LOVELY DAUGHTER taboo fantasy story

Lindy Taylor is the eldest daughter of my son Rick and his wife Lois who is now eighteen. She,s lived in Adelaide, Australia since 2007 when my son decided to emigrate there much to wife Sarah and my feelings of disappointment. Recently Lindy graduated from high school and decided to,take courses at the nearby College and started living with us staying in the spare room and it,s wonderful having a teenage girl under our roof again, thevfurst one since daughter Christina left the nest twenty one years ago. Lindy is a fairly tall stunning blonde with piercing blue eyes and a beautiful smile in top physical shape as she,s also a talented dancer, actress and fabulous singer who one day hopes to make it big in Musical Theatre, but is studying various aspects to supple,ent her natural talents. It was so good to see her again that my daughter and family travelled from London to here in Cheshire to spend a weekend when she first flew into nearby Manchester Airport so it felt great to have most of the immediate family together again. Most hamsterers will know that even though I,m in my seventies I still have strong sexual desires, but sadly my wife doesn,t so I surf hamster a lot for relief. Some times I need a pill to get my old soldier up and running, but can still shoot a heavy load of thick semen. One afternoon wife Sarah had fallen asleep watching boring telly so Imtook myself upstairs to the room Lindsey’s staying in where the desk top computer lives to surf porn. I had a hot video on concerning a pretty young girl gagging on a large cock which was ready to spurt when young Lindy walked in and caught me with my jogging trousers round my ankles and my cock in my right hand as I wanked myself. I thought she was out with friends from college, but she,d come back to fetch her credit card she,d forgotten. “Grandpa. I Didn,t know you had such a Big Cock!” She gasped in surprise. “Sorry Lindy Honey. I Didn,t think you,d be back yet.” I muttered trying to hide my now wilting erection. “Forgot my credit card when I went to pay for some stuff so came back for it.” She explained. “Carry on Grandpa. Your cock is turning me on.” She actually encouraged me. “But it,s not right. I AM your grand father!” “I,ll never tell anyone if you don,t! Big cocks fascinate me, especially when they shoot all their lovely cum.,” she sighed dreamily. “Can I just touch you?” “Okay, but that,s all. If your grandmother catches us we,re in big trouble.” “Grandmas, well asleep and you know with her bad knees she doesn,t like stairs much so as long as we stay quiet she,ll never know.” She moved nearer,

her lovely blue eyes not leaving my reawakening prick as she reached out and ran her delicate fingers up and down my rigid shaft and sensitive balls. “Do you and Grandma still fuck Grandpa?” she asked with her sweet voice. “Afraid not. With all her health problems she,s lost all her sexy feelings and we haven,t in years.”! I confessed when I should have said it was none of her business. “What a shame that your nice big cock should go to waste all that time. But I can help you in that.” “How can you help me Sweetie?” I asked. “ I,m missing my long time boyfriend Annie back in Adelaide a lot and need a cock to relieve sexual tension from time to time and if you help me then I can help you!” “You have sex with your boy friend then?” “Oh yes. I lost my cherry over a year ago, but Arnie though he tries hard doesn,t always satisfy me with his small cock, but I think yours may do better plus all the experience you have will be lots of fun to teach me Grandpa.” “But you,re proposing i****t!” I argued. “I have a beautiful fully functioning body and you have a nice big chick and the sort of experiences I need to learn to please future sex partners. I don,t care if we,re related by blood as I feel very attracted to you and feel you must be attracted to me or your cock wouldn’t,t be so stiff!” “True. Well for the time being why don,t you just give me a hand job and we,ll see how that goes.” I relented. “I can do better than that.” She took me by surprise sinking to her knees and taking me in her luscious mouth and sucking me. Though she was not as good at cock sucking as her grand mother she was good and seemed to sense when I was ready to shoot as she lay on her bed, spread her legs and pulled her knickers aside “Please Fuck me Grandpa? I need your cock in my pussy NOW!” I,ve always found it hard to resist a female with an open cunt askingbto be fucked and my cock now took control delighted how tight Lindy,s tender quim was and how hot her inner heat seemed as her muscles squeezed my Male meat. She was certainly game forvthe fuck as she worked her pelvis against my thrusts matching me even as my pace increased and I plumbed deeper in her womb. “You can cum in my pussy Grandpa I,m on the pill!” she groaned as orgasm after orgasm coursed through her young body. “It,s Okay. I shoot blanks any way and have for years, vasectomised.” A good thing as I pumped an extra heavy load of baby gravy in her body till it flooded out and onto the duvet. “Don,t worry about the duvet.” she giggled as she wiped my cum out of her pussy and put a fresh pair of knickers on. “I,ll take it down with some clothes and put it in the wash.” So that,s how the Lovely Lindy and I started our affair. We still help each other now and then and Lindy says I,ve helped her a lot with the fellow she,s dating at the moment. She may even consent to a threesome with him in the future. She,s happy! I,m happy! And no one needs to know.


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    Making love to your granddaughter is so beautiful.