Little Danielle Erotic stories

Little Danielle is a girl that I’ll always want. I don’t know where she is now but I still think about her. I wish I could run into her. I’d love to try to seduce her. I’d love to try to make her my girlfriend. I’ll probably never see her again though. I got luck like that.

I remember the first time I saw Danielle. She came over to my house with my sister. She must have just finished soccer practice because she had soccer cleats and shorts and shirt on. She looked like she had been sweating and her skin was flushed. Despite her tomboy appearance, she oozed sexual attraction.

I remember this first encounter because the second I laid my eyes on her, my mind rushed into a panic with the thought that if I didn’t get this girl, I would literally go insane. Her presence overwhelmed me with lust and I never remember a girl ever having that kind of immediate physical effect on me. Danielle had the sexiest legs, sandy brown hair and brown eyes, and nice cheekbones. She also had really nice tits that I wanted to suck immediately. She also had the cutest ass I have ever seen. I wanted to lick her like an ice cream cone. If it had been socially acceptable, I would have ripped her clothes off and taken her right there.

Danielle became good friends with my sister. She was over at my house a lot. Every time she came over, I couldn’t get her out of my mind. When she was around she had me hypnotized. Of course, I was always shy, so I tried not to show it. I felt like a bubble about to burst. To make things worse, she was a horrible tease. She always had something sexy on. It seemed like she was always wearing soccer shorts. She’d wear these worn black soccer shorts that were slightly see through. It wasn’t fair. Because of Danielle I developed a fetish for soccer shorts. I can see an ugly girl in soccer shorts like those and I’m drooling like one of Pavlov’s dogs. When she was around she’d tease me and I’d tease her back. Sometimes we’d end up wrestling. I’d always try to grab her shorts and rip them off but she’d tie them tight and end up with rope burns around her waist. I’d pin her to the floor and it would feel like high voltage running through my body. I’d have to get off of her or I’d end up accidentally molesting her.

I remember one time I was laying on the couch on my stomach in a room full of my friends. Danielle came in and jumped on the couch on the back of my legs sitting on them. I could feel her legs and ass press against me. She settled down and I could feel her pussy against me. I was lying on my stomach on the couch and I started to get hard. After about five minutes she left. I remained in a room full of my friends with a raging hard on. She drove me crazy.

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One night I got her though. All my prayers were answered. I had a party when my parents left town and I had my friends over. My little sister, monkey see monkey do, also wanted to have her friends over. We got a keg of beer, this being high school, and proceeded to get drunk. Sexy Danielle was there. She had on a red shirt and a white pair of shorts that I’ll never forget as long as I live. It was a dream to get inside those shorts. And sometimes dreams come true.

She was teasing me all night. Then she disappeared. I continued to drink, wondering where she was. My friends and my sister’s friends all got drunk. Most of my sister’s friends started throwing up. It was like they all had throw up timers and they all went off at once. One of them went upstairs to my parent’s bathroom. I followed her with one of my friends to check on her. On the way I discovered Danielle in my bed. I told my friend to go on and went in to check on her. She was lying splayed all over the waterbed.

Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was seeing that body in sheer soccer shorts on a regular basis. Probably it was just pent-up lust, but I had to have this girl. I jumped on her and pressed my mouth against hers. My tongue entered her mouth and something snapped. Once I tasted her I had no chance to resist her. I remember for the first time running my hands all over her perfect body the way I always wanted to, losing all my inhibitions. I remember feeling my hands pressed against her ribs, against her tits, against that perfect ass. I remember finally getting to lick her stomach, her belly button, and the small of her back. I remember how perfectly she kissed me back. I remember staring into her eyes and panting, a raging hard-on pressing against my jeans. I remember realizing the animal attraction I felt for her being returned. And then I remember doing something crazy, something that only my lust for her could bring out. I had a fake pair of handcuffs hanging from the light on my bed as a joke. I remember flipping her over and snapping them on. She could have gotten out of them if she wanted. I would have stopped if she protested. She didn’t.

I remember whispering in her ear, “Danielle, you’re the only girl I would handcuff just so I could suck on your toes.”

I pulled off her socks and sucked on her toes. She lay there with her ass in the air and her legs spread, unable to move. I started with the big toe on her left foot and moved to the smaller ones. Some people might think that this is gross. But it wasn’t. Her little toes tasted amazing. I sucked every bit of dirt and sweat from them like a delicacy. Then I licked the bottom of her feet. Slowly I moved up the back of her legs. I wanted to enjoy every inch of this sexy little girl. I felt like I had earned it. As I reached the back of her upper thigh, I pushed her shirt up to her shoulders. Her perfect ass in her heavenly white shorts was right in front of my face and it was intoxicating. Her back was muscular and sculpted. I began licking the small of her back, enjoying the taste, as I reached around her and unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. The shorts slacked around her ass and I pulled them down to see the top of her ass. This is when I heard the first of many deep and satisfying moans from Danielle. As if it wasn’t enough that she looked so good, she sounded amazing too.

At this point I could take it no more and grabbed the seat of her shorts in one hand and yanked them with one motion down her legs. Her ass was presented for me like a turkey on a table. I dug in. I licked it up and down. I kissed it. I bit it. I drooled on her. I even spread it open and licked it. I didn’t care. I was going to fulfill every fantasy I’d ever had about this girl. When you have Little Danielle hand cuffed and bare-ass naked on your bed, you have to let your inhibitions run free.

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At this point I grabbed her ankles and flipped her on her back. Her face was flush and I started kissing her and we clicked, exchanging spit and moans. Her tongue was so athletic and I was in love with her mouth. I will NEVER forget the taste of her mouth and her spit. I continued hungrily for new places on her body to explore. I grabbed the front of her shirt and pulled it up over her tits and sucked on them. Her nipples were so pink and hard. I could tell she was excited and immediately I wanted to taste how excited she was. After licking her stomach again, I grabbed both her upper thighs and held them apart in my hands. Hand cuffed and spread, her pussy was perfect. She had just the right amount of hair and her lips were red and swollen. She was so wet. At that point, eating her out was not a conscious decision. It was instinct to want to taste her there. And it tasted so good. Mmmmmm. Her crotch was better than any fancy dinner I’ve ever had. She was hot and wet and steamy and sloppy and she started to moan again and something in my mind shut off and all I could think about was making out with her soaking little hole. It was like, even though she was handcuffed and naked except for a red shirt, she had this power over me that reduced me to a single desire to drink every little bit of girl cum out of her that she could muster. And the fragrant girl cum kept cumming. Her moans had increased, and every once in awhile she’d make a sound like a little baby makes when it wants its bottle. When her moans started uncontrollably, I stuck the tip of my middle finger up her ass and felt her contract in heated excitement. She was so lovely.

Not giving her a second to gather her thoughts, I flipped her back on to her knees with her face pressed into my bed and that ass in the air. I grabbed the back of her shirt and pulled her up whispering in her ear, “This is for teasing me for so long.” With that I smacked her ass hard three times. She let out a groan and I let her face fall into one of my pillows. Then I unzipped my pants and positioned myself behind her. I felt like I was dreaming as I pressed my dick against her pussy. I wanted this girl with a lust stronger than the fire of a thousand suns. She was so wet as I slid in. She started moaning and whimpering like a little girl. Our bodies clicked perfectly. I’d pull out and she’d meet me when I thrust into her. The smell and heat of her body was overwhelming. Her pussy was perfect. As I ran my tongue up the back of her neck, inhaling the sweet smell of her hair, I came so long and so hard and so deep inside of her. I collapsed on top of her, barely summoning the strength to unlock her cuffs. We lay together on my bed and talked and held each other. I wanted to know every thing about her. I wanted to know all her dirty secrets. I wanted to spend every night with her. After talking for an hour and a half we laid together holding hands in silence.

Then she asked me, “Can I try handcuffing you?”