Honeybee at the Gloryhole Shooter sex story

I’d wanted my wife Honeybee to go to the adult theater for a long time. She’d always balked at the idea saying she got way to nervous there. I hoped to get her there and do some fucking and sucking while someone watched us through the glory holes and maybe even have her suck someone off if she got into it. I knew if I got her there we’d have the attention of every hard dick in the place. Honeybee is 5 foot 3 inches, firm 36C tits with big nipples, tanned with a nice round ass. I thought and thought of how to get her there but every time I tried she shot it down saying she couldn’t go through with it.

Then came my softball playoffs. My team was good but definitely not the best in the league. I proposed this to her. If we make it to the playoffs she had to go with me to the theater and dress as I wanted her to; if we lost I’d never suggest it again and remodel the basement like she’d wanted me to do for the past two years. She was tempted and finally agreed, thinking there was no way we’d make it to the final round. Well, you probably guessed the long shot paid off and we made it. She was floored and tried to get out of it, promising other things in return. I held her to her agreement and she finally caved saying a bet was a bet.

I told her what I had in mind. Her wearing a little, black cotton pullover dress, white thigh-high stockings, high heels and no panties or bra. And one other thing, shave her pussy. This last condition went over easier than I thought. Saturday night was our agreed night for our little adventure and I could hardly contain myself as it drew near. Funny thing is, she got more excited as the date drew near also. She woke me Saturday morning and said, “Morning honey, want to help shave me bald?”

My cock and I both sprang to attention and followed her into the bathroom. She ran a bath and got down her razor and a pair of sharp scissors. She sat on the edge of the toilet and spread her legs.

“Trim me would you?”

I went to work with the scissors trimming her soft black pussy hair. I lathered her up and carefully shaved her sweetness. After her bath and shaving she went to tan, making sure she was nice and tanned for the big night. She came back and I was ready to jump her as she came through the door. “No,” she said, “you’ll have to wait till tonight, then I’m your little slut and I’ll do anything or anyone you want me to.”

I was blown away! She was getting into this almost more than I was!

Evening came and we were ready. She was all dressed up and had applied perfume to herself and her genitals as the finishing touch. We climbed in my car and headed for the adult theater. It was down only about 20 minutes from our house. Down an older highway next to a couple of gas stations. We got there and the parking lot had quite a few cars. I parked and got out to let her out. A couple guys were over next to a pickup talking. When I opened the door to let my hot little wife out I got their full attention. She stepped out and looked at them. She shot them a smile and a wink and took my arm as we walked inside. I saw the guys snuff out their cigarettes and make a b line into the theater behind us.

Once inside I told her to go check out the movies playing in the booths while I got us some tokens. I got $10 in tokens and the clerk looked at me and smiled as he handed them over,

“Have a great time man!” he said.

“Definitely partner, definitely,” I told him. I found Honeybee in the new movie section and asked if she was ready. She took a deep breath, licked her lips and said yes. The clerk buzzed us into the booth area and my fantasy was on.

The booth area was dimly lit, and it took awhile for my eyes to adjust. There were about 12 booths there, 6 of them had glory holes on one side. I found one with a hole and invited my wife inside. I closed the door and locked it behind us and sat down in a wooden chair inside. I patted my lap for her to sit down on and dropped about half my tokens in the machine. The screen came to life on a porno with two chicks in a 69 going to town on each other.

“Why don’t you find a movie you like honey?” I asked her. She hit the channel selector button till she got to flick with two guys double teaming a blonde gal. I reached around to fondle her tits and her nipples which were rock hard. She pivoted around to kiss me as I felt her up, all while the porno was going on. I placed my hands on her waist and stood her up, then I gently pulled her dress up over her head, leaving her naked in our booth except for her stockings and heels. God she looked hot in the light of the porno. Her skin was silky smooth and seemed to glow in the faint light. I ran my hand between her legs and rubbed her slick, bald pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned softly, slightly bending her legs allowing me greater access to her cunt.

I stopped and brought my finger up to my mouth for a taste, man she was really wet already. “Want to give someone a show?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” she said. I pointed to the sliding door at the side of the booth and told her I was sure that someone was over there, after seeing a hot looking slut walk into the booth. She nervously smiled and said, “Ok. I guess.”

I undid the latch and slid the door open. Sure enough there was a guy already over there and when he heard the door open he moved down to get a look. What he saw was my naked wife undoing my belt and getting my cock out. She wasted no time and began sucking for all she was worth. The guy’s eyes got wide and I said, “Nice huh, why don’t you reach though and have a feel on these tits?” Honeybee looked up as if to protest but stopped short of it and resumed sucking me off. The guy’s hand came through the hole and kneaded my wife’s firm, supple breasts while she sucked my cock. I pulled her off of my dick and stood her up again so the guy could feel her shaved twat. He slowly played with her pussy lips as I had before and she relaxed as I held her waist firmly.

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He stopped fingering her and pulled his had back, she looked kind of puzzled but then shocked when his dick came back through. It wasn’t a bad sized one, about the same length as me, but a bit wider. She looked at me as if to ask, what next? I pulled the chair back to the opposite side of the hole and said, “Go ahead, do you want to suck it?” She took a moment and slowly nodded yes.

I sat down and pulled my pants down to my ankles, my hard cock bobbing up and down. I said, “Sit on this while you suck him off you slut.” Her face took on a wicked grin and she spun around and eased her wet pussy down my pole. She then leaned forward to touch this strange dick. She caressed its length and then licked the tip as I slowly started to pump her from behind. She leaned farther forward to swallow the dick as I fucked her, the two of us slowly found a rhythm of me pumping her forward and her grinding back into my dick.

This was way to hot and I stared to cum, she moaned with her mouth still on the strangers dick. I kept pumping, filling my wife’s pussy with hot cum, she started to moan again and pulled back from the cock in the wall. She reached up and started pumping it back and forth. It pulsed and shot a load of cum on Honeybee’s naked tits, and another on her thighs. Quickly the dick withdrew and the stranger left. Honeybee wiped the cum off her tits and legs and wiped it on the wall. She stood up and pulled my softening dick out of her and said, I can’t believe I’m doing this, are you sure this is ok? I looked at her and said, “You’re doing great, I love seeing you do this for me.” She smiled and leaned back against the wall to take a breather, she was all sweaty and had a trail of my cum leaking out her pussy and down her leg. I leaned back myself to pull up my pants and clean up when I heard the door on the opposing hole close and shut. A pair of eyes looked through at me and my naked, sweaty wife. Then we got a surprise, a huge black cock came through the hole.

Honeybee’s jaw dropped, ’cause this thing was humongous. It was at least 8 inches long and two inches thick. Honeybee reached out to touch it and it got bigger, she wrapped both hands around it and knelt down to service this massive Negro cock. She ran her hands along its length at first then started running her tongue from the base to the tip, licking it like a Popsicle. She stopped licking and turned to look at me, “I can’t believe this thing, it’s so big!”

I leaned back in the chair and said, “Go ahead, have all the fun you want with it.” I pulled my dick out again and started playing with myself, getting hard watching my wife being a cumslut to this huge dick. She brought it back up to her lips and rubbed it all over them, before finally taking it into her mouth. Putting her hands up against the wall she took as much of it into her mouth as she could. She sucked it slowly, pulling her mouth all the way back off it with each suck, leaving it gleaming with her saliva in the dim light.

Then the dick pulled back through the hole and the guy dropped down to eye level with my wife. He said, Hey baby, you want to come over here and fuck? She turned and looked at me, Oooh, honey can I?! I’ve never had a dick that big! I stood up and pulled her close, Go ahead, go fuck your brains out, I’m going to stay here and watch. She smiled, and gave me a big kiss. I started to hand her the dress but she said, That’s ok, a slut like me doesn’t need a dress., she gave me a wicked smile and licked her lips. She was really getting into this, big time! I opened the door and my naked wife strode down around the corner to fuck the shit out of this huge black dick. I relocked the door and dropped down to look through the hole. The guy was still there at eye level, he said, Man that is one hot bitch you got there, I am gonna fuck the hell out of that pussy. I said, “Go ahead slick, as long as I get to watch.”

He smiled and said, “Sure man, I’ll show you how its done.” There was a knock at the door and in stepped my naked wife, I noticed behind her was another guy fondling her tits. The black guy took her hand to lead her into his booth. She laughed at something the guy behind her said and turned around to kiss him full on the mouth. What a whore she was!

Inside the booth the black guy pulled her close and took two handfuls of her tits. He massaged them roughly then leaned in to suck her nipples into her mouth. She ran her hands over his back and down to squeeze his ass. He broke from her tits and pushed her down towards his open fly and said, Suck on it some more baby. Honeybee obediently dropped to her knees and began sucking. Without the wall in between them, he really started feeding her that cock. He moved his hips in time and started to fuck her face. The whole thing was almost down her throat. She continued to suck his dick and reached up to play with his balls, his face fucking intensified, till he pulled out of her mouth. He said, “Turn around girl, I want to fuck that pussy.” She stood up and turned around, bending over and bracing herself on the chair in his booth. The black guy took off his pants and started rubbing her shaven pussy with his hand, stroking his dick with the other. “Tell me how much you want this cock bitch, tell me how you want to be fucked.”

Honeybee turned her head, “Please fuck me, I have to have that cock in my pussy, fuck me like a white whore. I need it.”

He rubbed his dick all over the entrance to her pussy, teasing her, “Tell me again bitch, beg for it!”

She almost whimpered for him, “Please, fuck me I need that black cock in my pussy. I want your cum!” I squatted in my booth looking at the entire scene, my dick was rock hard as I watched her being ravaged by this Negro’s dick. He put it in her all at once, Honeybee gasped and looked like she was going to collapse. His hands held her up and began a relentless assault on her twat. He pulled all the way out, then slammed it back inside her.

My sweet wife started groaning while being fucked by this guy, “Oh… oh… God… this is soooo good… oh God, fuck me hard.” His balls slapped her ass and he held on tight to her waist. He pulled one hand off and slapped her ass very hard. She let out a wail and he reached down to pull her up to a standing position. He groped at her tits while he kept fucking her. She turned her head to French kiss this black guy fucking her from behind.

The black guy started grunting, “Baby I’m gonna cum.” Oh yeah I wondered if she was going to pull him out of her.

She started groaning again, “Oh yeah, baby, cum in my pussy, fill me up… oh yeah, oh God, oooooooooooo!” She came as the Negro emptied his balls into my sweet wife’s pussy. This put me over the edge I came shooting a load of cum all over the booth wall, almost collapsing backward on the floor. They came for what seemed like 5 minutes, he held her waist the whole time, squeezing every drop he had into her.

After he was done she pulled out and dropped to her knees again, cleaning all of her cum off his dick. He pulled up his pants and pulled her up to him. He grabbed her close and French kissed her, licking her mouth hungrily. He said thanks and opened the door to leave. I cleaned up as fast as I could and rushed over to the booth. I passed the black guy on the way out, he shook my hand and patted me on the back. “Man thanks for letting me tap that ass boy, that is one hot bitch,” and he left. I rounded the corner and found Honeybee standing naked in the doorway talking to the guy who was rubbing her tits before. “I’m a little sore for anymore action tonight,” she told the guy, “but we’ll be back here again.” Shocking! I’d created a monster!

The new guy turned and left and my wife turned to me. Thank you for asking me to be your slut tonight, we’ll have to do this again. Yeah, without even going to the playoffs I thought.


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