’s definitely different from the others. 

When she first felt his hands touch her, she jumped with surprise. But when his strong hands began to caress her shoulders all thoughts of history flew out of her mind. Instead of the Civil War her mind becomes filled with the feel of his hands, the scent of his cologne, even the sound of his breathing. Her mind in such a state of confusion that she doesn’t notice as his hands roam to the soft spot at the nape of her neck. 

She jumps again even more surprised as he leans in closer and places a soft kiss on her cheek; but his hands hold her in place in the chair. She can hear her own breathing become short and heavy as his hands move down to touch her young breasts. Feeling her nipples harden under his touch, she arches her back so it’s easier to touch her. With no bra to restrain them, her tiny points push at the material of her cotton blouse. 

Pulling his hands away he leaves her only long enough to walk over and lock the door. For the few short seconds he’s away from her, she misses the feel of his hands on her.coming back he stands behind her and starts to open her blouse, one button at a time. She never thinks to put up any resistance, to say no, or even to raise her hands from the desk. The only thing that she can think of now is having her breasts free for him to fondle. 

Taking her by the hands he helps her to stand and removes her blouse. As he stands staring at her she raises her hands to try and cover herself. Grabbing her wrists he shakes his head no and pulls her to him, not allowing her to cover herself. With his hands on her face he pushes her lips apart with his tongue and kisses her. They stand there sharing a kiss that is long and deep, almost as if exploring each other. 

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Lifting her by the waist he sits her on his desk and pushes her skirt high up above her hips. This exposes her long legs to him and her red silk panties. Running his hands between her thighs he can feel how wet she has become through the silk. 

Reaching up with trembling fingers, she nervously unbuttons his shirt and let’s her fingers run through the hair on his chest. As her hands explore further down his body she feels his muscular stomach and his trim waist. Instinctively she knows what he wants her to do. Her fingers are still trembling as she loosens his slacks and opens them to let his hard-on pop out. 

His hands slip down to her shoulders and push her to her knees in front of him. She could hardly believe what she was doing when she actually took his hard dick into her mouth. This was the first time she had tasted a man’s cock, but it was an act she instantly enjoyed. 

She can hear his low moans as her tongue runs over the length of his shaft and down onto his balls with long licks. Using her lips to surround the head she slowly slides down. With her fingers almost digging into his leg, she willingly let’s him pump in and out of her mouth. 

As he pulls her to her feet, she resists, not wanting to release his cock. But she had become no more than a toy in his hands, letting him use her as he pleased. Spinning her around he bends her over his desk and roughly yanks her panties and skirt off, leaving her exposed. 

She’s taken completely by surprise, when she feels his fingers dipping into her pussy. Feeling first one finger, then two as he pushes deeper into her. But when he dropped to his knees and kissed her tender flesh, she had to fight hard to hold back the screams. 

Never having been taken this way before, she can hear herself moaning. His lips felt soft but determined as he kissed her most private parts. Slowly he licks her puffy lips and nibbles her swollen clit, pulling it between his teeth, sucking hard. But when she feels his tongue slide into her, she pushes back toward him and has the first real orgasm of her life. 

As she tries to catch her breath, he takes hold of her waist and gently pushes into her. Her young pussy had never felt so full or stretched so tight as he slowly moves inside of her. Picking up speed he starts to fuck her faster and deeper until the sound of his balls slapping against her ass fills the classroom. 

Her knees feel weak under her and her spinning from the long strokes he’s slamming into her. Sitting down in his chair he pulls her back on top of his still hard cock. Melting back against his chest, she loses herself as orgasm after orgasm takes hold of her. 

Her pussy is so wet; she can feel her juices as they flow out and over his balls. It’s as if her entire body is on fire as he fucks her with the skill only an experienced man can have. He knows just when to go deep and just where to touch to intensify that fire. Sex had never been this way with the boys her own age she had been with. 

Their breathing becomes even heavier as he rams into her faster. Taking all of him as he pushes deeper, he holds her even tighter when he releases his load into her. As he drains into her pussy, she grinds hard against him, working her muscles, trying to pull every drop from him. 

Collapsing against him when the waves of her orgasm had finally passed, he holds her like a child. Stroking her hair, covering her neck and shoulders with kisses; he pats her hip and tells her it’s time to get going. 

Helping each other to get dressed they never say a word. But they do share one last passionate kiss before he unlocks the door and they return to being only teacher and student.