Just Friends Erotic stories

Everyday I saw her; in the morning, and during class. We used to be good friends, talked about anything and everything. Lately though, things had been different. I looked at Jamie and saw more than a friend, I saw the girl that I had truly loved but yet I was too much of a wimp to even talk to her. Of course, she didn’t make things much easier. When she looked at me, it was a nervous looking smile and a little wave, and if I was lucky a ‘good morning Daniel’. She sure wasn’t nervous to talking to other guys in the class. I wasn’t sure what to make of this; did she like me and become shy and bashful around me? God knows I’m no wonder with woman, but what else could it be. I figured she had to know how I felt too, as I acted in the same fashion. Weird thing is, that we still talked but only on AOL. She spilled her innermost secrets too many and I helped her out, all over the Internet.

I had been planning to make some kind of move, but I didn’t know how. On one of AOL chatting sessions I asked if we could talk after school. She said sure and the stage was set. I thought and thought the entire night of what to say and couldn’t think of a thing. So finally I decided I was just going to come out and say ‘I Love You’. I figured if she felt the same she’d come up to me and we’d actually start talking.

Class ended and I waited at the door for Jamie to come. She saw me and we walked down the aisle together not speaking one word. As soon as we got in some open area I looked her strait in the eye and said with a half hearted smile “I love you Jamie, I just want to be with you. I don’t know how you feel about me, but if you would just give this a chance” I had never felt more vulnerable in my life at that point, she could had either ripped out my heart or make me the happiest man alive. Either way, she answered. She looked at me with a tear running down her cheek “Oh Daniel, I love you too.” I walked over too her and took her face into my hand and she looked at me with a nervous smile and I kissed her. She responded and pulled herself onto to me. I moved my tongue between her lips and felt hers move around mine. I broke the kiss and look at her and smiled and said “I’ve dreamed of this for years you know, you were always special too me.”

She threw back her hair, “I know, I’ve wanted this too.” I figured we should probably go to lunch so I asked her if she wanted to get something to eat and maybe catch a movie. She said sure and we started walking to the car and I reached for her hand.

The day was great, went to eat Black Angus, had some good food and saw Eyes Wide Shut. Since I just had turned 17 I could buy the tickets, without be harassed by the menopausal AMC people. We watched through the love scenes with her head on my shoulder. It was quite sensual; I had a slight hard-on through most of the movie. I drove her home and walked her to her door. She asked me if I wanted to come in for some coffee. I said sure and walked on in. I looked around and realized I had never been her house before. She walked into the kitchen and got the coffee maker going, I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist from the back and put my head close to hers and told her I loved her. She giggled as I rubbed her belly and told me to back off in a teasing voice or she was going to drop all the coffee on me.

I went over to table and sat down and saw her coming with two cups of coffee and I realized just how beautiful Jamie was. He hair reminded me of a little girl’s hair. It was kind of short, brown and fell to her shoulders. She was wearing a white tee shirt, which showed her expanding breast, which were good size, about the size of a large orange. They were proportional to her body since she was kind of small. About 5’2 but her body was fit and firm. I could see the outline of bra through the shirt and noticed the nipples slightly protruding She was wearing some tight ass blue-jean shorts that made a killer outfit for her. I could see the outline of her crotch as well as her ass, which the jeans failed to fully cover.

She handed me a cup of coffee, which she had already creamed and sugared and sat down. We talked for about half an hour when I realized that I hadn’t seen anyone in the house. I asked if her parents had left. She said that her brother and parents went to her grandmother’s house, which is about two days away, and since she had summer school she couldn’t go.

Jamie had always liked music, so she put on a CD. It was some slow dance music. She came up to me a grabbed each of my hands and said “Come dance with me.” I got up and put my arms around her waist and started dancing.

“Remember when we first danced at Knott’s Berry Farm?” I asked.

“Yeah, you didn’t want to and I managed to get you out there” she said in a giggle.

“This feels so nice, Jamie, it feels just right.” I said as I felt my dick start to enlarge itself.

“I love you,” she said as she nestled even closer to me.

At this point I was certain she could feel the bulge in my pants, but I didn’t really care as I could feel her nipples rubbing into my chest. She squirmed her pelvis a little and kissed me. As we were dancing I moved closer and closer to the couch and gently laid Jamie down onto it. I kneeled beside her, took her hand and kissed it. It had been 18 months since last time I touched her hands at Knott’s Berry Farm. I got on top of her and placed soft kissed around her neck and face.

She pulled away from me and held her hand out. I took it and she led me to her bedroom. She sat on her bed and signaled me to sit next to her.

She bit her lip a little and came closer and I kissed her and pushed her back onto the bed. She looked up at me and with a grin and asked, “I am your first, right?”

“Am I your first?” I asked with a smirk.

“Your sure are” she said as she grabbed my shirt and pulled me down to her.

We kissed, our tongues wrestling as I snuck my hand down under her t-shirt. I felt her body shiver as my hand rose to feel her left still bra-covered breast. As I touched the bottom of the mound Jamie squirmed at my touch. I moved my hand to her back reaching for the catch of her bra and unsnapped it. I pulled the bra off her and out of the shirt.

My hands now continued in their exploration. I placed my hand fully on her right breast and brushed against the engorged nipple. She moaned in my mouth as I did this. I removed my hands from under her shirt, grabbed it and threw it off her. I moved up a little and looked down at her. He breast where firm, without sag just like I had envisioned. Her areolas were light brown and covered with goosebumps. Her nipples were erect and looked liked pencil erasers. She looked up and I told her she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. She smiled as she pulled of my shirt and pulled me down again.

We kissed and played around on the bed. I could feel her breast rub up and down on my chest. If finally pulled up and reached for the zipper of her shorts. My hands shook slightly as I pulled the zipper down and unbutton the shorts. I started to tug and they stuck when I got to her ass. She lifted her self up and the shorts flew off. I looked down at her panties. They were a pink-bikini cut and silk with a rather large wet spot all around the pubic area. I could see the crease that split her pouting pussy lips. Waves of curly brown curly hair could be seen through the soaked panties. A musty smell emanated from her loins. The smell attracted me and made me want to make love to her even more.

I lowered my hand and rubbed her crotch, she moaned and closed her eyes. I then went on to remove her panties. My hands trembled as I pulled down her feminine underwear. The first curls of pubic hair appeared, the curls were damp with her vaginal fluids. As I pulled farther down her enlarged pussy lips came into site. I threw the panties to the ground and marveled at this magnificent site. I was speech less.

She pushed her self up and reached for the button of my shorts. My dick had been throbbing through this whole ordeal and spraying pre-cum all over my white boxers. She unzipped the zipper and my cock’s head became exposed. She pulled the shorts all the way off me and then proceeded to take off my boxers. As she pulled them down they snagged my dick and she had too grabbed my dick and pull it down to get them off.

“Oh Daniel” Jamie gasped at the sight of my cock.

“I’ll take that as a complement” I said with a grin.

She smiled and pulled me on top of her. My cock pressed onto her vulva. Her warm juices spread all over it as she squirmed her pelvis on me. “Ahh, Jamie that feels so good” I manage to moan. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her even closer to me. My cock was pushing into her little cave just waiting for that one hard thrust to push it all the way in.

My cock was lodged at the entrance of her vagina. Jamie whispered into my ear, “Make love to me Daniel, I need it so.”

“Oh god Jamie, I don’t want to hurt you, so I’m going to try to be slow and gentle.”(Which would be a miracle, I could barley control the desire to thrust into her.)

“You better be,” she said with a grin. I bent down and kissed her. My hand went to her breast and rubbed its hardened nipple. Goosebumps of pleasure appeared on Jamie’s body and she trembled ever so slightly, I moved my cock in position and it rubbed against her clitoris. She shook as her hips pushed up against my cock. She whispered up to me “Uhh, Daniel. Do it now, please.”

I moved my cock up into Jamie’s vaginal opening and pushed. I could feel her pussy invite me in with a flourish of juices. I edged in slowly making sure not to cause her pain. About 2 inches in I felt her cherry. I looked up at her and she nodded at me.

I pulled out and pushed in hard destroying the membrane that protected her maiden hood. She started to cry, I bent over and hugged her and rubbed the tears off her cheeks.

I eased in slowly inch by inch. She was rubbing my back and encouraging me to go on with her moans and pushes. I pushed a little more and my cock became buried deep in the recess of Jamie’s belly. I looked down and saw her inner vaginal lips wrap around my cock, as tight a vase. Our pubic hair intermixed and pubic bones rubbed against each other.

I went down and gave her kiss. She pulled my tongue in playing with it and kissing me wetly all over the face. I started to move gently, using strokes of a half-inch. She started pushing her hips and the strokes continued to enlarge until I was almost completely pulling out. She pushed her self against me and I pulled my self into her. Jamie moaned every time I got to the bottom and my cocked rubbed up against her clitoris. Our pubic hair was mangled and dripped spreading our combined juices all around the bed.

All of the sudden Jamie flipped me around and ended on top of me. She rode my cock rubbing her clitoris on the base of it every time she came down. She came down and kissed me and we both pushed up into each other. I was on the verge of cumming, but I wanted us to cum together. I wanted to feel her cavity suck the cum out of my balls.

I flipped us over and pushed her to the headboard and pushed and pumped into her. We kissed but were oblivious to everything but the phenomenal feelings centered at our loins. Our moans filled the room. Jamie was whimpering, moaning, and screaming all at the same time. I pushed into her clitoris, rubbing it up and down and she yelled “AHHH, Oh.Daniiiee I’m cumming!!!”

At that point I lost it, her vaginal muscles clamped down onto my shaft and sucked it dry. I cummed and cummed into Jamie until there was no cum left in me. I held Jamie’s ass as she went over the brink, her muscles knotted and strained. I looked down and saw our genitals merged into one. She continued to hump her pussy against me over and over, its muscles pulling on my cock for every last drop of cum.

She fell on top of me and didn’t move. We laid like that for what seemed an eternity. Jamie finally pulled herself off me releasing my cock. I looked down at her pussy, which was dripping with both of our cums, and a ting of blood with had stained the sheets.

“I think we’d better clean up, let’s get into the shower.” I told her.

I got off the bed and saw her spread her legs to get up releasing the excess fluids that still resided inside her. I grabbed her hand and we walked into the bathroom.

I bent over to turn on the shower and waited for a couple of seconds for the water to heat up. Jamie came up from behind and wrapped her arms around me, rubbing her still soaking pussy into the back of my thigh. I turned around, kissed her and signaled for her to get into the shower. She stepped in and grabbed a bottle of body wash and squirted at me as I was getting in. I pushed her against the side of the shower and squirted some body wash all over her breast. I grabbed a wash cloth and rubbed it around her breast, and she responded with a “mmm that feels so good.”

As my right hand rubbed her chest my left hand fell to her pussy. I felt for her opening and put my fingers inside her. I twisted them and added a second. Her warm juices started to flow again.

She hit my playfully and in a whiny voice said “Oh Daniel. You made horny all over again.” I rinsed off any remaining soap from her breast and lowered my mouth to the right one. I sucked its nipple, which was firm and pointy. She moaned and thrust her hips against me. I felt her left breast with my left hand. I teased the nipple, pulling on it softly. I could feel the goosebumps on her areola enlarge.

I released the nipples from my passion and got on my knee and faced Jamie’s pussy at eye level. I realized I had never really examined her pussy close up. At the top I could see her engorged clitoris and I noticed it was homologous with a cock. I could see the three-inch splay that lead to down to her vaginal opening which was releasing warm juices. I lowered my mouth to her clitoris and sucked it for a second. Her legs almost buckled as she gasped.

I ran my tongue over her clitoris, which had become deeper in color and exposed itself from its sheath. She murmured and squirmed her pelvis. I pushed my tongue into her little opening twisting and turning it, rubbing the walls of her vagina. I moved a finger to her ass and slowly pushed in. She almost collapsed as I entered another hole of hers. Jamie was making love to my hair as I was making love to her most intimate organs.

Then it happened; she cried out “AHH, UHH, I’m cumming I’m cumming. Her knees gave and she fell on top of me. We lay at the bottom of the bathtub holding each other as the warm water bathed us. I got up, and put out my hand for her to take. She got up and looked down at my cock which was fully erect and smiled “Now, I have to do something about your little buddy there” Jamie said pointing to my dick.

She got down on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked it like a pro rubbing it with her lips like a fish. She licked my balls licking the base. I moaned and try to hold on wanting the pleasure to last forever. But nature took over. I pulled her away from my dick and let a groan as I cummed 3 feet into the air. I got three spurts, all of which hit Jamie on the face and the hair. I pulled her up and told her that was incredible. We finished bathing and got out of the shower.

I took a towel, wrapped it around Jamie and got one for my self. We went back to her room and we dried each other off. We wrestled on the floor nude, playing around like little kids. My parents were out of town and so were hers so I decided to stay the night. We got onto her bed and kissed. We made love once more and fell asleep with my cock inside her. We became lovers that night, but to the rest of the world, we were just friends