Honey I’m Home sex stories

Steve was a very handsome 26-year-old man. He had everything going for him, a great job, a new house and a beautiful wife. He was quickly climbing the corporate ladder towards an executive position at his company, but getting there was taking a toll on his life. Because of the long hours involved in achieving his goals, he had not had much time to spend with his wife, Sheila. Today was going to be different though. Only minutes earlier, Steve’s boss had told Steve how pleased he was with that Steve had recently accomplished. Out of appreciation, his boss told him to take the rest of the day off. It was only noon and Sheila did not expect to see Steve until 5:30 or much later as it had been during the past few weeks.

As Steve drove home he thought about his beautiful wife Sheila. They had met at the health club where Steve worked out and Sheila taught aerobics. After a 3 month romance, they were married. Steve knew the first time they made love that this was indeed the woman of his dreams. She had a fantastic body- 5′ 6 124 pounds with firm, round 34D breasts, a slim waist, beautifully flared hips that surrounded her well-proportioned firm round butt. Teaching aerobics twice a day for several years had given her the figure most men only dreamed about. As Steve thought about her wonderful body, he quickly felt a familiar tightness. He looked down and saw a rather large bulge in his pants. This was not surprising to him. Not only was his wife very hot and sexy but because of the long hours he’d been working they hadn’t made love in nearly two weeks, the longest they had ever gone since the first time they had made love.

Steve’s mind began to wander. “What can I possibly do to make up for two lost weeks?” he thought to himself. He thought up several scenarios of how he could give his wife pleasure, then decided the best plan would be to sneak up on her and take her immediately, where ever she happened to be. By this time the bulge in his pants was quite large and becoming uncomfortable. “Only five more minute and I’ll be home,” he thought to himself, as he turned on the radio for some distraction.

As he pulled into his driveway, Steve could see Sheila’s car through the window of the garage. He decided not to put his in the garage because she might hear the loud hum of the garage door opener. He parked in the driveway and very quietly closed the door.

Steve quietly opened the closed the front door. He had to catch himself from calling out, “Honey, I’m home!” like he normally did as he entered the house. He tiptoed from room to room, but couldn’t find his wife. “Maybe she’s in the shower,” he thought to himself as he slowly crept up the stairway toward the master bedroom. As he got to the top of the stairs, he heard a familiar moan coming from the bedroom. He froze in shock for a moment, thinking to himself, “Is it possible? Could she be cheating on me?” He stood there for a moment not quite sure what to do. Then he slowly made his way to the slightly open bedroom door and peeked in through the crack.

On the bed lay the beautiful golden haired, blue eyed beauty he loved so much. She was lying on her back completely nude with her legs spread widely open. Her left hand busily pinching and massaging the erect nipple of her left breast. Her right hand was down between her legs with two fingers working her red engorged clit in an up and down rhythm just above her wet glistening red twat.

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At first he was surprised by this scene, because he had never known her to touch herself in any manner. Then his surprise changed to guilt, realizing how much he had neglected her for the past two weeks. Though feeling bad, he suddenly noticed that familiar tightness was back. He looked down and saw that rather large bulge had once again emerged. He wasn’t sure what to do. Should he go back downstairs and make some noise so she knew he was home? Should he leave and call her from his cell phone to say he was on his way home? As he thought about this the bulge in his pants had become unbearable. He knew he had to let it out or be in terrible pain. He unzipped his pants and out popped his heavily engorged member, that was already glistening from the drips of pre cum he’d emitted when he saw his beautiful wife so turned on. He felt so excited he couldn’t bring himself to walk away.

There he stood watching his wife who was now inserting a finger into her pussy and pumping vigorously while moaning out in delight. Before he knew it, he was stroking his own member and feeling a type of excitement he’s never felt before. Watching his wife masturbate was an unimaginably exciting. Her entire cunt now pouring with cum, two fingers now probing harder and deeper into her pussy, and her scream of ecstasy were almost more than he could bear. He knew she was about to have a really big orgasm and decided that this was his chance to make a move.

He quietly went into the bedroom, unnoticed at first, then he knelt down and began vigorously sucking on his wife’s hard clit. She jumped and pulled her hand away looking at him with an obviously embarrassed blush about her face. He immediately grabbed her retreating hand and put her finger in her mouth, licking off all the cum, then whispered to her, “Don’t stop. You’re really making me hot. I love you and I want you to do this,” as he moved her fingers back down and pushed them into her pussy.

At first Sheila didn’t do much, still obviously embarrassed by the whole situation. Steve began moving her fingers in and out of her engorged pussy as he sucked and licked her hard clit. Before long Sheila was doing her own finger action once again and was starting to cum really hard. Steve continued to lick and suck while moving his hands to just behind her knees. He pushed he legs up until her knees nearly met her breasts, fully exposing her red tight anus. He immediately began licking her anus with great vigor. She let out a loud wail, arched her back, and poured with more cum. He didn’t let up though, he continued to lick her anus while watching her cum-slick fingers going in and out of her widely stretched red pussy hole. He knew from experience that he could get her to another climax if he hit her special spot. He took his finger and rubbed it through the stream of white ecstasy, getting it completely covered, then slowly inserted it into her ass. He probed slowly and gently until she again began to moan and arch, then he began probing harder and deeper until she screamed and her tight passage clamped down hard around his finger. He slowly removed the finger from inside her, then pulled her down to the edge of the bed. He turned her over, with her knees just resting on the floor. He rubbed his rock hard cock along the length of her wet twat, marveling in how wet and hot it felt against him. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer, so he slowly inserted his hard cock into her loosening chamber and began pumping with great thrusts that sent his cum-filled balls bouncing against the insides of her thighs. He grabbed her hand and pushed it down to her wet pussy and whispered to her, “Rub your clit honey, I want you to climax for me.”

Sheila didn’t even hesitate, her fingers moved down and began rubbing and squeezing her engorged clit. Steve reached up and began pinching her erect nipples between his fingers while pumping her ass hard and fast. It wasn’t very long before Sheila once again moaned and arched her back, her ass tightly clamping on his cock. With that, he had a hard fast spasm, the hardest he ever felt, and huge hot stream of cum spewed high up into her cavity. He pumped a few more times then collapsed on top of her. When he finally caught his breath, he whispered in her ear, “Honey, I’m home.”