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The sun shone brightly in the sky as I stood at my bus stop which was situated not too far from my house, but just far enough to leave early. “Stupid city planners,” I said to myself. I kicked around a few pebbles as the bus progressed closer to me with each stop. Pulling out my wallet, I exposed my pass and took a seat. A few stops later, she boarded.

Beautiful as always, I thought to myself as she took a seat near the front. Hair neatly done and full bodied, suit jacket pressed and smooth, matching business skirt, her stocking clad legs pressed conservatively together. She was a goddess to watch every morning as we boarded the bus to work.

She wasn’t young, nor was she old. I estimated her as being fifteen to twenty years my senior, a petite Korean woman, with a great tight figure, something any man would appreciate. And I was one of those men.

I had been watching her for a few weeks now. There was no relationship between her and I, no communication either, other than the occasional smile as I held the door for her. She was my beauty from afar, and I liked to keep it that way, for now anyway.

Work was the usual bore, fix this, e-mail them, same old same old. I looked forward to the end of the day, not because work was over, but because she would be there waiting for me; or rather, the bus. But I can wish. Like clockwork, there she stood, silent, sophisticated and alone. She never had any companions, male or female. She never spoke to anyone on the bus, small talk or none. She kept to herself, which was something that drew me to her.

I boarded the bus behind her, her figure looking stunning in the peach colored business suit, her purse hanging loosely on her shoulder. I tried not to stare, but why give up an opportunity like this? The bus was nearly empty, thus making it difficult for me to sit beside her. (How would it look, if nearly every seat is empty, and I happen to choose the one beside her? Quite conspicuous actually) I sat a few seats behind her, but my visibility was limited by the seats, etcetera. I lay my head against the handle of the seat and drifted off, the sun once again beating down on my face.

I was awoken by a jerk as the bus chugged its way up the hill towards my community. Just a few more stops and I’m home free. As we rounded the corner the familiar sights of “Road Maintenance” came into view. “What the hell?” the bus driver muttered to himself.

Because of the construction he couldn’t stop at any more stops for the next few miles. “Perfect,” I thought, once again I was stationed fairly close to my house, but far enough to be a bitch to walk. But little had I realized, was the fact that my damsel in distress also had to walk. “This could get interesting,” I thought as I started playing corny porno movie scenarios, complete with the cheap music.

I got off the bus, after she did, and we continued to walk. I kept about fifteen strides behind her. The sun was taking its toll on us as she took off her jacket and slung it over her arm. I did the same, “Not a good idea to wear my black leather jacket.”

We walked a few blocks, her strides beginning to shorten. Then she slipped. Her shoe heal had cracked in half and she twisted her ankle. She crumpled onto the pavement like her jacket did. She sat up and grabbed her ankle unsure of what to do. I looked around, and there were few cars on the street, let alone any moving ones.

I rushed to her side.

“Are you alright?” She didn’t respond. She continued to look at her swelling ankle dumbfounded. “Here, let me look at it.” I placed her foot in my lap, as I massaged her ankle. “Does this hurt?” She nodded. I took her shoe off and continued to rub her foot and ankle.

I was so genuinely occupied with her welfare I had forgotten that she was the one I had been fantasizing about for weeks! Her legs were separated slightly as I held her foot. Her peach skirt had ridden a few inches higher making her stocking covered panties slightly visible. I slowly pressed my crotch against her foot as I rubbed, trying my best to make it look natural.

Her skirt would ride higher and higher, the more I maneuvered her leg around. She tried to keep her skirt together as best she could, but I wouldn’t only shift her leg some more. Eventually, she gave up at trying to hide herself from me. The sun seemed to be getting hotter! I broke out in a sweat as I did my best impression of a concerned doctor.

“Do you live far from here?” She slowly nodded. “Well, I will help you to your house.”

I brought my left arm around her back as my right hand grabbed the bottom of her thigh as I lifter her in my arms. She was taken by surprised and began struggling. “Can you think of a better way? Because it is obvious you cannot walk.” She nodded, and put her arm around my neck for support.

We continued to walk, my hand holding her thigh firmly, my thumb inches away from her sex. I could feel the heat was taking its toll on both of us, as I could feel her legs beginning to sweat underneath her stockings.

We must have walked about three blocks, when I noticed that she had fallen asleep, with her head against my shoulder. She was beautiful, even at her age. It was peaceful just to watch her sleep. I adjusted my hand position so it was directly underneath her, holding her buttock. She stirred slightly. I began to squeeze little by little, squeeze, relax, squeeze, and relax. My thumb began inching closer to her pussy, until I was massaging the outer lips.


I hoisted her up higher so I could almost kiss her. I could smell her perfume, and sweat from her skin. I could feel my erection stir as my thumb pressed more and more into her. Her panties had begun to get slightly moist as she pressed her face against my neck. I wanted to get into her but her panties and stockings were blocking my path.

“Mm,” she murmured as I continued to massage her with my finger. I began to make out a slight musky scent, as her panties were getting very damp. I was ready to explode if I didn’t get a chance to taste her. All my fantasies were going to come true, whether I had to control my own fate or not.

She directed me to her house as I carried her up the driveway. There was a parked car. “Husband?” I thought to myself, maybe son, or perhaps daughter….

Part 2

We arrived at her house, my thumb nestled between her soft wet lips. My thumb pressed against the nylon of her panties. Her juices ha seeped through the thin material and started to drip down my finger. I wanted to take my hand away and taste her first hand, but her ankle was very swollen now, and she could not stand.

I whispered to her, “We’re here.” She opened her eyes and tried to step down from my embrace, until she remembered her injury. I smiled and offered to take her inside. She simply nodded. As if we had any other choice. As if I would have taken any other answer than yes.

She opened her garage from a control she kept in her bag. The double bay garage was empty, no cars, which meant no family; however there was still the car parked in the driveway. Up to this point as I carried her up the wooden stairs to the door, I really don’t think she spoke any English at all. But she seemed to understand it, well enough anyways.

I sat her up on the washer like a child. Child or not, I was in control. I took my shoes, and hers as well. Her ankle had swollen quite a bit, and we had better get some ice. Ice huh? Hmm. I could hear the gears in my head turn, rusty.

I could still smell her even though I was a couple feet away from her. I smiled at her, and she looked down ashamed. No turning back now.

“Momma?” A voice came from what looked like the family room off to our right. A female voice. Things might just get interesting if I play my cards right. My fantasy woman, answered something back in Korean, and I just hope it wasn’t anything incriminating.

We entered the family room, and I sat her onto the couch. I looked at the other woman, she must have been around nineteen or twenty, slightly older than myself. She resembled her mother in many ways, fairly attractive, but slightly on the skinny side. No matter, I wasn’t exactly feeling to picky right now, as I tried to hide my erection. They continued to speak in their native tongue.

“I understand you helped my mother home.” The daughter stated. She didn’t seem too impressed.

“That’s right, I saw her twist her ankle and she couldn’t walk so I –“

“I know the story.”

“Well that’s good, my name’s -” I out stretched my hand.

“Thank you for you services, but we do not require your assistance anymore. Good day.” Ouch! This daughter/bitch was ruining my fantasy!

“Uh, okay then,” I had better not press the matter. Not today anyways. “You should get some ice on her ankle and tie it with some string. That should keep the swelling down. Don’t worry about her shoe, I’ll have it repaired and I will drop it off sometime next week.” I looked at my woman, she sat still on the couch, her hands placed in her lap. Such beauty. I wondered if she was still wet? Because I was damn randy!

I started putting on my shoes, and I heard them shouting at each other. I peered back into the room to see if everything was ok. Her daughter stood before her mother shouting. Beauty argued back from her position on the couch. Eventually, the daughter screamed in frustration and stormed upstairs. I wonder what that was all about

I finished tying my shoes up when –

“Excusa me.” Her accent was thick but I could make out her English, sort of.
I turned and looked at her. She was leaning on the coffee table trying to stand.

“Whoa, be careful there,” I rushed to her side and ushered her to sit back down.

“You, eat here?” She said it in more of a command than a question. I looked at her and smiled and nodded. Maybe things couldn’t turn out after all. All I need is a little wine and my beauty’s daughter could join the festivities! I was rehearsing what everyone would say as if we were actors in a porno.

Then the door to the house opened, and in stepped her husband. Oh shit, I thought. He stared at me as I sat beside his wife; her ankle swollen; my dick swollen. And I had a feeling he wanted to make my eyes swollen with a few punches.

She spoke to him in a quiet voice. He responded with a grunt, and he walked into the kitchen.

“You eat here.” She commanded again. I simply nodded. I sat on the coffee table in front of her, and took her foot into my lap. She look around nervously as I began to wrap my lips around each toe, running my tongue along each curve of her foot. Now, let’s clarify something, I do not have a foot fetish. But there was just something about this woman that made me want to suck, and taste every part of her body.

She closed her eyes as I kissed inside of her ankle, then her calves, her knees. I could smell her scent from here. It was a powerful intoxicating scent. Much like a love potion. She was slouching her body on the couch so I could get further up her thighs. I could tell by the way she licked her lips and squirmed that she wanted this as much as I did. I reached up and started to pull her stockings down her milky white legs, her skin as smooth as silk. I gingerly dragged my hands down the inside her thighs, making her cry out.

I heard foot steps from the staircase.

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“Fuck,” I said under my breath. I grabbed the stockings off the floor, balled them up and put them down one of my pant legs.

Her daughter glared at me as she walked passed us to get to the kitchen. What’s her problem? She wore a modest skirt, with peach colored flower prints. It came down about mid calf, her cotton top rising slightly as she reached for the top shelf. Her skin looked smooth and creamy.

“I will go get you some ice.” I said. She nodded. I liked our communication, we didn’t say anything more than we needed to.

“Do you need a hand reaching that?” I asked the daughter. “I know I’m not much taller than you but maybe those few inches will make the difference.” I grabbed the can of mushrooms, and placed it in her hand, gliding my hand over hers ever so slightly.

“Uh, thank you. I didn’t mean to be so rude to you earlier, I just thought that…” Her voice trailed off.

“Thought what?”

“Well, it sounds stupid, but I thought you and my mom was messing around.” She blushed and stared at the can in her hands.

I chuckled, “No, of course not, I simply found her in need and came to her assistance.”

“My names English name is Angela.” She offered a hand.

“Chris.” Her hand was as soft as I imagined. I had to have this girl. “It’s rather funny, but I don’t know your mother’s name.”

“Well, you won’t be able to pronounce her Korean name, but her English name is Pauline.”
I smiled, “Well, Id like to take you out for coffee sometime, is that alright?”

“Oh uh, sure actually, I’d like that.” She smiled back.

Dinner was served.

The father sat at the head of table and began to wolf down his food, making no recognition to anyone else at the table. I wasn’t sure if this family talked at all while they ate, how awkward.

Pauline sat to the right side of her husband, and Angela across from her. And I sat on the right of Pauline.

As we ate in silence, I kept smiling at Angela and she would smile back. Then we would continue to eat. She motioned me to try some cabbage dish. Kim chee. I tried it and my mouth was immediately engulfed in flames.

“Whoa!” I grabbed my water. Angela and Pauline giggled as the father simply looked at me, grunted then continued eating. “That’s umm, ho- err good.” I said. Pauline blushed as I complimented her dish.

I’m not sure what it was exactly that I ate, but something was an incredible aphrodisiac! I picked up my napkin to wipe my but in doing so I knocked my fork off the table. I was reached down to get it, before the 5-second rule was up. I noticed how enticing Pauline’s legs were, and was drawn in once again.

I placed my hand on the bare skin of her thigh as I kneeled down to get my fork off the floor. Pauline placed her napkin over my hand so no one would notice. I got back into my seat, and began to rub my hand along the inside of her thigh, forcing her skirt up.

She slouched in her seat, pressing herself against my hand. We both continued to eat as natural as possible, but my dick was making it very uncomfortable to sit still. I could feel the outline of her thick wet lips through her moist panties. I rubbed up and down along the slit, pressing firmly on her clitoris. It had been five hours now and I still hadn’t gotten a change to taste her! I was going insane. I wanted to just pick her up, knock everything off the table and dive my tongue into her in front of everyone!

“W-Where is your washroom?” I asked no one in particular.

Angela was commanded to show me by her father. She led the way and I followed. I watched her slim firm ass, my mouth watering like a wolf.

“It’s here,” she said pointing to the washroom.

“Thank-you.” She started to walk back, when I pulled her into the washroom with me, closing the door behind her. I kissed her firmly on the lips before she could say anything.

I pressed my body against her as she leaned on the door, she was surprised and a little nervous but she never pushed me away. I slipped my hands underneath her top as I continue to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around me pulling me into her. I slid my hands underneath her bra and took her breasts into my hands, rubbing her nipples with my thumbs.

I broke out kiss, lipstick and saliva all over our mouths, and took her breast into my mouth. My tongue instantly tasted each nipple as I squeezed them with my hands. She moaned softly, biting her finger to keep from screaming out. I raised her skirt with my hands and pressed my body against her soft skin. I licked the underside of each breast, and then pulled my tongue down her firm belly to the top of her panties. I blew hot air through the fabric that sent chills through her body.

Angela had a different smell than her mother, but just as sweet. I teased her with my tongue as licked along the sides of the panties, slipping my tongue behind it every once in a while. She ran her fingers through my hair as I pulled her panties to one side and sucked at her juices as they leaked from her body.

“Angela!” Oh fuck, I thought. That was her father’s voice come from the hallway. “Where are you?”