Lewd Voicemail from your little sister Audio sex stories

I really liked making this recording, in fact I’ve listened to it a couple of times just for fun. Someone requested that I do a recording as if I were leaving a voicemail for my older brother, teasing him mercilessly as I played with my little underage pussy and how much I wished he was there because mom and dad weren’t home.  So I sort of took that premise and ran with it, and I think she turned out to be a very naughty little cocktease. Imagine getting a voicemail like this from your sister while you’re out with your friends, and trying not to pop a huge boner! Want to hear more like this? Send me a message!


  • Posted: 23 August 2019 07:34


    OMG! This audio is Sexy as Fuck! ! Freakn soooo authentic and clever and SEXY!! I find the recordings that are the most believable are the best ones! Whoever you are that acted this one out.....You Are sexy.....I love your kinky mind to come up with this stuff! U Are OG! 100%. (I'd love to see some of these audios acted out on video. However, audio does leave moor to imagination now though doesn't It? ) I know u prob get sick of being asked but It would be cool to Prvt mess. with u sometime!
  • Posted: 4 September 2019 17:54


    Very good stories. Please write mother and son sex storiez
  • Posted: 5 September 2019 01:06


    :) Ok.