Jo and the Boys Real Erotic story

My life with Jo became a lot more placid after the night of the big party/orgy. Neither of us made any direct reference to past events and things slipped into fairly regular and uneventful routine. We had our little spats and conflicts, but they usually were resolved quickly. Our sex was also pretty routine, but it was regular and satisfying for both of us. But after a couple months, a few ragged edges seemed to appear in the fabric of our relationship.

It was early June but the weather was becoming unseasonably warm. Blame it on el Nino, I guess. Jo’s drinking had also started getting heavier but I don’t know what internal climate caused that. Maybe I should have tried harder to learn. Instead, I ended up making occasional snide comments and being a lot more of an irritant than a help. I don’t know why I do these things, but they just seem to keep happening.

On a Friday night at the end of the first week of June, we celebrated the end of my work week by having a good meal and a lot to drink. Too much to drink. I remember that I wanted to get it on with Jo but at first she was too caught up in boozing, and then, as it got late, she ended up passing out before we could have sex. I was tired and a bit pissed off, and I went to sleep too. The next morning started late. Way late. Jo and I both woke around the same time, probably because there was someone hammering on something outside. My head pounded and throbbed with every hammer blow, my mouth tasted like mud. I looked at the clock and saw that it was already after 10:00. I had to be up and at the bank that morning before 11:30 to make sure some deposits got made and my checks wouldn’t bounce. I was pissed off that I was running late and feeling so shitty. Thinking back to the night before, I managed to blame my unhappiness on Jo. And then she stretched an arm over me and made it clear that she wanted to fuck. I rudely pushed her arm off me and in a curt voice told her I didn’t have time as I got out of bed.

Jo’s eyes narrowed and her sleepy, sexy attitude evaporated. I didn’t care. Let her be pissed. I stepped into the bathroom off our bedroom and took a shower. The morning was already feeling hot and sticky and I felt like shit.

The shower revived me quite a bit, but I still felt pressured and rushed. I stepped back into the bedroom and saw that Jo was out of bed, sitting at her vanity and brushing her hair. She had pulled on a thin silk wrapper that barely covered her lush figure. She turned to look at me as I entered the room and the expression in her eyes was angry and defiant. I started to dress, but I knew that a storm was coming.

Jo rose and stepped away from the vanity. The wrapper barely concealed her beautiful, firm breasts. They were rising and falling with her poorly concealed anger. Still, as she spoke, her voice was almost a purr. I could never master such control of my voice when I was upset and it is still a marvel to me how Jo could. “So you’re just too busy to make love to me.” She said in that voice that I knew meant trouble.” Well maybe I don’t have to wait on some poor tired old man like you.”

I had no idea what she had in mind as she turned and walked toward the window. It was open, due to the unusual heat for the season, but I had not yet gotten around to putting up the screens. Jo had given me shit about that before, but the season had been bug free so far and my work had me too tired to get very ambitious on weekends.

Jo held her brush out the window at arm’s length and let go of it. She gave me a nasty look, then stuck her head out and called down “Excuse me…excuse me…” With her second “excuse me”, the hammering outside stopped. I realized it must be one of the high school kids we had hired to do lawn work and small repairs on weekends. Jo went on “I’m sorry, I seem to have dropped my brush. Oh yes, that’s it. Could you bring it up here for me?” Her voice was sweet and light, in contrast to the looks and tone she had just used on me. I could just imagine the view the kid outside was getting as she leaned out the window. Her wrapper covered her breasts, barely and her dark nipples showed through plainly.

Jo pulled her head back in the window and turned to me again. Her expression was hard to read, not harsh or mean, but determined. She said “He’s coming up here right now. When he gets here, I’m going to fuck him, so you’d best just get out of the way.” She stepped over to me, took me by one arm and directed me toward the bathroom I had just emerged from minutes before. I must have had a really funny look on my face. Jo went on “I don’t care if you go out the back or stay there and watch, but get out of here!” She gave me a shove and I went through the louvered doors. Jo closed them behind me.

I stood there behind the doors and could see fairly well as Jo turned to face the bedroom door. From the stairs I could hear the kid calling up “Hello? Hello?”

“Up here!” Jo called out cheerily. A couple seconds later, the kid entered our bedroom. I had seen him before of course, after all, I had hired him and his two buddies. They spent Saturdays mowing lawns and doing some odd jobs in the neighborhood. I remembered remarking to Jo about this guy’s bad attempt at a mustache. At the time, she hadn’t said much and I now wondered if it was because she had been looking elsewhere. In his shorts and tight t shirt it was clear that he had a good build, a bit on the thin and gangly side, but still quite muscular.

“Uh, I guess you dropped this?” he said shyly as he handed Jo her brush.

As she took it, she said ” Yeah. Thanks. I couldn’t really go out dressed like this, could I?” The kid was trying not to stare, but his eyes widened as Jo let her wrapper fall open, then slide off her shoulders and flutter to the floor. “Oh! I’m sorry!” she exclaimed. “I hope I’m not offending you.”

The kid tried to say something, but his tongue was tied. Jo stepped toward him and said “I just wanted to thank you for being so nice. Maybe I can do something nice for you.” With that, she dropped to her knees in front of him and reached to tug at his shorts. She had them at his ankles in a second and she smiled up at him. His cock was fully hard, as only a teenage boy’s can get. It was good sized, probably over seven inches and unusually thick. Jo took it with one hand and said “What a beautiful cock.” She ran her hand over it gently and said “I really want you to fuck me with that nice hard cock. But first I’ve got to taste it.” With that, she put her lips around it and began to suck.

Jo stroked two or three times as she held the kid’s cock in her mouth and he let out a loud groan. He started coming, humping her hand as he did. Jo was caught completely by surprise and his cock slipped out of her mouth. His cum sprayed wildly all over her face and hair, running down her cheeks and across her breasts. He seemed to come forever, but it probably was about a dozen good strong spurts. As he finished, Jo looked back up at him, her face totally cum spattered and gasped out “Maybe you should get back to work now.”

The kid murmured “Thanks.” pulled up his shorts and left. I watched for a few seconds longer as Jo remained kneeling on the floor, soaked with the kid’s semen. I was chuckling to myself as I left the bathroom by the other door and headed into town.

I took care of my business at the bank fairly quickly. Next I went to the hardware store to get materials for some home projects. My head was still throbbing slightly with a hangover, and the heat didn’t help, but overall I was feeling a little high. Jo’s attempt at a payback fuck had ended up pretty comically. It was a bit after noon when I dropped into a bar for a beer, to cool off and get rid of that headache.

One beer turned into two, then three. The bartender was a cute girl, probably way too young for me but really nice to watch. Especially as I was the only customer and she spent a lot of time bending and stretching as she filled coolers, cleaned sinks and generally got rid of Friday night’s debris so as to prepare for Saturday night’s crowd. By the time I decided it was definitely time to leave, it was going on four o’clock.

When I got home, the afternoon was getting oppressively hot. The sky had a slightly ruddy look, giving the teasing possibility that sudden rain could come up and relieve the heat tension, at least for a bit. I felt a lot higher than the few beers I’d had. The lawn was mowed, but I felt a tinge of annoyance seeing that the grass hadn’t been trimmed around the trees or fence posts. There was virtual silence as I entered the house.

I went upstairs to the bedroom. The shades were drawn, the room shadowed. Jo was dozing on the unmade bed, face down, buried in pillows, her sweet round ass bare. A half finished drink was on the night stand. I saw her silk wrapper on the floor and I began to wonder if she had ever gotten dressed. Then I saw a pair of her shorts laying by the bed. Beside them was a bikini top. So at least she had gotten dressed for part of the day.

I was turned on by her unconscious nakedness, and I realized that I had also been at least a little turned on all day by the memory of her sucking that kid’s hard tool and the sight of her dripping with his cum. I guess when I think back honestly, I admit that I was feeling superior and even condescending.

I pulled off my clothes and slipped onto the bed beside Jo. I snuggled up beside her and began to fondle her smooth back and lovely ass. Jo stirred and her eyes opened slightly. She turned her body to face me and we embraced. We kissed. Her breasts pressed against me, her nipples stiff. We kissed, tongues straining against each other. My cock stiffened.

Jo paused our kissing and teased me, asking me how my day had been. I told her it had been ok, but I was glad to be home. I pressed my mouth to hers to show her just how glad I was. Jo responded and her body began to move sensuously against mine. As she pushed her mouth hard against mine, I decided to tease her back. I broke off our kiss and asked her how her day had been.

Jo paused, then said ” Good! I wanted to get some work done in the garden, but it was so hot, I gave up around lunch time.”

Pecking her mouth, I said “Good. It was really too hot out today to work outside.” Jo kissed me back, more passionately and she took my stiff pecker in one hand. As she began to stroke it, she said

“Yeah. Way too hot. So I told Dan to take a break too.”

I froze. “Dan?” I managed to croak out.

“Yeah, Dan. The guy that brought me the brush.” She continued stroking my dick, but it had lost a lot of its stiffness. “The other guys went to mow the Lyon’s place but they left Dan here to finish up the trimming.”

“So…?” was about all I could come out with. That explained the shitty job around the trees and fences, but I was afraid there was a lot more. There was.

“So I asked him if he’d like to try again, you know, like this morning. He was really shy about it, but it wasn’t hard to see he was interested. And ready. I had him come up here and get naked with me.” Jo had moved her face close to mine. Her voice was still full of lust, but no more tenderness.

“So this time I had him just put it in me.” Her voice was close and breathy. Her hand continued to stroke me. I was starting to get harder. 

“And then, well shit, he came again, right away. I can’t believe how much he came, just barely inside me.” I smiled, even laughed a bit inside. Jo wouldn’t have much use for a guy who only lasted a few strokes.

“I’d never had a teenage lover.” she said.” Even in high school I went after older guys. So I never knew what a guy his age was like.”

I was about to comment about young guys coming quick and how a mature man was better, but Jo just kept talking.

“I didn’t know how hard they could get! And how quickly they can get it up again. I didn’t let Dan out of me after he came, and he was hard and ready again in just a few minutes! That time he lasted at least five or six minutes.” Her voice almost dripped desire with the memory of that fuck. “God he was so big and hard! And he just pumped me with that thing! No style at all, but he made me come right away. Then again when he came. I don’t know where all that cum comes from! I mean, he just seems to gush it out.”

My cock had gone limp, and Jo withdrew her hand, giving up on it. At the same time, she took one of my hands and brought it to her pussy. Her pubic hair was still matted in spots from her previous fucking, Dan’s dried cum still sticking to her. I felt her slit and she was warm and moist, excited from recounting her adventure.

“Then I let him pull out. You know, he has such a pretty cock. Even when it isn’t hard, it still is really long. So just to see, I had him let me suck on it and sure enough, it got hard again in just a little while.” At that point, Jo was actively moving against my hand, wanting to have me finger fuck her.

The third time he screwed me he managed to last ten or fifteen minutes. God it was great! I was starting to show him how to use that nice cock of his, but you know, when he starts to come, it’s like he loses it. He just goes wild. I loved it! I haven’t gotten fucked like that in a long time.”

I was really upset with that. Not so much that Jo had great sex with another guy. God knows I’d seen that before and gotten really turned on. I guess it was because I had come to her with a smug, superior attitude, and had just gotten blown out of the water. I pulled my hand away from her pussy and withdrew a few inches from her on the bed.

“Oh, don’t tell me you’re jealous, old man” she teased. “Can’t I have just a little fun?” She reached for my limp dick and holding it said “After all, it doesn’t look like I’m going to get it from you.”

I got really pissed off. I made up my mind right there that I was going to fuck her and fuck her good. I practically jumped on her and pressed my mouth against hers. The only problem was that my cock wasn’t reacting. Jo noticed that too and taunted “Poor old man, can’t even get it up. You’ll never fuck me that way.” She pulled back from me and rolled over, her back to me.

I was beyond pissed, I was furious. And still my cock was a traitor to me. I grabbed it and began to stroke it, thinking about how hard I was gonna fuck this bitch. My anger seemed to help now, and in a few strokes, I was getting good and hard. I grabbed Jo’s shoulder and pulled her onto her back. Roughly, I pulled her legs wide apart, though she didn’t really resist.

As I knelt between her legs, Jo jeered again ” Come on old man, don’t try to start something you can’t finish.” By then, my cock was as big and hard as it gets. Maybe it’s not porn movie sized, but it does ok for me. I shoved it into her still wet cunt, entering all the way with one push. Jo gasped and I fucked her. Hard, fast and angry.

It only lasted a few minutes, but Jo came a couple times and at the end I slammed into her as I had my orgasm. Maybe I didn’t shoot as much cum into her as Dan, but I bet it was close. Our sweaty bodies clung together and I had the crazy idea of trying to stay inside her and show her that Dan wasn’t the only one who could pull that trick, but I quickly realized that I probably would only fail and suffer by comparison. Besides, Jo clearly was satisfied. In fact, after a minute or two, she said, “I guess you’re not so bad after all, old man.” her voice was now tender. The teasing and taunting were gone. We held each other close in a loving embrace.

We moved apart in bed. As close as we both felt, the heat was too much and our bodies were uncomfortably sweaty. “You want first shower?” I asked.

“Nah, you go ahead.” Jo answered, so I did. As I enjoyed the cool spray, I regretted that I hadn’t suggested that we shower together. I cleaned up and left the bathroom feeling good, on top of everything. I walked into the unlit bedroom and saw that Jo had taken the opportunity to refresh her drink. I sat on the edge of the bed, still wet from my shower. 

You know,” I said to her seriously, ” That kid will talk about this to all of his friends.”

“No,” Jo said, “I made him promise not to talk about it.” She sipped her drink.

“Oh yeah, ” I said sarcastically, “Like he’ll really keep that promise! He’ll tell every other guy he knows.”

“I don’t think so. I told him that if I ever heard he had talked about it, I wouldn’t do it with him again.”

“Again!” I sputtered.

“Yeah, again. He’ll be back next weekend to mow.”

Jo continued to work on her drink. She seemed completely nonchalant about what she had just said. I didn’t know how to react, but for once some sense seemed to take charge and I just told her I was going downstairs to get something to eat. I left her there with her booze.

I actually did make a sandwich and eat it. I ended up having a couple drinks myself and trying to find something to watch on TV. Nothing captured my interest, my emotions were in too much turmoil. Finally, around 11:00, I went upstairs. Jo was passed out. I fell onto the bed beside her. Before I went to sleep I remember the funky, sweaty, sexy smell of the bedclothes. I was wondering whose smells were whose as I nodded off. 

Jo was up and out of bed before me the next morning. She went for a run and I slowly rose, dressed and began to tackle some household chores. As Jo returned from her run, I made sure I was in the yard, finishing up the trimming around trees and fence posts. She went inside, showered, and took care of some things herself, including laundry. I made sure that we had screens on all the windows, wondering to myself if things could have been different had I done that a week earlier. I doubted so.

The day was getting really hot, yet again, and by early afternoon we both were tired and sweaty. I don’t know about Jo, but for myself, the morning’s work had helped burn out any lingering anger and resentment. Jo just continued with her usual placid demeanor. There was no reference to the previous day from either of us.

I suggested to Jo that we try going for a swim in the creek that ran a ways down on my land. She thought it was a great idea, so we headed down there. The creek was running full, with lots of cool water splashing through deep hollows worn in the underlying limestone. Just sitting near the cold running water helped cool us both down. Unfortunately, we never got in it. The usual early summer plague of black flies was there, and in minutes they were making us both miserable. We stumbled back up to the house, sweaty and bug bitten.

Once inside, I suggested that we take a shower. Jo agreed, and in a few minutes we were both enjoying the cool spray on our naked bodies. As I soaped Jo’s back for her, I looked at her lovely round ass and found myself getting aroused. I continued to soap her with one hand but used the other to stroke myself. In moments, I had a raging hard-on. It might not have been as big as Dan’s, but it was pretty impressive.

Jo turned around to get wet on her front side. Her full breasts swayed as she turned, her nipples stiff from the cool water. She glanced down and said “Well look at you!” She took my stiff cock in one hand. “What should we do with this?” she asked. I turned off the shower and told her I had some ideas.

We both stepped out of the stall and I grabbed a couple towels and followed Jo to the bedroom. We each wiped some of the excess water off ourselves, but both of us were still wet as we hit the bed. My cock had flagged a bit in the short trip, but Jo had me lie back as she lay between my legs and took it in her mouth. In seconds she had me as hard as I had been in the shower. She grinned at me, holding my cock, and got up to kneel over it. Still looking me in the eyes, she lowered herself onto my throbbing member.

Jo sighed as I entered her and her eyes closed. She rocked her hips back and forth, sliding me deeper and deeper into her. Our pubic areas met and she began to slowly slide up and down, riding the length of my cock. She would move up to where just the head of my cock was still in her, pause, then slide back down to take it all. I began to move my hips with hers. My cock seemed to just get harder as I watched her breasts sway, her nipples stiff. Jo gasped as I took her breasts in my hands and tweaked those pointy nips.

I began to feel my orgasm rising, from my balls up, and my hands clenched harder on Jo’s breasts. My hips began to thrust upward with determination and purpose as I wanted to drive my stiff cock into her harder and faster. Jo began to moan as I took over the rhythm of our fucking and my desire for her grew fiercer.

My hands moved down to her ass and I squeezed it hard as I pumped upwards into her. Jo cried out and started coming, moments before me.As my hands clenched her ass, I began to shoot deep into her. Jo collapsed on me as my orgasm peaked with hers. My hips convulsed a few more times as the last of my seed sprayed inside her, then we lay motionless together for several long minutes.

It was as if all the tension of the past few days had melted away. We lay together, intimate, loving, caring. I don’t know if I have ever felt more comfortable or satisfied. I think it was pretty much the same for Jo.

We finally disengaged. The sun was setting and there seemed to be a bit of a breeze, just a bit of relief from the heat. Jo tousled my hair and said “Come on, lets get something to eat.” We both pulled on our bathrobes and went to the kitchen. Jo pulled out stuff for sandwiches and we ate with appetites unusual for the hot weather.

After eating, we shared a few drinks and lay together in bed watching TV. We clicked back and forth between several “documentary” shows of the “We now know how this might have occurred” type, laughing together at the stupidity. I fell asleep before Jo.

I was up early the next morning and off to work. Nice as the day before had been, I found myself continually coming back to the thought of Jo planning to get it on again with young Dan next Saturday. At that point I had no idea whether she still really intended to do it, but it weighed on my mind.

I left work around 4:00 and decided to go to the bar. I was hoping the same cute gal would be bartending, but I was disappointed. Instead, there was some overweight guy and he wasn’t any fun to look at. I had a quick beer and headed home.

The day was as hot or possibly even hotter than Sunday had been. When I got home, Jo greeted me affectionately with a hug and a nice kiss. She said “I put some beer on ice for you. Hmmm, smells like you’ve already had some. ” As she got me a nearly frozen Molson, I realized that she must have been straight all day. Otherwise she never would have smelled one beer on my breath. I took a sip of the beer, told her how good it was and thanked her. Jo said she thought maybe she’d have one too. We retired to the screened porch to drink our beers and avoid the sun.

Jo asked how my day had been and I told her it was ok, nothing special. I worked in the administration of a nearby town. My savings and pension plan were solid enough that I could probably take a very early retirement, as Jo had, but I liked to have something to do each day, and sometimes the work was interesting.

I asked Jo about her day, and she told me she had managed to get some time in her garden before the heat got to be too much. Then she had gone into town and done some shopping. She said she had seen my car outside the bar and had thought about going in, but decided not to. “After all, maybe you were in there with some girl. I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun.”

I got a bit flustered, telling Jo I had only gone in for one beer and that the only other person there was a fat bartender. I felt guilty because I had been hoping to see that cute gal. Jo laughed at me as I fell all over myself explaining and cut me off, saying “Come on, I was kidding. I know you. You’d never do anything like that.” With that, she leaned over and kissed me. “I love you, you know that?” she said as she pulled away.

Long ago, back when we first were together, I had slept with another woman. I had told Jo about it, figuring that since she regularly had sex with other guys, it would be no big deal. I guess I had figured it might even make us more equal partners. I was amazed at the time at her reaction. She was deeply hurt and upset. It came close to ruining our relationship. On the surface, it didn’t seem fair. She could fuck anyone, anytime she wanted but I was supposed to remain faithful. In reality though, it probably was a fair reflection of who we each were. Jo could have wild sex with all sorts of guys, but her heart remained loyal. If I had a fling with another woman, it conflicted my emotions and tore at my relationship with Jo.

Jo didn’t usually talk about that sort of stuff, especially when she was sober, but I got the feeling that this was part of a message she was trying to give me. After a couple beers, she got supper out. It was all cold cuts and salad, but that was perfect for the weather and I could see the care she had gone to, putting it all together. After a nice meal, we spent time snuggling together, watching what stars we could see through the hazy sky. I went to bed with her, already happy and satisfied. Our slow, familiar love making only made it better.

The next day began almost as a repeat of Monday. The weather was still hot, work wasn’t a lot different, but I felt like I was floating on a cloud of Jo’s sweetness. I skipped going to the bar after work and headed straight home.When I got there, I gave Jo a big hug and kiss and she returned those, though maybe not as ardently as the day before. I was looking for a repeat of the almost perfect evening we had on Monday, and, of course, it wasn’t the same. How could it be?

The heat was worse, Jo wasn’t as affectionate and the supper was the same but a day older. In bed that night, sex was fairly perfunctory. It was a rare night that Jo didn’t want to fuck, but some nights, like this, it seemed like we were just going through the motions. I came inside her, but not in a great, wonderful way. I don’t know if she came or if she just made noises like she was coming. Thinking back, I guess I was disappointed about the whole evening and didn’t really care.

Wednesday was the mother of all hot days. Even the air conditioning at work couldn’t seem to keep up with the nasty heat. On top of that, we were dealing with an unexpected lawsuit and all kinds of bullshit from assholes who didn’t really have a case, but they did have a lawyer.

In the free time I had, my mind had started to wander back to Jo’s plans for Saturday. I had to wonder why it was such a big deal for me, after all, I was well aware of her past infidelities and had been a witness (even participant) to several of them. I realized that in the past Jo had been very casual about sex with other men. It was something that just happened, that I might or might not learn about later. She had the one party incident where she planned to have wild sex with two guys, but she had made sure I could be there and be a part of things, if I was willing.

This was different. There was no room for me, no role. I found myself wondering if she would send me away from the house that day. My own house! I started to get indignant and self-righteous. Maybe some of my anger at the assholes who were filing their mindless suit leached into my thoughts about Jo.

At the end of the working day I made a point to stop at the bar. The cute gal was there, her bleach blonde hair hanging in lank ringlets with the humidity. I asked for a beer and got a nice look as she bent into the cooler, her cut off shorts riding high and tight on her sweet little ass. As she brought me my beer, I could see that she was bra less under her white T shirt. Her sweet perky breasts came to lovely points that stood out against the silk screened bar logo. It was enough to keep me there for two, three, then four beers.

I rolled home, very high and not giving a sweet shit about Jo and her plans. By the time I got to the house, the sky was getting dark and there was a rumble of thunder in the distance. Jo met me at the door, but instead of a hug, I was given the news that the garbage disposal had backed up and stopped working. I ended up on my back on the kitchen floor, my head in the cabinet under the sink. It took 45 minutes, but I found the problem, cleared the plug and got things working again.

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For all my efforts, Jo was still grumpy and out of sorts. I tried to kiss her after I showed her the disposal was working, but she turned her cheek. I got mad and said “Oh I’m sorry. I guess it’s not like I just hooked up the phones.” This in reference to the time she had fucked the telephone installer when we were moving in. I had never told her I knew about that, it was one of those unspoken things. I suppose the heat and the beers I had were starting to talk for me.

“No! ” Jo snapped back “The guy who put the phones in was a lot bigger.” It was an obvious and hurtful comparison, but I guess I had brought it on myself. Still, I was upset and I ended up just walking away from her.

We spent the evening in the same house but apart. Jo sat inside, watching TV and drinking while I sat out on the porch watching the distant flashes of lightening and also drinking. I finally headed up to bed around 11:00. Jo was still sitting in the living room with the TV screen flickering.

Sometime late in the night, I woke as a really loud clap of thunder indicated a lightening strike close to the house. I was dimly aware that Jo was in the bed too, but I jumped up and went to close all the windows facing the direction of the storm to keep out the rain that had started to fall heavily. I was a bit out of breath and somewhat damp from the rain that had sprayed me as I shut the windows when I returned to the bedroom.

I climbed back into bed. Jo was half sitting up and trembling. I pulled the covers around us both and held her close. She gradually relaxed in my arms and nuzzled into me. I held her tight at first while the thunder boomed around us and the lightening lit the room. As the worst of the storm passed, I loosened my grip and she fell asleep again in my arms. The thunderstorm turned to a steady rain, the air became cooler, I pulled up the blankets and fell asleep.

When the alarm sounded next morning, I wasn’t ready for it. I shut it off, rolled over and slept some more. The next thing I knew, Jo was shaking my shoulder and telling me I had to get up to get to work. She was already out of bed, dressed in her robe. I wiped my bleary eyes and got up.

The sun was getting bright outside, but it was like a new world. The rain had washed all the dust away and the plants and trees were already noticeably greener. The air was crisp and cool. I hugged my robe close to me as I drank my coffee.

Jo was energized and enthusiastic. “This is just what the garden needed!” she exclaimed. I was beginning to wake up and get caught in her enthusiasm. “The lawn too!” She went on. I guess she was unaware of what that meant to me, but the last thing I wanted was to hear that the lawn would need mowing this weekend. Personally, I would have been happy with a killing drought!

I finished my coffee, showered and dressed for work. Jo was all happy and excited with the break in the weather, but I was far from thrilled. I guess it showed. As I left, Jo pecked my cheek and said something about hoping I would come home in a better mood.

I can’t say that my thoughts at work that day did much to help my mood. While everyone around me seemed to be exulting in the break in the weather, all I could think of was that Jo was sure to be fucking that kid Dan on Saturday. I floundered for a while in my thoughts, then began to come up with some strategies.

First I figured that the best plan was to make sure Jo wasn’t even there on Saturday. I scoured the papers for ideas for weekend activities that we could enjoy away from the house. And I came up with nothing. At least, almost nothing. The best I could come up with was a movie matinee and a Chinese dinner. Jo loves movies and Chinese food, but there was no specific event going on that she could only access on Saturday. I had to accept that if she had her mind made up to screw Dan that day, I probably wasn’t going to lure her away from that.

So all I could do was to propose that we go out that day and hope that Jo wasn’t really serious about her other plans. It was worth a shot, after all, as I said, it was unusual for her to do something so calculated.

I put on my best, happiest face as I got home. Things looked good. Jo was all excited about the garden and spent a lot of time telling me just how well things were growing. The salad she made for our dinner was mostly from the garden and it gave me an opportunity to praise her gardening and her cooking. Dinner finished on an up note and I took the opportunity to suggest that we might go out on Saturday to catch a movie and a meal at the Chinese restaurant..

Jo’s enthusiasm didn’t flag a bit and she agreed that it might be nice to go out Saturday evening, “But not too early…” she said. ” after all, I have to be around here in the afternoon.” Great. So I had just made a date to take my lover out for dinner and a movie, but not until she had gotten fucked by a teenage guy with a big prick. So much for that plan.

I guess I didn’t help my case much by getting all sullen and silent, but that’s what happened. Jo seemed ready to have a real jolly night with me, but I declined and sat up watching TV after she went to bed. Jo was puzzled at first, but shrugged it off and headed upstairs to bed. I guess if I were in her place, I’d see things differently too. But I’m not an attractive woman, willing to get it on with any guy who pleases me. I realized that Jo probably was sexually more like a guy than a woman. As I pondered it, it was both a turn on and a scary thought. When I finally went to bed, she was snoring loudly. “Yup” I thought, “like a guy.”

Friday morning was awful. I hadn’t had enough sleep and I’d had too much to drink. It was almost enough to make me retire right then and there. Still, I got up and dragged into work. I zombie-walked through most of the morning, doing little but upsetting nothing. By noon, a Mountain Dew and some donuts to fuel me, I was starting to feel human. I began to think about Saturday. A plan came to me, suddenly. I turned it over and over in my mind and found no defects. If I could make it go, it seemed the best way to stop this craziness. I spent most of the rest of the day refining it.

Friday had turned into another hot day. Though I had a plan in mind, it was going to take some balls to put it in motion. On the way home, I listened to the radio, hoping that the Saturday forecast would call for rain. Lots of it. The best I could get was a chance of scattered showers toward evening.

I had also been considering Jo’s menstrual cycle. She was blessed by being extremely regular. I knew she was due soon, and figured that if she started bleeding before Saturday afternoon, I was probably home free. Not that Jo minded sex during her period, but it seemed likely to put off her teen lover.

Again, no luck. In fact, as I looked at the calendar, I realized that she was due to start maybe Sunday, certainly by Monday. That was even worse. When Jo is premenstrual, she has some mood swings and tends to be especially horny. The timing couldn’t be much worse.

So I got home, and played it quiet and a bit distant. As Jo and I sat together over supper, the inevitable question came up. “What are you thinking?”

I’ve always hated that question from a woman. I think most guys do. Are you going to be honest? “I was really hoping the Yanks win tonight.” or “Vanna has great tits.” or “I wish I had a cheeseburger,” you know, dumb shit like that. Instead, you have to invent something romantic or profound on the spot. I improvise better than most guys, but I still get stuck as often as not on that one.

This time I was prepared. I told her I had been thinking about Saturday. Taking the risk, I went on to say I had been thinking about her and Dan. It was a risk, because, for all I knew, that had been all bluff and fantasy. I didn’t think so (obviously!) but in my scheming, I had to face the possibility that I was all worked up over something she never intended to do. Maybe even stuff she had never really done. I had seen the bad blow-job, but I couldn’t really know about the rest. On the other hand, by bringing it up as a concern, I might give life to it. See what I mean? Maybe you don’t. Suffice it to say, sometimes I think too much. I’ve outsmarted myself more than once.

I told her that I really didn’t think Dan had been able to keep quiet about their fun last weekend and that it could potentially cause us some real problems. I took another risk and said that I believed he had talked to his friends and that he was treating her like a fool.

I had already figured on Jo’s reaction, so it was no surprise. She had utmost faith in Dan’s integrity and discretion. She started getting upset with me, saying that I was just talking that way because I didn’t want her to do anything with him again, I was jealous and it didn’t make sense. She was mostly right, but I denied it. I told her I had a way to possibly settle the argument. Jo got quiet and listened. When I finished, she agreed.

Saturday morning came, promising a really hot, hazy day. Jo and I were both up fairly early, neither of us having had much to drink the night before. We also hadn’t had sex, but this came about through an unspoken sense of truce about the Dan issue, putting it on hold.

Dan and his two partners arrived around 9:00 and began mowing. They proceeded as usual, though I noticed that Dan made a number of long glances toward the house as they worked. As Jo and I had agreed, I made a show of “leaving” around 11:00. I drove off, parked my truck half a mile away, and walked back . I was successful in avoiding being seen by any of the guys.

When I got back on foot, I found Jo following up on her part of my plan. It involved Jo “wearing something sexy” as I had put it the night before. I left the choice up to her. I hadn’t really thought it out too much, and I guess I was surprised to see her in a fairly skimpy white two-piece tennis outfit. From the smell of her breath, it was also obvious that she had indulged some after I drove off.

I had never seen that outfit before, and I suppose the surprise showed on my face. The bottom was a short skirt, and Jo didn’t have to bend over much to prove she was naked underneath. The top didn’t quite meet the skirt, showing off her midriff. Jo’s big, beautiful breasts pushed out underneath it, clearly braless. Jo looked back at me and said “Hey, this was your idea.” I couldn’t deny that, but I was already getting uncomfortable with it.

Close to noon, the guys took their lunch break. This was the big moment. As always, they sat in the shade at a picnic table just outside our screened porch. Jo got a pitcher of cold lemonade from the kitchen to bring out to them. I was waiting on the porch as she stopped , put the pitcher down, took an ice cube from it and ran it across her breasts. Quietly, I asked her what the hell she was doing. Her nipples stood out hard against the wet cloth. Jo told me she was just trying to make sure the plan worked. I began to have some real misgivings as she stepped outside.

“Anyone want some cold lemonade?” she chirped as she stepped toward the table. “Here you are!” She put down three glasses and took her time pouring them full. All three guys were essentially speechless, except for a couple “Thank you Maam’s” as they stared at her barely contained breasts and protruding nipples. I watched them as she walked away, swishing her ass slightly, and it took them several seconds to find their voices.

Which was just what I had hoped for. I wasn’t happy that Jo had gone out there and done such a shameless job of stirring their young male interests, but the results were exactly as I had hoped. Just as Jo got back beside me, still in earshot of the boys, they began to talk. “Whoowee! Did you see that!” one exclaimed. “Ooh yeah, ” said another “She’s fucking hot!” Dan was quiet. The first guy nudged Dan and said “Hey! Wouldn’t you love to get some of that?” Dan broke down and said what I expected “Hey, I already have.”

Jo was right beside me and at the first comments, she had been starting to puff up and get excited. As Dan went on to give his pals a summary of his activities with Jo the previous Saturday, she grew smaller. On the other hand, with a few exaggerations, Dan’s tale matched Jo’s pretty closely. When he got to talking about fucking her a fourth time that either hadn’t happened or Jo hadn’t mentioned, she got up and went to the door of the porch. As she called out “Dan! I need to see you!” I ducked inside. I ran around to a bathroom window that looked out onto the porch.

It wasn’t exactly according to plan, but then we hadn’t really agreed on a plan after this point. Jo had been convinced that Dan would keep his silence, so all we had was a tacit agreement that he wouldn’t have sex with her if he had broken his word. It was up to her to play it out from here.

Dan entered the porch looking apprehensive. He had just been violating their agreement, but had no way of knowing if he had been caught. I felt sorry for him in a way. I really think he had been faithful until faced with the provocation I had arranged.

Jo smiled at him as he came in. “Hi Dan” she said in a breathy voice. “I’ve really been looking forward to seeing you again. Were you thinking about me all week…”Jo dropped to her knees in front of him. Tugging down his shorts, she went on “cause I’ve been thinking about you. A lot.”

Dan’s shorts were at his ankles, his big cock was hugely stiff, waving in front of him. I was feeling confused and upset as I watched through the window. This wasn’t how things were supposed to go.

Jo lightly wrapped one hand around his straining cock, barely touching it. “Mmm, I’ve been thinking about your beautiful big cock all week.” Her hand stroked it ever so lightly. “Have you done what I wanted? Did you save up all your cum for me?” Dan half moaned his assent. “You didn’t play with yourself all week? ” Jo cooed. “Cause I did. ” Her other hand reached under the short skirt and she fingered herself. “I touched myself over and over again, thinking about your big hard cock. About holding it like this, about having you fuck me with it, so hard and fast, about tasting it.”

Jo opened her mouth wide and slid it over Dan’s cock, her lips just barely touching it as she took it almost halfway down her throat. Dan shivered with desire and let out a groan. It wasn’t what I had expected or planned, but watching Jo tease him like that was sexy as hell. My own cock was stiff as could be.

Jo pulled her mouth slowly off Dan’s throbbing cock. The head was swollen and purple, slick with her saliva. He was clearly just a touch away from coming, shooting a huge load of stored up teenage cum. Jo’s hand dropped from his cock and she changed her tone as she said “But you didn’t keep your promise.”

Dan’s eyes opened wide, his expression a combination of “Oh No!” and “Oh Please!” Jo knelt in front of him, looking up into his eyes, her hands at her sides. “I heard you out there. Talking with your friends. What are their names?”

“Steve and Bill” Dan managed to croak out. His hands also dangled at his sides, his big cock still stiff and ready to come.

“Yeah, Steve and Bill. I heard you tell Steve and Bill about fucking me last week. “

Dan tried to protest, but he knew he had been caught. His head drooped and his frustration was obvious. Again I felt a twinge of guilt for setting him up that way.

“You promised me you wouldn’t tell anyone. Remember? And remember what I said would happen if you did?”

Dan nodded his head miserably. “You said we couldn’t, uh, do it anymore.”

“I said I wouldn’t let you fuck me again.” Jo snapped, frustration evident in her own voice.

Dan looked like he was close to tears. His cock had drooped and his low hanging balls had tightened up closer to his body. Jo had been right about his cock though, even soft, it hung down really long. He stood there with his shorts at his ankles, looking pathetic, then bent over and pulled them up.

Jo rose to her feet, her nipples still stiff as they brushed the fabric of her white top. ” And now, not only did you let me down, now I have to worry about those other two kids telling everyone they know about this. And who knows who else. Who else did you tell about this, anyway?”

“No one! Honest! I didn’t say anything until just outside there!” 

He was too sincere to be lying. Cynical as I was, I believed him instantly. Jo must’ve too. In fact, I guess she started to see what I had managed to finagle.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to find a way to deal with this.” Jo said in a thoughtful tone. I didn’t like the way this seemed to be turning. Going to the porch door, she called out “Steve! Bill! Come in here!”

They didn’t have far to go, as they had both been lingering as close to the porch as they dared, trying to see or hear what Jo and Dan had been doing in there. I doubt that they saw or heard anything, but their imaginations probably had been running wild. Both boys entered, a bit out of breath and clearly nervous.

They both looked at Dan, standing there fully clothed and looking upset. As they caught their breath, Jo began. ” I heard Dan out there telling you guys some stuff about me and him.” The boys began to shake their heads and indicate that she was wrong, but Jo snapped at them “Look! I heard what he told you!” They both stared down at their feet. “Did you believe him?”

Again, both boys shook their heads and the taller one, Steve said “No Maam!” Jo looked at him for a long moment and said “Bullshit!”

“I think you both believed him. And you know what? He was telling the truth. ” Steve gave a nervous grin at that while Bill let out an audible gasp. He was the youngest looking of the three, shorter and kind of innocent looking. Steve had more of a tough guy look and appeared to be the leader of the trio.

“So I had told Dan I wouldn’t fuck him again if he told anyone else. I think he’s learned his lesson.” Dan certainly looked contrite, but I began to realize that Jo’s “fuck him again” seemed to mean “fuck him today”. I had an uncomfortable feeling that the future wasn’t ruled out. I had an even more uncomfortable feeling about where today was headed.

“But what do I do about you guys?” Steve and Bill both began to fall all over each other verbally as they tried to assure Jo that they would never tell another soul. She again cut the air with “Bullshit!” Taking a step closer, to stand between them, Jo softened her tone and went on, “No, you guys will talk about this unless you’ve got some reason not to.” Her voice grew softer still and her hands brushed Bill and Steve’s crotches as she said” How about I give you a reason?”

Steve tried to cover his surprise with a leer, but it wasn’t successful. Bill just closed his eyes and inhaled sharply. Jo’s hands were actively feeling both of them. “What about it? Maybe if we play a little bit today, you guys won’t tell anyone. If you don’t, maybe we can play again some time. What do you say?”

Steve found his voice and managed to say “Sure.” Bill was just standing there slack jawed as Jo played with his tool through his shorts. Jo took her hand off him briefly to grasp one of his hands and bring it to one of her breasts. He began to feel and squeeze it as she went back to feeling him up. After a moment, she went to her knees and turned to Steve to pull down his shorts.

His cock was already hard. Jo grasped it gently and stroked it. It looked to be about average size, six inches, plus or minus, but stiff as a board. Jo put her mouth on it, again gently. She had learned how quick these young guys were to shoot! His back arched as she stroked him several times in and out of her mouth.

Turning away, Jo next pulled down Bill’s shorts. Steve stood there in just his T shirt, his cock stiff. He fondled Jo’s lush body as she took Bill’s cock in her hand. He was still quite soft, probably just intimidated by the whole unexpected situation. His soft prick was just a couple inches long, though fairly thick. Jo put it in her mouth and began stroking and sucking. Meanwhile, Steve had pulled her top up to expose her beautiful breasts. He squeezed them and played with her tight nipples.

Bill’s cock began to grow as Jo sucked and stroked. It just kept getting bigger and bigger. Eventually, Jo pulled her mouth off it and said “Oh my God!” with admiration as she held on to his stiff eight inch rod. It was definitely bigger than Steve’s or Dan’s.

She was kneeling between them, a stiff cock in either hand. She ran her lips over one, then the other, alternating as they both reached down to fondle her exposed breasts. After several sucks on each cock, Jo paused to pull off her top. Then she rose, a bit unsteadily, and her skirt fluttered to the floor. She sat back down on the old couch we kept on the porch, opened her legs wide apart to expose her pussy and asked “Who wants to fuck me?”

No one answered, but it clearly wasn’t due to lack of desire. After a few quiet seconds, Jo said “C’mere Steve. Put that hard cock inside me.” He was the tough guy of the group, even if his cock was smaller than the other guy’s. He stepped forward and went to his knees in front of Jo’s wide open thighs.

As he took his stiff cock in one hand and directed it toward her waiting cunt, Jo asked him “Have you ever fucked a girl before Steve?” He had to answer “Sure!” but I wasn’t so sure myself. Jo went on, “well now you’re going to fuck a woman.” She shifted her hips forward, eager for his cock.

Jo moaned as Steve pushed it into her. In a second he was all the way in her. His ass quivered as he humped her ready cunt. His body slapped against hers several times, then he was ready to come. It was less than a minute altogether before he lost control and started spraying his cum inside her. He fucked her hard, with a ragged rhythm, groaning as he shot his load in her. Jo’s hips were moving against his, but she didn’t have time to get off herself before he was finished.

Almost as soon as he finished, Steve pulled back from Jo. Her nostrils flared, and she clearly was incredibly aroused. Her nipples stood up as painfully stiff monuments on her breasts as they rose and fell with her heavy breathing. She looked at Bill and didn’t have to say a word. He took Steve’s place between her wide open thighs.

His cock was swollen and huge as he began to push it into Jo. I know she had taken bigger cocks before, but not by much, and I’m sure she never had one as incredibly hard as this kid’s. Jo later said it felt like a hot piece of hardwood. She held her thighs open with both hands and moaned as Bill pushed the thick purple head of his engorged cock into her. Jo gasped as he shoved the first several inches in, opening her cunt wide with his thick hardness.

Bill pulled back just a bit, then pushed in even deeper with his next thrust. Jo let out a raspy moan that was mostly pleasure, but edged with pain. It was probably a good thing that Steve had shot a nice big load inside her. It helped lubricate the passage of this big hard cock. Bill had a serious, almost grim expression for a guy who was getting to do something he had probably wanted to try for a long time. He just kept grinding and thrusting, getting deeper with each move.

Jo’s eyes rolled back and she began panting and letting out little cries. But she didn’t ask him to stop. Bill was relentless, pushing in three, four, six, seven, finally all eight plus inches. He had a look of intense concentration as he was going deeper and deeper into Jo, but as his pubic thatch met hers, he seemed to relax..

It turned out that Bill’s size was not the only exceptional thing. He began to thrust in and out of Jo’s cunt, but he didn’t come right off. In fact, he just kept going and going. Jo began to pant and gasp to an orgasm as he slammed his huge hard meat back and forth. He pulled out some four or five inches for each thrust, then pushed hard and quick back into her, his heavy balls slapping against her ass as he did so.

His pace was steady, each thrust ending with a smacking sound of flesh on flesh and Jo’s accompanying “Oohh!” Bill took over the job of holding Jo’s legs open, and her hands dropped helplessly to her sides as she lay back and got fucked by this monster machine. Her cries rose and diminished as she came twice, but Bill never altered his pace.

After five or six minutes, Bill began to scrunch up his face. His rhythm changed and he began to fuck Jo harder and faster, and then even faster. She cried out loudly, coming again as he rammed his huge hard cock in and out of her. Bill snorted and ground his hips against her as he shot his load inside her.

They stayed together, motionless, almost frozen for nearly a minute. Then Bill let go of Jo’s legs and they dropped limply. He pulled back from her and Jo protested weakly as his thick cock slipped out of her. It drooped halfway down his thigh, wet from his cum and her juices, as he backed away from her.

Jo lay on the couch, her legs spread, her cunt lips thick and red. Silver-grey drops of cum oozed out of her. I wondered if she would ask the boys for more, but it was clear that she had already gotten more than she had expected. She raised her head a bit and said “Wow! That was fantastic! But you guys better get back to work before my boyfriend gets home.” They were pulling on their pants, and Dan was looking at her longingly as she said “Remember, don’t tell anyone. If you don’t, we can have more fun next week.” The guys went outside to get back to work, and I slipped away to get my truck and “return”.

The walk back to my vehicle was hampered at first by my massive erection. I almost stopped on the way to jerk off, but thought better of it. My cock gradually returned to normal as I trod along. When I got to my truck, I got in and just sat for a while. I thought about what I had just watched, and found myself getting very aroused again. Curiously, what I didn’t feel was any sort of threat or resentment about Jo’s latest escapade.

For all I had worked myself up to over the past week, I now had a hard time understanding why it was so important. Yeah, she had hot sex with a couple well hung young guys, but suddenly I realized that it really had little to do with me. She wasn’t going to move away with one of them or stop loving me because one of them had a bigger cock (well, a much bigger cock!). As I sat there, I began to feel more than a little foolish about the whole thing.

Eventually, I drove home. By the time I got there, the boys were gone. I entered the house and called out for Jo. She answered from upstairs. I went up to the bedroom where she lay naked on the bed, her hair wet from a recent shower.

I lay beside her and felt as though I wanted to tell her all the things I had just been thinking about. But as she kissed me, I realized that it wasn’t necessary. We kissed deeper and deeper, and she helped me pull off my clothes. I kissed her mouth and face, then moved down to her breasts and from there to her pussy. She was freshly washed and clean of any remnants of her earlier fucking, but her clit stiffened as I tongued it and I tasted her juices as they began to flow.

I spread her legs still wider and my tongue slipped down further to caress her asshole. Jo moaned as I slid it around her most private spot. She rolled onto one side as I moved back up beside her and with one hand, directed my hard, straining cock into her ass. We hadn’t done that in a long time, but it was something she had always loved.

As I pushed in and out of her tight little asshole, I told her how much it turned me on to watch her that afternoon. I suggested that maybe next time she could do what we were doing now with one guy while another one fucked her pussy. I reached around and fingered her clit as she moaned to orgasm. As she came, I shot inside her and told her how much I loved her.

Later that night, I lay beside Jo as she snored softly. It had been one hell of a week, but something told me it was just the beginning. I had no idea what lay ahead, but at least I had learned that I couldn’t control it. And more importantly, I didn’t have to.