In-laws and Outlaws sex stories

It was long ago that a prank that some of my friends played, became an interesting escapade. Some friends put in a matrimonial ad for me. Besides a large bulk of mail, one day a couple came to visit me. They looked around forty or so. I was forty or so and was living alone. I had just joined the University faculty.

For them I seemed to be a good catch for their son who was an Executive in a middling firm. My aspiring father-in-law was a smart man with a sword mouth. The wife was equally cute — sparkling eyes, tight body, tennis-ball boobs, impressive legs, and peacock gait.

During the first five minutes the manmade it clear that the son was generally on tour and therefore most of the time the d-i-l will have to live with the I-ls. It would be necessary for her to adjust with the.

Now, I was not serious about this whole affair, but for the sake of fun I decided to go along. They were interesting talkers, both Gopinath and Smitha. I told them that if the matter came to fruition, I will not have any problems on that score. Then I excused myself to prepare tea for them. While in the kitchen area, I thought about the whole thing. What had struck me most was the wife. Smitha was attractive, for a m-i-l.

Gopinath too was not unattractive. If I had met him in other circumstances, I would not have hesitated to bed him. All these thoughts were making me juice in the middle quarters of my bod. Suddenly, Smitha came into the cooking area and said, “let me help you Didirani.”

She stood touching my bod. My hand became unsteady. Her body aroma was making me intoxicated.

She placed her hand on my wrist to prevent the milk from spilling. She said, “Don’t fell embarrassed. I am also feeling the same thing.”

She looked into my eyes and I felt as if her stare was fucking me. With deliberate moves she embraced me. Her embrace was very erotic. I found my leg being squeesed by her thighs.

Before I could react, she was kissing me and her tongue was teasing my lips open. Softly but firmly, she opened my lips and sucked my tongue into her mouth.

After a deep, erotic, arousing exchange of saliva, she said, “I have never failed to spot eroticism and sexual instinct in a female.”

While saying this, she was opening my blouse.. With the other hand she was exploring my thigh. As her hand started moving towards the fountain of love, my hand started pulling up her saaree.

She was breathing hard and whispering hoarsely, “Yes, touch my cunt. I am flowing.” I found that just like me also had nothing on under her petticoat. She said, “Let us be comfortable somewhere.”

I managed to whisper, “Yes, yes, let us lie down in my bedroom.” I led her in. As soon as we entered the bedroom adjoining the cooking area, she took off my saaree. I took off the blouse and bra and pulled her face down to my, by now bursting, erect nipple. She pushed me down on the bed and put her mouth on my pussy.

“Oh, so sweet. I am licking honey.” I squeezed her face with my thighs.

“Oh these are like the banana tree. Smooth, white and smelling of fruit.”

She was using her tongue like a dick, she was sucking , licking, polishing – all at the same time. She was like two persons working on me simultaneously.

Suddenly I remembered her husband. I tried to push her off, saying, “Mr. Gopinath may come in.”

She said, “Let us finish our first round. Later we can ask him also to join. He loves to be fucked by a prospective d-I-l.”

She took off her saaree and blouse. Her bobs were excellent. Not very big, but soft and suckable. Her waist was narrow. The hips flared outwards and buttocks were like half melons, like they were made to receive the weight of another woman. She was sleek, flexible, supple, and responsive. I liked my good chance today. I could not restrain myself.

You know when I am in heat, I like using coarse words. I like to hear them also. I kissed her neck, sucked her ear lobes, and took her nipples into my mouth, saying, “Saassooji, mujhe bhee saas ke doodh, chootar choomne kaa baraa sapnaa thaa. Chootras peene kaa mazaa hee tab hai agar who saas kee phuddi se choosaa jaaye (m-I-l, I used to dream to lick and suck the boobs, buttocks of m-i-l. You can enjoy the cunt syrup only if it comes from the phuddi of the m-i-l).”

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“Meraa sapnaa aadhaa pooraa ho gayaa (My dream has been half fulfilled)”

I gave her such a suck on the clit that her dam broke loose – as if she was giving her cherry to me.

At the peak of her ecstasy she shouted, “Gopinath, teri bahu ne meraa ras nikaal diyaa. Ab tu uski phuddi kaa phaludaa banaa (Gopinath your d-i-l has drained my essence.; Now you tear to shreds her cunt.”

Simultaneously I felt his hands on my chootars. “Koi baat nahin Smitha, lagtaa hai bahu seekhee sikhaaee hai. (No problem Smitha, it appears that d-i-l is already trained.)” He exhorted his wife to keep me bussy so that there is no break in my enjoyment. He started kissing my globes grom behind.

“Oh, chootasr hain yaa shahad ke gaagar; zyaadaa bare hon to mazaa nahin aataa (Oh, these are ‘tocks or honey pots. Too large a pair is not enjoyable.”). He had a way with the calves and the instep of the feet.

He licked both my thighs. He took my big toe in his mouth. I could not have sucked lund better. It almost gave me an orgasm. Then all of a sudden he turned both of us upside inhj suich a way that our legs were hanging out of the bed.

He put his weight onh his arms, resting them on our sides and said,”Smitha jaan, tu ab bahu ke doodh pee. Mein apnaa lundras iskee choot ke raaste tere moonh mein bhejtaa hun ( Smitha darling, you now suck the boobs of thr d-i-l, I am going to send my cock-juice to you through her cunt)”

He inserted his cock in my dripping and open cunt. I had not yet seen him while fucking with Smitha. But I felt his naked body just brushing mine. His belly seemed taut and smooth. His pubic hair were tickling my ‘tocks. The bulb of his Shivalinga was large but its body was not monstrous, It was made to give pleasure, not pain. Just as I like. It should fit but not tear.

He seemed according to my taste, made for me. He hasd a way with his movements. I addressed him for the first time now.

“Abe Gopinath, aaj dikhaa de ke agar mein teri bahu ban gayee to tu mujhe khush rakh sakegaa yaa nahin (Gopinath, show me today that if I do become your d-i-l whether you would be able to keep me happy).”

Now he was fucking me and I was massaging-squeesing his laura with mjy cunt muscles, and Smitha was lick-sucking my nipples. The bed was shaking with our movements. My cunt was heaven for him and an inferno in my body.

Suddenly he came, without any warning. I felt the jet hitting straight the anterior wall of my choot.

He gasped to his wife, “Smitha mazaa aa rahaa hai? Bahu ke raaste meraa res choosnaa kitnaa acchhaa hai? Ahu ka ras sherbat mein nimbu kaa kaam kar rahaa hai naa? (Smitha, are you enjoying? Is it not wonderful to drink my juice via the bahu/ Bahu’s chootras is just like lime in sherbat, yes?)”

I was thrilled as well as angree.

“Maather chod, mujhe istemaal kar rahaa hai apni beebee ko mazaa dene ke liye (Mother-fucker, you are using me to pleasure your wife?) I threw him off me.

He landed on the floor. His fuck pole was standing straight, shinimg with my cunt cream. In one dash I sat on his pole, my cunt engulfing it entirely. I sat upright and started chewing it with mu choot.

I shouted to Smitha, “Chal saassoo, sasur ke munh pe apni phuddi fit kar aur mera ras uske raaste pilaa (come on m-i-l, fit your cunt on f-i-l’s mouth and serve him my juce through it”) She said, “Mein to bhosree kee aulad ko tera ras phuaare se pilaungi (I will serve your juce to this son of a much used cunt from the fountain)” and she let go her yellow stream.

Gopinath tried to gulp it down, but could do only partial justice I was so thrilled to see her urinating into her husband’s mouth that I exploded on a huge orgasm. I collapsed.

Simultaneously both of them also came.

After relaxing for some time we started talking. Smitha put one finger of Gopi in her cunt and pressed her thumb into mine.

She said, “Chooton ke raaste ab hum ek hain. Bataa rundiDidi meri bahu banegi? Hamaare khelon ka bete ko pata nahin hai? (Tell me slutDidi, do you agree to be my daughter-in-law? Our son does not know of these games.

We are already one through our cunts)” I was not yet ready to settle down with one man. So, I persuaded them that we could continue to play but without a marriage.

“Kyaa pataa tum aur bahuein aur mein bhee tumhaare saath use pasand karne jaaoon(Who knows you go out to interview other girls and I may also join you in your search”) We parted on this agreement. We continue to do just that. I have made Smitha a betaachod (sonfucker) and she is very happy.