Holiday Island Assignation Forced stories

Let me share with you an experience my wife and I had recently when we took a holiday at a local island resort. We decided to spend the afternoon sunbathing and snorkelling at a beach we knew to be deserted – or it was deserted most of the time. As we walked onto the warm sand we headed for the end of the bay, where we observed several others laying in the sun. As we had to walk past them to get to the place we wanted to snorkel we noticed that there were two topless ladies, obviously working on the already substantial sun-tans. As we walked past they rested on their elbows and smiled a greeting, perhaps knowing that the four of us had the entire beach to ourselves.

After we settled onto our towels we noticed that one of the ladies, who looked about thirty-something, started to take photos of her female companion. The lady taking the photos was quite shapely, with firm upturned breasts, and a dark olive complexion. Her friend was some years younger than herself, and had long blonde hair almost down to her waist, but her breasts were quite magnificent, as were her large, shiny pink nipples.

As they went about their photography, we tried not to watch but it was difficult not to. Even my wife was interested in the proceedings, and she was also admiring the two ladies. I tried unsuccessfully to prevent an erection but I must admit I was somewhat aroused by the scene before me.

The girls were cavorting in the shallows, taking turns with the camera, their breasts bouncing invitingly as they frolicked like a couple of kids. The older one then returned to their belongings, taking out a compact video camera and started filming again.

“They certainly are totally self-conscious,” said Theresa, my wife, as she lay back in the sun. “I admire their self-confidence really”.

“Well, its a private enough place to lose one’s inhibitions” I replied. “They would probably act somewhat differently on a crowded beach”. And then we realised that these two ladies were good friends – I mean really good friends, as they hugged and stroked each other, even exchanging kisses. I looked at my wife and she looked back. “Ho-hum, “she said wistfully, “Live and let live, I always say.”

Just then the older woman walked over and crouched down on the sand, her breasts pointing at me challengingly. “Would you mind videoing us for a while, please?” she asked with a smile, handing me the camera. I stood slowly, adjusting my half-erect cock in my shorts. She pretended not to look but I’m sure she was aware of my state. She flashed my wife a knowing grin and rejoined her companion in the water.

They played around in the water, playfully splashing each other, as I focussed on their quite substantial attributes. I mean I had done some favours in my time, but this was one I delighted in doing. And then I noticed the young, blonde girl was wearing what appeared to be a wedding ring. Oh well, I thought, perhaps she likes to keep her options open. The two glanced over at me and my wife and were obviously discussing something amusing, as they were giggling conspiratorially.

Eventually, they walked out of the water and approached me. “Thanks very much” said the blonde girl, extending her bronzed hand, “I’m Jennifer – and this is Leslie, my friend”, nodding at her companion. I introduced myself and my wife to the girls.

“I hope we haven’t made you feel uncomfortable” said Leslie grinning, perhaps aware of my already distended swimming shorts. “Tell you what, why don’t you and your lady join us for drinks this evening? We’re in one of the bungalows behind this beach”.

“That sounds delightful” said my wife, a little too enthusiastically, I thought.

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“Great!” said Jennifer, “We might as you to do us another favour this evening with the camera … if you don’t mind that is….”

And so it was agreed, that we’d join them about sunset. “What do you think they have in mind?” whispered Theresa, as we approached their bungalow. “Who knows?” I replied, “but it may be interesting.”

The girls greeted us on their balcony dressed in Balinese style sarongs, their skins looking golden and soft in the twilight. Within minutes we were sitting and chatting amiably, while we sipped our chilled white wine, nibbling on canapes and other delicacies. We discovered that we all enjoyed similar holidays, that is, days where one relaxed in the sun, swam or snorkelled, and perhaps reading for relaxation.

Eventually Leslie put down her glass and said to Theresa and me, “I suppose you’ve guessed that Jennifer and I are holidaying together. Actually, we’ve been lovers since our school days”.

Theresa got in first and said, “Look, Jeff and I believe in ‘live and let live’ – whatever you do is your business, not ours…”

“No, that’s OK, but I thought I’d explain anyway” smiled Leslie. “And since Jennifer’s husband is away overseas so often, we decided to take this little break together.”

The conversation livened up after that revelation and after some more wine we were soon talking about all sorts of relationships, and how they are reinforced, challenged and enhanced. And of course sex came into the discussion. And as the wine flowed the conversation became more risque and cheeky, with all of us flirting mildly with each other, including I might say, the girls and my wife.

Jennifer turned to us and holding up a videotape said “How would you like to see a movie star in action?” and before we replied she had inserted the cassette into the machine and pressed the PLAY button.

Appearing on the screen were several naked girls, heavily into some oral foreplay. And before long one of the girls had strapped on an impressive dildo and was making love with her partner.

Theresa gasped and said with a cry, “Hey! Leslie, is that you, love?!” And of course, it wasn’t so much of a question, more a statement. Because there on the screen in glorious colour, was Leslie, expertly shafting her partner, a large breasted Asian girl, who had wrapped her legs eagerly around her lover’s back.

My cock reacted instantly, and was hard within minutes. I was grateful I was sitting down and not in a position to embarrass myself further. I glanced across at my wife and she was staring intently at the screen, her face flushed from both the wine and her viewing of the video. I looked at the two girls and Leslie threw back a confident smile at me while Jennifer, staring at the scree, was running her tongue over her lips.

“Well, a girl has to work her way through university one way or another and well, this was a nice little earner for me – not here, but in America, where I chose to study” explained Jennifer. “And with a preference for ladies, getting the job wasn’t difficult…. they said I had a natural talent” she said with a laugh.

“I can see that…” whispered Theresa suddenly. I noticed her hands were busy in her lap, and under the folds of her own sarong she was obviously rubbing her vulva. And before I could do anything about it, Leslie had sat down next to my wife and had placed her arm around her shoulders, as they both watched the video. Both women glanced over at me and I shrugged my shoulders – then nodded my head slowly, winking at both of them.

“Let’s go, love” said Leslie, and holding Theresa’s hand led her into the large bedroom adjacent to where we were sitting. Jennifer then walked over to me, holding both hands out in welcome. Again, I noticed her wedding ring. This lady was obviously able to enjoy the company of both sexes. As I stood she glanced down and saw my bulging shorts. Her hand reached down and rubbed my cock. “Wow….that feels pretty big…..” she croaked, and she, too, led me into the bedroom.

Leslie and my wife were now naked on the king size bed, kissing each other on the lips, their hands running over each other’s bodies. My own wife’s breasts, while not large, have delightful nipples and her abundance of pubic hair had obviously attracted Leslie’s skilful fingers. As Leslie explored her new partner’s folds she discovered that Theresa was already wet with arousal and desire. To see my own wife ardently kissing and fondling the breasts of another woman made my cock even harder.

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Jennifer tugged at my belt and in seconds I too was naked, my cock springing up in its urgency. Jennifer’s hands caressed its hard shaft, and she cupped and fondled my now aching balls in her hands. We climbed on to the bed next to the writhing bodies of my wife and Leslie, oblivious to our presence.

“Oh …. oh…oh.. that feels so good” gasped Theresa, as Leslie buried her head in my wife’s thighs, her hands pulling Leslie’s head into her deeper, as she spread her legs wide, opening up her body to her new lover. Theresa had occasionally talked to me about her desire to one day make love to a woman, but the opportunity or favourable circumstances had never really arisen.

Meanwhile it was obvious to be that Jennifer’s heterosexual skills had not diminished, as she skilfully sucked at my now fully erect cock. With some difficulty she was able to take me in her mouth, as my shaft is somewhat thicker than the average cock. “Mmmmm…you like that?” gurgled Jennifer, as her lips ran up and down my shaft. I could feel her pendulous breasts bumping my thighs and I reached down and took their weight in my hands. They filled my hands completely, the nipples now hard and erect against my thumbs. The soft flesh felt wonderful in my hands and I glanced over and saw Theresa about to get the expert treatment. Leslie had just strapped on her dildo, a large nine-inch special by the looks of it, and she settled between my wife’s thighs, guiding it to her wet folds. Impatiently Theresa reached down and pulled it in to her, her tongue darting into Leslie’s mouth.

Jennifer had indicated her preference by adopting the conventional missionary position, and spread her soft thighs, revealing her pink, wet flower, invitingly pouting at me. Without delay I entered her hot passage, and she gurgled in my ear. “What a great cock, oh god that feels so-o-o good…” and she sucked me deeper into her, before she started heaving and thrusting upwards. For a while I wasn’t sure of who was fucking who, but we soon got into a steady rhythm. I looked down at her bronzed body, her large breasts lolling lasciviously, her eyes locked onto mine as she grinned lustily.

Both partners glanced st the other’s activities and took heart and delight in the sight before them. Theresa was being plowed with an intensity and vigour unknown to me as Leslie heaved her hips into my wife’s loins. She was starting to whimper and I knew the finish was close at hand. With a loud cry she flicked her hips into my wife’s body, and arched her back as she orgasmed. Beneath her, my wife clutched at Leslie, biting into her shoulder as she too cried out in her orgasm.

That was enough to tip me over the edge and I felt the sperm surge from deep within my loins. “I’m coming, I’m coming….” I whispered to Jennifer and then I felt her cunt muscles clamp onto my cock. The seed shot from my cock in large gobs, deep into her wet passage, and lifting her shoulders off the bed she flicked, and flicked, and flicked her hips upwards as she uttered a low scream of delight, feeling my warm sperm flowing into her in a torrent. Jennifer’s breasts were wet with her own and my sweat, and I leaned down and licked and kissed her soft flesh. Again and again I felt her clamp onto my cock, milking the last drops of my warm juices. Her body shook, then shuddered as she peaked again and again, before a low, groan escaped her lips. We fell onto the bed and lay in each other’s arms.

Beside us, Leslie was whispering into Theresa’s ear, kissing her face and stroking her head. Their bodies were still entwined, the dildo still filling my wife’s cunt, with the other end stimulating Leslie’s sopping labia and clitoris.

As we all lay there in silence, save for the noise of our breath, we could hear the surf breaking on the beach over the hill. It was, to my surprise, Theresa who spoke first. “Can we come again?!” she smiled at Leslie. We all giggled in the near darkness, while all chorusing “Yes, please!”