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It was hot that night, very hot. All I remember was the sound of crickets and the whispering of trees far away. I kept twisting and turning in bed until I couldn’t take it any more! Sheila was in the next room with her boyfriend. Sheila, my older sister, who was very excited just yesterday after having celebrated her 20th birthday, she was proud of not being an immature teenager anymore. But, unfortunately I was. The difference was that I was a mature but very perverted 18-year-old. But, that didn’t matter now. The important thing was the fact that in the next room lay my pretty sister with a creature last seen by me watching the movie Alliens III.

Mark was the most irritating thing alive. The fact that Mom was not at home made it worse. If she had been at home, the moron wouldn’t be able to spend the night at ours. But there he was in the room with her and I didn’t want to even think about all the nasty things he was doing to her. He was probably touching her in the wrong places, enjoying her beautiful 35 D breasts ( which I had once seen through the keyhole while she was taking a shower). Feeling her hairy bush between her legs…Uh! how disgusting! I tried to wipe the thought out of my head. As I did I started to fall asleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night I was awaken by the sound of grunting and squeaking of springs from the next room. I couldn’t believe my ears.

‘Fuck…fuck you’re so tight…I haven’t fucked anything… so tight…fuck…fucking good.’

All I could hear my sister doing was ‘Ughh, Unhh, Ahhh…, Uhh’.

My hard on was about to explode from my shorts. I quickly got up went to the bathroom and started to stroke my rock hard dick. It was not long that I had done so, when I spurted out thick cum into the wash basin. I went back to the room only to find out that things had calmed down. Probably the brute had climaxed the same time I had. I lay in bed thinking of my older sister.

The next morning, I woke up late. I could smell something really delicious being prepared for breakfast. It could be no other than my mom. At 48 she was really very beautiful. I recollect, once having seen her in a bathing suit in Santorini in Greece. There was something special about her, she wasn’t very slim but she wasn’t fat either. I remember how her nipples had been erect as she came out of the water and how some of her pubic hair had been out of the bathing suit. Those visions had all stuck to my head as glue. Now, there she was making breakfast for me and Sheila.

‘Ah! I see that someone finally decided to wake up.’ ‘I was up studying late last night and…’

My mother gave me a strange look and said, ‘Just go and wash up, your omelet is getting cold.’

As I passed Sheila’s room I saw her jump out of her chair and coming towards me.

‘You are going to keep quiet, right?’

‘Bout what?’

‘Aw c’mon, you know about Mark’.

I smiled and walked away. She came after me to the bathroom,


‘Maybe I will,’ I said. ‘But things aren’t for free nowadays.’

‘OK, what do ya want you little prick?’

I looked her in the eye and said, ‘Well I’ve always wanted to touch your tits…’

‘ You filthy bastard’ she hissed.

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But, eventually she gave in and I could touch her tits. I remember my hands trembling as I touched her nipple, my sister’s expression of hate and excitement mixed in one.

That night, I lay dreaming of my sister and me in bed together. I woke up with a huge hard on. As I started to go to the bathroom, I was confronted with a dilemma, ‘To fuck or to jerk off.’ I decided to do the former. I had always dreamed of this event and I had attempted it once as well, but my guts had failed me, but now, there was nothing between my dick and Sheila. I went past Mom’s room; she was asleep. I reached my favourite hiding spot for things which I always found useful and extracted a bottle of Chloroform. I picked up the bottle and a piece of cloth and started my journey towards Sheila’s room.

I found her nicely cuddled up in a fetal position and dreaming the night away probably thinking of that numbskull Mark. I took some of the chloroform and poured it on to the cloth. I carefully got closer to her and then with a swift movement it was on her nose. As she struggled the chloroform started to take effect and slowly I felt her tense and then silence. I was jubilant. I already had a hard on thinking of all the things I could do to her now. To begin with I peeled of her nightgown and sat there on the bed staring at her body which was close to perfection.

I grabbed her tits and thought of the time I had trembled touching them. I squeezed them. They were so soft. I bent down and got closer to her nipple and then in a second had my lips around them. I sucked on her nipple felt the counters with my tongue. I went lower and found myself confronting her hairy pubic region. She smelt so clean and fresh, I stuck out my tongue and clasped my mouth over her cunt. She tasted awesome. I had tasted pussy before but hers was different. She was so clean and the fresh scent of her juicy cunt was driving me mad. Just as I about to stick my finger up her pussy, I felt a pair of eyes staring at me. It was mom! She was standing at the door wild-eyed and she looked too stunned to say something.

As I got up she stared at my massive erection. Before I say something, she made a dash for the main door. That was a mistake. I ran after her, my prick dangling between my legs. As I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down to the floor. She started screaming. I clasped my hand over her mouth and held her tight so that she wouldn’t move. Then she started to cry. I took her over to the bed and tied her hand to one corner of the bed so that she wouldn’t run away. I gagged her with a cloth and made my way back to finish my unfinished business with Sheila.

As I glanced over my shoulder looking at mom in her helpless state, I suddenly had another idea. As a change of plan I got some more rope and tied her hands and legs to the four corners of the bed. She looked so helpless then. I sat on the bed and looked at my mom’s tear stained face. I slowly traced the form of her large sagging breasts. She lashed her head from side to side and tried to scream, but all that could be heard were mewing sounds which died away down her throat. I suddenly gripped the neckline of her nightie and pulled, ripping it. Her large breasts sagged sideways. Then followed the smell of her armpits. Mom never shaved her armpits and probably she hadn’t taken a shower that day, and now that she was sweating the smell was even more intense. I was going wild looking at her tits. I planted my mouth over one of her nipples and sucked hard. She grunted ‘Urghh!’

I continued to suck until she started crying and as I lifted my mouth I could see how red and swollen her nipple was. I looked at her and pulled the gag out of her mouth and replaced it with my mouth. I poked my tongue deep into her mouth. As she was struggling I grabbed her hair at the back of her head and held her still . As I separated my mouth from hers to take a breath I tasted and felt the taste of dry saliva and bad breath from her mouth as she gasped for air. I put my mouth back on hers and poked my tongue deep down her throat, she struggled. I spend some time licking the contours of her mouth. I had always wanted to find out how her mouth tasted like . I lashed my tongue around in her mouth as she kept moaning . As I removed my tongue from her mouth, I pushed the cloth back into her mouth. I moved lower, even through her nightie and panties I could smell her twat. She had become very aroused while I was kissing her. I got in between her legs and tore off her panties. I almost came looking at her. My own mother lying with her legs spread open in front of me. I got down between her legs and almost suffocated because of the smell of her pussy. She was one of those smelly pussy types. I separated her labia and drove my tongue in between them to taste a very strong pussy taste much stronger than that of Sheila’s. I licked her twat for a long time and every time I reached her clit, she always jerked and lifted her ass off the bed. I pushed a finger in and started playing with her pussy. She was so wet and the bed sheet below her was soaked with her pussy juices.

I released one of her legs and she started kicking. I grabbed her leg and released the other one as well. I pushed up her legs until her knees were touching her tits and then tied her heels to the same corners where her hands were tied. The idea was obviously to have access to her asshole. As I looked at her I thought it was all a dream. My mom exposed that way, her ass cheeks totally spread and exposing her brown shitter. I didn’t even have to bend down and the pungent smell of her ass was already hitting my nostrils. I got between her ass cheeks and licked all along her ass crack. Her sweaty asshole now gleamed with my saliva. I pointed my tongue to her asshole and tried to push in, it was so tight. I was satisfied licking all around it. I pushed my index finger in up to the first knuckle and I heard her make an animal-like sound. I pushed it in deeper and moved it around.

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She swayed from side to side and squeezed her butt arousing me more as it clasped my finger in a vice like grip. I took it out and it was disgustingly covered with shit which I had collected from her rectum. I wiped it on the bed sheet and mounted her. I grabbed my 8-inch long monster and drove it swiftly into her pussy. She screamed. I pumped her and got faster and faster with each stroke. Suddenly, I took it out of her hole and placed it at the entrance of her asshole. She started moving wildly around in the bed but eventually I had the tip in. I could see her face redden, masked with pain. I pushed in deeper and deeper with every stroke until my entire rod was embedded in her hot asshole. I felt her bowels grip my dick. As I fucked her I could see my shit stained dick going in and coming out of her asshole.

I started to fuck her faster and faster. A strong pungent smell engulfed the room as my shitty dick attacked her shithole again and again.

‘Take it bitch, take it up your stinky asshole’.

I couldn’t go on for long and shot my load into her bowels. I was sweating like anything and collapsed on her my dick still throbbing in her asshole. I finally pulled it out and lay there for sometime thinking of what I had actually done. I released her bonds and found her unconscious. Then I went over to the other room and carried Shiela back to her room. Then I went to my room and lay on my bed, my heart still pounding in my head. I had done all this for just one thing, LUST.