Hot Halloween, True sex stories

Lola and Carrie were both high school seniors who thought they were too cool to date other high school seniors. Carrie was dating Rory,a twenty year old music major at Berklee College, who she met at Barnes and Noble one night- he had curly dark hair and eyes that seemed to have no end to them- tonight he was dressed as zorro. Carrie had short curly blonde hair and was dressed as a fairy. She was tall and of a medium build- not to heavy or
too skinny- she had perfect little breasts, green eyes which were almost always hidden behind glasses, and a
great smile.

Lola currently wasn’t seeing anyone- tonight would be her
night to find someone, she thought to herself.Beta Gamma Phi, the fraternity that Rory belonged to, was having it’s annual Halloween party- and lola was dressed as a french maid. Right after they arrived at the party, Carrie and Rory slipped through the dark crowded rooms of the frat house to the upstairs where they wuold be able to be alone for a while.

Lola walked around, had a few drinks, and danced a while- but her eyes were not on any of the guys she had been dancing with- they were on a guy sitting by himself in the corner. Boldly, Lola walked over to him and said in her best mock french accent “Bonjour, monsieur.” The boy, who was wearing a tuxedo, his blonde hair slicked back, and his green eyes hiding behind his small round glasses, stared back at her.

She was beautiful- tall, average in build, her short red hair dangling perkily behind her ears- her large breasts almost ready to pop out of her costume- her brown eyes burned back into his. “Hi. I’m Parker.”

“I’m Lola” she answered coyly. “Do you want to get a

Over some hard lemonade, Lola found out that Parker was an art major at the college, and wanted to be a painter- he played guitar and smoked on rare occasions, he loved to read, and he was sulking in the corner because he just found out his best friend was upstairs sleeping with his young cousin.

That’s when it hit her that her best friend Carrie WAS his cousin. But did that stop her? Not in the least.

Soon they had put down their drinks and were grinding on the dance floor. His body felt so good next to hers, she couldn’t wait any longer. She pulled him in just a tiny bit closer and kissed him hard, forcing her toungue into
his mouth. He willingly kissed her back, wrapping his arms tightly around her waist and grinding harder with her. She felt him harden and whispered in his ear

“is there somewhere we can go?”

A moment later, he was leading her by the hand up to his room in the frat house. It was right next to Rory’s room, and you could hear Carrie and Rory going at it.”Ugh- I dont think I can do this with my cousin in the next room,” he said, pausing at the door.Lola smiled and opened his door “well then, we’ll just have to drown them out, won’t we?” She led him into his darkened room and sat down on the bed.Parker sat down in the darkness beside her, turning to face her and getting instantly caught in her embrace. They made out for a few moments, slowly laying down on the bed. Lola rolled over on top of him, straddling him and undoing his bow tie and shirt and jacket while he fumbled with the maid’s costume. He undid her shirt and beheld her beautiful sumptuous breasts. He took one into his mouth, cupping the other, and making Lola moan, pausing before undoing his belt. He took off her petticoats and skirt and she slid his pants down past the side of the bed. His member throbbed inside his boxers and she took them off too to relieve is pressure. sliding herself downward, she slowly licked the tip of his cock, sending a shiver through Parker. She licked the length of his shaft slowly, as his hips bucked, leaving him thirsting for more. She took his entire member
into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down, tasting him as he fucked her mouth hard, cumming in her throat. She sighed and lapped up all of his juices, wanting more.

she slid up to his face and kissed him- he could taste his own cum on her lips and wanted to return the favor, so he bent to the side of the bed, and spred her legs. Her shaven, tight pussy, already wet from the night’s events,
revealed itself to him in all it’s glory. He leaned into it, and slowly sucked and licked her clit.

Lola moaned in exctasy, whispering “Oh God, oh yes, fuck, yessss.” Just when she was about at her breaking point, Parker stuck his tongue into her, thrusting as hard as he could, while she screamed and writhed on the bed. “Parker, yess! Oh fuck yes!”By this time, he was as hard as a rock again, and climbed back onto the bed, kissing her breasts and mouth and all over. Her arms wrapped around him and pulled him in close to her ravenous body, begging to be taken to the next level. “Parker, fuck me.” She whispered. Without a reply, Parker inserted his throbbing member into Lola and propped himself up on top of her, pumping and fucking her as hard as he could, Lola sliding around the bed beneath him screaming “I’m cumming, oh god yes, I’m going to cum!” He felt his own juices rising in him and quicked the pace so they would both peak at the same time, in a screaming thrashing haze of pleasure. He filled her to the brim and collapsed on top of her panting and sweating and clinging to her body in the darkness. He heard his dorm room door open. “Get the fuck out!” He yelled.

“Parker? LOLA?!” HE heard his cousin yell, shocked. Lola sat up to face her best friend and Rory in the doorway, clinging to rory’s sheets to cover up. Lola searched for her clothes, mumbling about how she hopes Carrie wouldnt hate her. But Carrie’s face changed from one of shock to
one of intrigue-

“mind if we join you?”

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