Judi and Juli sex stories

Judi and Juli Paxton clung to the branches of the big oak tree. Juli leaned forward, trying to find an opening in the thick leaves.

“I can’t see good,” she said.

“Be quiet, they’ll hear you,” Judi whispered.

Juli finally found an opening that she could see through.

“That’s better,” she whispered.

The two girls were peering through the second floor window of their parent’s bedroom. As yet they hadn’t seen either their mother or their father. For years the two girls sat on their bed with their ears against the wall that separated their parent’s room from theirs. They listened to them make love. The sounds were faint because the wall was purposely made to be sound proof. They could still hear faint sounds and sometimes-louder screams. Sometimes the muffled sounds went on for as much as a half-hour. On occasion they lasted even longer.

They were about to die of curiosity. They planned and schemed of ways to see or hear them. They talked of planting a camcorder or tape recorder in their bedroom. But that was too risky. The chance of them being discovered was frightening. The twins couldn’t imagine what might happen if their parents found out the girls were spying on them.

Just that morning Judi came up with the tree idea. They had climbed the tree many times and had even looked into their bedroom before. Judi could kick herself for not thinking of it sooner. They planned it all evening and when it came time for them to go to bed, they dressed in their long black tee shirts. They wore long tee shirts to bed every night so it shouldn’t arouse any suspicions.

Their mother came in and kissed them good night. After she left, they slipped on their black sweat pants and slipped down stairs. They opened and closed the front door quietly and ran around the house to the tree. It took less than a minute for them to get up in the branches level with the bedroom window. Judi got to pick her spot first because she had the camcorder. She was better at taping than Juli so they decided she should be the one who taped whatever they were going to see.

Juli climbed around in the branches trying to find a better view. Now she was settled down and they waited. If one of their parents looked out the window, they hoped their black clothes would camouflage them. Judi had placed a piece of tape over the little red light on the front of the camcorder. They knew their mom and dad always slept with their window slightly open, so they should be able to hear as well as see. The only question now was were they going to make love tonight? They almost always did on Thursday and today was Thursday.

Suddenly their mother strode into the room. She was naked and her large breasts jiggled as she walked. Judi and Juli both gasped when they saw her.

“Wow!” Juli whispered.

“Shhhh,” Judi shushed, as she started the camcorder.

She sat on the edge of the bed and looked toward the bathroom. Their dad came in, also nude, his cock and balls swinging as he walked. Juli bit her tongue to keep from shouting. Judi just stared dumbfounded. He walked up to their mother.

“Suck my cock,” he said.

She grabbed his cock and stuffed it into her mouth. The girl’s eyes were as big as their open mouths. Judi almost dropped the camcorder, but she regained her composure quickly and zoomed in on her mom’s cock-stuffed face. Her cheeks were hollowing. The girls knew she was sucking it like a big soda straw. Their dad’s cock just kept getting bigger and bigger, and so did the girls eye’s.

After some time he groaned and pulled his cock from her mouth, it flew up and slapped against his belly. The girls stared in awe at the huge thing. And then he pushed their Mom back on the bed and knelt between her wide spread legs. He licked all around their mom’s pussy and finally pushed his tongue in to her.

“Ahggg! Yes. Eat me,” she cried.

Their dad continued to lick and suck at her pussy. She was making noises but the girls didn’t think she was saying anything. He stood up and lifted her farther up onto the bed. And then he crawled between her legs and started pushing his big cock into her. Their mom groaned and made other noises that they couldn’t understand. He started stroking in and out of her pussy.

The girls wondered how their mom could take such a large thing inside of her. Her pussy was stretched grotesquely around his fat cock. One thing they were sure of, their dad was not hurting her. In fact, it was obvious that their mom loved it. A couple of times she became very excited and locked her legs around his waist and threw her pussy up at his thrusting cock. Once they could make out her saying something about cumming.

Their dad suddenly groaned that he was going to cum. He pulled out and crawled up to present his cock to her mouth again. She didn’t take it in. She just opened her mouth wide. He shot white stuff out of the end of his cock and it flew into their Mom’s mouth. He shot again and again and then it started to ooze out. Their mom grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth, her cheeks hollowing again. His cock got smaller and smaller, their mom let it fall from her mouth.

“Great fucking, I just love your big fat cock and the taste of your cum,” she said grinning.

Their dad lay next to her, “I love your tight pussy and sucking mouth,” he panted, and kissed her.

They lay there for a while kissing and holding each other. And then their mom reached up and turned off the light.

The girls were trembling as they climbed down out of the tree. They silently went back in the house and into their room. They climbed on their bed and sat there looking at each other.

“Wow! I never expected anything like that,” Judi said.

“Me either,” Juli answered.

“Let’s watch the tape,” Judi said.

“Okay, let’s,” Juli grinned.

Judi started the tap and crawled back on the bed.

“I can’t believe mom is sucking his thing,” Julie said.

“Cock,” Judi corrected.

“Yeah, cock,” Juli said.

They watched wide-eyed as their dad pushed their mom back and began licking her pussy.

“We could do that,” Judi said flatly. Juli looked at her but said nothing. When their dad started stuffing his fat cock into their mom she looked at Judi again.

“I don’t believe that big thing went into her little pussy,” she said.

“Me either. Do you think we’ll ever get fucked?” Judi asked.

“I sure hope so, it looks like mom really likes it,” Juli said. “Look, now he’s shooting that white stuff in her mouth.”

“Cum,” Judi again corrected.

“Yeah, cum,” Juli said. “That cum stuff must be good, Mom is eating it all.”

The tape ended and Judi stopped the tape. The two girls lay on the bed and looked at each other.

“Did you mean what you said?” Juli asked.

“About what?”

“About, we could do that.”

“Well we could. Couldn’t we?”

“I guess so. Do you want to?”

“Yes. Do you?”

“Yes I do,” Juli whispered.

“Okay I’ll go first,” Judi said.

Both girls were only wearing their tee shirts and panties. They both stripped off their panties. They were used to seeing each other naked. They’d taken baths together their whole lives. They also had touched about every spot on each other’s body. Juli lay back with her head and shoulders against the headboard and her legs spread wide. She looked down at her sparsely haired pussy. The blonde hairs were wet from the excitement of seeing her parents fuck. Judi lay between her legs and spread her pussy lips with her fingers.

“Tell me if you like it,” she said and licked through her little hole up over her stiffened clit.

“Shit! I like it,” Juli groaned. Judi continued to lick and Juli continued to moan and groan as she pushed her pussy up at her sister’s sucking mouth.

Juli felt a strange feeling deep in her pussy. A warm feeling that encased her whole body. Then her pussy started to contract in her first orgasm.

“Agggg ohooooo,” she cried.

Her body twisted and writhed of its own accord. She thrust her hips up harder at her sister’s mouth and tongue. The contractions finally stopped and she dropped her hips back to the bed.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know. The most wonderful feeling I ever had,” Juli said.

“Do you want to do it to me now?” Judi asked.

“Yes, I want you to feel it too,” she said.

They switched places and Juli tried to duplicate what she had done for her. She must have done a good job because Jodi was soon screaming and writhing under her tongue. She was glad that the wall was sound proof. They both lay still for a moment.

“I guess you must have felt it,” Juli said.

“Yes I felt it. God, it was wonderful,” Judi said.

Juli crawled up to her sister’s mouth and kissed her. For some reason she felt like putting her tongue in Judi’s mouth. To her surprise and delight Judi sucked on it and returned the favor by pushing her own tongue back at her. They swapped tongues for quite a while then Judi pulled back.

“Do you think that was what mom felt when dad was fucking her?” she asked.

“I bet it was. I bet that’s what cumming is,” Juli said.

“I guess so and I bet that’s what dad felt when he shot his cum.”

They lay silent for a long time, both of their minds racing.

“I want to be fucked,” Juli said.

“Me too, but right now I want to lick your pussy again,” Judi grinned.

They licked each other several times before they finally fell asleep.

Judi and Juli were identical in every way. Even their mom and dad couldn’t tell them apart. They were always careful to dress exactly alike. They loved it when people got confused about who was who. They were six months into their twelfth year. Shortly after their twelfth birthday their bodies started to fill out. Their hips widened and their breast grew, they both wore a c-cup bra. They had long blonde hair that came down to their waist. Their legs were long and shapely. The girls loved to wear their bikinis to show off their lovely bodies.

After school on the day after the tree incident, they were sitting on the patio wearing their bikinis and reading a book for a book report. They were both sitting on lawn chairs and were slouched down in the chair. Their dog Spots was running around and sticking his nose up at them, hoping to be petted. Spots was a bigger than average Dalmatian. Their mom wouldn’t let Spots in the house. He lived in the back yard and when the girls came out, he always got excited. Without warning he jumped up and wrapped his front legs around Judi’s leg and started humping at the air. Both girls lowered their books and looked at him.

“I see his cock,” Juli said.

Judi leaned forward and looked under the dog. Sure enough the dog’s cock was sticking out of it’s sheath about three inches. She put one hand on Spots head and she reached under him and wrapped her fingers around his sheath. Spots started humping faster.

“Judi! Mom might see you,” Juli whispered.

“Naw, I saw her go next door to Mrs. Carter’s,” Judi said.

Spots stopped humping and his cock started shooting. The first shot hit Judi’s leg and dripped down on her bare foot. She moved her hand in front of his cock and watched as it shot into her palm. Spots jumped off her and lay down and licked his cock. Judi lifted her palm to her mouth and licked a little dog cum into her mouth.

“Not bad. Do you want a taste?” she asked, and offered her palm to Juli.

Juli licked a little and smacked her lips.

“Not bad at all,” she said.

“Open your mouth and I’ll give you some more,” Judi said.

Juli opened her mouth wide and put her head back. Judi poured about half of what was in her palm into Juli’s mouth. Juli held it in her mouth then swallowed.

“I like it,” she said.

Judi poured the rest into her own mouth.

“I like it too. I wonder if it taste like dad’s cum,” she said.

“I don’t know but dad’s must be petty good too, by the way Mom ate it,” Juli giggled.

“Juli… Let’s take Spots in the house and let him fuck us,”

“Mom could be home any minute,” Juli said.

“I don’t mean now. I mean tonight when they’re asleep.”

“Okay. Can we suck him too?” Juli giggled.

“We can do whatever we feel like doing once we have him in our room.” Judi grinned.

Cathy Paxton was next door and she knew nothing of what her twins were planning. She was busy. She had her mouth full of June Carter’s pussy. June was busy returning the favor. In less than a minute after the girls swallowed the dogs cum they both had a wonderful orgasm. They sat up and smiled at each other. They were best friends and had been having sex together for several years.

“Tom’s going to be in town tomorrow,” Joan said.

Tom was Joan’s current affair. He was a black vacuum cleaner salesman. He came to town a couple of times a week.

“I guess you’ll be fucking him while our husbands are playing golf,” Cathy said.

“That’s the plan. He’s going to have a trainee with him and he asked if I could get somebody for him. You interested?” Joan said.

“Sure. You know me. I’m always ready for a hard cock,” Cathy grinned.

“Tom says he’s about his age and just as black.”

“That’s good. I haven’t had a black cock in over two years,” Cathy said.

“I think we should each fuck them both,” Joan giggled.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Cathy said laughing.

At that very moment Bill Paxton was emptying his balls into his secretary’s hot wet cunt. He lay on top of her breathing heavily. He then got up and started putting on his pants. His secretary lay there smiling at him with her legs spread and cum oozing from her pussy.

“I swear, every time we fuck it gets better,” she said.

“Get up and get back to work you little slut,” he said grinning.

“I’m the little slut that’s going to steal you away from that big-titted wife of yours,” she laughed.

Bill frowned. He loved fucking the stupid little bitch but he knew she was a bitch. He was afraid she might do something that would break up his family. He loved his wife and twin daughters more than anything.

“You do anything crazy and I’ll have your pretty ass transferred to the boonies,” he threatened.

Dorothy Spain just grinned. She was determined to have this man for her own.

“You know you couldn’t make it without having some of my fine ass everyday,” she said as she went through the door.

Bill shrugged his shoulders. He thought she was just talking. She’d been saying thing like that for years. They’d fucked everyday for almost three years and she hadn’t done anything to hurt him yet.

The evening at the Paxton house was the same as always. After dinner Bill and Cathy watched TV in the living room and the girls went to their room. They usually watched TV too. But they were so excited they just sat and talked. They talked about what they were going to do to Spots and what they hoped he was going to do to them. They got ready for bed at the regular time and waited. As they waited they fingered each other’s pussy.

“Shit! You’re making me cum.” Juli whispered.

“A little more and I will too,” Judi whispered back.

Just as she started cumming their mother tapped on the door and came in. Judi pulled the covers over her head and gritted her teeth.

“Why do you have your head covered dear?” Cathy asked.

“We’re playing a game mom. She has to keep her head covered until she guesses the number I’m thinking.”

“Is the number larger than a thousand?” Judi asked.

“Alright girls it’s time for bed. You can play tomorrow,” Cathy said.

Jodi’s orgasm had almost stopped so she uncovered her head to be kissed. Cathy left and both girls covered their heads and giggled.

They listened at the wall but there were no sounds. That meant they weren’t going to fuck tonight. They waited a half hour and Judi went to the window. She opened it and by sticking her head out she could see her parents window and tell their lights were out.

They went quickly to the backyard and found Spots in his doghouse. He came out wagging his tale. They grabbed his collar and led him into the house and up to their room. They leaned their backs against the door and giggled breathlessly. Spots sat in front of them his big brown eye’s staring at them. The girls knew exactly what they were going to do. Their plans were to make him fuck them first. They flipped a coin that afternoon to see who was going first and Judi won. They had already removed their panties and had decided to keep their tee shirts on for protection from his claws. Jodi got on her hands and knees and pulled her shirt up baring her ass and pussy.

Spots sniffed her pussy a few times then swiped it with his tongue.

“Shit!” Judi cried.

Spots licked it again.

“Ohh, Fuck,” Judi said.

Spots licked her a few more times. He couldn’t wait any longer he wanted to fuck. He mounted her and started thrusting at her with his cock. Juli dropped to her knees next to them. She grabbed his cock and put the end in Judi’s pussy. Spots lunged forward.

“Aggggg,” Judi screamed.

Spots started fucking her as fast as he could. The pain Judi felt was quickly forgotten. The thrill of his cock fucking in and out of her shut everything else from her brain. It seemed like it was growing thicker and longer with each stroke. Juli thought she sounded just like her mom when their dad was fucking her. She was constantly making sounds but there wasn’t anything you could understand. Spots suddenly froze and Juli knew he was cumming. His tongue was lolled out and saliva was dripping onto Judi’s shirt. Judi’s head was down and her eyes were closed. Spots dismounted and she rolled onto her side.

“Did you cum?” Juli asked.

“Three times,” Judi said panting.

“How was it?”

“It was wonderful.”

“As good as we thought?”

“Much better.” Jodi said.

“He got a big knot in his cock. He was trying to get that in you too,” Juli said.

“I know, I felt it pushing against my pussy,” Judi said.

“You’re lucky he didn’t get it in you, it was as big as my fist.”

Spots was licking his cock, which was rapidly getting soft.

“We have to get him hard again. I’ll suck him,” Judi said.

“No, I’ll do it,” Juli said.

She went to her knees and took Spots’ sheath in her hand. She pushed it back revealing his pink pointed cock. She licked it tentatively, and then put it in her mouth and sucked gently. She was a determined little girl. She kept sucking until she felt it growing in her mouth.

“I think he’s ready,” she said, getting on her hands and knees and lifting her shirt.

Spots didn’t disappoint her. He took a few laps at her pussy then mounted her. Like Judi the initial pain was soon forgotten and Juli lost herself in the lust of being fucked so beautifully. His cock grew and she wanted more. She pushed back hard against him and felt the big knot pop into her tight pussy.

“Oh Fuck,” she shouted.

Spots just kept fucking. Juli thought the thing was in her chest. It was so long and so hard. She felt cum spewing from his cock and she had her fourth orgasm. Her breath was coming in short bursts. She was stuffed full of wonderful animal cock and she loved it. Judi started petting Spots.

“Be still boy, don’t move,” she said.

“I’ve got the knot in me,” Juli moaned.

“I know. I don’t think it’s coming out until it goes down.”

“I don’t give a fuck. I hope it never goes down,” Juli groaned.

“You’d look funny walking around with a dog cock in your pussy,” Judi giggled.

“Fuck! I’m cumming again,” Juli screamed.

Suddenly the knot popped like somebody stuck a pin in it.

Spots pulled out and dog cum flew everywhere.

Juli rolled over on her back and smiled at Judi.

“I love fucking. I cum five times and I wish he was still fucking me,” she said.

“Next time I’m getting the knot too,” Judi said.

“The knot is wonderful,” Juli said.

“It looks that way. Now I want to suck his cock and make him shoot in my mouth,” Judi said.

“Me too,” Juli giggled.

It was one o’clock before the girls got Spots back in the backyard. They both sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. Then they fucked him again. This time Judi got his knot. She came six times.

They didn’t come down for breakfast until ten. Their mother was bustling around the kitchen.

“I have your breakfast ready. Your father has gone to play golf. I have to go next door to help Joan with something. You girls be good and I’ll see you in a couple of hours,” Cathy said and hurried out the door.

The girls ate and put on their bikinis. They were sitting on the patio enjoying the sun and talking about the night before when the phone rang. Judi answered it.

“Hello,” she said in a deep voice. She liked to make callers believe she was her mom.

“Is this Mrs. Paxton?” the voice said.

“Yes it is,” Judi said, still using the deep voice.

“Mrs. Paxton this is a friend. I thought you needed to know. Your husband is fucking his secretary. I think they’re about to run away with each other,”

Judi recognized her voice immediately. She had spoken to her dad’s secretary many times when she called his office.

“Is that so,” she said. “I guess I need to look into this.”

“Yes you do. If I was you I’d divorce that bastard as soon as possible.”

“I think you’re right. I thank you for letting me know,” Judi said her eyes narrowing.

Judi hung up the phone and looked at Juli.

“That bitch is trying to steal our dad,” she said.

She explained what the phone conversation was about.

“You’re right. I think we should tell mom right away,” Juli said.

They headed for the Carter’s house. They had been there so often that it was like a second home to them. The thought of knocking never entered their minds. They went through the back door into the kitchen. They heard moans and sighs coming from the living room.

“Somebody’s fucking,” Judi whispered.

They crept to the door to the living room. The door was half closed so they peeked through the crack between the door and the jamb. They both covered their mouths to mute a gasp. Mrs. Carter was lying on the couch and a black man was pounding his big cock into her pussy. Their mother was riding up and down on another big black cock that belonged to a man that was sitting on a chair opposite Joan and her lover.

Judi whispered to Juli. “Wait here,” she said and ran toward the back door.

She was back in less than a minute with her camcorder. The men were still fucking the women. She started recording and they watched.

“Oh fuck! I love your big black cock,” Cathy said.

“I love your tight white pussy and big tits,” the man said.

Joan was making gurgling sounds as she had another orgasm. The men finally groaned and shot into their pussies. They all lay still for a moment. Joan raised up her head and looked at Cathy.

“Let’s suck these guys up and fuck them again. Only this time we’ll switch,” Joan said.

“That’s okay with me. You’ve got the biggest cock anyway,” Cathy said.

The girls watched the women as they switched and started sucking the big black cocks. They had them hard in no time and were shortly getting fucked again. Judi shut off the camera and tapped Juli on the shoulder and motioned for her to follow her.

Once outside Judi turned to Juli and gripped her shoulders firmly.

“We’re going to handle this ourselves,” she said.

The next several hours were filled with planning. The girls sat on the patio talking in a low voice that nobody could hear. Their mom came home and acted as if nothing had happened. Then their dad came in and joined them on the patio.

“Dad, you and mom are going out tonight, right?” Judi asked.

“Yeah were going upstate to a party. It’ll be over too late for us to drive back tonight so we’re staying at a motel. We should be home by around three tomorrow afternoon,” Bill said.

“You guys always get Mrs. Olsen to stay with us. She’s really boring. Couldn’t we have somebody else?” Judi asked.

“Sure, I guess. Who do you have in mind?”

“We were thinking about you secretary, Dorothy. Do you think she would do it? We really like her.”

“I’ll give her a call and see,” Bill said.

Dorothy jumped at the chance to get to know Bills twins better.

“Of course I’ll do it,” she said.

It was almost a half hour since their parents had left. Dorothy was watching TV in the living room. The girls came down and plopped into chairs. Dorothy almost shit because they were both nude.

“This is really boring. Mrs. Olsen always licks our pussies when she sits with us,” Judi said.

Dorothy licked her lips.

“I’ll lick your pussies,” she said, anxious to be a hit with her lover’s girls.

“Yeah and when she gets done with ours she lets us lick hers,” Juli said.

“Okay, you can do that,” Dorothy stammered.

“Do you have hair on your pussy? We like her hairy pussy,” Judi giggled.

“I have lots of hair,” she said.

The girls realized that their dad must have hired her for her looks and not her brains.

“You know what else, Dorothy?” Juli asked.

“Call me Dot; everybody else does. No. What else?” “She lets us watch her fuck our dog. Do you like to fuck dogs?”

Dot was silent for a minute. She loved fucking dogs. She loved the feel of their soft hair on her ass and back, their callused paws around her waist, and the way their saliva dripped on her hot back almost sizzling. Most of all she loved the feel of their long, thick, pointed cocks fucking into her like a jackhammer. She loved it but she had never told another soul about it. She desperately wanted to be a hit with these girls. Mrs. Olsen seemed like a hero to them. She would certainly do anything that Mrs. Olsen would do.

“Yes I love to fuck dogs. In fact I have one of my own that I fuck all the time,” she said, proudly.

“Would you fuck our dog and let us watch?”

“Of course, if Mrs. Olsen does it, I’ll do it,” Dot smiled.

“Take you clothes off and you can start by licking Juli’s pussy,” Judi said.

Juli sat on the couch and spread her legs. Her delicious looking little pussy made Dot’s mouth salivate. She took her clothes off quickly as Judi and Juli watched. She was beautiful. No wonder their dad liked to fuck her. Dot went to her knees and gently licked Juli’s pussy. She spread her pretty pussy lips and sucked her clit.

“Oooooooh,” Juli said.

Dot forgot about everything except the delicious little morsel she was licking and sucking. Juli started cumming quickly. Dot hung on to her bucking, twisting hips. When she settled down Dot looked up and grinned.

“You’re next,” she said, looking at Judi.

Judi took Juli’s place and Dot did the same to her.

After Judi came Dot grinned again. “Now it’s my turn,” she breathed.

Juli didn’t hesitate. She spread the hair on the secretary’s cunt and started licking. She kept licking until Dot screamed that she was cumming. And then Judi took over.

Juli went to the back door and slipped on a robe that they had placed there earlier. She grabbed Spots by the collar and he started pulling her toward the house. He obviously remembered his last trip inside. When they entered the living room, Dot was having her second orgasm. When it was over she looked at the dog with sex-crazed eyes.

“Get on your knees. He’s ready,” Juli said.

Dot slid off the couch to her knees. Then she turned and put her head and shoulders on the cushion. Spots stopped only long enough to sniff her and give her cunt a lick, and then he mounted her. Dot was an expert. She grabbed his cock between her legs and guided it to her hot hole. Spots rammed into her and started humping like there was no tomorrow.

“Yesssssss,” Dot moaned.

Judi went around behind a folding screen and took the camcorder from its tripod. She wanted some real close-ups of the dog’s cock fucking into Dot’s cunt. Spots slammed his knot into her and Dot screamed.

“Oh Fuck Yes. Fuck me.”

Spots came and stopped fucking. When he finished he tried to get out of her. He got one leg over her back and they were hung asshole to asshole. Spots started dragging her around. The girls laughed and laughed and Judi taped the whole thing.

“Shit! I’m cumming again,” Dot moaned.

Spots suddenly came out and cum streamed down Dots thighs. She fell forward and just lay there. She rolled over and looked up at the girls. Judi was taping her face. A look of horror came on her face.

“You little shit! Give me that camera,” she screamed.

Judi ran from the room and up the stairs. She disappeared before Dot got to her feet. She grabbed Juli by the arm.

“You fucking little cunt. How much did you tape?” she screamed.

“Everything, since the beginning,” Juli laughed.

“Where? How?” Dot cried, with tears streaming down her face.

“Behind the screen,” Juli giggled.

Dot went around behind the screen and found the tripod. There were holes in the screen formed by the decorative carvings. She knew she was had. She went out and plopped down on the couch. Judi came skipping into the room smiling.

“Where’s the camera?” Dot asked.

“I’ll never tell.” Judi giggled.

“Why did you do this?” Dot asked almost in tears again.

“Do you remember this morning when you called and said you were fucking our dad?”

“Yes. How did you know it was me?”

“I recognized your voice. That was me you talked to,” Judi grinned.

“We knew you were trying to steal our dad. So we decided to fix you good,” Juli said.

“If you ever try to do something like that again we’ll show these tapes to my mom. She could have you locked up for years, for doing the things you did to us little innocent girls,” Judi laughed.

“You can still fuck dad. I’ll bet he really likes fucking you. From now on you do whatever he wants. You’ll be our sitter when mom and dad are away overnight. You can lick our pussies and fuck our dog. Don’t ever call our Mom again unless you want to rot in jail,” Juli said.

Dot got the picture. She sat there and silently nodded her head.

“Now that we got that out of the way. Why don’t you lick our pussies again? And then we can all fuck Spots,” Judi giggled.

Dot left at about ten the next morning. Them damn girls had woke her up twice during the night and made her suck their dogs dick. Then when she got up this morning they made her do it again. This time they taped it. Those two were real bitches she was glad to get away from them.

When Bill and Cathy got home the twins were on the patio in their bikinis. Bill went out and joined them.

“Did you two have a good time with Dot?” he asked.

“Yes we did. We have something we want to talk to you about,” Judi said.

They told him about the phone call from Dot. They also told him what she said. Bill’s face got red but he didn’t say anything.

“You’re lucky I answered the phone instead of mom. You’d be in big trouble,” Judi said.

“That little bitch. I’ll kill her,” he said, his face getting redder.

“No dad, we took care of it. She will never call here again. At least not to talk to mom,” Judi said.

“And she’ll do whatever you say. We want her for our sitter from now on,” Juli said.

“What did you two do to her anyway?” Bill asked.

“Never mind. From now on she’s yours to do whatever you like,” Judi giggled.

Bill didn’t say anything else, because just then Cathy came out.

“Hi girls,” she said, as she reached down and petted Spots who was dancing around her feet wagging his tail.

“Mom can we let Spots sleep in our room at night?” Judi asked.

“Juli, you know I won’t have that dog in the house,” Cathy said.

“I’m Judi mom,” she said and winked at Juli.

The girls went to the bedroom as usual. Judi put a tape in the player and they waited for their mom to come in to tell them goodnight. When she came in the girls looked up at her.

“Mom. Are you sure we can’t have Spots sleep up here?” Judi asked.

“Yes I’m sure and I don’t want to hear anymore about it,” Cathy said firmly.

Jodi pushed play on the remote.

‘Oh fuck! I love your big black cock,’ came from the TV.

Cathy froze. She quickly went to the VCR and pushed stop then eject. And then she removed the tape.

“It’s a copy mom,” Judi said.

“You little bitches. Where did you get this?” she screamed.

“We made it ourselves. Now can we have Spots sleep in our room?” Juli asked.

Cathy knew they had her. If her husband ever saw this tape she would be out. She would lose everything, her husband, her daughters, everything. She knew her own daughters were blackmailing her.

“Yes goddamn it let the damn dog sleep anywhere you like,” she screamed and stormed out.

The girls ran out of their room and headed down the stairs. They met their Dad coming up.

“Hey. Where are you girls going?” he asked.

“Mom said we could let Spots sleep in our room,” Juli said as she ran past him.

“Good,” he said, as he continued up the stairs.

For the next several weeks the girls let Spots fuck them every night. They both had come to love sucking his pointed cock and having him shoot cum in their mouth. They began locking their door, something their Mom would never let them do. They knew she wouldn’t say anything now.

Their mom had always been very strict, always bossing them around and correcting them. After they showed her the tape she hardly ever said anything to them. When she did she was very careful not to upset them. Their Dad was much the same way. The girls were sorry and wanted their parents back the way they were. When they weren’t trying to figure out a way to get fucked, they were talking about how to change their parents back.

Juli was the one that came up with the original idea, but the whole plan was developed by both of them. The first thing they had to do was to get their mom to fuck Spots.

On the next Saturday their Dad went to play golf as usual. Their mom came through the living room where the girls were sitting on the couch nude. Cathy was shocked but she didn’t say a word. She continued toward the kitchen.

“Mom,” Judi said.

Cathy stopped and looked at them. They had really developed into fine looking girls.

“Would you lick our pussies for us?” Juli said.

“Sure she will. Won’t you mom?” Judi said smiling.

Both girls spread their legs and pulled their pussy lips apart, showing her the pink insides of their lovely cunts. Cathy knew she had to do whatever they said. Besides, she always loved eating pussy. The girls didn’t know it but she was headed next door to eat Joan’s pussy when they stopped her. Her own mother had introduced her to it when she was fourteen. Up to this point she hadn’t even thought of doing her girls but as they sat there with their little pussies spread her mouth began to water.

“What the hell,” she said as she went to her knees and started licking and sucking Judi.

“Oh mom, that feels good,” Judi moaned.

Cathy quickly brought Judi to orgasm then she moved over and started on Juli. Cathy’s pussy was dripping wet and she could feel her juices running down the inside of her thighs.

‘She was horny as a bitch in heat,’ she thought

Judi peeked under her short skirt and saw that her Mom wasn’t wearing panties. She went out the back door and got Spots. When they came back in she lifted Cathy’s skirt and exposed her cunt and ass. Spots was so used to fucking humans by now, he just mounted her and started humping. Cathy tried to get up but both girls grabbed her head and pushed it into Juli’s crouch. Spots lunged into her and started his jackhammer fucking. Cathy groaned loudly into her daughter’s cunt. The girls noticed she was pushing her ass back at spots, so they let her head go. As soon as Judi had her hands free she grabbed her camcorder and started taping. Cathy felt his cock growing both in thickness and in length. This was just what her hot pussy needed.

teen porn stories

“Oh fuck yes, it’s sooo fucking gooood,” she moaned.

Spots pounded her and she felt his fat knot enter her.

“Oh God! What a cock,” she said.

Both girls noticed she had her eye’s closed and a big smile on her face. Cathy had already cum twice. That big fat ball of dog cock that was pulling her pussy out on every lightning-like backstroke sent her over the brink again.

“Oh Goddamn. I’m cumming so fucking hard,” she screamed.

After another minute of hammering her, Spots suddenly froze. Cathy felt his sperm hosing into her overstuffed cunt.

“Shit! I’m cumming again,” she moaned.

The girls knew they were hung so they grabbed the dog and held him while petting his head.

After about five minutes he pulled out of her with cum gushing. Cathy remained still with her head lying on Juli’s pussy and a smile on her face. Jodi hid her camcorder behind the couch.

Cathy finally got up and sat on the couch next to Juli. Dog cum was still running out of her but she didn’t care.

“Did you like it mom,” Judi asked.

“It was wonderful. No wonder you girls wanted him in your bedroom. Shit! I’ll let him in my bedroom anytime,” she said, with a kind of dreamy smile on her face.

“Was he better than dad?” Juli asked

“No. Not better but a lot different,” Cathy panted.

“We thought so. What’s different?” Judi asked.

“A man makes love to you. A dog just fucks that’s all he has on his mind. And their dicks are totally different. A man’s dick stays the same size all the time you’re doing it. But a dog’s just keeps getting bigger. I really like that part.”

“Yeah, we like that part too,” Juli, giggled.

“I assume you two fuck him,” Cathy said.

“All the time, mom,”

Cathy knew there was nothing she could do about it as long as they had that damned tape. She wasn’t sure she would do anything even if they didn’t. She loved being fucked by him. And she was sure she would be back for more of his wonderful cock.

Cathy got up and started to leave. She stopped and bent over to pet the dog on the head.

“Good boy, Spots. Good Boy,” she said and smiled at him. “I’m going next door girls. I’ll be back in a couple of hours,” she said as she went into the kitchen.

The girls put on their bikinis and went to the patio. Their next step was to call Dot. Judi dialed her number. Dot answered the phone.

“Hello,” she said sleepily.

“You still in bed?” Judi asked.

“Yeah, I had a big night last night. What do you want you little bitch?” Dot growled.

“Watch your mouth or you’ll be talking to me from prison,” Judi laughed.

“What do you want?” Dot repeated, nicer this time.

“You’ll be sitting with us again next Saturday. Juli and I want to be fucked. We want you to arrange for a couple of men to fuck us. We don’t want any boys. We want men say over thirty. Do you know any men like that who would fuck a twelve-year-old girl?” she asked.

“I know men who would fuck anything with a pussy. Especially a twelve-year-old girl,” Dot said.

“Good arrange for two to be here around eight next Saturday night,” Judi said.

“Don’t you care what they look like, or how big their dicks are, or anything?” Dot asked.

“No just as long as they’re men and they have a cock,” Judi giggled.

“I’ll have them there, master,” Dot said.

“You better watch your smart mouth bitch. Before you hang up we want one other thing.”

“Okay. What?”

“We want a tape of you and dad fucking,” she said.

“A tape! How can I do that?” Dot yelled.

“Just tell him you want it for nights when you’re home alone,” Judi said.

“Okay, I’ll try,” Dot said.

“You’d better do a lot more than try slut. You’d better have the tape with you when you come on Saturday,” Judi warned.

Judi hung up the phone and looked at Juli.

“I don’t think dad is going to let her tape him and her fucking. He don’t trust her since she made that call,” she said.

“What do we do about that?” Juli asked.

The girls went into a huddle. They were still talking when their dad came home. As always he came out and sat with them.

“How was your game?” Juli asked.

“Great. I shot an eighty-two. Not bad for a weekend golfer,” he said happily.

The girls were glad he was in a good mood.

“Dot called. She wanted us to do a favor for her,” Judi said.

“What kind of favor?” he asked.

“She said you don’t trust her anymore. She wanted us to tell you about what we have on her. So you would trust her again,”

“Okay, so tell me,” Bill said, becoming more interested.

“We made her lick our things and taped it,” Juli said.

“What! She licked your little pussies?” Bill said, incredulously.

“We made her dad,”

“How did you make her?” Bill still couldn’t believe it.

“We told her that Mrs. Olsen always licked us. If she wanted to be our friend she should too. We had to do something so she wouldn’t call mom again. She wanted us to like her so bad she did it,” Jodi explained.

“Then we made her do Spots and we taped that too,” Juli giggled.

“You mean she screwed the dog?” Bill laughed.

“Yeah. We told her if she ever called mom again we would have her locked up. She was real scared,” Judi said.

“She wanted us to tell you about the dog part but not the other. We decided to tell you the whole thing,” Juli said.

“So now you can do anything you like with her and she won’t tell anybody,” Judi said.

“I think you can trust her completely now. That’s the favor she wanted,” Juli added.

“I think you’re right. My two little blackmailers have got her under their thumb. I would love to see those tapes,” Bill said grinning.

“Come to our room tonight after mom’s asleep,” Judi whispered as Cathy came out.

Bill went to their room like they said and watched the tapes. He left their room shaking his head and he had a raging hard-on. His daughters were a lot sexier than he thought. It had been years since he had seen them nude. He fell asleep with a vision of their pretty little pussies in his head.

Their mom was better after she fucked Spots. She was still careful how she treated them and she still acted subdued around them. The girls were excited about the coming weekend. They hardly talked about anything else. They were going to get fucked by a man at last. They were so horny they fucked Spots even more than usual. Cathy came in one day from Joan’s and found Judi tied with him on the living room floor. Juli was sitting on the couch laughing while Spots dragged her sister around the living room. They were both nude so Cathy pulled her skirt and blouse off and joined them. Juli sucked her mom’s pussy while Judi sucked Spots up hard again.

And then Cathy got her second dose of his big hard dog cock. It was just as good as she remembered it. She hung around and watched Juli get fucked. Before she knew it Judi was between her legs lapping at her cum soaked pussy. Cathy pulled her up on the couch and showed her how to do a sixty-nine. She didn’t think dog cum tasted too bad. The girls loved her big DD tits. After they were all fucked they sat on the couch and the girls sucked her tits. Both of the girls played with her pussy as they sucked and squeezed her tit flesh. She felt a lot better about her girls but she was still worried about that goddamn tape.

Saturday finally came. Judi and Juli fucked Spots while their dad was playing golf and their mom was eating Joan’s pussy. The girls were so horny when Dot came they were almost ready to rape her. After their parents left Dot handed the tape to Judi.

“Here you are, you little…” she started but didn’t finish.

“Good. Let’s watch it.”

The tape started out with Bill eating Dot’s pussy. Then he climbed on her and fucked her. After a few minutes he pulled out and flipped her over and started stuffing his big cock in her asshole.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” Juli asked.

“I like it,” Dot said.

“We have to try that,” Judi said.

“Yeah,” Juli said.

The tape ended with Bill grabbing her by the hair and shooting cum all over her face and in her mouth. Dot grinned into the camera and scooped his cum from her face and ate it.

“You really like that stuff, don’t you?” Judi said.

“I love it,” Dot said.

“We showed dad the tape,” Juli said.

“You mean the one of me,” Dot screamed.

“Yeah, that’s the one,” Judi grinned.

“What did he say?”

“He said we have you under our thumbs,” Juli said.

“He’s right, you do,” Dot said.

“Don’t worry, we’re going to be nice to you. Right now you can take off your clothes and lick our pussies,” Judi said.

Dot started getting undressed.

“When the men come you will answer the door naked. Then you will bring them in and help them get undressed. While we’re fucking them you will record the whole thing. We don’t want you to miss anything. Be sure you don’t get their faces on the tape. We don’t want to get them in trouble.”

“Okay,” Dot said, as she started licking Judi’s pussy.

Judi came and Dot was working on Juli when the doorbell rang.

“Shit!” Juli said.

“Don’t worry she can finish it later,” Judi giggled.

Dot brought the men in. They were both about the same age as their Dad and looked pretty good. The girls were pleased with Dot’s choice. Dot had thought about getting two old ugly bald guys but she didn’t want to piss these kids off. Dot introduced them as Terry and Jim. The men stared at the two little nude girls.

“These little girls are beautiful,” Terry said. “On the outside,” Dot said. ‘On the inside they’re as mean as a snake,’ she thought.

Dot helped the men get undressed. The twins sat on the couch wide eyed, staring at the two hard cocks. They weren’t as big as their dads but they were plenty big enough. Judi swallowed hard.

“First we want to suck your cocks. And then we want you to fuck us, when you cum be sure you cum in our mouths. After you both fuck our pussies, we want you both to fuck our butts,” Judi said. Juli was nodding her head.

The men stepped up to them and both girls wrapped their fingers around a hard man-cock for the first time. They turned their heads and looked at each other and smiled.

“Let’s go for it,” they said, almost together and they stuffed the two big cocks in their mouths and started sucking.

They loved the feel and taste of the smooth cock head. It was so much different and better than sucking a dog cock. They gobbled and pulled at the two cocks. The men started to groan and moan. They didn’t want the men to cum yet so they pulled back and looked up.

“Fuck us,” they said in unison.

The men wasted no time in getting between their legs and began stuffing their cunts.

“Oh God yes! Fuck me,” they cried.

Dot couldn’t believe how they were saying everything together. She was careful to get every detail. She shifted the camera from one girl to the other. She was about to have an orgasm just from watching them. The men were pounding into them relentlessly. The girls both screamed out that they were cumming, again exactly together. The men both pulled out and moved quickly to their wide-open gasping mouths. They shot thick ropes of cum into their hungry throats. The girls swallowed and gulped at the stuff. They loved their first taste of man cum. The men went soft and fell onto the couch next to them. The girls sat up and looked at each other grinning.

“I don’t know about you sis, but I loved it,” Judi said.

“I don’t think there’s enough cock and cum in the world to satisfy me,” Juli giggled.

After a while with the girls sucking on their cocks and playing with their balls, the men got hard again. They switched partners and fucked again. Then the men sent Dot after a lubricant and they fucked the girls in their ass.

After the men left, the girls were sitting on the couch and Dot was in a chair across from them.

“Did you girls get enough fucking for one night?” Dot asked.

Judi looked at Juli.

“Yes we did, but you haven’t been fucked once. Let’s go get Spots,” Judi said and they raced to the back door.

The next morning the girls went to work. They wanted to make a composite video. They worked hard for hours. When their parents came home they were sitting on the patio in their bikinis. At dinnertime Judi made an announcement.

“We have a little show for you after dinner,” she said.

The girls helped Cathy with the dishes and when they were finished they led her into the living room. The girls seated Cathy and Bill on the couch and they stood by the side of the TV. Judi had the remote in her hand and when Cathy saw that she almost panicked. She bit her lower lip to stay silent.

“Juli and I think we should get everything out in the open. We think as a family we shouldn’t keep secrets from each other. We made this tape for you. We really hope you like it,” Jodi said and pushed the play button.

‘Oh fuck! I love your big black cock,’ came from the TV.

Cathy covered her face with her hands. Her worse nightmare was coming true. Bill watched as the Cathy fucked herself on the big black cock. He didn’t say anything until she started sucking the other man’s cock.

“You fucking slut,” he said, and turned back to the TV.

“Hold on dad you’re in this too,” Judi said.

Cathy looked up just as the scene changed. Dot was on the couch in Bill’s office her legs in a wide ‘V’ with Bill’s face buried between them. Bills face turned red.

“Where…?” he started.

“Don’t say anything until the tape is over,” Judi said.

Now Bill was fucking his big cock into Dot’s pussy.

Cathy Turned to look at Bill.

“Slut fucker,” she said grinning.

Bill smiled back sheepishly.

They watched until Dot scraped his cum from her face and ate it. Then Judi stopped the tape.

“You guys aren’t the only ones who are naughty. Now its our turn,” Judi said and started the tape again.

It started with the girls sucking the men’s cocks. When they started fucking them Bill and Cathy sat there open mouthed. They could hardly believe their eyes. When the men started fucking the girls firm asses, Cathy pulled up her skirt and rubbed her clit through her panties. Bill was rubbing his hard cock through his pants. The scene switched to Dot eating Judi’s pussy, then Juli’s, and then, finally, Dot fucked Spots. The scene switched again and Spots was fucking Cathy. The big finale was of the girls both fucking Spots and then sucking his cock. The last scene was Spots shooting gobs of cum into Judi’s mouth and her smiling as she swallowed it.

Judi and Juli had removed their clothes before the end of the tape. Juli walked up to Bill.

“Fuck me daddy. Please,” she said and lay on the floor in front of him with her legs spread.

Bill looked at Cathy. She smiled and nodded. Bill stood and removed his pants. He got on his knees between her legs and started feeding his big hard cock to her hungry pussy.

“Oh daddy, it feels so goooood,” Juli moaned.

Bill leaned forward and put his hands on the floor and started fucking her tight little pussy. Judi sat down next to her mother.

“Want me to go get Spots, mom? she asked.

“Yeah. Why don’t you?” Cathy said grinning.

Bill fucked all three of the women and so did Spots. When it was time to go to bed Cathy went in to say good night to the girls. She kissed them both.

“I’m so proud of you girls. You’ve really taken a load off my mind. I feel like my old self again,” she said. “Don’t you girls stay up all night fucking Spots,” she grinned, as she left their room.

The next day after school Judi called Dot.

“What do you want now?” Dot asked.

“I want you to come by our house after work,” Judi said.

“What for?” Dot asked.

“Never mind that, just get over here,” she commanded.

“Okay,” Dot said and hung up.

Dot came about five thirty. The girls took her out to the patio.

“Here,” Judi said and handed her a tape.

“What’s this,” Dot asked.

“That’s the tape we made of you. We don’t need it any more,” Judi explained.

“Don’t need it?” Dot frowned.

“Nope, we showed it to mom and dad, so now you’re off the hook.”

“But I don’t want to be off the hook. I like being your slave,” Dot said, looking sad.

“You can still be our slave if you want to,” Juli grinned.

“I want to,” Dot said smiling.

“Okay you’re our slave,” Judi said.

“Wasn’t your mom and dad mad when they saw the tape?”

“Nope and mom wasn’t mad when she saw the one of you fucking dad either,”

“You showed them that too,” Dot cried.

“Don’t worry everything’s okay now. You can even come here and fuck dad, mom won’t care.”

“This is great,” Dot said.

“Now we want you to go inside and suck mom’s pussy,”

“How do you know she’ll let me?” Dot asked.

“Mom loves her pussy sucked. We do it all the time.”

Dot started inside.

“Be sure you do a good job or you’ll have to fuck Spots,” Judi called after her.

The girls waited about ten minutes then they went in. Cathy and Dot were on the couch eating each other. The girls sat down and watched. Both women were about to cum and started moaning and groaning. They lay there for a while, and then they sat up.

“Did she do a good job mom? If she didn’t she has to fuck Spots,” Judi said.

“That was without a doubt the worse head I’ve ever had,” Cathy giggled.

The girls ran to the back door to let Spots in. When they returned Dot was on her hands and knees. She looked over her shoulder at the dog.

“Come on boy, give me that marvelous cock,” she said and wiggled her ass at him.

Spots didn’t hesitate he mounted her and slammed into her. He fucked her a long time. The girls thought she came three times. Then he stopped and filled her pussy full. He hung there for a minute or two, and then he tried to get off. He got around until they were asshole to asshole and started pulling Dot around. Cathy and her twins thought it was funny. They laughed and laughed. When Bill came in and saw her, he laughed too. Spots finally came out and Dot fell forward on her face. The girls pulled her up and sat her next to Bill. Bill was still grinning. Here he was, sitting between his wife and his nude girlfriend, and everyone was happy about it.

“Okay you two, suck his cock,” Judi commanded.

The two women started tearing at his clothes. When the women started taking turns sucking his cock and licking his balls, the twins looked at each other smiling.

“This is what we wanted. One big fucking family,” they said together.

The End.


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    That is one of the best stories I have read in a long time. I loved the conniving ways of the girls. Incest and beastiality is the best. Let's suck,eat, swallow and be happy.