Little Sister’s Helping Hand: A Family Love Fantasy

My sister Cathy is a only a year younger than I and is a year behind me in school. Because we are so near the same age, we have always been very close to each other, confiding our secrets and presenting a united front in our relations with other people. I’ve always been the protective big brother, and she has been the supportive, adoring little sister. We respect each other’s ideas and thoughts and depend on each other for advice and support.

This has been particularly true with respect to my dating. Because Cathy is either a friend or a classmate of almost every girl I date, she is able to give me advice and fill me in on almost all of them. Since Cathy and I don’t have secrets from each other, she knows me well enough to guess that my primary interest is in what a girl has between her legs rather than between her ears. Much of her advice and wisdom is thus about how far girls will go. I am often surprised by the extent of Cathy’s knowledge, especially since she very seldom dates and is by her own admittance still a virgin.

Cathy warned me that the girl I had lined up for a Friday date was strictly a prick tease–that she had a reputation for letting a boy feel everything she had but not giving a thing in return, not even a hand-job. She was a real fox, though, and I was egotistical enough to believe I could succeed where others had failed.

Cathy was right about the girl. After I had taken her out to the lake and parked, in hardly any time I had her bra off and my lips on her nipples. She moaned and writhed in pleasure from my stimulation of her big white boobs. Before long I had my hand under her skirt and between her legs, fingers under her panties and running up and down her slit. She was all wet between her legs so I knew she was responding to my finger work. I tried to pull her panties down, but she resisted, shaking her head and saying she didn’t go that far.

By this time I was in bad shape–hard-on throbbing and balls aching to release their pent-up load. I took the girl’s hand and put in on top of my throbbing cock. She just left her hand there, totally inert, and didn’t do a thing with it. I told her I was hurting real bad and asked her to give me hand-job to relieve my ache. She shook her head again and told me she just couldn’t touch my “nasty old thing.”

Well, I was more than just a little disappointed–I was thoroughly pissed off. My cock and balls were aching and needed relief badly, and she wouldn’t help me at all. I just started up the car and headed for the girl’s house. All I wanted to do was get her to her house and me back to my house so I could give myself a nice slow hand-job and get rid of the ache between my legs. She quickly rearranged her clothes back to where they should be and seemed relieved that her ordeal was over. What a tease, I thought. I decided that from then on I’d listen when Cathy tells me a girl is just a tease.

When I walked into my house, Cathy was still up. Our parents had already gone to bed, but she was sitting up watching TV. She gotten herself ready for bed and was wearing a pair of baby-doll pajamas. When I looked at her dressed like that, I realized that Cathy was growing up to be a beautiful girl. She was blossoming into womanhood and filled out the top of her pajamas very nicely. Her legs were especially nice, thin and muscular from her work in school athletics. She got up and came over to me when I entered, and whispering so that she wouldn’t wake our parents, she asked how things went on the date. I’m sure she could tell from the look on my face that it had been a complete washout, but because she always took an interest in me, she asked anyway. I grinned, a rueful grin, but nonetheless a grin, and told her about my evening of sexual frustration.

Cathy hugged me in sympathy and I held her close. Whether it was because I was so horny and she looked so nice to me or what, but I held her closer than a brother usually holds a sister. From being so up-close and personal, she had no difficulty learning that I still had a raging hard-on from my unrelieved ache. “Poor Baby,” Cathy said sympathetically, “is that what a tease does to a boy?”

“Yeah,” I responded. “It’s causing me a bad case of stone-ache.”

“What’s stone-ache?” Cathy asked.

“It means my balls ache from getting all hot and bothered,” I explained.

“What does it take to get relief?” Cathy asked.

“Well, getting off is the only way to get relief. Since I didn’t get laid, I guess I’ll have to resort to a hand-job.”

Cathy’s eyes got wide and she said, “You mean masturbate? Get off by doing it to yourself?”

“Yeah,” I said, laughing quietly, “I guess that’s what I mean. Since I couldn’t get a girl to give me a hand-job, I’ll just have to do it myself.”

“Does it feel better if a girl does it?” Cathy asked.

“Oh, yes! But she didn’t come through, so I’m out of luck this evening.”

Cathy said so low that I had to strain to hear her, “I know a girl who will do it for you this evening if you’ll show her how.”

“You do?” I said, surprised. “Who?”

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Cathy put her lips to my ear and whispered, “Me.”

I pushed her out to arms’ length and whispered, “You’d give me a hand-job, Cathy? You really would?”

Cathy smiled shyly and told me that she felt sorry for me since I seemed to be suffering and wanted to try to help me. She said that was the “least thing she could do for her sweet big brother.”

We turned off the TV and all the lights and went to my room. Even though there weren’t any lights on, there was sufficient light from a street light to be able to see fairly clearly. I sat on my bed and took off all my clothes except for my Jockey shorts. They did little to hide my protruding, rock- hard cock as it made a tent out in front. As I slowly pushed my shorts down, Cathy came over and sat down next to me on the bed. I could see her eyes go big as my rigid tool came into view. She gasped a little, and said, “God, I had no idea you were so big. This is the first hard penis I’ve ever seen, and I didn’t know they got so big. I’ve never touched one before, either, so you’ll have to tell me what I’m supposed to do.”

I took Cathy’s hand and showed her how to wrap it around my cock and stroke up and down. She started a gentle up and down movement, and I pushed my hips up to meet each one of her strokes. The whole head of my cock was covered in pre- cum and it glistened in the light coming through the window. Her hand moved up into the juice with each stroke and soon my entire cock was coated in my slick male lubrication. “You’re getting all wet,” Cathy whispered.

“Boys get wet when they’re horny,” I said.

“Then you must really be horny,” Cathy said, smiling, and increasing the length of her strokes.

“Oh, yeah!” I said. “Am I ever. That’s really beginning to feel good.” It was feeling so good, in fact, that I was on the verge of coming. Not just an ordinary come, but a really hard come. Cathy’s hand-job was the best one I had ever had. She might not have known how, but she had learned in a hurry. I also suspected that having my own fox of a little sister give me the hand-job made it much better than it had ever been before. I had just decided that my sister was better looking than any of the girls I had been dating, and having her hand working on my cock, having her sit there in her revealing baby-doll pajamas, made it a special hand-job.

My stomach muscles tightened, my buttocks clenched, and I thrust my cock up into Cathy’s hand. A large spurt of hot sperm shot out and into the air. It landed on my stomach as another spurt went skyward. Soon I was splattered all over my front and Cathy’s hand was drenched from the outpouring of the best orgasm I had ever experienced. I slowly released my breath from having held it throughout my entire explosion. I sighed and my muscles slowly relaxed. “God, Cathy,” I whispered, “that was so good.”

“I can’t believe what a mess we’ve made,” Cathy said, laughing quietly. “I’ll get a towel and clean this up.” Cathy cleaned both she and I and the bed, mopping up globs of come from all over.

While she was still sitting by me on the bed, I said, “Thank you. I don’t know how I can repay for this. I really appreciate it. My stone-ache’s all gone, and I can relax and go to sleep now.”

“Just knowing you liked it is thanks enough,” Cathy whispered. “Besides, it was fun for me, too. I’ll be glad to give you a helping hand any time you need it,” she said, smiling at her own pun.

* * * * * * *

The following Friday night I got home from my date around 11:00 pm and found Cathy waiting up for me. She was dressed in pajamas that were more revealing than the previous week. The tops were semi-transparent, and I could see the shadows of her nipples through them. The bottoms weren’t transparent, but they were so sheer that the bulge of her pubic hair showed very clearly. I had bombed out again on my date and was extremely horny, and seeing her dressed like that only made it worst. I wondered if she would remember her promise from last week and offer to give me another hand-job.

Cathy came up to me and gave me a welcome-home hug. I pushed my hard-on at her so that it was impossible for her to miss it. She dropped her hand to my bulge and gently squeezed. “It looks like brother needs a helping hand again,” she said.

“Oh, God, do I ever!” I whispered. She took my hand and led me up to my room. There, in the just the light from the street, she stripped me and started working on my cock, giving me a glorious hand-job. I opened my eyes and looked down. I saw her hand working on my cock, and then I saw her other hand. It was buried between her own legs, working away in the recesses hidden there. I stopped her hand on my cock and whispered, “Oh, Cathy, I’m so sorry. All I seem to be thinking about is myself. I forgot that you probably get horny, too. Does playing with my cock make you horny?”

“Yes!” Cathy said emphatically. “I had to come off twice last Friday night after I was with you. Just seeing your hard cock and seeing you shoot off made me so horny I couldn’t go to sleep without getting off myself.” She gave me a little grin and said, “I guess girls get their own type of stone-ache, too.”

“Well, fair’s fair. If you get me off, then I’ll get you off. How does that sound?” I asked.

“Okay, but why don’t we do each other at the same time?”

“Yeah, that’s an even better idea,” I said. I pushed her down on the bed and then laid down next to her, so that we were lying on our sides facing each other. I took her top leg and put it on top of my hip, causing her crotch to spread wide open and available to my hand. I put my hand down the top of her pajama bottoms and delved down until I reached the lips of her womanhood. I ran my finger down into the channel, sliding it over the swollen nub of her clitoris. She jerked herself against my hand as I did so, and moaned in pleasure. I dove my fingers down into the hot runnel of her crease, collected a pool of her slick, juicy cream, and brought it up to her pleasure button. Concentrating on that, I worked my hand gently and persistently, determined to give Cathy as good if not better pleasure than she was giving me.

Cathy resumed her ministrations to my cock, masturbating me with gentle up-and-down strokes. We were looking right into each others eyes as we pleasured each other. We worked in silence, except for moans and an occasional “Oh, yes. Oh, so good.” Our orgasms were approaching fast as we both worked harder and faster at each others sexes. “Oh, I’m almost there,” Cathy moaned. “Kiss me while I come. I want to be kissed and come at the same time.”

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Our lips merged together and tongues intertwined. Our mouths were moving on each other as frantically as our hands were moving below. We peaked at the same instant, spasms racking each of us, and gasped and panted into each others mouths. I could feel her hips tighten down on my hand and her labial lips move in little convulsions. My come erupted from my cock, spraying all over Cathy’s front, drenching her pajamas from waist to crotch, and sending streaks of sticky sperm down her thighs. After we came down from our orgasms, Cathy got a towel and tried to clean up our mess. Streaks of come were all over my bed and her pajamas. She cleaned up some, but the rest of it would have to dry. “I’ve got to do something about this next time. I’ll have to have something to catch your come in,” Cathy smiled and whispered to me.

“Thank you, Cathy,” I told her as she was ready to go to her room.

“No, thank you, this time. It was really good for me this time. You’re right, it is better when someone else’s hand does it. ‘night, Jimmy.”

* * * * * * * *

The following Friday came around, and once more I had a date and Cathy didn’t. I didn’t even try to make out on the date, just took the girl to a movie, a hamburger and malt, and then home. I figured that what Cathy and I would do later would be far better than anything that might happen with my date. I was blazing horny, but wanted to wait, recognizing that Cathy was prettier, had a better body, and was far sexier than any of her friends that I might date. Besides, I had the feeling that Cathy had been steering me toward the girls who would turn me down, insuring that I would bring my hard- on home to her rather than get off with my date.

I suspect I was right, because when I walked in the door, Cathy just started walking to my room and waved for me to follow. As soon as we had the door closed, Cathy was all over me, stripping me, rubbing her hands over my chest, and stroking my throbbing, jutting cock. She pushed me on the bed, so that I was on my back, my cock standing up like a drunken flagpole waving around in circles. Until now, Cathy had kept her pajamas on and I was the only one naked. I hadn’t pressed her, even though I longed to see her sexy little body without clothes, thinking she’d take whatever lead she felt comfortable with.

Apparently, now was her lead time. With her back turned toward me, she pulled her pajama tops over her head and let them fall to the floor. Then she lowered her little baby- doll pajama panties, and the cute little round globes of her ass were there in front of me, fully in sight. Slowly, she turned around, showing me all her delightful woman’s treasures–pert little strawberry tipped breasts, the dimple of her navel, the fluffy hair of her pubis, and the slit that came up from her hidden recesses to divide the hairy bush into equal parts. I had never gotten any of my dates naked before and Cathy knew it. She knew she was giving me a treat I had not heretofore enjoyed. She was telling me loud and clear that no matter what I came across on my dates, what she had was far better. My throbbing, dripping cock agreed with her completely.

Cathy crawled up on the bed with me, only instead of face to face, she put her head so that it was in line with my cock and my head in line with her pussy. She reached out and touched my cock lightly with her fingers, stroking the pre- cum down over its sides. She whispered, “You remember that last time I said I was going to have to figure a place to catch your come? Well, I have. Right here.”

With those words, Cathy plunged my cock into her mouth. My God, Cathy’s going to give me a blow job! I thought. The heat of her mouth was so voluptuous, the action of her tongue on my glans so stimulating, I thought I would come at that very instant. To avoid immediate orgasm, I shifted my thoughts away from my pleasure and concentrated on hers. It was obvious what it would be. Not six inches in front of my mouth, Cathy’s wet, glistening pussy awaited. If she could give oral pleasures, then I could more than return the favor. I took her leg and lifted it, moving my face into the cavity between her thighs. She was practically flowing in girl juices, and her female pheromones wafting across into my nostrils just made me that much more aroused. Opening my mouth wide, I moved my tongue all over her vulva–over the clitoris, up and down the lips, down to the rosebud of her secret little anal opening.

Cathy jerked her hips and hunched them against my mouth. So far as I knew, this was the first time she had experienced oral sex and I wanted to make it especially good for her, to make her pleasure even more exciting. Her mouth action on my cock became faster and she gulped down my cock all the way to the base, sucking briefly, and then back out. I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer, and if her action on my cock were an indicator, Cathy, too, was on the edge of her orgasm. My ass clenched and then jerked. My stomach muscles tightened and then jerked. A huge jet of sperm shot out of my cock and into Cathy’s mouth. She gulped and swallowed the entire amount. Shot after shot spurted out, and after that first one, Cathy was no longer able to swallow fast enough– come was leaking out of her lips and dripping down onto the sheets and her boobs.

My orgasm appeared to trigger hers, and she seemed to lose sight of her goal of finding a place for my sperm. Spasms shook her pelvis and she clamped her thighs down tight on my head. I continued to work my mouth on her pussy and clitoris, sending wave after wave of orgasmic energy through her. Although she didn’t bite my cock, she squeezed down on with her mouth and sucked like there was no tomorrow. Her gasps kept her from sucking too long, though, and when she opened her mouth to gasp and pant around my cock, come poured out in a steady stream, drenching the both of us.

Gradually, we both came down from our mutual orgasms. My cock softened and fell out of her mouth. I still worked my tongue gently over her clitoris and little tremors went over her abdomen with each lick. Soon she lifted her leg and rolled over to lay on her back. For several minutes, we both just lay there, too used up to even move. Eventually our breathing slowed to normal, and Cathy sat up and looked down at the scene of our mutual oral pleasurings. “Well, so much for that plan. Just look at the mess we left this time. I’ll have to get busy and get this cleaned up.” After a while, she succeeded. Before she put her pajamas back on and went to her room, Cathy whispered, “Maybe that way didn’t work, but I sure did like it. Didn’t you?”

“Oh God, Yes! That’s the best it’s ever been for me. Next time we’ll just spread a towel under us and not worry about the mess. Okay?”

“Yeah,” she said smiling. She walked over to me and kissed me lightly on the lips before going back to her room. “Good night, Jimmy. And thanks.”

“My pleasure,” I whispered back, in one of the greatest understatements of my life.

* * * * * * *

The following Friday, Cathy had a date and I didn’t. It seemed that every girl I asked had some excuse. I suspected that Cathy had a hand in it, but I had no way of proving it. If she did, then she must have had a reason for it–there must have been some method to her madness. Just in case that was the situation, I talked with the boy Cathy was dating and warned him that if he so much as touched Cathy’s nipples, much less anything worse, I would wipe up the floor with him. If I had to stay home, I wanted Cathy to come home to me the same way she left–horny.

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Sure enough, about 10:30 pm, Cathy’s date brought her home. Since I had threatened mayhem, I guess he thought discretion was the better part and brought her home early, before I could consider that any hanky-panky had occurred. When she came in the door, I could feel the thunder-clouds in the air. “Jimmy, you dirty rat,” Cathy whispered to me, in her best Angie Dickinson voice, “what kind of warnings did you give my date?”

“Who? Me?” I replied, innocence spread completely over my face.

“You know perfectly well who,” she said.

“Well, what did you tell all the girls I might ask for a date tonight?” I counterattacked.

Cathy giggled and said, “I wanted to be sure you’d be home tonight when I got home, just in case, for a change, I needed a helping hand instead of you. You made very sure that I would need lots of help, didn’t you?” I smiled my answer, the truth being evident. Cathy returned my smiled and said, “I guess we’re both dirty rats, aren’t we?”

“Yeah, we’re really something, aren’t we?”

Cathy came right up to me and wrapped both arms around my neck. “I give you a welcome-home hug after your dates. I guess I’ll have to give you one after my dates, too.” She pressed herself to me, and I could feel both her breasts rub against my chest. Her pelvis pushed hard against mine, and I immediately reacted with a hard-on.

I responded by saying, “How about a welcome-home kiss, instead?” Cathy turned her face up to mine and we locked into about the most passionate kiss I’d ever experienced. I broke the kiss and whispered, “Do you need a helping hand?”

By way of an answer, Cathy took my hand and led me to her room. We closed the door behind us and locked it. Cathy then turned to me and said, “I have in mind getting more than a helping hand from you tonight.” Dropping her hand down to my hard-on, she squeezed it and said, “I want to get a helping cock, tonight.” She took my hand, put it on her crotch, and said, “Right here is where I need your cock. I had planned to get laid tonight, but your arrangements got in the way of that. Since you kept my date from laying me tonight, it looks like you’re going to have to be the one to do it.”

“But you’re a virgin,” I said.

“I was planning not to be one after tonight.”

“God, Cathy, you mean you want me to take your cherry?”

“That’s exactly what I mean,” Cathy said. “We’ve already done everything else together, let’s go ahead and finish the job. Jimmy, I’m so hot. Our playing around with each other has made me want to fuck so bad. Right now, I need to have a cock buried deep in my puss, and I can’t think of one I would rather have than yours. How ’bout it? Will you do this for me?”

“Oh, yes, Cathy, yes! You’ve turned into such a fox that every time we’ve played with each other I’ve had visions of fucking you. I’ve wanted to fuck you in the worst sort of way, but didn’t want to move on you because you’re my sister.”

“Well, being brother and sister hasn’t kept us from enjoying ourselves thus far, and I don’t see any reason for it to stop us now. It’s not like I might get pregnant.” Cathy produced a condom from her purse, and said, “This takes the risk out of it.” She dimpled up and gave me an impish grin. “Besides, this should finally give us a place to collect all your sperm and not make a big mess to clean up.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “Just thinking about finally making it with you has made me so hot I feel like I’ll come a whole gallon.”

Cathy kissed me lightly on the lips and said, “Let’s quit thinking about it and start doing it.”

We were out of our clothes and naked in only about a minute. Fully nude, we embraced. My cock nestled between her legs, and she spread her legs apart so that it would rub between her pussy lips. She really was hot–she was soaking wet and her juices covered my cock with their slipperiness. Our mouths locked together, and we kissed sensually, passionate- ly, and long. Our tongues and lips worked at each other similarly to the action that was going on below where we were both working our hips back and forth and around and around. Our hearts were beating faster and both of us were breathing in almost gasps. “Oh, Jimmy, that’s so good! Why haven’t we done this before? Why have we put this off?”

“I don’t know,” I gasped, “but I’m glad we’re not going to put it off any longer.”

“Yeah, me too,” Cathy hoarsely said. “In fact, I can’t put it off one second longer. If you don’t screw me right now I’m going to die. Jimmy, do it right now! Fuck me right now!”

Cathy let go of me and backed up to her bed. When her legs hit the mattress, she laid down on her back, her legs spread apart. I could see where our juices had mingled all along the gaping vulva lips, glistening and running in a flow down into the crack of her ass. Cathy’s body presented to me there, so inviting, so beautiful, was better than anything I had ever encountered on a date. I had been right in holding back and saving myself for her. She was indeed better than any of the other girls.

I opened up the rubber and rolled it down on my cock. Cathy watched the process and said, “Ummm, that looks so good. C’mon, big brother, bring that cock over here to your little sister–she needs it so bad.”

I moved in between Cathy’s widely-spread legs and looked down at the beautiful vision she presented. I recognized that even if she was a female I was lusting after, she was far more than that. She was my little sister, the little sister I loved, the little sister who had so willingly given me a helping hand. I knew that fucking her would be good for me– and I wanted the experience to be even better for her. From that point on, I wanted her to compare this fuck with all the others she would get and think that her best one ever was with me, her loving big brother.

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I dropped my hands down to her breasts and stroked the nipples and made little circles around them. Slowly I traced my hand down her front, around her navel, and into her pubic forest. Her whole crotch was wet, soaking from the flow of her pussy juice. The split was gaping open, and the rising head of her clitoris showed itself. Below this was her woman’s holy-of-holies, the opening to her secret, hidden tunnel of sexual delight. I slowly pushed one finger into her hole. Then two. I worked my hand around, twisting my fingers as they reamed Cathy’s pussy. She was working her hips up and down against my hand, pretending it was already my cock buried in her. I delved deeper with my fingers and met an obstruction. I recognized it as her maidenhead and hoped it wouldn’t hurt her much when it went.

Almost as if she could read my mind, Cathy said, “That’s my maidenhead you’re bumping against. I’ve tested it a little and it seems to move real easily. I don’t expect it’ll even bother me.” She was finding these words hard to say because she was beginning to breathe faster and pant now. At the same time, her hips were beginning to move more insistently, seeking something more than fingers to penetrate between them. She reached up and fondled my cock and balls, and then took the head and put it at the wet, hot opening of her hole. “Do me! Do me, now! Now! Before I come!” she muttered hoarsely.

I took Cathy’s hands and pulled her up on the bed, instead of hanging off it like she was. Now she was completely stretched out, her nude beauty laid out before me. I knelt on the bed between her legs and took a thigh in each hand, spreading them apart. Cathy lifted her knees, giving me better access to her nether region. I grabbed a pillow and put under her ass, and now her pussy was right in front of my cock–all I had to do was simply push forward. But that wasn’t what I wanted. This was my little sister, and I wanted it to be the best possible for her. Gently, lovingly, slowly, lingeringly, lastingly–I wanted it to be good, to be gentle, to be loving, to be remembered by Cathy forever.

Still on my knees, I lodged the head of my cock into Cathy’s steamy hole, putting it in just a inch. She was showing no discomfort thus far from penetration. Very slowly and delib- erately, I pushed in another inch and then pulled almost all the way out. I wanted to build up lubrication and gradually open her up, not just plow in and hurt her. She said, “Nooo,” as I pulled out, wanting to maintain the merging of our bodies. I quickly pushed back in and delved an inch deeper than before. Still no obstruction, no pain showing on Cathy’s face. “Ummm, yes,” she moaned, relieved to be once more filled.

I worked my cock in and out of her, just going in the several inches thus far gained, and then back out. She pushed back at me each time I thrust forward, eager to rejoin our connec- tion. I pushed in a little more, and there it was, a constriction, a tightening of the tunnel, the narrow neck presented by her maidenhead. I pushed my cock gently against the obstruction and, just as she had described it, it gave a little, just like it was made of rubber. Still, though, she didn’t show any sign of being in pain. “Cathy, is it hurting any?” I asked.

“No, not really hurting. Just feels really full, all stretched. Keep going, don’t let up. Even if it does hurt a little, it’ll soon stop and I’ll be able to enjoy it then.” To add emphasis, she pushed her hips hard at me, humping up so that the head went completely into the tight little ring. She frowned a little at the penetration, and I stopped pushing, not wanted to hurt her if I could keep from it.

“Damn it, Jimmy!” Cathy hissed, “I asked you to keep going. Let me worry about hurting.”

I drove my cock all the rest of the way in one final plunge. The final three inches entered her tunnel and I could feel the tight little ring around my cock loosen and the restric- tion go away. Cathy closed her eyes and whispered, “Now, hold still for just a minute. It hurt a little when it broke, but now the pain is beginning to ease up.” She opened her eyes and looked up at with a timorous smile. “Just stay there for a second and let your big old cock soak in my pussy. You won’t mind that, will you?”

I was filled with a vast feeling of tenderness for Cathy. My sweet little sister, and now here she was under me, my cock buried in her just-opened pussy. I lowered my face to hers and kissed her very softly and tenderly. “Sis, you are the most beautiful, sexiest girl in the world. You are simply the greatest and the best.”

She kissed me back, just as tenderly, and whispered, “I’m glad you threatened my date tonight so that it worked out this way. This feels so right.” She moved her hips under me in an up and down movement and with a wide grin said, “And it feels so good, too. It’s completely quit hurting now. It just feels great. Now, do it to me, Jimmy. Fuck me the way I need to be fucked.”

I grabbed her ass and drew her hips up to meet mine and thrust my stabbing cock into her hot slick hole. She shook her hips and shimmied them in little vibratory movements. I drew my cock all the way out and stabbed into her again, plunging full length into her tight-fitting hole of delight. The tempo of our fuck increased and its rhythm speeded up to match pace. I was now entering her swiftly and easily, without any resistance, her hole well lubricated with her flowing juices. Her tunnel was like a silken glove, smooth, slippery, pliant. She opened her eyes briefly, looking up at me and said, “Yeah, Jimmy, that’s the way. Oh, God, is that the way.”

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Cathy lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist. She was getting rapturously involved in the fuck, enjoying every movement, every stroke, every bit of moisture flowing from the center of our very sexes. The sheer voluptuousness of Cathy’s smooth inner-thigh leg skin against the bare skin of my waist drove me to an even higher response of passion. Her feet were locked around my ass and every now and then one of them would brush lightly across my balls or asshole and send ever greater waves of pleasure through me.

Every time my cock plunged into the depths of Cathy’s cunt, the friction set off sparks of pleasure. The more and harder we thrust our organs against the other’s, the more the little sparks grew to become a thunderbolt, a dynamite blast, of pleasure. Cathy groaned, and whispered, “Yes, do it hard. It doesn’t hurt any more and it feels best to do it hard. Ram your cock all the way in. Fuck my ass off, Jimmy.”

I had never heard Cathy talk like that before. Pure passion, I thought, the joy of fucking is loosening up her tongue. She started clutching at me, wrapping her arms around my neck, and then her body itself was pleading to be fucked harder and faster. We were practically throwing our pelvises at each other, grinding and thrusting, my cock moving all the way in and then all the way out. The friction of it was beyond belief. I had never had such a fuck in my life. God, I thought, what a woman! My little sister, what a fuck!

Our orgasms were coming on fast, hard and simultaneously. Cathy pulled my mouth down to hers and kissed me. Yes, I remembered, she did like to be kissed when she came. I thrust my tongue in her mouth, increasing our rapture. Cathy’s legs gripped my waist hard, tightening down as hard as she could go. Her hips were almost a blur, she was jerking them against me so hard and fast. She shuddered and gasped, and then held herself against me hard, not moving. The muscles in her pussy squeezed down hard on my cock, and I could feel every spasm she experienced. I pulled out and pushed in one more time, slowly. Just as I reached bottom, the explosion came. Sperm shot out my cock, jet after jet, shot after shot. It wasn’t a gallon, no, but it was enough to do a good job of filling the whole end of the condom.

Gradually, she relaxed her hold on me, unwrapping her arms from my neck and letting her legs loosen up around my waist. She broke the kiss and whispered, “God, Jimmy, I’m just barely able to hold in a shout. That was beautiful. That was sooo goooood. Why did we wait so long to do this? Can we do it again? Right now?”

Laughing, I whispered, “Hold it. One question at a time. I don’t know why we waited, but I’m glad it finally happened. Can we do it again? Just try to keep me away. Can we do it again right now? No, but give me about thirty minutes and I’ll be all set to go again.”

“Good,” she whispered. “I’m glad we can sleep late in the morning, because I bought a six-pack of condoms.”