Long, Hot Summer erotic stories

Please note that this is only my second effort at adult fiction. Constructive criticism is therefore welcome.

In highschool my best friend Jenny and I were inseparable. I spent as much time at her house as my own. I considered her mom my “mom away from mom,” and treated her little brothers just as badly as she did. But her dad was another story. He was just, well, odd. He drank, he rode a motorcycle, and he spent his weekends listening to Metallica and Anthrax in the basement. He was too good looking to be a dad, and just seemed out of place in her family. Jenny and I never could figure out how her “June Cleaver” mom hooked up with her bad-boy dad. He didn’t do much fathering, and we basically avoided him. Every once in a while, though, I would swear I’d see him just looking at me. I was young and na├»ve, and didn’t think much of it at the time.

Jenny and I graduated in 1990 and headed off to college. We both decided to hit a big state university and see some of the world outside our small, Wyoming town. We both applied to and were accepted at UCLA and headed off to college in August of 1990. I learned a lot during my first year of college, in a big city, “on my own.” Most importantly, I discovered a treat I had not yet known until my college years – sex. How had I lived so long without it? I discovered that the Californian guys really went for my long, auburn-red hair (and matching bush.) I had sex morning, noon, and night…and got good at it. So found me in April. School was ending for the year and Jenny and I had promised our parents that we’d spend our first summer back at home. I dreaded it. My parents were Christian-Right conservative…sex in their home was simply out of the question (and likely the reason I never experienced while living at home). I knew I was in for a tough, sexless summer. To make matters worse, I took a job in the closest “big town” mall at a Victoria’s Secret. So, I’d be around lacy lingerie all day, every day.

Thus in April of 1990 I headed home to spend what I thought was going to be the worst summer of my life. At least Jenny would be there to keep me company.

The first several weeks were as bad as I thought. My parents forced me to church and expected me in by 11p.m. They wholly disapproved of my chosen employment, but I convinced them that I mostly sold the fragrances. I had to hide my stock of employee-discount purchased lingerie. Not that it was doing me any good. I longed for a man – any man – to see my five foot four sculpted body, D-cup breasts and long flowing red hair in my new black lace teddy, or the white cotton crotchless panties people don’t think Vicki’s sells.

As usual, I spent just as much time at Jenny’s house as I did at my own. Her mom was the same as mine, but her dad was still cool. But, with my “newly opened” eyes I noticed something I never had before – lust in the eyes of my best friend’s father every time I was over in my shorts or bikini. Jenny’s parents had been married for 25 years without problem, though, so I thought of myself as eye candy. Nothing could ever come of it. He was old enough to be my dad!

The big event in the closest city of any size for the summer was the Halloween in July party – a big costume party for college kids at an underground dance club. The big contest was for the sexiest costume. I had a mind to enter and started working on my costume. I decided to fulfil every man’s fantasy – the catholic school girl. I got a short – very short – plaid skirt, a white button-down blouse, navy blue knee socks and some saddle shoes. Under it I planned to wear my white cotton crotchless panties and my super-push-up wonder bra.

Jenny I couldn’t believe our luck. Her mom and brothers were going down to visit her grandparents the weekend of the party, leaving just her dad at home. He could give a rat’s ass if we stayed out late or went out looking like tramps. So, we planned it all out. I told my parents that I was spending the night at Jenny’s, going there straight from work. I packed my costume underneath some regular clothes. I got off work early that day – 2p.m. – and Jenny was supposed to get off at 3. After work I headed to her house to get ready for our big night.

When I got to her house her dad was home. In the basement drinking beer and listening to music as usual. I shouted down to him that I was “home” and he shouted, “Jenny called. Someone called off sick and she won’t be home till 7. She says to get ready now so you can help her get ready quick when she gets home.”

I went down stairs and said with a smile, “Hello! I’ll just be getting ready upstairs.”

“What’re you two up to tonight?” he asked.

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“We’re headed to town for a costume party,” I answered, hoping he hadn’t heard of the “Halloween in July” He raised an eyebrow, but merely said “I remember back when it first started…I hear it’s much more…mild…these days.” He shot me a look that, if I didn’t know better, said he knew what I was up to and wished he could be in on it.

“Well … I’ve got to get in the shower and get ready,” I said, and turned to head back upstairs.

“Make sure you come down and model for me when you’re all ready,” he said with a wicked gleam in his eye. I gasped a little and started to try to get out of it, but he just said, “I know you’re a big girl and your folks and my wife treat you and Jenny like kids. They just don’t remember what it’s like to be young. Don’t you worry, I won’t squeal.” He shot me that grin again and it kinda scared me…but excited me in a tiny way.

I headed upstairs to the bathroom feeling a little breathless. I ran a hot bubble bath and washed my hair and shaved my legs. Then I decided that a Catholic school girl wouldn’t have a bush of thick red hair, so I lathered up and shaved myself smooth. It was sorta erotic and I could feel my juices starting to flow already. I blew my hair dry and pulled it back in two tiny clips, giving myself bangs that I hadn’t worn since I was twelve. I applied a light coat of pink blush and powder-blue eyeshadow. I painted my lips bright pink and added a bit of sparkle to it. I sprayed on a little Baby Soft perfume. Then I started to dress. First I slipped on my ivory satin super-push-up wonder bra. It made my D-Cup breasts nearly hit me in the chin. Next I slipped on my white cotton crotchless panties. They felt odd with my bush shaved bald, but strangely exciting. Next I buttoned up my white cotton blouse, leaving the top three buttons open to reveal my impressive cleavage. I slipped my super-short plaid pleated skirt over my curvaceous hips. I tied the ends of the white blouse in front of me so that my belly button just showed when I raised my arms. I pulled on one knee-high blue sock and then the other, folding them over at the top. I put on my saddle shoes. Then I added the final touch – a pencil for behind my ear to “accidentally” drop on the floor so I could bend over and pick it up, giving whoever was behind me quite a view. I stood back and looked at myself in the mirror. It was all I could do not to get myself off.

I checked the clock – 4:43. Jenny wouldn’t be home for a couple hours at least. Well, her dad still wanted to check out my costume, so I decided to go listen to music with him. “Maybe he’ll share his beer,” I thought to myself.

The way the downstairs was set up the back of the TV was visible from the stairs. The couch was facing the TV and the stairs, with the stereo on a stand within arms reach of the couch. Jenny’s dad had Metallica on. From the flickering of the light on the floor, I could tell he had the TV on, but obviously he couldn’t hear what was going on. “Close your eyes!” I shouted. “I’m on my way down!” He did and I walked in front of him. I didn’t glance at the TV, so I didn’t know what he was watching. I put my most petulant look on my face, striking a pose with my right hip thrust out and my pinky finger in the corner of my mouth. “OK, you can open your eyes,” I said. He did, and I think they’d have popped out of his head if it were physically possible. I don’t know what came over me. This was my friend’s dad, but my sex drive just took over. I put on an evil grin and quickly changed it to my best imitation of a little girl. “Oh!” I exclaimed. “Now where did I put my pencil for school today?” I asked coyly. He just grinned, taking a long sip of beer without taking his eyes off me. I pretended to look around and feel around my body for pockets. My hands caressed my breasts, my hips. “Hmm…now where did I put it?” I asked out loud and put my hand up to my head as if to scratch it. “Here it is!” I grabbed it from behind my ear and “accidentally” let it slip from my hands to the floor. “Oh dear…it seems my pencil has fallen.” He just grinned as a walked over toward the couch, turning so my backside would face him. “Let me just bend down and pick that up.” Rotating my hips slowly I began to bend over, keeping my eyes on the pencil. When I was fully bent in two I could feel the air on my open slit and knew he was getting an eyeful of my beautiful bald pussy. I picked up the pencil and looked up. For the first time I noticed what was on the TV. It was a real time video camera showing everything that was going on. I should’ve been shocked. I should’ve been angry. Instead, I got so hot my brain fogged and I knew I was about to fuck the brains out of this married man, my best friend’s dad.

I think he expected surprise, or shock, or anger. Anything but what I did next. I knew he was seeing the juices start to flow from my pussy. So, I turned so that my pussy was facing the camera, and I was facing him. I took the pencil and said “Now where can I put this so I don’t lose it again?” I slowly inserted it in my dripping wet slit. I couldn’t help the satisfied grin as he gasped in shock, or the even more satisfied grin as his now rock hard penis made a tent in his baggy sweat pants. Carefully I worked the pencil in and out of my pussy a few times, knowing he was getting a view of my cleavage live and my masturbation on the screen.

“Oh, this just won’t do” I said coyly. “It’s sooooo small. I can barely feel it.” Jenny’s dad sat forward expectantly. I looked up at him and said, “Do you think you could help, sir?” I saw the consternation on his face. He knew it was wrong, but he was caught up as much as I was. A look of decision fell across his face, and he fell into his role.

“Of course, little girl. Come here and I’ll show you what to do.”

“Oh thank you sir!” I exclaimed and skipped over to the couch.

“Now first, you want to help me take of these heavy sweat pants… That’s right, just ease them down.”

“But what’s that!” I cried, feigning fear at his nine inch tool.

“That’s my love tool” he explained. “It likes you very much. Why don’t you give it a kiss?”

Shyly I got down on my knees in front of him. “Like this?” I asked as I planted a small kiss on his dick.

“Just pretend it’s a lollipop. You know how you suck and lick a lollipop, right?”

“Sure do!” I said with a smile, and I buried his cock deep in my throat. Again I got the satisfaction of his shocked expression.

“College must have been a learning experience,” he whispered.

Staying in character I replied between sucks “College? I’m only in the 8th grade!”

He smiled and got back into character. “Yes. That’s right. That’s a good girl. Now use your tongue…careful of your teeth.” Of course, none of his instructions were necessary. I had been crowned queen of felatio by one man in college and compared favorably to a vacuum cleaner by another. I knew how to suck a man’s cock, but I let him instruct me through his moans of pleasure and gasps of almost painful ecstasy. I didn’t want to suck him off, though. My pussy wanted to be fucked and I didn’t know how much this 46 year old man could take. So I looked up at him and said “Is that right, sir?”

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“Yes, darlin’,” he replied. “You did it just right. Now let me show you something else.”

With that, he lied down on the couch, his dick sticking straight up. “Come over here and sit on my face” he instructed.

Pretending confusion I said, “What?”

“Do you ever ride the horsies on the playground?” He asked. I nodded yes. “Well, pretend my face is the horsie.”

“Ohhh. OK,” I said as I mounted his face, thanking god for these crotchless panties. He wanted none of the panties, though. He took the crotch hole in both hands and ripped them from my body. His hands found my hips and pulled me to his waiting mouth. By this time I was dripping sweet honey, and his tongue didn’t miss a drop. It was my turn to be surprised, but I stayed in character. As his tongue worked first my clit then delved deep into my hold I cried out “Oh…Mister! That makes me feel kinda funny! But I like it!” I started to grind my hips into his face, covering him with pussy juices. His hands left my hips and ventured under my skirt. His right hand found my waiting love canal as he sucked and licked my clit. He pushed one finger, then two into my tight hole. His fingers were dripping with my juices when he moved them back to my rosebud anus.

Anal sex was something I had done once or twice, but never really preferred to regular sex. But this felt like something new. His tongue worked my clit to a frenzy, backing off just as I was about to cum. He put his slippery fingers at the entrance to my anus and applied pressure. I was on the brink of cumming. He licked and sucked and just as I was about to cum jammed his two fingers deep in my asshole. I came so hard I almost dropped character right there. I screamed out in pain and pleasure as I came harder than I ever did before. “Oh, daddy, fuck my ass!” I cried out.

I bucked a few more times with his fingers deep in my ass before my orgasm subsided. His pulled his fingers out and his hands found my hips again. He gently removed me from his face and said, “Now, that’s called being eaten out. Did you like it?”

“Oh, yes sir! What’s next?” I asked hurriedly.

“Well, now I’m going to show you how a man uses his love tool on a woman. Do you want to learn that?”

“Oh yes, yes please!”

“Now, I want you to get down on the floor on hands and knees, like a baby crawling, do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” I replied, as I got down on all fours. Fortunately there was a soft blanket right on the couch and a grabbed it to put on the floor to avoid rug burn.

“Now don’t be scared. This won’t hurt a bit.” He got down on his knees behind me and folded my skirt back. His hands grabbed my ass and spread it open. I felt his penis rub over my clit and I shuddered. He ran it up my slit and over my asshole. I wanted him to fuck me, but didn’t want to beg. So, just as his penis brushed the opening of my slit, I thrust my hips back, forcing him to penetrate me.

He pulled out immediately. “But…” I started to say, but he cut me off. “No, no, no,” he said. You must let me decide. Now you will have to be punished.” With that I felt his hand slap my bare ass. It only turned me on more.

“I’m sorry, sir.” I replied, and he went back to teasing me with his dick. I felt him rub his hard cock over my clit again and I almost came. Finally he poised the head of his manhood at my opening. “Now,” he said, “This is what it feels like to be fucked by a real man!” With that he thrust himself in m as deep as he could go. I shouted out but he just kept pulling out and ramming his full nine inches in and out of my hot hole. I started cumming almost instantly. I bucked my hips in rhythm with his thrusts. The cool air on my ass made me yearn to feel it filled to. As shyly as I could manage, I said “Sir? Do you think you could do what you did before…you know…back there?” I looked over my shoulder and shot him my most lusty look. “Sure, darlin'” he responded, and I felt him slip two fingers into my ass.

He alternated his long hard cock delving into my tight pussy with his two fingers reaming my asshole. “More, please, Sir, More, please, Sir!” I cried out. He answered by slipping another finger in my already stretched asshole. He started pushing his hard cock into my pussy at the same time he shoved his three long fingers in my ass. I’m sure he could feel his fingers on his own cock. I moaned and cried with pleasure. I was cumming in wave after wave of pleasure, but my clit felt left out. “Sir,” I asked him, “Is it o.k.. for me to touch myself, down there?”

“Of course, honey.” He responded. I reached back with my right hand and began to message my clit. I couldn’t stand it! I had three fingers reaming my ass, a huge cock filling my pussy, and my own skilled hand working my clit. The pleasure was almost intolerable. I felt my clit start to cum almost immediately and began to tighten up on his cock. “That’s it, darlin’,” he said. “Squeeze my dick.” So I did. He started to grunt and I knew he was almost there. One more finger found its way into my ass as we both came one last time – hard. I had never before actually been able to feel a man’s sperm being ejected into my body, but that night I did. It was like a hot hose had been stuck up my pussy. It felt wonderful! I stopped messaging my clit and he removed his fingers from my asshole. He gave a few final thrusts and pulled out completely, sitting down on the floor. I turned over and lied down on the blanket. Ever keeping in character, I reached down and felt my dripping cunt. “Oh no! I’m all messy! Mommy will be so angry with me if I don’t get cleaned up.” He got the drift and bent down to do the deed. He sucked and slurped every last drop of our combined juices from my still quivering cunt. I came again, pushing even more of the juice from the depths of my hole, grasping him by the hair to push him ever deeper into my pussy. When I was finally done he laid down next to me. He grabbed the remote control from off the table next to the couch and pushed the rewind button. Then he hit play.

I watched with fascination and horror as the events of that night were displayed in living color on the screen. My pussy tingled, but my brain raced. What had I done! Simple enough. After we had watched the entirety, I stood up and hit the eject button on the video camera. “Thanks for the momento,” I said, and gathered up my ruined panties. “I still have a contest to win,” I said with a grin and a wink, and went upstairs to fix myself up for the contest. I glanced at the clock on my way up, 6:59. At 7:00 on the dot Jenny bounded through the door. Amazingly, her dad was sitting downstairs, fully clothed and cleaned up as though nothing had happened, listening to his Metallica as usual.

Watch for tales of the rest of the summer, cumming soon.