Jessie sex story

The one thing I always remember about that day. It was so fucking hot! My parents and brother were not home, they were off doing something. I stayed home to mow the lawn, something I had neglected for two weeks. The grass had been a mother to cut that day. I had stalled the lawn mower on a small hill on the edge of the property. At first I thought the damn thing ran out of gas but it turned out that there was a wad of grass jamming the blade. As I bent down to clear it out I thought about my parents and my brother doing something else, something fun. I started to curse them out. Stupid fucking parents… stupid fucking brother…. stupid fucking lawn… fuck this heat! Suddenly there was a small voice from behind me. I whirled around and saw the neighbor girl, Jessie standing behind her family’s side of the fence. She was holding her left hand.

“Scott, can you help me?” Jessie sounded like she was in pain.

“Sure. What’s wrong?”

“Well, my parents aren’t home and I was making a sandwich and I cut my finger. If my parents find out I used a knife they’ll never let me stay home alone again!”

I smiled at the girl. It was not a smile to taunt her. Jessie was 12 and this was the first time she was home alone for any amount of time. Her parents were also gone for the day and she was trying to feel responsible. The knife incident was not the end of the world but her parents were a little strange. “OK. I’ll come over and fix that finger.” I climbed over the fence and checked her cut. It wasn’t deep but it did need to be bandaged. She led me into her house and brought out a few Band-Aids into the kitchen. As I was cleaning the cut I noticed for the first time what she was wearing. She had on a sleeveless blouse that hugged her small, forming breasts and short jean shorts that clung to her slim legs. I tried to push the dirty thoughts I was having out of my mind, but my cock was taking control. I could feel it swelling in my shorts. “There, all better!” I proclaimed, holding the bandaged finger up for her inspection.

“Thanks Scott! You saved my skin.” Jessie leaned over and gave me an affectionate hug. Her body rubbed up against mine and my cock grew to a rock hard state.

“You’re welcome,” I stammered. I knew I had to get out of there and get home and whack off. But Jessie had other plans.

“Can you stay for a little while. I am soooo bored all alone. Please??”

I was a little apprehensive about staying, I had such a hard on that I was afraid to sit because I was ready to bust a stitch. But I figured that I could hold out for a few minutes. “Okay, but only for a few minutes.”

We sat at the kitchen table and talked, the conversation was mostly about High School. Jessie was still a year away from high school but she was eager to find out about it know all about my experiences as a senior. Then she leveled a question that almost knocked me out of my chair.

“Do you have to have sex in High School?” She asked innocently.

I was stunned by the question and I took a moment to think over the answer. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Who told you that?”

“Some of my friends were talking about how you have to let a boy have sex with you in high school, if you want to be popular anyway. They even let some of the boys touch them at a party last month. They said they really liked how it felt.”

This conversation was getting very interesting very fast. The lawn could wait.

“Have you ever let a boy touch you. Jessie?”

“No, I didn’t go to that party. My parents wouldn’t let me…” Her voice trailed off. 

That was no surprise. It was a miracle that the girl had a thought that her parents did not control. “Would you like to be touched by a boy?”

Jessie thought about it for a few seconds. She seemed to be breathing heavy. “I think so. My friends said that they liked it so it can’t be all that bad.”

I was going to go for broke. I took a deep breath and spoke, “Would you like me to touch you?” 

There was several seconds of earsplitting silence. But Jessie finally spoke up, “Sure. Do you want to do it right here or in my bedroom?”

“How about in your room. That way you can relax and have some fun.” My mind was racing at the possibilities. The two of us walked towards the rear of the house where her room was. I looked around. It was the typical 12-year old girl’s room. She sat down on the edge of the bed. I sat next to her and held her hand. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I wanted to make sure that this was what she wanted, but I was certain of the answer.

“Yes, I want to feel what my friends felt. I want to feel special,” she said. “What do we do now?”

“Well,” I sighed, “Why don’t you lay down and let me make you feel special. I promise to be gentle.” 


Jessie lowered her body across her bed, her legs draped over the edge. I leaned over next to her and admired her blossoming body. Her tits were beginning to develop and were small round lumps under her blouse. I bent down and lightly kissed her on the lips. Her lips opened slightly and my tongue slipped in and explored the young girl’s mouth. I found her tongue and made the connection with it. She responded by rapping her tongue around mine. I was happy that she was enjoying the experience. I broke off the connection and reached down with my hands to the buttons on her blouse. I quickly worked the buttons and the blouse opened to reveal her breasts rising and falling with her breathing. The nipples were like little buds, pink but large and they begged to be touched. I rolled one in my fingers to harden it and then brought my mouth over the left nipple. As I inhaled the nipple she let out a little moan. I looked up and released the bud from my mouth. “How was that?” 

She giggled. “It felt funny. It was like nothing I ever felt before.”

“That’s nothing. Are you ready for more?”

She nodded her head. 

“Okay, but I need you to take off your pants.”

Her response was to kick off her shoes and peel off her shorts and pink panties. I decided that now was a good time for me to lose the bottom part of my clothes too. I stripped out of my shorts and underwear. She looked wide-eyed at my erect prick.

“Can I touch it? I never seen a penis before,” She said excitedly.

How could I refuse? “Sure. Just wrap your hand around and pump it up and down.”

I lay down and let Jessie skim her hand up and down my shaft. It felt incredible. I watched her have fun with my cock. She looked up and smiled at me. “Is there any thing else I can do with it?” 

“Lots. Why don’t you try to suck on it like a lollipop? Just watch your teeth.”

Jessie lowered her mouth slowly to the tip of my rod. She stuck her tongue out and licked the tip. Then slowly she allowed more of it in her mouth. Eventually she had about three-quarters of it in her mouth. She slid the shaft in and out. This girl was pretty good, but I wanted more. I wanted to fuck her. Slowly I sat up. 

“Jessie, I want to do something that may hurt at first but I promise that it will feel good after you do it for the first time. Do you want to do it?”

Jessie thought about it for a few seconds then spoke, “Well if it only hurts for a few minutes I guess it’s alright.”

I rolled her on her back and lowered my cock towards her virgin slit. I placed my cock at the entrance and pushed just a little bit at a time. Slowly my dick slipped its way in. She felt really really tight! Then I hit her hymen and stopped. I looked up at Jessie. Her eyes were closed. “Are you ok, Jessie?”

“Ohhh yes. Don’t stop.”

“This may hurt. Are you sure you want me to go on?”

“Yes please.”

I smiled and went back at it. My dick was still resting against her hymen. All I needed to do was push. The membrane gave way and Jessie groaned a little bit. I redoubled my efforts and plunged ahead. I stroked in at a break neck speed. She was moaning a moan of pleasure and she bounced on the bed a couple of times. I felt the stirrings of orgasm begin in my balls. I grabbed her hips and held them against my groin. I closed my eyes as the most powerful orgasm in my life ripped through my body like a bolt of lightning. “Oh shit! Oh fuck yes!” I collapsed next to her. “For a twelve year old you’re an unbelievable screw.” 

She giggled again, “You thought I was that good?”

“Yes,” I said out of breath. “You’ll be really popular in high school, really, really popular.”

That was nearly three months ago. Since then Jessie and I have screwed regularly, sometimes at her house, other times at mine. But the sex was always good. I just know that when that little vixen gets to high school she’ll be the most popular freshman on campus.