Julie taboo sex stories

I had not experienced such a headache in years. For some reason, my head, eyes and neck hurt a lot that day. I looked at my watch. It was only 2 p.m. I knew I couldn’t take another three hours of this discomfort, so I told my boss that I wasn’t feeling well, and decided to go home. My wife Gina was at work, and I knew she wouldn’t get home until 6 p.m. that day. Every Friday, it was the same. Being a bank teller, she had to wait long hours for people who came in to cash checks on pay day. So I figured I’d have the house to myself for a few hours. I wasn’t sure if Julie had school that day. I shrugged my shoulders and got in my car.

Julie was our house guest. She was going to school, studying for an advanced degree in elementary education. She was a school teacher. A really beautiful girl, she was about 30, with a nice figure, a typical California beauty. She lived with us, and kept pretty much to herself. She had a nice, gentle dog, who was very friendly with me. She had been living with us for almost six months now. During that time, it was inevitable that I had seen her in various degrees of undress, but she was always careful not to reveal herself. Yet on few occasions I had been able to glance down her cleavage when she bent over to pick up something. It was an exciting sight, for she had nice breasts (at least size 36), and she always wore a low-cut bra that showed a lot of cleavage. On other occasions, I had a glimpse up her dress when she would get out her car, or sit on the sofa, and I would see a flash of her panty. I was terribly attracted to her, and often had a difficult time controlling my arousal when she was around. After a while, I didn’t even bother about it, and let it happen. As a result, most of the time I walked around with a stiff pole in my underwear, clearly visible to my wife and our guest. Julie never said anything, but I knew she had noticed it, because I saw her stealing glances at my midriff with an amused expression and a slight smile. I had a feeling she was also attracted to me. A few times my wife teased me about my hard-on, copping a feel when Julie wasn’t looking. Since Gina and Julie were good friends, I kept my distance from Julie.

That summer, it had been particularly hot. Since we did not have air conditioning, we all used to walk around with minimum clothing around the house. I often skipped underwear and just wore loose-fitting boxer shorts, which did a poor job of concealing the size and shape of my cock even when I wasn’t aroused. I loved the feel of soft cotton fabric against my skin, and often sported a partial hard-on especially when Gina and Julie wandered around in their skimpy clothing. Gina usually wore a loose-fitting dress that managed to hide her ample attributes, but without a bra and panty, she might as well have not bothered. I often teased her often about it, and fondled her breasts openly though the dress or squeezed her butt, but she ignored me lasciviousness. She is a knockout, my Gina, with a 38D-24-36 figure. Julie also used to wear skimpy clothing, a bikini sometimes, or a really short and thin dress which did nothing to hide her figure. She always wore her undergarments, but it still caused me to have an obvious erection. A couple of times when she was wearing a bikini bottom under a tee shirt, I had caught a glimpse of her golden-red pubic hair, sticking out from around the edge of her bikini panty, and it always stirred my pole to attention. I knew she had seen the hardness in my boxer shorts, but except for a knowing smile, she said or did nothing about it.

Her dog used to follow me around the house. One time, I was puttering around in the garage. It was hot, and I was feeling very horny. The tip of my cock was sticking out from the bottom of the boxer shorts. The dog came around, and started sniffing at it. Before I could react, he stuck his tongue out and licked me. My cock immediately sprang up with excitement, and the dog just followed its jerky motion, licking in earnest. After I got over the initial surprise, I pulled the cock out and let the dog slobber all over it. It felt so good. I closed my eyes, and let the dog lick me. Soon I was panting. I grabbed my shaft and started pumping it in the dog’s face. He kept up with my frenzy, and was ready when I shot my load straight into his face. The dog just lapped it up, driving me crazy with pleasure. After that, the dog and I became real buddies. I got bold enough to play with his cock, and figured out how to bring him to a jerking orgasm, fascinated by the humongous swelling of the glands at the base of the cock. I had never seen anything like that before.

I thought about the dog as I headed home, wondering what might happen with just the two of us in the house. I walked in and took off my shoes. I went to the bedroom, undressed, and put on my boxers. As I headed for the kitchen, I heard a whimpering sound, coming from Julie’s room. The door was slightly ajar. I tiptoed to her room and peeked through the crack. I couldn’t see anything, because the windows were closed and it was kind of dark. I heard another moan, and realized it was Julie. Curious, I slowly opened the door, and got the shock of my life.

Julie was stretched out naked on her bed, with her legs spread apart. Her dog was licking her cunt, and she was moaning with pleasure. Her breasts were taut, with the nipples sticking out in the air. She was holding the dog’s head in her hands and jerking her hips back and forth as the dog licked her. Her eyes were closed. I slowly tiptoed into the room and closed the door behind me. My cock was sticking out in front of me. I pulled the boxers down and stood in the doorway, watching. Julie tugged at the dog’s head. The dog jumped up and lay flat on top of her, his long, red cock throbbing against her pussy. The dog jerked forward and I saw his cock slowly disappear in her cunt. Julie put her arms around the dog, and moaned loudly as the dog started humping her. I watched, aroused beyond description as the dog fucked his mistress, and licked her face. My cock was throbbing so hard that I knew I was almost ready to shoot my load. Julie’s eyes were still closed, but her mouth was open, as she breathed heavily. I quickly moved closer to the bed, and stood over her. Grabbing my cock and aiming it at her mouth, I started pumping, and almost immediately felt the tightening of my balls. I shot my cum straight into her mouth, just as she opened her eyes. She quickly tried to push the dog away, and sit up at the same time, but the dog was not ready to dismount as yet. He began thrusting his pelvis and I watched in astonishment as his thick knot penetrated Julie’s stretched pussy lips and disappeared inside. Julie screamed with pain, as she tried to push the dog off, but it was no use. The dog whimpered loudly as his cock started to swell, and he began shooting his cum in her.

Julie covered her face in her hands, and began crying. I knelt beside the bed, and cradled her head in my arms. She again tried to push the dog away, but he was locked into her, and it would be a while before he could pull out. Realizing the predicament she was in, Julie started sobbing with utter embarrassment. I wiped her tears and pulled her into my arms.

“It’s all right, Julie. Don’t cry. I won’t tell anyone.”

She just sobbed in my arms. I patted her soft golden hair. After a few minutes, the dog slipped out of her, and retreated to a corner of the room and started licking himself. Julie tried to get up, as she looked for the bed sheet to cover herself.

I got up, and retrieved my shorts. Julie sat up, covering herself with the sheet, and hid her face in her hands. “Please leave, Sam. I need to be alone.”

“No, Julie. I think we need to talk.” I went over, and sat down next to her. I was still aroused by what I had seen. I pulled her in my arms and held her tightly, kissing her deeply. She moaned and melted in my arms.

“Julie, how long have you been doing it with the dog?”

“Not long. I don’t do it often. Only when my period gets closer, I feel the urge, because it relieves the pain.”

“Gina told me about your difficult periods. I’m sorry you have to suffer so much. Gina also has difficult periods sometimes.”

“I know. We talk about it all the time. Oh, Sam. Please don’t say anything to her about this. I’ll do anything for you. Please don’t hate me.”

“Well, you fear unnecessarily. I don’t hate you. I am shocked, but frankly also terribly turned on.”

“But what about Gina?”

“Gina loves you. She won’t think bad of you if she knew. In fact I’m sure she will understand. We talk all the time about how sexy you are. Gina teases me all the time about it because she knows I get a hard-on looking at you.”

Julie suddenly laughed. “I know. I’ve seen it too. But I had never seen you naked. You are so very handsome.”

“Thanks. You are very sexy, too. Anyway, what’s with the dog? How many times have you done it with him?”

“This is only the second time I let him. I saw you one time when you were taking a shower. I needed a new towel, and all the ones I had were in the wash. So Gina told me get one from your bathroom. The door was unlocked. I didn’t know you were in the shower. That’s when I got a glimpse of your body behind the glass door. I was so turned on, I didn’t know what to do. When I came back to my room, the dog came in and started sniffing my crotch. So I sat down on the carpet, took off my panty and let him sniff more. Soon he was licking me. It felt so good, Sam, I wanted to fuck. So I started playing with the dog, and before I knew what was happening, he was jumping all over me, shooting his cum everywhere. His cock was so big and red, I came just looking at it. After that, I started experimenting with him. I got a book from the library and read up on dog’s sexual organs. I found out about the knot at the base of a dog’s cock. It swells the size of gold balls when he is ready to come. So I knew that if I ever let him mount me, I’d have to prevent the knot from getting in.”

“Looks like you have done your homework. How does it feel to have a dog’s cock in your pussy?”

“It feels great, except there is always this fear of him penetrating too far. So I let him lie on my belly. That way, he can’t go in too deeply. But you caught me by surprise, and I couldn’t stop him from pushing in all the way. Please don’t say anything to anyone about this, Sam. I’ll never be able to show my again to anyone.” Julie pleaded with me.

“Relax, Julie. The only person I would talk to is Gina. We don’t keep secrets.”

“Won’t she be angry?”

“There is only one way to find out. I’ll tell her when she gets home.”

Julie panicked. “Please don’t, Sam. She’ll throw me out. I can’t afford to go anywhere else in the middle of the school year, Sam.”

“Don’t worry about it. I promise you I won’t let you go out on the street. Right now, I am so turned on by what I just saw, Julie, that I want to fuck you. But I need to recover from my orgasm.”

“It’s okay, Sam. I need to recover, too.”

I kissed her deeply and pushed her down on the bed. I pulled the sheet off her beautiful, naked body, and lay down next to her. We embraced and kissed. We were both turned on. Julie reached between our bodies and took hold of my limp cock as I fondled her breasts, and caressed her butt. I massaged her voluptuous body with rising passion, keenly aware of the most pleasurable sensation in my groin as her fingers caressed and squeezed my cock. She dragged her fingernails over my pulsating bulb, making my cock twitch as it began to harden again. She cupped my balls and caressed them.

“I want to suck you, Sam.”

“Be my guest,” I replied with joy, and we immediately turned around. Julie opened her mouth to take in the tip of my cock as I adjusted my position to get between her legs. I pulled her on top of me, and watched her glistening, golden-fleeced mound as she lowered herself on my face. Her pussy looked absolutely beautiful, glistening with the juices of her passion. I pressed my lips on the folds of her vagina and traced its shape with my tongue, stopping at the apex where her inflamed clitoris nestled in the folds of her sweet cunt. In the meanwhile, Julie had revived my cock, and was slurping the length of it, kissing and sucking the shaft like a lollipop.

We pleasured each other for several minutes in this position. I reached for her firm breasts, and caressed the succulent flesh, pinching her hard nipples. With the other hand, I squeezed her butt, pushing my finger between the crack, and found her anus. The whole area was wet from her earlier fucking with the dog, and I had no difficulty inserting my finger in her asshole. She flinched at the contact with the forbidden passage, and lifted herself off my face.

“Please, Sam. I don’t like it there. It is too painful. Besides, if you really want to do it, I need to cleanse myself properly. I just don’t feel comfortable about it right now. Let’s just do the normal stuff.”

I nodded, and pulled her back down on top of me. I stuck my tongue in her cunt and began fucking her with it. She moaned and bounced on my face, rotating her hips against my lips. She was quite aroused, and was beginning to drip her love juices all over my face. My cock was also ready for another round.

I rolled her over, and climbed on top of her. “Ready for another round, Julie?”

“Yes, Sam. Please fuck me. It’s been so long since I have had a man’s cock in my pussy. Fucke me hard, Sam.”

I fondled her breasts, and kissed her nipples. I opened her legs, and positioned myself. Julie reached down and grabbed my cock. She guided it to her cunt, and said, “Push it in, Sam. It’s been such a long time since I had a taste of a man’s cock. Oh, God, it feels so good. Oh, my God, I can’t take the pleasure.”

She bucked and pushed against my shaft as I buried it all the way in her. Soon we were furiously fucking each other, enjoying the illicit intimacy to the fullest. Julie cried out as orgasm shook her body. She clutched my arms, panting breathlessly, and urged me to fuck her harder. I pumped her with all my might, slamming my swollen cock deep into her tight cunt. She was really tight, not having had a lot of sex since she didn’t have a boyfriend. That suited me just fine, since her tight cunt was sucking and squeezing my hard cock like I had not experienced in a long time.

The impact of my pelvis ramming against hers made loud slapping sounds. I felt the cock grow in size as my orgasm approached. I gritted my teeth, and plunged. My body shuddered as I exploded inside her. Julie wrapped her legs around my waist, holding me tightly. I collapsed on top of her, my head resting in her cleavage. Her wonderful, fleshy breasts felt good against my face.

After a few minutes, I kissed her, and got up. Immediately, the dog sprang to his feet. He came forward and began licking my cock, slurping his way all around my shaft. Julie watched in fascination.

“Did you know that he does that to me often?” I asked.

“Yes. I saw you with him in the garage once. I was so turned on, my panty was soaking wet. I so much wanted to come and fuck you.”

“Why didn’t you? I’ve wanted to fuck you, too.”

“I was afraid to ruin our friendship, Sam. But I’ve been tempted so many times when I see you walking around in your skimpy boxer shorts. I can see the shape of your cock, and I’m so tempted to pull the shorts down and suck you. But I am afraid of hurting Gina’s feelings. She is my friend, and I don’t want to hurt her.”

“I understand perfectly. That is why I haven’t done anything about it either. But now that the barrier is broken, I think we should all come out and tell each other how we feel. I know Gina won’t mind if we fucked. She will probably join in, because she loves a good fuck as much as I do.”

Julie laughed and said, “I know. Gina has told me many times how you fantasize about me when you fuck her. She told me once that she was going to have me join you two some day.”

“Really? She never told me. Wow. Just the thought of fucking you and Gina at the same time is making me hard already.”

Julie clung to me. “Sam, you were wonderful. It’s been such a long time since I have had such deep fucking from a man. I can’t get over the size of your cock. See, it is already hard again. How do you do it, Sam? You already had two orgasms.”

“It’s because of you, Julie. You are so fucking sexy that I would never get my cock down to a soft condition. Besides, you are a hell of a good fucker. Your cunt is so tight, it drove me crazy when I was fucking you.”

“But I am sure Gina is good, too.”

“Sure, but she is not as tight as you, Julie. We fuck almost every night, and may be I have gotten used to her now. But you were great, too, Julie. You know something? I came home early because I had such a splitting headache. Now it’s gone. Thanks for the wonderful therapy.”

Julie started laughing. “You are so funny, Sam. But you are welcome. Now you have to return the favor and fuck me when I start getting cramps before my period.”

“Just try to keep me away. But I have to tell you that you are the only woman, other than Gina, that I have fucked, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Watching the dog fuck you was so fucking erotic, that I want to see him do it again. Do you think you can handle another fucking?”

“I don’t know. I have never done it so often in a day, let alone in thirty minutes. But I don’t mind him licking me.” She called the dog to her, and stretched out on the bed. She spread her legs and the dog immediately began licking her cunt. Julie turned to me, and said, “I want to suck you at the same time.”

I stood behind her as she dropped her head over the side of the bed, and took my cock in her mouth. From that vantage position, I had a perfect view of her luscious breasts, of the dog licking her cunt, and her mouth sucking my cock . I leaned forward to knead and squeeze her breasts as she sucked me. From the angle of her throat, she could take all 8″ of my cock in her mouth, driving me out of my mind. It was so deliriously sexy. I was throbbing with imminent explosion in no time.

I saw the dog jump up on the bed again. His long, red cock was out of the sheath, and dripping with his pre-cum. The dog started thrusting his hips, trying to penetrate her. Julie reached down and guided his cock to her cunt lips, and moaned loudly as the dog gave a hard push, slipping all the way into her. It was such an erotic sight that I started humping her mouth like a madman. Julie grabbed my shaft at the base to prevent choking on it, and with her other hand, began fondling my balls. She clutched her legs together to prevent the dog from burying its knot in her cunt, and started sucking on my cock. The dog was the first to shoot its load. He whimpered and jerked his behind rapidly as he unloaded in her. Then he dismounted and started to lick the pussy again. I couldn’t hold out any longer, and told Julie I was close. She nodded, and started pumping hard. In a few moments, my cock twitched and flooded her mouth with my cum. She pushed the cock out, and I splattered her face with more cum. Her face and hair were drenched in the sticky semen.

Julie let go of the cock, and pushed the dog away. She rolled on her side and got up on wobbly feet.

“I need a shower after this. Will you join me?”

“With pleasure. It’s been one of my fantasies to make love to you in the shower.”

“Not today, Sam. I have no strength.”

“Neither do I. But I’ll take a rain check.”

We cleaned up together and straightened up Julie’s room. The dog went out quietly, leaving us alone in the house. We got into the shower, and washed each other off. Touching her naked body, and fondling her smooth curves and recesses caused me to stay hard all through the shower. Julie also couldn’t get enough of my throbbing cock, and kept fondling me all the time. We finished the shower, and got dressed.

I looked at my watch. It was close to 5 p.m. Gina would be hone in an hour. Julie and I went to the living room, and stretched out on the sofa in each other’s arms, kissing and caressing each other with a new found intimacy. Julie moaned with pleasure in my arms, her face relaxed with the new-found happiness.

“Are you sure Gina would not be upset, Sam? Now that I have experienced how lovely your cock feels in my cunt, I can’t get it out of my mind. I am scared of ruining everything between you and her.”

“Don’t worry, Julie. We’ll find out soon enough, but I am pretty sure Gina won’t mind. You don’t know how many times I have fantasized about you when I am fucking her, and from the way she gets aroused listening to me, I am damned sure she will not mind. In fact, she will want to participate.”

“I hope you are right, Sam. But if you are wrong….”

I kissed her on the lips and squeezed her firm, luscious breasts. Her nipples were hard like a rock. Julie moaned, and said, “You are exciting me, Sam.”

“Good. When Gina gets home, I want to fuck both of you.”

Julie looked at me in disbelief, and said, “You are going to fuck again so soon?”

“Why not? I have to make up for all the lost time. You’ve been living with us for over six months now. Think of all the fucking we could have enjoyed in that time.”

“You are a horny fucker, Sam.”

“And so are you, you dog-fucking bitch,” I said with increasing arousal. Julie was surprised at my words, but she smiled and said, “You like talking dirty, don’t you? Well, I am a dog-fucking bitch, and I love it. What do you have to say about that?”

“I am going to fuck you so hard, and so deep, that you will forget all about that dog, and come to me whenever you need a big, fat cock in your cunt.”

“That’s fine by me. Just put your cock where your mouth is.”

We were both getting excited by this lewd talk. I looked at my watch. Gina would be home any moment now. I decided to surprise her. I held Julie tightly in my arms, and rolled off the sofa. We landed on the carpet, with her on top of me. I grabbed her butt and began squeezing her flesh. My cock was poking between her legs, and I knew she could feel it. I pulled her skirt over her butt, and pushed my hands under the panty. In one quick move, I pushed it down, and squeezed her bare flesh.

“What are you doing?” Julie asked.

“I am going to fuck you now, and I want Gina to walk in on us. I bet she will drop her panty and join us.”

“You are crazy. Don’t shock her like this. Break it to her gently, Sam. I don’t want to cause trouble.”

“Julie, just do as I say. I know my wife. She’s a horny bitch herself, even hornier than you. She will be naked and on top of us as soon as she sees us fucking. So don’t argue with me.” I rolled over, and pinned her down under me. Julie was aroused by the idea, that much was clear from her heavy breathing and her hard nipples poking through the blouse. She had mercifully skipped the bra, and the sight of her plush, firm breasts was driving me wild.

I pulled the blouse out of her skirt, and pulled it over her head, as she raised herself on her elbows. I wrapped my arms around her back, and bent down to suck her succulent flesh. Julie moaned and lay back, pulling my head against her hardened nipples. I caressed the soft, aroused skin of her breasts, and sucked her nipples. She was hot, and so was I.

Julie raised her hips and pulled her skirt down. I grabbed her panty and pulled it off. The crotch of the panty was soaking wet. I sniffed it, and rubbed it on my face, and kissed her.

“Taste your cunt, Julie. See how hot your cunt is.”

“I know, Sam. I want to taste your cock.”

“Be my guest,” I said.

“I want to be on top, Sam. I don’t want you to ram it down my throat.”

“That’s fine. I like sucking your cunt with you on top anyway. Come and suck my cock, you horny cunt.”

Julie rolled on top of me, and took my cock in her mouth. It was already throbbing so hard that she had a hard time clamping her lips around the angry red knob. It was glistening in my pre-cum which kept oozing out of the pee hole in a steady stream. Julie stuck the tip of her tongue in the pee hole and flicked it around. It drove me wild. In return, I clamped my lips around her aroused clit. Julie let out a loud moan as I chewed on the hard, pink nub, at the same time pushing my tongue deep into her pussy. She was sopping wet with her juices which had a musky fragrance. I started licking her cunt, probing with my tongue, flicking her clit and pussy lips, chewing of them and driving her wild.

For her part, she was doing a number on my cock, biting the soft flesh of the mushroom head with her teeth, and sucking the shaft in rapid plunges. She had her fingers under my balls, massaging the base of my cock. The saliva from her slobbering mouth dripped down the length of my cock and balls, as she grabbed my legs and spread them apart, pushing them over her head. I wasn’t sure what she was up to, but found out soon enough. Her fingers traced the sensitive ridge between the base of my cock and my ass hole, pressing at various points along the way. It drove me crazy. I had not discovered this erogenous zone before, and neither had Gina. The whole area was wet with Julie’s avid sucking. She gently pressed a finger over my ass hole, and wiggled it. After an initial tightening, the area around the hole relaxed, and I found being invaded in my ass for the first time. That was so fucking exciting that I felt my cock twitch in her mouth, and I grunted loudly. My lips were tightly clamped around Julie’s clit, as I heaved up with uncontrollable urge to unload my balls deep into her throat.

Just as I started jerking my hips up against Julie’s mouth, the front door opened, and Gina walked in. At the same time, Julie went into a frenzy of her own orgasm, and screamed, pressing her cunt hard against my invading tongue. She pulled my cock out of her mouth as it exploded in her face.

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“Holy cow! What the hell is going on here, Sam?”, Gina yelled, dropping her purse on the ground in disbelief.

Julie gasped, and rolled off me, clutching her fist between her legs and clamping them together. Her orgasm was still coming, and she cuddled up like a fetus, thrusting her hips against her hand, and looking at Gina with fear and embarrassment. My cock continued to shoot gobs of white semen, drenching my pubic hair and stomach as it erupted in jerks. I turned on my side, and resting on my elbow, greeted my wife with a big grin, my face smeared with Julie’s cum.

Gina’s eyes were as big as saucers, as she looked at us in turn. “When the hell did you two decide to get it on, Sam? And how come you are early? You don’t come home so soon.”

“I had a big headache. So I took the rest of the afternoon off,” I said, stretching my hand to her, as she came towards Julie and me. She had a big grin on her face. She came and sat down next to me, and said, “What happened, Sam? You okay, Julie? Looks like you are still coming.”

Julie nodded wordlessly, her eyes betraying her uncertainty about Gina’s reaction. She was clearly frightened, and embarrassed at being caught in the act with me.

Gina slid over to her, and leaned on her supine body. She cuddled Julie and said, “Don’t be so scared, darling. I am not angry. This was going to happen some day. What took you so long?”

Julie looked at Gina. I could see her face relaxing a bit. She uncoiled herself slowly, and grabbed her clothes. “You are not angry?”

“No. Why should I be angry? I know Sam’s been horny for you from day one. I told you about that, Julie.”

“Yes, I know. But there is a difference between having a fantasy and acting it out.”

“What are you complaining about? I don’t see you suffering in pain here. You look so ecstatic and sexy that you are turning me on. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen you naked before, Julie. Give me those clothes. Let me see you. I want to see what makes Sam here get a raging hard-on all the time.”

I knew the cloud had passed. Frankly, I wasn’t sure how Gina would take it. I had intended to talk to her later, but I figured that catching us in the act might be a real turn on for her. She knew I was hers, and any fling would be just that. I was so grateful for her big-heartedness, that I pulled her into my arms and kissed her hard on the lips. I held her tightly, and pushed my tongue deep into her mouth. Gina responded immediately, grabbing my flaccid cock, and squeezing it in her fist. She broke the kiss, and said, “Wow. What was that for?”

“For being such a wonderful gal, and accepting Julie the way you just did.”

“I know you want to fuck her. So do it. She is ready. Just try keeping me out of your fling, Sam, and I’ll clobber you. Now tell me, how did all this come about?”

I looked at Julie, and raised my eyebrows. She shook her head slightly, not wanting Gina to know about the dog just yet. I smiled at her, and said to Gina, “Listen, why don’t you first get comfortable like us, and then we can talk about it. Actually, I have a better idea. Go take your shower, and then we’ll go out and have dinner some place to celebrate this moment. Then we’ll come back, and curl up in bed together, and then we’ll talk about it. Is that all right with you, Julie?”

Julie nodded with relief. Gina is no fool. She knew there was something funny about it, but she is a sweet doll, and went along. She got up, and pulled Julie up to her feet. She held Julie at arm’s length and gave her a good look over. Smiling, she said, “You are quite sexy, Julie. I love your breasts. They are so firm.” She touched Julie’s breasts and lifted them gently, noting with satisfaction that there was hardly any sag to them. “And I love your bush, Julie. It looks so sexy that I feel like kissing you there. May I?”

Julie parted her legs slightly as Gina knelt before her, and pulled Julie to her. She planted her lips on her mound, and kissed her deeply. Julie looked at me and smiled happily. She blew me a kiss and grabbed Gina’s head as Gina stuck her tongue out at her clit. She gasped, and said, “Oh Gina. You are making me hot. Please stop, I’m too sensitive down there right now.”

Gina pulled away, and got up. Kissing Julie on the lips, she said, “I understand, sister. Next time you get naked with my husband, make sure I am there, too. I don’t want to miss watching him fuck you.”

Julie and I grabbed our clothes and put them on. Gina headed to our bedroom and disappeared. Soon we could hear the sound of the shower running. Julie took my hand in hers, and said, “Oh, Sam. I was so scared when she walked in on us. You were right. I am so relieved that she didn’t get mad at us. But I don’t know how we are going to explain about the dog.”

“You are going to explain. It’s your story. I just walked into it.”

“Oh, no, Sam. You have got to help me. I am so embarrassed about it. Gina might be so disgusted that she will throw me out.”

“No, she won’t. She may be shocked, but she is a horny girl. She might actually get a big kick out of it.”

“Well, I hope so. Will you at least hold my hand when I tell her about it?”

“Sure, no problem,” I said, pulling her in my arms and kissing her. She kissed me back, moaning with pleasure as our tongues dueled with each other. We heard the sound of the shower door sliding open. In a few minutes, Gina came out. We all got dressed for dinner, and headed out. We got home rather late, and headed for the master bedroom. Julie was still apprehensive about telling Gina about her dog.

As it turned out…… Well, that’s another story.

© Rashmin Bata. This story is based on actual events. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved. Transmission, reproduction or use of this story, in part or full, for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Please send your comments about the story