Japanese Teacher Sex Stories

By the time I was 25 years old, I had become very fascinated by all things Japanese. Japanese food, culture, and especially Japanese women. Although I had never dated one, I saw they were petite, exotic looking, well dressed and very feminine. No muscle women here. I realized if I wanted to get to know Japanese women I would have to go to Japan. I converted what savings I had and hopped on a plane to Tokyo. When I got there, a got an English language newspaper and found a small apartment. I had no problem getting a job because Japanese like all things American and are eager to learn to speak English. I found many ads for English teachers for one of the many private language schools all over Japan.

Most of the students were females mostly in the 18 to 22 age group. Unlike the United States, since these were private schools and since they wanted to keep the students happy, there were no restrictions on teachers dating students, in fact it was encouraged. My students were all rather similar in that they were cute, mini-skirted, friendly and eager to learn.

After a couple of weeks, I asked one of the cuter students who already spoke English fairly well out to dinner. She quickly accepted. After dinner, I invited her back to my apartment and she agreed. After a couple of drinks and small talk, I started kissing her and found her very receptive. However, when I tried to get her into bed she just said NO, she would not do that. I was disappointed but realized you can’t be successful all the time and you should always take NO for an answer.

However, in the next couple of weeks I asked several more out, all with the same NO at the end. I didn’t think I was that bad looking, was well built, and had never had that much trouble back in the US. I finally confided my problem to one of my fellow teachers.

When he finally stopped laughing, he said: “Japanese women think its proper to say no at first, but they expect to be either convinced or forced into bed. The fact that they come up to your apartment in the first place means they want to go to bed with you. If they didn’t want to fuck, they wouldn’t accept your invitation to go back to your place. Besides, Japanese men are so polite, its exciting for Japanese women to go out with an American who they consider to be rough and rude and they expect to be just grabbed and taken to bed.”

I said, “Wait a minute. You mean I should just grab a woman, undress her, throw her into bed and fuck her?” I’ll get thrown into jail for rape!”

My friend said, “Don’t worry about it that just would never happen. That is what they want and even hope will happen. Trust me, you will have no problems.”

I decided to take his advice the next time I went out although I was very apprehensive. When I got my next date back to my place and tried to get her into bed and she said NO, I just ignored her and said: “You can say NO all night but you’re going to get a big American cock in you whether you want to or not”.

I proceed to start undressing her, all the while she was struggling with me, although not too hard, and just kept saying: “No, Don’t, Stop, I can’t do this, Don’t rape me.”

I just ignored her and stripped her down to her panties and carried her over to the bed. By that time, she was too excited to talk and was just moaning and panting so hard, I thought she was going to hyperventilate and faint. When I pulled her panties off, they were just soaking wet. She was so hot, her little pussy was contracting and just shooting out her juices.

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She was so small, I couldn’t even get all the way in her. Literally, after just a minute or two she had a screaming, thrashing orgasm and said she just couldn’t take any more and this time she really meant NO.

Over the next 5 months with about 50 different women I was batting 1000 but was frustrated because with just a few exceptions, they didn’t last more than a couple of minutes and then were finished. I found out that the pace is so fast in Tokyo, most men don’t have the time or take the time and are just as quick in bed as they are rushing to catch a train so women are used to doing it in a hurry.

Also I think the added excitement of being fucked by a rude American added to how excited they got and how fast they would cum.

Since I was going to end my year long stay in Japan in about 6 months, I wanted to improve my Japanese so I put an ad in the paper saying that I wanted to exchange English lessons for Japanese lessons. After a day or two I got a call from a Japanese woman who spoke English with a strong Japanese accent and said she wanted to practice her English and lose her accent. She told me how to get to her house which was a surprise because Japanese, especially when they meet for the first time, usually meet in some neutral place such as a coffee shop or hotel lobby. When I rang the bell I was startled to be greeted by a stunning looking woman who introduced herself as Keiko.

She was small with beautiful features and perfect skin. She had short black hair cut in bangs over her forehead. She looked about 35 but I learned later she was really 45. She invited me in for tea and we started talking. She said she was a retired actress. I asked her why she would retire at such a young age.

She asked me if I knew what Japanese men called a “Christmas Cake.”

I told her I didn’t and she said, “Who wants a Christmas Cake after the 25th? When a Japanese woman gets older than 25, men think she is over the hill. Even though I looked young for my age, and since I played leading romantic roles, I became too old for the part by the time I reached my late thirties.”

She then asked me what I thought about Japanese women and so I told her about my experiences with women I had gone out with. She laughed when I told her that the women I went out with were called “Six tatami Cinderellas” because they can’t afford more than a 6 tatami mat size room. Since a tatami mat is 3’x6′, that is a 9’x12′ room.

Also they spend all their money on clothes and can’t afford to live in Tokyo because of the high rents so they have a long train commute every day. The last train leaves Tokyo at midnight and they have to be on it to get home, hence the term “6 tatami Cinderella.” Japanese men are so perceptive and have such a great sarcastic sense of humor. I also told Keiko I thought Japanese women were very exotic looking.

Keiko said “Japanese women find American men very exotic looking also, especially with blue eyes like you. In fact, most Japanese women have a fantasy as to what it would be like to go to bed with an American. I think a lot of Japanese women have a rape fantasy as well. I don’t mean getting attacked and hurt by some stranger but the idea of a strong man just taking what he wants is a real turn on. Most Japanese men don’t work out like you obviously do and so they have small muscles and are small in other ways also.” When Keiko said that, she held up her little finger and there was no doubt as to her meaning.

Keiko then asked me where I was staying and how long I would be in Japan. I told her that I was staying in a small apartment, month to month and I would be leaving in another six months. She then suggested I could stay in her house and share languages since she lived alone and certainly had a large house by Japanese standards. By the tone of our conversation I was sure we would be sharing more than language, so I quickly accepted her offer.

I moved in the next day and when I did, Keiko said she was a good cook and was tired of eating alone and asked if I would take my meals with her. Of course I thanked her as said I would be happy to. That evening after dinner and a couple glasses of sake, Keiko asked if I would like to get cleaned up.

When I agreed, she said she would draw the bath water for me.

Japanese bathe differently from Americans in that they first get clean by taking a shower and then they soak in a very hot tub. When I went in the bathroom I saw that Keiko had a very nice Japanese style bathroom with a tub, like an American hot tub, big enough to hold four. While I was soaking in the tub, Keiko came in wearing a white silk robe with another glass of sake. She asked if she could join me but before I could answer she took off her robe and started to shower. She had porcelain white skin without a blemish. She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her. Her breasts were average size but perfectly shaped, just like an anatomy text book picture of what a breast should look like.

My cock was standing at attention by the time she finished her shower and got in the tub beside me. Without hesitating, she reached for my cock and kind of gasped when her fingers could reach all the way around it. She got on top of me and she was so tight she had to gradually work my cock into her. As she did so she leaned down and whispered in my ear that this was one Japanese woman who was going to fulfill her fantasy. Much to my surprise, I found that Keiko was one Japanese woman who had stamina and had one orgasm after another.

After about 20 minutes and countless orgasms Keiko collapsed against me exhausted by the sex combined with the heat of the tub. I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. The cool air contrasted against the heat of the tub revived her somewhat but when I put her on the bed, she said she was exhausted and had never had sex that exciting before. I said that was good because then she couldn’t resist when I fulfilled the rest of her fantasy and raped her.

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I held her arms over her head with my left hand and forced her legs apart with my knee and right hand. She pleaded with me to stop saying that she was too exhausted and that I was going to kill her. When I put my hand between her legs, I found that she might be exhausted, but her pussy wasn’t. She was so wet her juices were just running out of her. I proceeded to fuck her until she just couldn’t move any more. When I pulled out of her, she was instantly either asleep or unconscious.

When I got home from class the next afternoon, I found her still in bed.

She said her pussy was so swollen and sore she couldn’t even sit. I told her I was sorry for being so rough with her, but she said she loved it and it was up to her to get stronger to accommodate me. I told her I wanted to see her sore little pussy, so I just pushed her legs apart. Her pussy did look red and swollen, so I told her a soft tongue might feel good against it.

Almost as soon as my tongue touched her she had a screaming, thrashing orgasm. She was too sore to fuck for the next couple of days, but she was very submissive in bed and would give me mind blowing head whenever I told her to. When I would cum in her mouth, she would continue to suck which made me feel like I was being turned inside out.

We had wild sex every day in every position we could think of. Some times I would tie her up and fuck her brains out. She liked that so much, she would often ask me to tie her up. Early on, she told me I could do anything I want to her in bed, which was really a turn-on to me. Several times when she had her period, she would invite one of her friends over and I would fuck them while she watched. She had absolutely no jealousy or possessiveness. It turned her on for me to tell her how much better she was in bed than her friends.

Finally, it came time for me to go back home. Keiko drove me to the airport and just as I was getting on the plane, she gave me a small box. I opened it while in my seat on the plane and saw it was a Rolex watch. Many years have passed since then. I never saw Keiko again, but every time I look at my watch I think of her and I am positive that is what she intended with the gift.


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    I hate rape fantasies. I'm not used to forcing a lady against her will for sex. A single 'No' would have me running away from her forever
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    Idon't like rape fantacies