Madam X Sex stories

Brandon Hightower was more than a boss, he was a great guy and my best friend. We served in the same army outfit but at different times. We hit it off right away. I advanced rapidly in his company, occupying a management position for which I was totally unqualified. With his help and patience, I slowly learned the ropes.

Brandon was a frequent visitor to our home, often staying up late with Judy and I – laughing, drinking, and telling crude jokes. We also attended his parties, though Judy and Brandon’s wife, Estelle, did not get along. Estelle is a cold, scary bitch. I never understood what Brandon saw in her or why he put up with her shit.

Brandon was a randy, fun-loving, huggie-bear kind of guy in his late forties with a reputation for chasing skirts. His hand prints were all over the young things in the secretarial pool. A few of our employees shared their beautiful wives with their horny boss and were richly rewarded. Some others shared their wives unknowingly and only their wives were rewarded.

Brandon enjoyed telling me of his conquests. I knew that one day he would make a move on Judy. I steeled myself for that day, resolved to be one of the husbands that got rewarded, but I was in no hurry to join their ranks.

I dropped several hints that I would not freak out if Judy ever cheated on me. I made sure that he understood I did not want to be like Phil Rowland, totally oblivious while practically everyone in the company knew that the boss was balling his old lady. I thought Brandon and I had a good unspoken understanding.

I went to see Brandon in his office after a brief business trip. As usual, our first order of business was for him to catch me up on his sexual adventures. I pulled up a chair like a little kid waiting for grandpa to tell a war story. I was hoping to hear about Madam X. She was ostensibly one of the executive wives. Brandon would not tell me whose wife, but I surmised it was Greg Anderson’s. He was the only one with three kids still living at home of the right ages and sexes: boy 18, girl 19, boy 19.

When Brandon first told me about Mrs. X, I suspected he was talking about my Judy. We also have three kids that fit the story, although Stevie is 18, not 18. Although I was not an executive, Greg’s wife, Jennifer, was not exactly the raving beauty that Brandon described Madam X to be. Judy was.

As the story evolved over a couple of months, I knew it wasn’t Judy. You see, Brandon has a thing for getting the kiddies involved in the mother’s activities. He really gets off on humiliating the mothers, forcing them to share their infidelity and intimate secrets with their children. His favorite act was to actually fuck a woman in front of her children.

I knew Judy would never under any circumstances permit that. Hell, she just started making love with the lights on a few months ago. Except for a few unguarded moments, they never saw her naked, and those instances had also not occurred until recently.

Judy was loosening up, and I attributed that to Brandon’s open flirtations. Brandon made her hot. He tongue-kissed her and felt her up in front of me or anyone else except our kids. The night before my latest road trip, Branded stopped by for drinks and laughs before going home to the ice queen. After he left (after leaving his prints all over my wife), Judy fucked my brains out.

Afterward, she sat straddling my loins with my spent cock still inside her. She told me what a sexy man she thought Brandon was and that if I didn’t watch her closely, she might be bad. I just smiled and covered my eyes, peeking through my fingers. She laughed and playfully slapped my arm, saying, “I’m serious. He turns me on.”

I said, “Sweetheart, I don’t make you wear a chastity belt. You’re a big girl. If you think you can handle Brandon, knock yourself out.”

She smiled mischievously and said, “How do you know I’m not already?”

I grabbed her hands and rolled her onto her back. She squealed as I straddled her middle, pinning her hands out. I looked hard into her laughing face with mock disapproval and said, “So you’re the new boss’ whore, huh? I heard he had a hot new slut that was insatiable and would do anything to satisfy her horny cunt.”

She coquettishly bit her lower lip then said in a sultry voice, “No, but he has made it quite clear that there’s an opening.”

“Have you applied for the position?”

“I could.” It was more a question asking permission than a tease. I sat up and released her hands. My expression took on a serious countenance. I said, “Yes you could, but you be careful. Brandon is way over your head, Judy.”

Her smile left her face, etched by concern tinged with fear. I could not tell if it was fear of my reaction or fear of Brandon, but I knew she was being pressured and holding something back. I waited for a confession, but she remained silent. I decided to let her tell me in her own time. We kissed, rolled apart, and went to sleep.

As I neared Brandon’s office, I wasn’t sure if he had a new episode in the exciting adventures of Madam X, or was ready to tell me about he and Judy. When I returned from this trip, I knew something had happened. Judy could hardly look me in the eye.

Whatever had happened, the kids knew something. They all shared a dirty secret. At the dinner table, Mark and Stevie almost cracked up when in response to my innocent question about how Judy had gotten along in my absence, she said, “It was hard without you, dear.” Jennifer, my fourteen-year-old, blushed. Judy quickly changed the subject by asking about my trip.

Throughout dinner, I could not help recalling the past episodes of Madam X. It had started as a simple affair, a behind the scenes fuck. They all started that way. Then Brandon started dropping by when the husband was out of town. Mrs. X tried to discourage this when the kids were about, but Brandon had his hooks in her. After he gets them hooked, they have a difficult time saying, no. She’d eventually go with him into the bedroom and make all the noise he insisted she make with the kids in the next room. From there, he progressed to making her go out in the nude to get him a beer between fucks. The first time with Madam X, he had to force her out of the bedroom. She almost tripped over the three kids who huddled beyond the door.

After that, she would do as he said, walking about the house stark naked with his cum drooling from her pussy. From then on, she had to remain nude from the first fuck until she walked him to the door, sometimes late the following morning. He would not permit her to clean his semen from her body whether drooling from her ass or cunt, or running down her face. She had to wear it proudly.

From there, they began screwing with the bedroom door wide open and the kids making constant walk-bys, eventually becoming stop-bys, not bothering to hide the fact that they were watching.

The last episode I heard had the kids standing in the doorway, watching mommy get plowed doggie style. I wondered what stage Judy and my kids were at after my four day absence. What had my kids seen or heard? Obviously something. They knew their mother got dicked. Had to be Brandon. I ignored the tension and pretended everything was normal. After dinner, on the eve of my return, I expected Judy to fess-up. She said nothing, just rolled over after a peck on the lips and went to sleep. I knew she’d been dicked. She knew that I knew but wasn’t ready to talk about it.

I fully expected Brandon to lay it out for me, and was slightly disappointed when he smiled and launched into another episode of Madam X. He wasn’t even interested in my trip, but I was immediately interested in the episode. I could tell by the way he was acting, it was good.

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He slapped his thighs, leaning forward in his huge leather office chair, and said, “Pete, my boy. I’ve got the bitch almost fully trained. Last night was the ultimate coup. I took her by the hand, both of us naked as jay birds, and went out into the living room. I sat on the sofa with the older boy on my right, the girl on my left, and the little one at my feet. I stroked my dick while X stood there red as a fucking beet with her little boy staring up her right leg, right into her pussy.”


“I could tell she hated this. I didn’t have to say a word. She knew what she had to do. While the kids watched, her eyes kept wandering to my big dick. She stood there for about a minute, then said, ‘You bastard.’ She then straddled my thighs and reached between her legs. She took hold of Brutus and guided him to her snatch as the kids peered around her ass to watch Brutus slide into their mother’s hot box. She sank on my pole and groaned. She took it all in one steady pass. That fucking bitch was slicker than a slug’s belly. My boy, that is the power. Brutus power. I think she’d mount Brutus at a board meeting with her old man sitting in.”

“Jesus Christ, Brandon! I don’t know how you do it.”

“Shit, you should have seen her after she got going. Hell, she even turned around so the kids could get a better view. All three got down on the floor. She had her feet wide out at the sofa’s edge, leaning back against my chest, lifting that tight pussy up and down on my rod, rubbing herself off and screaming ‘Fuck me! Fuck me!’ It was fucking beautiful, man. The best one ever. Afterward, I made her lie down on the floor and frig off while me and the kids watched.”

“You are too much, Brandon.”

“She ate that shit up, Pete. Couldn’t get her legs wide enough apart. Hell, she tried every position she could get herself into, and she’s a limber bitch, too.”

This caused an alarm bell to go off in my head. Greg’s wife was not a limber bitch, but Judy used to be a gymnast. I thought, No, it had to be Brandon exaggerating.

He went on, “She was fucking incredible, Pete. Sucking fuck off her fingers and doing the standing splits with one foot pointed at the ceiling, her crotch aimed at the sofa. She held her right leg up with her right hand around her slim, trim thigh and pounded her open cunt with the left, crying, “Oh God help me, I love this!”

“Christ, Brandon, tell me, who is this bitch?”

“All in good time, my boy. I ain’t finished training her yet. One of these days, I’m going to stop by when the family is eating dinner. I am going to walk up, strip her, and fuck her right on the god damned table.”

“With her husband there?”

“Damn right. Wouldn’t be any fun without him.”

“He still doesn’t know anything?”

“Not that I’m aware of.”

“Aren’t you worried he might object to this?”

“He won’t say a fucking word if he wants to keep his job and his wife.”

“Damn, Brandon. I sure hope you never put me in a spot like that.” I saw the gleam in his eye.

“Yeah, and if I did, what would you do?”

I thought for a moment. I knew this was my chance to get him to tell me what he did with Judy. I submissively shrugged and said, “What could I do? You’ll never get that far with Judy, though. She might fuck you. In fact, I know she will. She might even let you do it in my bed when the kids are home. That’s about it, though.”

“Well, Pete, that sounds to me like you are throwing down the gauntlet. Brutus can’t take a challenge unanswered.”

“I didn’t mean it to come out that way. What I meant was…”

“No, stop right there. I accept your challenge.”


“No buts. Now here’s the deal. If I can get Judy to do everything Madam X has done, you concede her to me. She’ll fuck me or whoever I want her to fuck for as long as I sign your paychecks. Furthermore, you not only put up with it, but assist in any way I might require. To ease the pain of losing, I’ll move you to the executive suite. How does VP of marketing sound with a six-figure salary?”

“It sounds great, Brandon, but I really don’t…”

“Pete. The wager is made and accepted. All I want is your hand on those terms and conditions.”

I felt trapped. He seemed so confident. Sweat beaded on my brow. I tried to imagine Judy in Madam X’s place, but just couldn’t. Finally, I offered my hand and said, “Okay, you got a deal, but what do I get if you fail?”

We broke off the firm handshake. Brandon sat back with a smile and said, “We won’t need to discuss that. You see, Pete, Madam X is Judy.”

My jaw dropped as Brandon reached into his drawer and pulled out twelve eight-by-ten glossies and tossed them in my lap. I looked down and saw a picture of Judy, naked and sweaty, sprawled on her back, legs straight up in a wide “V”, working a large cucumber in her slobbery-wet pussy. At the top of the photo were three pairs of little feet. I recognized those feet.

The others were even more obscene and showed the faces that belonged to the feet. Mark was wide-eyed watching his mother finger her ass while rubbing her clit. In another, Stevie gazed on her beaver while lying on the floor between her legs, propped up on his elbows, cupping his face that was a mere inches from her working fingers as those maternal fingers lewdly displayed her pussy to him. She seemed to be showing him the womb he used to call home. Fucking unreal.

There were six shots of Mark and Stevie double-teaming their mother. I could not believe it was my wife under my sons. She appeared to be enjoying their attentions. She sucked Mark while Stevie fucked her in the ass. I had to keep staring at that image all the while thinking, This can’t be my wife. Stare long enough and you finally realize, it is.

In all of the shots, Jennifer just looked stunned. The last few were of Judy and Jennifer. Jenny looked intently at the spread her mother presented to her alone. Judy had backed up to Jennifer’s position on the sofa, actually straddling Jennifer’s knees. She was bent over and reaching between her legs to fan out her vulva in Jennifer’s face. The camera lens must have been near Judy’s thumbs, because her clit hung at the top and her wet fingers framed Jennifer’s face in the background. It was obvious that Jennifer was staring into her mother’s gaping, cum-drenched pussy hole.

Brandon had come around his desk and up on my left, peering over my shoulder. He said, “You’ll like the next one better.”

I took a deep breath, then looked beneath the picture. It was like being hit by a truck. Judy had mounted the sofa, still facing away. Her feet were near the back, wide out on either side of Jennifer. Judy had her hands on the floor outside of Jennifer’s feet. She bowed her back to thrust her beaver in Jennifer’s face. Jennifer had to pull her head back to avoid the obscenely spread beaver. The shot was taken from profile.

I was afraid to look at the next one. It was the same pose, only the camera was looking down from Jennifer’s forehead straight into Judy’s crotch. This time, however, Judy’s clit rested on Jennifer’s chin, drooling cum onto my daughter’s innocent young face. Brandon commented, “Judy didn’t like this at all. It took a great deal of forceful persuasion to get her in that position. She liked the next shot even less, at least for the first few minutes.”

I nervously looked at the next shot. The truck backed over me. I let out a moan as I saw Judy standing straight up over our lovely daughter with her cunt over Jennifer’s upturned face. All you could see of Jennifer’s face was her chin. Long lines of shiny liquid streaked her young neck. Judy’s sex was mashed to our daughter’s mouth. My lovely wife grinned glassy-eyed at the camera with both hands firmly mashing her tits. The shot must have been taken several minutes into the pose as the passion on Judy’s face was undeniable.

Brandon offered, “Jennifer didn’t seem to mind, except at first. Mark had to hold her head steady while mommy got her cunt settled squarely over her mouth. She adjusted quickly, though. She started using her tongue after a minute or two. Don’t feel too sorry for her. The girl takes to the beaver quite nicely, even a fucked beaver. Whatever she got in her mouth, she swallowed. What she swallowed set well with her.”

The remaining shots proved Brandon right. In them, Judy deliberately posed her cunt for the shots so that Jennifer had to stretch up to lick her crack. No one held or forced Jenny either. She strained for the lewd contact. I sat in a stupor as Brandon returned to his seat. He sat back smugly and said, “No hard feelings Mr. VP?”

I shook the cob webs from my mind and focused on him, still in shock. I hung my head slowly in defeat, amazed that I could get an erection after what I’d seen. The photos in my lap hid that fact, but I think he knew.

He smiled and said, “Good, now, we have a little problem. I think I went a little too far the other night, as you can see. I got carried away; what can I say? I’m afraid Judy is a little freaked out. That’s to be expected. I didn’t prepare her for having sex with the kids and had to apply a lot of pressure to get her to do it. She’ll get over it. The first time is always tough, especially with the girls who aren’t into eating pussy and gag when they get a fucked pussy in the mouth. The problem is, we don’t have much time, and I’m going to need your help with this next assignment.”

“Assignment? What assignment?”

“As the new head of marketing and keeper of my whore, this covers two areas of your responsibility. The firm is in deep trouble, Pete. We need the Okida deal. If we don’t nail it down, we go into chapter eleven bankruptcy. It’s that simple. If that happens, this place will look like a ghost town. Your office included. If we pull out of this, I’d put you back on, you know that. The trouble is, it might take years to get back. Chances are, we’d go completely under. We must nail this deal, Pete.”

“I’ll do my best, Brandon, but I don’t know shit about marketing.”

“To get Okida’s business, you don’t need to know marketing. All you need is a gorgeous blond willing to fuck a large black mutt at a secret convention of Japanese war veterans. I think they want to dress her up like the Statue of Liberty, put a Rising Sun bandana on the mutt, and watch him fuck the shit out of her. He promises to return her unharmed but well-screwed. Frankly, I don’t see how she’ll get well-screwed by a bunch of seventy and eighty-year-old men, but that’s their admirable goal. Banzai!

Well, anyway, that’s what he wants. She can’t be a hooker. She must be straight, pure as snow, and an absolute beauty – a big-titted, all-American, blue-eyed blond. Know anyone that fits that description, Pete?”

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My stomach tightened in a knot. I said, “Brandon, not Judy. There’s no way. Sure, she’ll play games, get a little crazy, but fuck a xxx at a convention? No way, Brandon. There’s just no way that will ever go down.”

“Look at that last picture again, Pete. Did you ever think you’d see Judy grinding her fresh – fucked cunt in your daughter’s face, knowing she was being photographed.”

I looked at the shot once more. It was an incredible sight. My cock lurched. He went on, “It actually got better. I ran out of film, otherwise you’d see. After Judy climaxed, she remained over Jennifer’s mouth. She even lifted up and looked between her legs to watch Jennifer lick at her dripping snatch. She got so hot, she started rubbing herself off again, telling Jennifer to lick harder and deeper. Hell, she was up there for almost thirty fucking minutes. I had to make her climb down to give her a parting fuck, and we fucked over Jennifer’s face while she licked us. When I left, Judy was sitting on Jennifer’s face feeding her that load. That wife of yours has one hot and horny cunt on her, my boy.”

“Yeah, but to fuck a xxx. I don’t know, Boss.”

“Well, we’re going to try and you’re going to help. Okida put me in touch with a special breeder in Oregon. They’re flying out their best trained stud: a big black lab named Ranger. From what I hear, all Ranger needs is to be near a cunt and he takes over. The xxx is due in at noon. I want you to pick him up and take him home with these instructions:

You must keep the xxx indoors at all times except to walk him on a leash.

You can not shut any inside doors.

You may not restrain him, admonish him, or do anything that might upset him.

You tell Judy that we are taking care of this valuable animal for our best customer while he’s visiting the states. You tell her that this animal is highly trained and if he picks up any bad habits, or shows any change in behavior after your caretaking, you lose your job. Another thing, the xxx hates women in shorts or pants.”

Brandon sat back and smiled. I said, “Come on, Brandon. Judy isn’t stupid. She’ll see she’s being set up. You may as well tell her not to wear anything but a xxx collar and crawl around on all fours.”

“Yeah, and if I did, she’d probably do it. I know she’ll see through this, but it will give her an excuse to feel trapped and helpless. She does need that, and she’ll need to work up to this. You give her no choice while keeping up the pressure, slow but steady does the trick.”

“Yeah, but a damn xxx. Christ, Brandon! I just can’t picture my Judy getting it on with a fucking mutt, I don’t care how slow and steady you go.”

“Well, I can picture it, and we’re going to give it our all aren’t we?”

“You’re the boss. I’ll do my part.”

“And the xxx will do his part. Let her try to fend off Ranger. It ought to be fun to watch. I hear he gets down-right nasty if he doesn’t get what he wants. He won’t bite, but he can sure growl mean. Judy will come around.”

“What about the kids?”

“What about the kids?”

“We can’t hide this from them.”

“How about that! I guess Judy will have to figure out a way to keep Ranger interested in her and not Jennifer, huh?”

“Jennifer has to wear a skirt too?”

“Rules are rules, Pete. Look, pal, I’m going to fuck your daughter. Judy knows and accepts that. I think you know it, too. After last night, I think Jennifer knows it. At least she knows who’s in charge. I don’t really give a shit about getting her cherry. In fact, it will be better for her if I don’t. I’m sure Ranger isn’t as big as Brutus. Besides, he can’t get her knocked up.”

I stood and paced, running my hands through my hair. I forgot about my hardon, now harder than ever. Brandon’s laugh drew my attention as he said, “Looks like you have a big problem there, Daddy. Have the hots for little Jenny, do you?”

I blushed and smiled sheepishly. I had thought about it. Jenny is a real dream, budding with fresh youthful sensuality. Jenny is such an innocent passive and gullible child. Judy and I have always worried about her. She isn’t stupid; she’s just impossibly naive. She believes anything anyone tells her. We’ve accepted the ultimate reality that one day we’d lose Jenny to some fast-talking jerk, possibly a molester. Her brothers take advantage of her, especially Mark. We’ve both learned to look the other way. Still, a xxx!

I returned to my seat as Brandon said, “Let’s cut to the chase, Pete. Okida wants Judy fucked by the beast, and I want Jenny fucked by him. Just imagine that cute little bundle of tight flesh joined at the genitals with a big black mutt. I am dying to see that, and I think you’d get off on it too. Lets bring her in on this on the same terms as Judy. Take her out of school for a week. She’ll get the flu.”

I was up pacing again. The image of my beautiful daughter coupled with the xxx had me near coming in my pants. She was such an obedient, passive child. I knew she’d follow the bizarre rules, the obscene orders, and end up being mounted. She’d be much easier to deal with than Judy. As bizarre as it seemed, I now wanted everything that Brandon wanted. I even wanted to watch him screw my little girl and my wife. I was steaming hot. I figured Jenny would eventually wind up as somebody’s sexual plaything; why not ours? Obviously, Judy had those same thoughts; otherwise, she’d have never face-fucked the kid.

I spun to face him and said, “Yeah, lets do it. Look, why not get panties out of the way right from the start. Nothing should be between Ranger and his pussy.”

“All right. New rule: females in his presence must keep their vaginas shaved and accessible.”

“Shaved! Yes, I like that. Hey, suppose I tell them that this xxx has been trained to think of all human females as belonging to him. He has to check constantly to see that no other xxxx have been near his bitches.”

“I like that. You are executive material, Pete. I’ll go you one better. New rule: whenever Ranger comes near, they have to expose their crotches and spread their legs to offer him the opportunity to check them out.”

I clapped and said, “Oh, Jesus, that’s fucking beautiful. Oh, Jenny, you are going to make a wonderful bitch.”

“Don’t forget Judy. And by the way, from now on, I won’t be sending you out of town to get at my whores. I’ll be stopping by regularly. You can watch, or you can take a hike, but you keep your mouth shut.”

“Don’t worry, Boss. I won’t be walking or talking. Me casa es su casa. Me esposa es su puta.”

“That’s right, and so is your little daughter.”

“Of course. I’ll hold her legs apart for you, and Judy can roll the condom on and guide Brutus home.”

“There will be no condom or birth control. I intend to knock the bitch up. If that doesn’t set well with you, take it up with Judy. It was her idea.”

“Judy wants you to get Jenny pregnant?”

“Once she accepted the fact that I was going to fuck Jenny, that’s all she talked about. She has her own kinks, pal. I’d be pounding away at her box, and she’d be telling me how cute Jenny was and how tight she must be, and how adorable she’ll be nine months along with her lactating boobs and big round belly. She has quite a fantasy built up around that. You’d better adjust.”

“God, this is fucking incredible. I love it. I actually love it. Jenny pregnant. Jenny fucking a xxx. Jenny, my boss’ whore. It’s fucking beautiful.”

* * *

I just had time to make the pick-up at the airport. I used a company van and let Ranger out of his travel cage after the porters placed it inside. He was a beautiful big xxx, clean with a shiny black coat. I looked under him to check his equipment. The xxx was hung!

He seemed accustomed to having people fondle his genitals. He assumed a show xxx stance while I massaged the sheath. Before my eyes, his bright-pink glans emerged and was soon sticking out by six inches. It had a beveled tip and was as thick as a large male thumb. I imagined that prick penetrating my young Jenny and a shiver of excitement ran up my spine. I patted his head and said, “Looks like you’ve had a rough trip, Ranger. What say we get you home. Wait till you see the pussy waiting for you, big boy.”

Ranger was a well-behaved xxx, obviously used to traveling. He sat in the passenger seat watching scenery go by, his cock still unsheathed. I looked over constantly, amazed at how things had degenerated in my life. One day, I think I have a normal, everyday family; the next, I am married to a slut, xxx-fucking, incestuous porn, and I was no better. I was her pimp, ready to train my daughter to join her ranks. I shook my head and drove faster.

The girl were still in school when I got home. Judy was in the kitchen doing dishes. I called out, knowing she wouldn’t be expecting me home. She looked over her shoulder and immediately saw the xxx. She shook dishwater from her hands, turned and said, “Pete, we are not keeping that animal. We discussed that already – no xxx.”

“Relax, honey; he is not ours. This is business. Brandon gave him to us to keep for a very important client. His name is Ranger.”

Judy’s eyebrows narrowed as I launched into my act. It was a good act, but not good enough to fool her. I tried to sound like we were at the mercy of an unreasonable boss that would fire me if anything went wrong. When I pulled out and read the list of rules that he had typed up, Judy was in shock. She looked at Ranger, then at me, and said, “You do realize what he’s doing, don’t you?”

I tried to act dumb. She said, “Pete. There’s something you need to know about your nice boss. He has been here every time you went out of town for the past two months, and not for social calls. Honey, I’m sorry, but Brandon has been having sex with me. I didn’t think I could refuse or refuse anything he wanted to do.”

“I understand, dear. It’s all right. You really can’t, not if you like my job. It isn’t so bad, is it?”

“Pete, Brandon is a pervert, and this whole thing with the xxx is a crock of shit. He may think of me as his whore, and I’m not inclined to argue the point, but if he thinks I am going to put out for a mutt just so he can get his jollies, he has another thing coming.”

“Honey, he never said you had to put out for the xxx, just follow the rules.”

“That’s right, Pete, but to follow those absurd rules would be an invitation to any male xxx. I know how Brandon thinks, and I know what he thinks of me, all women for that matter. He thinks I’ll get all turned on letting a male xxx sniff and lick my crotch. He thinks I’ll melt like butter and assume a position on all fours. I won’t, not ever, not for him, not for your job. I am not that type of girl, Pete. I have to draw the line somewhere, and I am flat drawing it at inter-species mating. There will be no further discussion on this matter.”

I was about to think we’d been blown out of the water by battleship Judy when she reached under her housecoat and shimmied out of her panties, saying, “I’ll follow his stupid rules. Ranger can sniff all he wants, but I will not be his bitch. As for Jennifer, she is going to stay with mother until Brandon gets this crazy idea out of his system.”

I smiled an inward smile and let Ranger off his leash. He padded right over to Judy. She backed nervously into the counter top. As his head came toward her crotch, Judy started to block his advance. I reminded, “No! Don’t interfere, Judy. In fact, you have to present your crotch for his inspection. Remember the rules!”

She gave me a critical look then reluctantly eased apart the robe, saying, “Fine, I don’t care. If you insist on enforcing those silly rules, I’ll go along. It’ll do no good.”

Ranger stuck his wet nose into her puss and made her squeal and twist away. He made a low rumbling growl and I said, “Judy, don’t resist. He has the right to check you. Face forward and move your legs apart. Let him satisfy himself that no other xxx has his scent on you.”

She looked at me like I was nuts, but slowly turned to face me and, with a show of reluctance, placed her feet shoulder width apart, her eyes riveted to the xxx muzzle. Ranger’s long tongue lapped through her unprotected slit. Judy gripped the counter top with white-knuckled hands. Her robe fell fully open revealing her total nudity as that tongue continued to make swipes through her sensitive flesh.

I moved forward and dropped to my knees beside them for a closer look. That xxx tongue wasn’t just swiping through. It curled up inside her and drew out her juices. I knew this had to be maddening for Judy. Even my tongue, one third the length of his, drove her crazy when I thrust deep into her. Ranger was swabbing her womb with his wet muzzle pressed tightly to her clit. She took about ten good laps while trying to show no effect, but after a dozen, her knees widened; her pelvis jutted out; she sank lower.

After two dozen, she was feeding that mutt pussy. Suddenly, Ranger jumped up and gripped Judy around the chest, resting his front paws on the counter behind her. He startled her as he brought his loins against her leg and started humping. His cock slid along the inside of her left inner thigh as it emerged from its furry sheath, rising higher and higher. His cock ran in a slick along her inner thigh.

I looked up to see Judy’s reaction. Her face had a catatonic far-off stare. When I glanced back, Ranger’s penis was banging at her left labia lip, not far from the mark. Judy held herself stiffly but sank lower after a few minutes. After a few more minutes, she appeared to be trying to capture the moving target. On impulse, I used my fingers to pull the cock to the right spot and the tip poked in and out of her hole with each hump. She moaned and sank lower, groaned and sank again.

Ranger’s cock kept up a steady staccato of jabs as Judy kept sinking lower onto it. Her wet cunt gradually slipped down over the xxx cock until she had taken his bulbous knot and his sheath was poking her in the hole. She was soon humping him harder than he was humping her. She looked obscene in her half squat, humping away on that big xxx gie prick. She managed to engulf his full ten to twelve inches. The sheath pounded her cunt lips and clit as she wailed and clutched his haunches, pulling him tighter, scrunching the sheath to get another two or three inches.

Judy hugged the animal to her and fucked back with all she had, oblivious to me. I dare say she would have looked the same had her mother and father been beside me. I have never seen a woman so consumed with such raw passion. She came like a fucking animal. Hell, she looked like a fucking animal. She was fucking an animal. That fact finally sank in. My wife was fucking an animal, a fucking mutt.

After her orgasm, the mutt was fucking her, but she was being a good bitch and gave him a good beaver to fuck. She sure liked the way he hammered her cunt. After a few minutes of that, she cried out, “Oh God, he’s swelling up inside me. Oh, Jesus! It feels like a baseball is in there. Shit, if I were any tighter, we’d be locked together.”

I took advantage of this respite between orgasms to say, “You mean if you were as tight as Jenny.”

Her glassy eyes locked on mine. They seemed to bore into my psyche. After a brief pause, she said, “Yes, like Jenny. If he gets inside of Jenny, they’ll get hung up until he’s finished with her.”

As her passion increased, I said, “We’d be powerless to stop it.”

She nodded, and said, “Yes. We could try to make her comfortable, but we would have to let him finish fucking her.”

She went into another paroxysm of fuck lust as Ranger emptied his seed into her. She squealed, “Oh, God, he’s coming. Its so strong and hot. Oh, yes, fuck me! Fuck me, xxxgie. He’s filling me up with xxxx cum. Oh God, I feel like such a bitch! I love this, god do I fucking love this.”

Ranger stopped his movements and stood buried in my wife, panting. Judy was panting also, but she moved in sensuous circles, swooning and moaning. She said, “I better stay put until he shrinks naturally.”

“I think you should.”

“I guess I underestimated Brandon. He knows me better than I thought. I guess I’d better resolve myself to being this xxx’s bitch.”

“It certainly looks that way from here. Could you pull off if you wanted?”

“I suppose, but it wouldn’t be easy. He’s still pretty big. Besides, who wants to pull off.” She ground herself on the xxx’s buried cock and smiled devilishly, saying, “If I must be a bitch to satisfy your perverted boss, I may as well be a good one. He seems to enjoy this.”

Judy was still hot. I decided to press her button again. I said, “Jenny wouldn’t have much choice, either, would she?”

Judy gave me another curious look, studied me, then said, “No, she wouldn’t. If he gets his penis all the way inside Jenny, that knot will swell up so big, they’d be like that until it went down.”

I said, “I hear that xxxs sometimes get locked up for hours.”

The lust in my eyes was as obvious as the object of my lust. Judy played into that lust, saying, “Yes, I suppose they do. A nice tight pussy like Jenny’s might keep his cock hard for a very long time. I suppose Brandon might get pissed if I take her to mother’s.”

“I’m sure he will. He wants us to take her out of school for a week. He made it clear that the rules applied to both of you.”

“Well, then, it’s out of our hands. I suppose Jenny will find out for herself. Maybe we should prepare a bed for her on the floor with Ranger.”

“Then you’ll see that she obeys the rules?”

“I’ll do better than that. I think it would please Brandon if we not only obeyed the letter of the rules but the spirit as well. If he wants us to be bitches for this xxx, then he should see bitches. I think we should both remain in the nude while Ranger is with us. Don’t you?”

“Oh, absolutely. Brandon will be stopping by. I know he’d like to see that we’re taking this well.”

“I agree. I’ll pick Jenny up from school and explain the situation to her. You have a talk with the boys. By the time we get home, Jenny should be ready to cooperate. I’m sure the boys won’t mind two naked females around the house, although Jenny may not like it. That kid is so bashful about her body. Well, this pooch will cure that.”

The cock in Judy’s twat suddenly popped free releasing a gusher onto the tiled floor. Ranger trotted off and laid in a corner, licking his dick. Judy stood straight, looking disappointed. She gazed at the mess in astonishment. She said, “Damn, I knew he came a lot, but that is ridiculous.”

I said, “Honey, I think most of those juices came from you.”

She smiled and said, “I think you’re right. I could feel my flow, but I was all plugged up. Damn that was good. Jenny’s in for a big surprise.”

“You like this idea, don’t you? I think you’re into this as much as I am.”

“Honey, you are as transparent as air. I know you want to see Jenny get screwed by the xxx, and you probably want to fuck her. I’ll see that you get what you want. Frankly, I don’t want to share him. My interest in Jenny goes beyond this, way beyond. I’m almost afraid to share this.”

“You mean the baby?”

“He told you?” I smiled and nodded. “I suppose you saw the pictures then?” I nodded. “Did you like what you saw?” I nodded vigorously. “Good, then we appear to be on the same wavelength. I want her knocked up and I want Brandon to do the job. If you don’t already know, I applied for the position of Brandon’s slut and submitted one for Jenny, too. We’ve both been accepted.”

“I understand. I have no problem with that. I’m sure you’ll both make fine sluts for him.”

“I’m glad you have no problem with it, because it’s a done deal. I’ve been working on Jenny. She thinks we are owned by Brandon. She thinks we have no choice in the matter. I want her to keep on thinking that. She knows what she’s in for. I told her that Brandon will fuck her one day, and that he wants her pregnant.”

xxx homemade nude girls image

“How did she take that news?”

“Not very well. She confessed that she is not a virgin. Mark took care of that three years ago. Her problem is she’s seen the size of Brandon’s cock, and she sure as hell doesn’t want to have a baby. I comforted and consoled her and told her there was no way out. She’s resolved to her fate. She probably won’t like this xxx business, but she’ll accept that too. Do me a favor and try not to look so enthusiastic when Ranger tries to mount her. Let me handle everything. You just stand back and watch, but try to stay out of her sight. Tell the boys to do the same. I’m tempted to send you all out of the room for the first time, but I know how much you’d love to see her maiden xxx fuck.”

“Thank you, Judy. I appreciate this. I’ll get the boys in line.”

* * *

Talking to the boys was easier than I thought. Once they knew that I knew everything, we were like buddies, brothers in debauchery. They were excited by Ranger’s presence. They made a big fuss over him, stroking and petting him. The idea of watching Ranger fuck their mother and their sister had them both sporting erections. I took mine out and joined them in a father and sons jerk off. I shot the farthest but not the most.

We were seated around the dining room table when Judy and Jennifer entered the house. They were somber, Jenny as white as a ghost. Judy led Jenny over to us. Ranger slept soundly in his favorite corner. Judy stood before us with her arm around Jenny’s shoulder. She said, “I’ve had a long talk with Jenny. She understands that we have no choice but to treat her like a whore.”

Judy gave me a sly smile. It was evident that the talk went better than planned. Judy got behind Jenny and told her to lift her skirt. Jenny turned beet red but slowly raised the hem past her mons. She had no panties on. Judy reached her right hand around and cupped Jenny’s sex, saying, “What is this I’m touching, Jenny?”

Judy wasn’t just touching it, her middle two fingers were delving inside, spreading the tight lips, smearing her juices around, and rolling the little clit button. With a quiver in her voice, Jennifer said, “It’s my vagina.”

“Lift your skirt higher, dear.” Jenny lifted the hem past her belly button, her face redder than ever. “Now, what do whores call it?”

I wanted to grab my aching crotch as Jenny said, “A pussy.”

“And who owns this pussy?”

“Mr. Hightower.” I grabbed my crotch.

Judy made Jennifer straighten then turned her to present her back to us. She had Jenny bend low from the waist with her feet wide. She then flipped her skirt up over her tight haunches. She told Jenny to reach back and pull her cheeks apart. Judy straddled the back of Jennifer’s head, leaned out, and peered down into Jenny’s ass. She ran her painted nails along the wet line of Jenny’s sex, gathered the wetness, and massaged it onto Jenny’s pink asshole. She then eased her middle finger into her ass, making Jenny groan. When the finger was deeply imbedded, Judy said, “What is this?”

“It’s my butt hole.”

“And who owns it?”

“Mr. Hightower.”

“Very good, Jenny.” Judy eased her finger out and laid her chin in the grove at the top of Jenny’s cheeks. Smiling at us, she said, “I think Jenny knows her place now. Mr. Hightower wants us to treat her like a whore, and he wants her to act like a whore. It won’t be easy for us, but we have no choice in the matter. Since we’re not used to treating our dear Jenny that way, we need to practice. From now on, you guys treat her like a whore, always, not just when Brandon is here, understood?”

We all nodded with big knowing smiles. She smiled back and said, “And Jenny, whenever you see a hard cock, you try to make it soft. Do you understand?”

Jenny nodded in her head – down attitude, saying, “Uh huh.”

Judy said, “I see we have three hard cocks in the house right now, Jenny. What do you propose to do about that?”

“I don’t know what to do, Mom.”

“Well, I’m sure they do, don’t you guys?” Judy raised up and patted Jenny’s ass. She said, “Stevie, since you are the smallest, why don’t you go first. Mark, you go next. Pete, you go last. I’m sorry guys. I know this must pain you, but we simply must do it. Come on Stevie. Fuck your whore sister.”

Stevie did not need a second invitation. He quickly shucked his pants and poked his stiff boner into Jenny’s cunt. He didn’t last long. When he pulled out, Mark was at the ready. He took a little longer. Before I knew it, it was my turn to fuck my daughter.

I removed my clothes and advanced on her cum-drooling cunt. Judy took my seven-inch rod and centered the head at Jenny’s hole. She said, “Don’t worry, she just had her period. Go ahead and sperm her womb.”

I grabbed Jenny by the hips and sank into heaven. God, she was slick and hot and tight. I fucked her hard and fast with Judy’s face peering into the juncture of our genitals. She held Jenny steady against my buffeting loins. Jenny moaned and groaned as I screwed her little twat. Before I knew it, I was pumping a copious load into my little girl. Her loud moans woke Ranger.

Judy stood Jenny up and turned her around. Cum poured down her legs. Ranger licked the cum running down her legs, then nosed her almost hairless cunny. He ran his tongue through her slit. She stiffened and turned bright red as Judy said, “Part your legs wider, dear. Give him access to you pussy.”

Jenny stepped out and Ranger rewarded her compliance with a good tonguing of her cunt. She must have poured down her rich honey, because Ranger stayed with her, nosing hard into her crotch, going deep and licking fast. While Jenny was distracted with Ranger at her pussy, Judy began removing Jenny’s blouse, bra, and skirt.

Jenny tried to cover her breasts, but Judy pushed her hands down. Jenny’s knees got weak and Judy steadied her by getting behind her and holding her up by the tits, smiling at us from behind Jenny’s back.

Clearly, she had abandoned the need for semi-privacy and was now intent on giving us a show. Somehow, the need to ease Jenny into her new role had been supplanted by the desire to give us a good performance. I was all for that. Judy knew Jenny best; I wasn’t about to argue with her methods.

Judy lifted Jenny’s feet clear of the floor and invited the boys to assist by holding out her legs. Mark and Stevie jumped-to and soon had Jenny doing the mid-air splits. Jenny groaned at the humiliating position she was forced to assume, but Ranger’s tongue action soon took her mind off vulnerable exposure.

We were presented with a stunning view of a maturing vagina – almost hairless but full in its proportions. I had to get a closer look and dropped to the floor at Ranger’s side, bringing my face up to her pussy. The sight was mesmerizing as Ranger’s long pink tongue toured her aroused sex. After a few minutes of this, Judy said, “Let’s carry her over to the ottoman and get this little bitch properly bred.”

Judy and the boys shuffled Jenny into the living room as Ranger followed. They laid her over the padded ottoman on her back, maintaining the wide spread. Judy stood back and quickly stripped. She got down at Jenny’s head and pulled Jenny’s arms out straight, stretching her out fully. Judy patted Jenny’s tight belly. Ranger needed no further invitation or instructions. He climbed over Jenny’s body, straddling her and the ottoman, hovering over Jenny’s frightened face.

Judy said to me, “Well, Pete. Would you like to do the honors?”

I smiled and knelt between Ranger’s left flank and Jennifer’s right leg. I took his fully extended cock and guided it to Jenny’s tight slippery pussy hole. He was humping air as the tip made contact. Jenny squealed as it took an inch of pussy. I got low and watched inch after inch sink into my daughter. He had half of his cock inside when he began humping in earnest. The rest went in fast, taking Jenny’s breath away. Ranger was fucking her hard and fast. Jenny moaned and groaned, whipping her head from side to side.

Judy came up on Ranger’s other side and began using her fingers to roam the point of genital contact. She rubbed on Jenny’s hard button clit, inducing a long string of moans from the girl. Jenny humped to meet the xxx cock as her mother shoved a finger up her ass and declared, “Oh, yes. He’s got a nice big knot. They’re locked up good now.”

The boys did not need to hold her legs. Mark went to her head and stuffed his cock in her mouth. Stevie got behind his mother and humped her wiggling ass. I stood back to take in the whole scene and noticed Brandon ease inside the front door.

We met half way and turned our attention to my fucking family. He put his arm around my shoulder, smiled and said, “I knew you were executive material. Get Okida on the phone first thing tomorrow morning. Make arrangements for two sluts and a xxxx to make a goodwill tour of Japan.”

I said, “First thing in the morning, Boss.”

Brandon and I took seats and propped our feet up to watch the show. As soon as Judy saw Brandon, she crawled to Jennifer’s head and pushed Mark away. She laid Jenny’s head back over the edge of the ottoman, then crawled into position to back onto Jenny’s face. She wiggled her sloppy beaver against the inverted face of my daughter and smiled devilishly as she made a firm contact. She called Mark and Stevie over. They stood on either side of her head with their cocks jutting in her face. She mouthed them alternately while smiling at me and Brandon.

Brandon leaned over and said, “Make those reservations for four and a xxx.”


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