Lesson in Biology Teen sex stories

So far, a month has gone by and thanks to Mark, Ebony’s grades have gone up in nearly all of her classes. The coach has already told her that she has made the cheerleading squad and that she will be given her first practice in another week. Why shouldn’t she become a cheerleader for her high school? She has a great body of 36C-24-36, beautiful black hair down below her shoulders, firm legs, and at 5’4, she only weighs about 110. “I have all of the assets to being a great cheerleader,” she thought as she rode the school bus home one evening. She hoped to get home soon enough to fix herself something to eat and get a little rest before Mark drops by for the tutoring session that he has with her every other day of the week.

Ebony was home and sound asleep when she heard a pounding on the door.

She woke up and looked at the clock. “Damn, 7 o’clock. That must be Mark,” she said. Ebony got home, fixed herself a sandwich, and quickly got out of her school uniform before lying down for a nap. Despite her attire of an oversized T-shirt that she usually sleeps in, she ran to open the door.

After opening the door, she saw that Mark was dressed a bit casual, as well.

There Mark stood on her doorsteps wearing a pair of cutoff Jean shorts and a tank top. He was very sweaty from playing basketball. She laughed and allowed him to enter. “What were you doing just now,” he asked, “I’ve been knocking for about 10 minutes.”

“I’m sorry, Mark,” she replied, “I was asleep.” Mark looked Ebony up and down and admired her beautiful body in her sleeping clothes. Realizing her attire, Ebony said, “I’m sorry, let me change into something more appropriate.”

“No,” Mark said, “I don’t mind what you’re wearing. It’s your mind that matters and I’m here to help you with school, not your clothes.” This was because he was truly enjoying the view. The T-shirt that she wore stopped at nearly the top of her thighs and he could see that she was wearing no bra to hold her lovely black breasts from jiggling as she walked.

“Okay then, let’s get started,” she said, “my Mom is at work and we have a few hours to study.”

“Okay, what do you want to start with tonight?”

“Well, we can start with Math, then English, and do the Biology last. Let’s study in the bedroom. That way, I can listen to the stereo in my room.”

Ebony began feeling comfortable around Mark after a week. After all, she figured that with them being of different race, nothing much could happen between them.

An hour had gone by and Mark began observing Ebony more as she read an essay from her English book. Ebony sat on her bed with one leg bent under her and the other stretched out in front of her. “Damn,” Mark thought to himself, “she has some beautiful black legs.” He felt an erection forming in his shorts and tried in vain to reposition himself on the bed. He tried sitting and lying down but, eventually, the purple head of his cock would began sneaking out of the leg of his shorts. The melody of the music that Ebony was playing didn’t help the matter any neither. It was mostly soft, jazzy music on the stereo. So he suggested to Ebony to start on the last study. He figured that it would move everything along quicker and he could go home and masturbate at the thought of Ebony and her body. Just as Ebony lowered the English book to the bed, Mark grabbed it and placed it in front of his groin so as to hide his erection. “So what chapter are you studying in Biology, Ebony?” Mark asked. Ebony showed Mark the page that she was reading from to reveal the human anatomy.

“The reproductive system of man and woman,” she said as she blushed. This was too much for Mark to take. He began to inquire of Ebony’s interest in the subject. “So what do you know about the reproductive system, so far?” he asked.

“It’s interesting, I guess,” she replied.

He turned to the page of an animated view of the male penis and asked her, “Have you ever seen one of these before?”

She blushed and said, “Not really. My last boyfriend and I had sex but it was too dark to see his penis and the sex lasted for about five minutes. All that I know is that it wasn’t half bad.”

“Would you like to see one in real life then? Her face went from blushing to shocked as Mark removed the book from his groin and revealed his erection. Ebony could see almost half of his cock jerking up and down on the side of his thigh and sliding out the leg of his shorts.

“You can touch it if you like” Curiously, Ebony moved all of her books off of her bed and placed her soft, young hand on Mark’s cock. It felt hard and warm to her. She slid more of Mark’s shorts up to expose more of his cock. “Here, let me help,” Mark said as he slid his shorts off and tossed them to the floor. Then Ebony wrapped her soft, young hands around it and stroked slowly.

“So, what do you think?” he asked.

“It’s big and hard and feels hot.”

“That’s what you did, you know. That’s what happened when I saw you dressed like that. Girl, you look so good.”

Ebony turned her visual attention from Mark’s cock and looked into Mark’s eyes. Without saying anything more, Mark grabbed the back of Ebony’s head and pulled her to him. He kissed her passionately and her tongue entered his mouth. As they kissed, Ebony’s grip got tighter and her strokes got faster.

She was very good at what she was doing, though it was her first time touching and seeing a cock. Mark reached for Ebony’s breasts and squeezed her firm breast through her shirt. This excited Ebony even more and she jerked his cock even faster. That was too much for Mark to handle. His cock got harder, his balls tightened up and Mark broke the kiss. “Fuck Ebony, you’re making me cum,” he moaned loudly. With that, he let loose his cum.

He shot cum straight up into the air. A lot of his cum landed in Ebony’s hand and most of the rest got on her thighs. Ebony laughed and excused herself into the bathroom. She returned with a bath towel and began wiping her hand and thigh. Then she laid on the bed and took Mark’s flaccid cock in one hand and wiped it clean with the towel in the other hand. After she had finished wiping his cock, she continued to pretend to wipe it so that she can admire it. She thought that it looked so clean and white and, after that ordeal, helpless. She then threw the towel to the floor and laid next to Mark with a smirk on her face.

“What’s with the smirk?” he asked.

“I like the way I finished you off like that.”

“Oh, you think?” Mark replied. Then he leaned over and begin kissing Ebony’s sweet thick lips again. They kissed passionately and Mark slid his hand up Ebony’s shirt to feel her bare breast in his hand. Just the feel of it began waking his cock up again. As far as Ebony was concerned, she had finished him off and he couldn’t do too much anymore. Mark raised Ebony’s shirt and then lowered his head to her breast. He sucked her breasts and nipples as Ebony ran her fingers through his hair. She was enjoying the feel of his tongue on her nipples. He raised her shirt up to her neck and Ebony raised her head to remove it the rest of the way off. As he continued sucking her nipples, he slid his hand down into her panties. The feel of his roving hand made Ebony breathe a lot harder. Mark slid his hand all the way to Ebony’s pussy and learned that she was very wet. He began playing with her clitoris with his index finger and thumb. This got Ebony extremely hot.

He kept doing it until he could hear Ebony moaning slightly as she breathed.

Then Mark ceased the sucking of her breast and removed his hand from her panties. He could tell that Ebony had cum at least 3 times already from the heavy breathing that she had done. He slid her panties down to her feet and removed them.

“What are you doing, Mark?” she asked, “You’re soft now.” Mark said nothing. He returned to her sexy, soft full lips and kissed her. He laid his body on hers and they ran their tongues into one another’s mouth with extreme passion. Then Mark raised his hips off of hers and grabbed his hard cock. Ebony felt Mark rubbing her slit but thought that it was his hand. It was Mark guiding his fully erected cock to Ebony sweet young pussy. Then he found what he had been searching for. As Mark began pushing his cock into Ebony, she broke the kiss with a hiss. It was as if all her breath had been removed from her lungs. Mark continued pushing his cock in and Ebony threw her head back and moaned. One more push of his hips and Mark had his cock all the way into Ebony’s sweet, young, tight pussy. She felt so hot inside, he thought. After he managed to sink all of his cock into his tutor client’s pussy, he began pumping it in and out slowly. Ebony kept moaning and breathing hard and gyrating her hips to receive more of him.

“Mark, we should be studying. Why are you doing this?” Ebony asked, despite her participation.

“Do you want me to stop then, Ebony?” Ebony looked into his blue eyes and she could feel herself cumming. She would cum more and more as she looked into his eyes and could feel him pump his stiff, white cock into her tight, black pussy. She had always thought that Mark had beautiful eyes. But now she felt as though she had been hypnotized by his blue eyes and possessed by his cock. She closed her eyes in ecstacy and whispered to him, “No, don’t stop. Oh God, don’t stop.”

“Well, what do you want me to do, Ebony? He asked.

“Fuck me. Damn, fuck me. Fuck me with that hard white cock of yours,” she moaned. Mark continued to pump in and out with long and slow strokes. He raised his body off of hers to allow her to breath easier. He looked down at Ebony and noticed that she was a very beautiful young lady. Her face looked so sexy as he can see her cumming. She just laid there with her mouth open and her eyes closed and breathing out every time he push his cock into her pussy. Then he looked down and saw her beautiful, full breasts bouncing up and down every time he pumped in and out of her pussy. She had such nice size breasts and it made his cock get even harder and expanded. He could feel the cum boiling up into his hardened balls. The sight of this beautiful young lady cumming as he fucked her was more than he could take. Mark began pumping faster and faster, running his cock in and out of her tight pussy. Then Ebony opened her eyes and moaned louder. “Oh, Mark. I don’t know what’s happening to me. Shit. I feel something in my legs,” she yelled out. Mark increased the intensity. Ebony threw her head back again and Mark saw her eyes go back as well. All that he could see was the whites of Ebony’s eyes.

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Mark could feel the insides to Ebony’s pussy pulsating on his cock. He knew that she was having her first orgasm. He held her legs up in the air and continued to piston his stiff cock into Ebony at rapid speed. It was too much for him watching Ebony cumming and the sight of her beautiful breasts bouncing across her chest as he fucked her. Then it happened. Mark gave his cock one last pump and let loose of, what felt like, a gallon worth of cum.

He had his cock all the way into Ebony’s tight pussy as he continued to cum.

“Oh God, Mark. What are you doing to me? Ebony shouted as she felt another orgasm coming. She wrapped her hands around his neck and her legs around his back and pushed up against him every time he pushed his cock into her. His cock jerked inside of Ebony and spurted at least 4 times before finally going soft. Then Mark opened his eyes to find Ebony lying beneath him, looking just as beautiful as before and still breathing as if she had just finished an hour long cheerleading routine. Both were sweaty and tired. Mark collapsed next to Ebony and kissed her on the forehead. Ebony could still feel the numbness in her legs from the orgasms.

“Is this how you treat all of the girls that you tutor?” Ebony asked.

“No, only the cheerleader types who get good grades,” Mark replied with a laugh. They laughed together.

“Now that my grades have picked up, is this the last time that I’ll see you?” Ebony asked with a pout.

“No, not really. We got to finish your tutoring in the Biology lessons,” Mark replied with a smile. Then they kissed passionately again and rested before Ebony’s Mom got home.

The tutoring continued, as planned, but Ebony’s Mom never understood why Mark no longer charged her a fee. She didn’t ask neither. Considering the fact that Ebony had good grades and seemed to always be happy after every tutoring session.