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Kelly Bundy was lying on the back porch, her glistening skin shimmering in the sun. Her father was at the mall at a worthless job, her mother was shopping, and her wimpy brother was visiting a friend, as impossible as it seemed. Since the house was empty, Kelly decided to take advantage of the opportunity and slowly removed the bikini top and bottom, exposing her tight body, large tits, and shaven pussy. The warm sun felt so good on her 16 year old body. Her blonde hair fell loosely onto the vinyl chair she was lying on. “God”, she thought, “I am SO hot.”

Her mind began to slip away to memories of old boyfriends. The way they had touched her, licked her, and fucked her. Below, her pussy began to lubricate and she felt her nipples harden. She reached down and began to touch herself. Caressing her sensitive clit, Kelly began to moan loudly. She moved her hands up to her breasts and started rubbing them slowly, seductively.

Suddenly, a tongue touched her pussy lips, making her sit bolt upright. She looked down, and saw a sight that she found gross and, at the same time, very erotic. Buck, the family dog, was lapping at the juices flowing from her vagina.

“BUCK-” she started to yell. Her yell was cut off by a hot wave of pleasure shooting up from her loins.

Kelly knew this was wrong, and wanted to stop him, but the pleasure was just too great. The electric waves ran rippling through her entire body. Although she was mostly gone by now, she knew that her prying neighbors, the D’arcy’s, would probably see her, and tell her parents. Her brother would find out, and she would never hear the end of it.

Once safely inside the house, she got down on all fours on her living room floor, and screamed for Buck to lick her. Kelly’s cunt ached for her dog’s tongue. Instead of the pleasuring sensations of his tongue, she instead felt the grasp of paws on her back. With horrifying clarity, she realized that Buck was mounting her. With one powerful thrust, the dog’s cock entered her.

Kelly wanted to protest, but stopped as she felt a full twelve inches of dog cock push at her deepest inners. The biggest guy she had ever fucked was only nine or ten, but this touched her VERY deep. Her face twisted with pleasure she screamed in delight. As his penis rubbed crudely across her swollen clit, the blonde soon felt overcome by her first orgasm.

“Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck meeeeeeeeeee!” she yelled! “Fill me with dog cock! I am your bitch! Oh god yes!”

“Whoa, Kelly, what’s the matter, couldn’t get a date?” came the voice of her snotty brother. Then laughter. High, annoying laughter.

She then felt his pace change, and some huge object slammed into her cunt. Kelly screamed in pain. Buck Bundy had just tied into her. But the added pressure of the knot against her clitoris caused her to come again, her lithe sweating body pushing back against the dog, bucking and twisting. Her cunt contracted coaxing a huge stream of canine cum into her. He shot into her for at least a minute before he finally stopped moving, his cock tied firmly into Kelly’s cunt. As she collapsed on the floor, still tied with the dog, she heard the front door click shut.

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Kelly straightened up, as much as she could with a dog on her back. She looked into the eyes of someone who, all his life, had tried to make her humiliated. He now had enough dirt on her to last for ten lifetimes. He had walked in on his naked sister fucking a dog.

“Bud, please.” She began “please don’t tell. I’ll do anything. I don’t want anyone to find out.”

She began crying, because this could ruin her. Her popularity, everything she had worked so hard for, including her parts in the Verminator commercials.

“Well, sis, I gotta say, you’ve got a nice set of tits there. I wouldn’t mind having some fun with you, you know, when your new friends all finished up.” He gestured at the dog, still tied into his older sister. Kelly recoiled at the thought of her little brother fucking her, but remembered her situation, and sadly agreed.

Two days after the incident with Bud and Buck, Kelly was lying in bed, praying for this whole thing to blow over, when her bedroom door creaked open. She looked over to see Bud standing naked in the door, a Polaroid camera in his hands.

“Wh- what do you want,” she stammered.

“I think you know. I think we both know.”

Without another word, Kelly reluctantly pulled back the sheets and took off her night dress. She spread her legs, allowing Bud full access to her pussy.

“Oh, no,” said Bud “that’s been used too much. I want fresh territory.”

Kelly at first had no clue what the little twerp was talking about, but then realized that he wanted to stick his surprisingly large cock into her virgin asshole. He approached the bed, and told her to flip over.

“No, Bud. I’ll suck you, I’ll do anything, just not that,” she pleaded.

But he didn’t listen. He forcefully flipped her onto her flat stomach, and quickly pinned her. This position put Kelly squarely on her front, and displayed her ass for Bud’s personal pleasure. The sight of his sister’s ass was really sexy to Bud. All of the girls he had fucked had protected it, but Kelly had no choice. He would fuck her ass. Bud felt his cock spring to life. He aimed it directly at his sister’s ass, and pushed the egg-shaped head of his erection past her asshole and deep into her bowels.

“Owwwwwwwwwwwwww!!” screamed Kelly.

It felt as though Bud meant to split her in two. Then he was fully inside her. The pain was excruciating. Then he moved his hips. He began to hump his sister’s ass. The tightness was heavenly. Bud knew he could not hold out for long, so he grabbed the camera and snapped pictures of his cock in his sister’s asshole. Just as he snapped the shutter for the fifth time, he felt his nuts tighten, and his cum spew deep inside Kelly’s bowels.

Kelly received absolutely no pleasure from this, and started crying with humiliation. Her brother’s cum leaked out of her desecrated ass, and she was now Bud’s sex slave. He had the pictures to break her. She was entirely under his control. He pulled out and, remarkably, remained semi-hard.

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Flipping Kelly over, he saw her cunt. Without so much as a kiss, he shoved his cock into her love hole. He began pulling almost entirely out of his sister’s cunt, and then pounding his meat back into her. He was ecstatic.

Unfortunately, Kelly also was feeling some pleasure from this. The sensations were undeniable. She was about to orgasm. The feelings grew and grew until she could not hold back any longer. Her muscles contracted, and she screamed with passion.

Bud, feeling this contraction began to cum. His seed shot deep into her. He collapsed on top of his naked, heaving sister. This time, when he withdrew, he was completely limp.

“I’m not finished with you yet, whore.” He told Kelly. “Suck my cock. I want you to keep it up until I cum again.”

Kelly slid down in the bed, and wrapped her experienced lips around her brother’s limp cock. She ran her tongue up and down it, applying high suction to it as she did so. The limp rope in her mouth began to stiffen, filling her mouth. Luckily, Kelly had the ability to deep throat any size of cock without gagging. Her brother’s cock went fully down her wind pipe.

She contracted her throat muscles, and heard Bud groan. “God, you’re good,” he moaned.

Bud’s nuts twitched. He felt this orgasm coming from deeper within him. He yelled that he was about to blow. Kelly simply held him in his throat. Bud’s cum shot forcefully out and ran down Kelly’s throat. She swallowed most of it. Withdrawing his cock, he looked down at his older sister. She stared up at him, mouth dripping a little bit of semen. She watched him grab the Polaroid’s off the bed next to her. She was too tired to stop him.

“You know, sis, I think that we could really start to get along. After all, I have the pictures to prove it.”

Bud turned and started walking out of the room, adding “I might have some friends over Friday. You’re going to be the main source of entertainment. Be there.”

He patted the photos as a reminder, and left.