I Can’t Help My Heart Erotic stories

Lucy would do anything for affection from her husband. For almost the last year Dan had been so into his work that he barely even acknowledged her. Lucy was basically his housekeeper. She cooked, cleaned and always made sure his laundry was done. They had not had sex for almost eight months. Hoping to spice up their love life and win his interest again, Lucy bought sexy lingerie, toys, and anything else she could think of. Nothing helped.

Her affair started innocently enough. One day Lucy was at an outside market picking things up for dinner when she heard a voice say, “Isn’t that a little big for you?”

She turned and was face to face with without a doubt the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. She looked down and realized he was talking about the cucumber she had in her hand. Lucy laughed hysterically and that’s all it took. The stranger was smitten.

“I’m Billy,” he said holding out his hand.

Still giggling like a child she said, “I’m Lucy.”

“I know you don’t know me from Adam but would you like to go across the street and get some coffee?” Billy asked.

Lucy thought of every moral reason and almost turned him down until she realized that they were still holding hands. She hadn’t even held hands in eight months.

Sitting in the sunshine, Lucy and Billy made small talk until he felt a little braver. “Tell me about yourself,” he said while looking into her eyes.

For some reason Lucy felt like she could really talk to him so she let him have it. She told her all about the marriage and how neglected she felt.

“I know how you feel. I have been married for about seven years and all Sandra does is work or go out and be sociable with the people she works with,” Billy said.

Laughing, Lucy said, “We should be neglected together!”

There was a strange silence between them like they were considering it. Affairs were brought up and each of them honestly admitted that they were both about to head in that direction. She didn’t know what is was, but Lucy felt like he made her brave. She was also imagining what he must be like in bed. If he could make her wet just by talking to her my god!

Billy and Lucy talked most of the afternoon away until she realized that Dan would get home soon. As she was about to go through the, “It was nice to meet you, good luck with whatever you do,” speech Billy wrote down his phone number and said, “Call me. I truly don’t think either of us will regret it.”

He gave her a quick peck on the cheek (another thing she had’nt gotten in over eight months) and went on his way.

At home, Lucy was chopping up that precious cucumber for Dan’s salad. It felt a little naughty to put her “pre-infidelity” cucumber in her husband’s salad. Dinner was made and now Lucy had some free time. Billy’s number came to mind.

“It’s way to soon to call,” she thought. “I also don’t want to seem so damn desperate!”

After getting her mind off of calling she decided to lay down for a while. Every inch of Billy raced through her mind from his dark hair to his dark eyes to his sensual lips. Then, for the first time, Lucy fantasized about someone other than her husband. Her orgasm came faster than any before as she lay panting and disoriented.

The next day Lucy had nothing to do so she aimlessly watched TV. The first commercial she saw was a coffee commercial. That’s all it took. Billy was so glad to hear from her and they made plans to meet at a hotel on the outside of town. Lucy tried not to look too slutty so she went with a light clingy summer dress (without panties).

When they walked into the room together it was like they had been lovers forever. Kisses came fast and furious and clothes were peeled off. Billy had Lucy on the bed as he spread her legs and drove his tongue deep inside her. They were both starved of sex for so long that each new position was like a whirlwind. For the first time in her life, Lucy loved the taste of cum. She would beg for him to cum on her lips and inside her mouth as she greedily sucked it down. Their meetings at hotels became quite frequent over the next few weeks. Each time one of them had a new sexual thing to show the other. The encounters got more kinky every time.

One day Lucy was at home folding Dan’s laundry when the phone rang.

“Come to the usual place Baby, and bring lots of ky jelly!” Billy said then hung up.

Lucy jumped in the car and was on her way.

“So, what do I need all this ky for?” she asked as they undressed.”

“I want to fist your sexy pussy,” he said.

Even the thought of fisting made Lucy’s pussy begin to drip! Billy laid her down and coated her pussy with the jelly. Very slowly he slid finger after finger in until he had five inside his lovers cunt.

“Do it Baby, fist me!” Lucy cried as he pushed his hand so hard up against her hole.

“It’s going in! You are such a sexy little slut!” he said as his hand started easing its way in.

Billy lay down next to his mistress and fisted her softly as she sucked his cock, draining him of every drop of cum. After they had both come Lucy had to go home to her husband.

“Hello?” Lucy said cradling the receiver hoping it was Billy. They hadn’t be able to talk for over a week because Sandra was working at home.

“Hi sexy. Sandra’s home but I have a while to talk while she’s in the tub,” Billy whispered into the phone.

“God I need you so fucking bad,” she said as she settled onto the couch for their conversation.

“I know Babe, I am so fucking horny!” he said as he could feel his dick getting hard.

“Well this is something we haven’t done before,” giggled Lucy.

“I don’t understand,” he said.

“Phone sex!” Lucy said as she moved her free hand down to her panties. “Imagine that I’m on top of you riding your cock while you grab my tits,” Lucy breathed into the phone.

“I pump you so fucking hard as your tits bounce around. God they look good Babe,” he whispered.

The conversation went on for about ten minutes until both were ready to explode.

“Come for me Billy!” she moaned into the phone while she shoved five fingers inside herself. They came together on the phone and panted together while Billy kept an eye out for his wife. After calming down he said he would call as soon as he could.

Almost two weeks passed until she got a phone call. “I have bad news Lucy,” Billy said as Lucy held the phone wanting to just hang up and avoid embarrassment. “Sandra is working at home from now on… We can’t see each other anymore,” he said hesitantly.

“I understand,” was all Lucy could say. “It was nice to meet you, good luck with whatever you do,” she said as she hung up.