Kissin’ Cousins by Smooth and Hard Erotic stories

I hadn’t seen my cousin since I had gone away to boarding school, but she and my aunt came over for Thanksgiving last year. She wasn’t even fourteen but she had really grown up in the last seven years. I remembered this scrawny little kid playing Jacks, but now she was this tall young woman with a figure that even now must have been the source of many a wet dream. Her breasts were past the training bra stage with nipples stretching through her bra and tank top. Her face hadn’t quite lost its baby softness, but had full red lips that made her look positively voluptuous and her eyes – well, you could get lost in her eyes if she just glanced at you. Chocolate pools with flecks of honey is too inadequate a description. Short brown hair complemented everything else.

I was living at home and working at the bookstore; it was OK there, but I wasn’t sure if I would stay there or not. I don’t need much to make me happy, a few of my friends from public school and I hang around and play make-up softball games, go down to the local watering hole now and again, get lucky once in a while, toke it up, play video games and read. Not much of an existence, huh? Like I said, I don’t need much to make me happy. Anyway, when Lauren came by that Thanksgiving, it changed things forever.

When my aunt arrived the day before Thanksgiving, we had the usual hugs and kisses. My mom, Janice, hadn’t seen her sister Carol for at least four years and my dad, Bernie, had always gotten along well with Carol and my uncle, Jack, who I was named for, until Jack died five years ago. I hugged my Aunt Carol and she kissed me on the cheek – and then I hugged Lauren. It was kind of awkward because of the seven year difference in our ages, but I held her to me with our heads on each other’s shoulder, and then she turned her head slightly and stuck her tongue in my ear. I was so surprised I pushed her away suddenly – enough for my aunt to notice. Lauren just looked at me blankly as if nothing had happened and nobody else had seen anything out of the ordinary. We all went into the living room to watch some football and my younger sister Karen, who was just one month eighteen and legal, brought in some drinks. I had to go down to the bookstore to get my pay so I didn’t have one. My mom suggested I take Lauren with me to show her the town while I was out.

Lauren smiled (a little wickedly, I thought) and said, “sure, I’d like to go.”

So we hopped in my dad’s old Mustang and headed down to the bookstore. Shelby isn’t a big town, but it isn’t a hole-in the-wall either, and it took us fifteen minutes to get to the bookstore. On the way there I asked Lauren where she learned to do grownup stuff like sticking a tongue in someone’s ear. She told me a boy she liked had kissed her in the park and then he kissed her on the cheek and moved to her ear and stuck his tongue in it. She had backed away and told him he was gross, but she had felt a slight tingling in her nipples and a tightening in her groin. She then kissed him on the mouth and slipped her tongue inside, just like she had seen people do it in the movies, and it was his turn to be startled. They both liked the sensation and continued kissing; she let him put his hand on her breast and it really tingled, she said. When he put his hand on her crotch, her muscles down there tightened further and she felt tingly all over, so much so, she got scared and brushed his hands away. He was so taken aback by this, she felt sorry for him and said they could kiss some more. When they started kissing again, she put her hand on his crotch and was surprised at the hard bulge in his pants. She held her hand there and rubbed the bulge for a second or so; all a sudden, he jumped up and doubled over. She didn’t know what had happened; she wondered what he’d done to hurt himself. He straightened up and walked around a bit and she saw he had peed his pants. He noticed the stain as well and yelped and ran off. When she saw him again at school, he said he was sorry he ran off, but he had been so embarrassed. She said it was OK; accidents did happen. But she did think it was strange that kissing a girl would make a boy pee himself.

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At this point I asked her if she had talked to her mum or her girlfriends about this and she said she didn’t have any real close friends at school and of course she couldn’t talk to her mother about this kind of thing. So I asked her if she had any sex ed classes to explain these things and she said the classes she took were co-ed and nobody explained hardly anything in front of boys and girls together. But she bet I could explain everything and put a hand on my crotch as we were tooling down the road doing sixty. Much to my chagrin, I got hard real quick, but couldn’t take my hands off the wheel, so I pulled over. When we stopped, Lauren got up on the seat and started kissing me and slipped her tongue inside me, kissing so urgently I couldn’t react at first until I pushed her away a few seconds later.

“I wanted to do that since I first saw you today.” She said. “You’re so much nicer looking than Harold”.

“Yeah. And about ten years older”, I added.

“You’re only seven years older than me”, she retorted. “My dad was seven years older than my mom.”

“And they got married when your mom was twenty two.”

“Anyway, you liked it when I kissed you and you got a hard bulge in your pants. Are you going to pee yourself too?”

“Listen! My cock might have no conscience, but my brain does, and this isn’t going to happen between us. OK!”

“All I wanted to do was kiss you and get all tingly like I did with Harold. It’s just that I wanted to do it with you more”, she said petulantly.

“Listen”, I said. “I did like that kiss, but you just have to find a boy your own age to do it with. And don’t rush into anything, OK. You might get hurt.”

“I’ll think about it”, she said, and turned away from me.

We continued on into town and I picked up my pay and took her to the restaurant to buy her a milkshake. She didn’t talk much and the ride home was definitely frosty.

When we got home, she ran into the house ahead of me and up into Karen’s room which she was sharing. I watched the rest of the football game with everybody, but I was wondering what she was thinking up there. When she came down for supper, she seemed to be her old self. She even caught my eye a couple of times and smiled – with that wicked little gleam in her eye.

After supper we all played Trivial Pursuit and I was amazed at how much Lauren knew. She was answering with the best of us. What a precocious kid! After a few games, most of us went to bed; my dad stayed up to watch the news.

I had a hard time getting to sleep. I kept thinking about kissing Lauren in the car. She was right; I had enjoyed it. Maybe too much. About one o’clock, I heard Lauren get up and go to the washroom. I thought about what she might be wearing, probably something flimsy, maybe nothing. I got hard instantly, just thinking about it. After she went back to her room, I went to the washroom and splashed cold water on myself.

I dozed off about two o’clock and drifted into a dream about Lauren; we were in the car again and were kissing, only this time I didn’t stop her. She put her hand down to my bulging crotch and rubbed it gently. My pants ripped open and she was stroking my cock gently. It was so real; I had never had a wet dream before. I started jerking off too early, the guys said. I wanted to enjoy it further.

“Wrap your lips around it”, I said, as my clothes vanished altogether.

“Of course”, she murmured. And deep-throated me expertly.

After about half a dozen strokes I shot what seemed a gallon of cum and she slurped down every drop. When she finished, I looked up at her and realized – I was looking up at her. She had sneaked into my room and given me the blow job of my dreams – literally. She just sat up on the bed grinning like a Cheshire cat. She was wearing something flimsy and I could see her pert little breasts with their rock hard nipples through the fabric. She stood up and pulled it off, then leaned over and kissed me. I got erect again.

“Ooh Jack”, she cooed. “Cold water didn’t do much for you. I think it’s only fair if you reciprocate.”

“Huh. What”‘ I mumbled.

She climbed on the bed straddling me. She lifted up my head and put the other pillow behind my head. As she was doing this her cute little tits brushed my face and I licked her left nipple.

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“What a nice tongue you have, Jack. Here. Put it to good use.”

And then she moved up to stick her quite well developed bush in my face; she arched over backwards to raise it further. The heady odors of piss, sweat and cunt juice made me dizzy, but I burrowed my tongue in it as far as I could and worked away. She moaned, but it came out more like a gargle, her head was so far back. I licked her button of a clit and felt it shrink away as she started a deep moan. She practically smothered me as her thrusting body forced my face into the soft flesh of her fuzzy twat, all the while moaning this deep moan of feral pleasure. Then she relaxed and fell backward, her cheek brushing my cock. She turned her head and gave the shaft a playful bite.

“Ready for action again, Jack?” She asked, as she rearranged herself to lie on top of me.

Then she was kissing me intensely and almost sucking my tongue out of my throat. She’d obviously done more than pat Harold’s bulge and make him “pee his pants.” She got on her knees, grabbed my dick and deftly inserted it up her cunt. She started grinding away and soon I was in perfect synch with her; wherever she led, I followed. All the while, she caressed my face with her lips; my cheeks, lips, ears. Then she arched her back and brushed my face with her hard nippled tits. All the while we were building up to this crescendo of passion. It finally released and rocked both our bodies with pure pleasure. As it happened she kissed me hard again. If she hadn’t I would have woken the whole neighbourhood with the yell I would have let out. As it was, we almost bruised our lips from the kiss.

We lay there for a short period, not saying a word.

“My God! What if your mother finds out?”

“Oh. But Mother will find out,” she said cryptically.

Then she gave me a peck on the mouth, picked up her nightgown and silently left my room. What the Hell did she mean by that? I just lay there, more confused than ever, my mind working overtime. I soon drifted off to sleep, though, tired as I was. I had a ton of questions for Lauren, but they would have to wait until tomorrow.