Last Cold Call of the Day Sex stories

It was a hot, very hot July week, well past my lunch hour, and still no sales. I had been working my “cold call” list for more then five days, and these leads were indeed cold. Most of the names had come from persons flipping through a magazine, who for some strange reason were compelled to pulled out an inquire card. Knowing full well that they would not purchase a life insurance policy, but still compelled to mail it to my company. But regardless each one had to be followed up in person — company policy. As I pulled up to the mail box and read off the name Cassandra Wittenhouse, 4730 State Route 33, I checked by rear view mirror one last time, before making the left turn into the drive.

The gravel drive curved up from the main road and gentle turned toward the left, as it wound back behind the two story prairie style home. The drive was protected by two rows of gigantic maples that stood silent sentry along the drive and surrounding the house and the red brick two car garage that loomed just off to the right. Having brought the car to a halt I stepped out of the car, leaving the cool sanctuary of the air conditioned atmosphere of the car. Already I was starting to sweat.

I made one last check on the name to keep it fresh in my mind, I opened the back door and retrieved my brief case. Upon turning toward the back door, I drank in the hot humid air. It was in the nineties according to the radio, but back under those maples it was just hot, sticky, and heavy. I felt like I had walked into a sonata with my suit on. Already I was a maze of wrinkles and crumpled folds.

Slowly walking up the stone path, I had no energy, nor desire to once more try and convince someone of the value and need of life insurance, but then there were the bills. Just as I reached the steps to the stone porch, I heard a soft gentle voice from the lawn.

“May I help you?” Turning toward the voice, I saw a young woman stretched out on a lounge in the bright hot afternoon sun, slowly cooking her already amber brown skin to a deeper richer color of cordovan. I smiled and walked over toward her. Her long slender legs had such a gentle curve to them that one was instantly drawn to them. Their long graceful assent to the firm round buttocks with its sensuous mound covered by the small multicolored bikini. Which did little to cover more then the absolute necessary for community demean. Trying to keep my eyes locked on her face and not to look so obviously at her more then ample breast. There they were not large, but more then average. The soft silken skin heaved up by the bikini top accented the fullness of her globes and formed the most bewitch cleavage. Yet in my mind I wondered how so little could control and maintain so much. She turned and lifted her body up on her elbow so that her head was resting on her hand. Her right leg curved gracefully over her left for balance. Much to my displeasure the soft triangular mound in her bikini was soon out of sight. To be replaced by the sight of those long sensuous legs that seem to be grossly out of proportion with the rest of her body. Even “Barbie” would have been envious of these legs. These long golden limbs of firm muscled, that carried the smoothness of her line, like that of a dancer.

“Hello, I am Vaughin Svenbjorn. Are you Ms. Cassandra Wittenhouse? Apparently you sent a request card in to my company requesting information on whole life insurance.”

“Oh, yes. I sent that about two weeks ago. Please draw up a chair. You don’t mind setting out here do you?” Her dark eyes locked onto mine, and I was drawn to her face despite my male hormones telling me to look at her… On it was more that a normal man should be forced to suffer. The raven black hair draped down over the hand that was supporting her head, while her right hand reached out to except my business card. Her eyes left mine only long enough to scan the card and then return. The long slender fingers were perfect. Not a wrinkle or blemish. The nails were finished in a fire engine red polish, and the golden rings were paled in comparison to her lovely hands.


“Please explain to me how this whole life insurance is a benefit to me?”

For the next ten minutes we talked about her family and her job. As she spoke I wrote out a fact finder sheet that was designed to provide a good history of her finical, physical, and mental health. Only occasionally would she stop me for a question. Each time I looked up from my form, my eyes almost like a sidewinder missile locked on to her cleavage and the soft curve of her breast. The firm flesh rolled out from the restraints of the fabric and seem to defy the laws of gravity. Then forcing myself to look at her face. Not that her face was objectionable, on the contrary this was a beautiful woman. I judged her to be above average in height, with a light slender figure that seem to flow with such consistency, that even the hour glass of old were envious.

Finally as I summarized the ten positives of life insurance. She then swing her legs up and raised herself up to face me. Was it my imagination, or had her nipples harden? The two sharp protrusions from beneath the soft cotton material top, seem to have lengthen. Her breast were swollen and firm. The normally olive skin seem to be accented by a show of pale colored skin creeping out from the formerly contained cups.

Then without further conversation she knelt down on her knees before me and with those beautiful nimble fingers reached out and opened my belt and my zipper. This beautiful women with full firm breast and an ass that looked like paradise waiting. Those long golden legs, kept calling me to enter into their snare. Then her red nails slipped beneath my shorts and withdrew my cock. Although not fully aroused, the shaft was semi-hard. Having been circumscribed the head was graceful and smoothly formed. As her hand glided over the baby soft skin, a devilish smile crossed her lips. Already my mind was numb, with all the response being received from the nerves, resting beneath that throbbing member. No longer limp, but firm and growing. She lowered her head to my cock and softly kissed just the tip of the head. Then looked up into my face, which must have telegraphed the pleasure I was feeling, because her smile grew to one of bewitching size and impishness. No one would ever believe me. This incredible women was going down on me and she did even know me. Oh, what a feeling. Her mouth was as hot at the sun beating down upon us, I though she would cook the shin from my cock with ever stroke.

Slowly her tongue snaked out from between the brazen lips and stroked my throbbing shaft as her one hand slowly stroked the shaft, the other was cradling my testicles. As her lips enclosed first the head and then with each stroke a little more of the shaft until her lips were fully pressing against the base of the shaft. The head was being sucked with such suction action that I might have though that my cock was in a vacuum sweeper. With each stroke I could feel the head press into the back of her mouth and into her throat. As my hips began to move in time with her head we seem to become one in motion and speed. My cock continued to swell as I could feel the sperm load forming up in my lower testicles, that were being knitted with increasing speed and force. Finally with out sufficient warning the congealed fluid passed up through the shaft and out of the head and deep into her hot wet mouth. Never stopping or missing a stroke she continued to suck and pump my already withering cock into her ruby red lips until I was dry of all my seed. Finally limb and without strength in my body I slumped back into the chair. She sat up on the lounge again. Slowly licking her fingers of the last of my juices. Her left hand cuddled her breast and gave them each a gentle squeeze. “My that was good.”

Then she stood up. There towering over me was this Amazon goddess. Her pubic mound only inches from my face, was dark with moisture upon the fabric of her bottom. I could even smell the desire between her legs from were I sat.

“Well, I guess we should go inside to fill out the paper work so I can get that insurance. You well — deliver the policy when it come, won’t you?”

“Yes, Oh, yes.”

“Good.” she purred, “Let’s go in side now.