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I had been dreading this day all week. “But if it takes this to solve the pain, it’ll be worth it,” was my inner retort. The thought of another doctor was just too much. And, the first kid in my school to have a podiatrist! Great. It made me feel like I was 16 going on 60. But something had to give, as my big toe hadn’t been the same since being smashed in a soccer game Monday. The nail was black and the toe purple. And it hurt. So I had to do this despite my dread and fear of doctors.

My mom was her usual punctual self, arriving at school at 12:30 for my 1:00 appointment. And she was dressed as usual. Head-turning, business chic, I call it. She’s a real estate sales person, specializing in executive relocation. She looked good for 39, I thought. At 5’9″ and 135 lbs, she had a healthy look. She kept her dark red hair long, but well styled about her face, and flowing down her back. And though she always complained about her weight, she didn’t look heavy at all. And, even to my female eyes, she had great legs and a nice butt. Her boobs were small, 34c’s I’d guess, and pointy. She complained about that too and even considered having them “fixed” but decided against that because of health concerns.

Me, I look just like her, just a bit smaller and younger. I’m almost as tall, but not nearly as heavy at 110 pounds. My hair, also long and straight, is a lighter red and I have green eyes and fair skin. And like mom, I’ve got long legs, a cute butt and my hips have almost fully developed. My boobs, well almost aren’t. Two small mounds with dime size areolas that are firm and raised and peanut size nipples is about all I can muster. I would like more but am not counting on it and have learned to dress to accentuate what I’ve got. Usually body-smoothing tops with good jeans will do it.

“Let’s hit it,” she said, as every male eye in the room checked first her legs, then her butt and stopped at her face and hair.

“Ok, but I rather do anything else,” I said.

“Good luck with Michelle,” the head secretary said as I turned to leave. “It won’t be that bad I’m sure.”

I turned, smiled at her and lipped a, “Thank you.” But Mr. Sanders, the cutest assistant principle ever, caught my eye. He was leaning against the front counter clearly staring at both our butts. I felt good about that, as the door shut behind me.

Driving there was filled with the usual talk from my mom. How much homework? How are the grades going? Am I eating enough? She really worries about that because I am thin. Not because I want to be, but I am. And I’ve come to appreciate her concern, as the school is often filled with talk of dieting, pills and eating disorders. She always assures me I can talk to her about anything, and I promise her I will. And, of course, she always wants to talk about boys and potential boyfriends. Which there really wasn’t much to talk about. I had only gone out with a few dorks, and until I met someone that seemed to be operating with a brain I wasn’t interested. Which isn’t to say I wasn’t interested in boys at all. Quite the contrary, I butt and cock-watched constantly. And I always enjoyed watching the boys’ soccer practice in the adjacent field. And I masturbated often, dreaming of long dick in my mouth and pussy, but it just wasn’t right with the any of the guys I knew.

The doctor’s office was, well a doctor’s office. Except, as I suspected, an older clientele than I’m accustomed to seeing. Adrenalin flowing, the wait seemed to last for hours instead of ten minutes. Finally, a nurse opened the door and said, “Michelle?”

Mom and I rose and walked toward her. “It is okay if I go back with her, isn’t it?” Mom asked at the door.

“Of course,” the nurse said.

She led us down to an exam room, which like the rest of office looked just as one might expect. Right down to the stirrups on the paper covered table. “Have a seat up on the table and let’s check your blood pressure and temperature,” she said. Mom sat on the doctor’s stool near the head of the table. They did the usual chitchat while the nurse took her readings and jotted down notes. “Stop shaking, you’re making me nervous,” she quipped.

“Can you warm it up in here some?” I asked.

“That I can do for you,” she said smiling from the doorway. “Just relax, he should just be a minute.”

The door shut firmly and we heard the air conditioner cutoff shortly after that. “That is better,” mom said. “I was getting a tad nipply myself,” she quipped just as the doctor walked in.

And what a surprise. He was young, tall and quite cute. Not at all what I was expecting, and was I glad about that. I could tell by my mother’s shifting on the stool she was pleasantly surprised as well. He introduced himself, Dr. Connelly, shaking our hands and then silently studied the chart. It gave me a good chance to size him up. Probably 35, at least six feet tall, slim but well proportioned, a beautiful face and wavy collar length hair. I could see just the slightest outline of the tip of his penis in his tan slacks. I’ve always found older men more attractive than boys, but he took the cake.

“So you attacked a goal post with one foot I see,” he said smiling at me. “Lay down on the table and let’s see what we have.”

I slid back one the table and squared up my body so I could lay flat, being careful to get my hair right before I laid down. I was suddenly extremely conscious of the angle he’d have on my legs from where was. I instinctively laid back with my legs crossed at the knees, but otherwise stretched out. He lifted the top leg saying, “This is not going to do,” as he laid it next to the other. Then I felt like a fool because I had left my sandals, and the thick wool socks I had been wearing to protect my foot, on. “Do you mind if I remove your shoes,” he said, smiling softly at me.

“No, I’m sorry. How stupid of me.”

He gently pulled the sandals off, and then started to roll down the sock on the bum foot. It didn’t hurt nearly as much as before because mostly I felt a tingling all the way up to pussy, and could see my nipples harden, when he touched my leg with his soft hands. “That must really be painful,” he said.

“It is.” ‘Or was,’ I thought.

He lifted my leg slightly and moved the foot into a stirrup. And when he softly rubbed it and then inside of my calf through my jeans, I felt my pussy being flooded with it’s own juice and I was keenly aware that my legs were now spread for him with the tight crotch of the designer jeans up into my lips.

My mother was still sitting quietly on the stool next to me, almost doodling with my hair and shoulder, her gaze never leaving the doctor.

“What I’m going to have to do here is going to be rather uncomfortable, well honestly a bit painful, to say the least,” he said.

My heart beat still faster, my system flooded with even more adrenalin. I pulled my hands up behind my head, accidentally showing my hard nipples even more.

“Why, what do you need to do?” my mother asked.

“Well the only way to handle this is to remove the big toenail and let it grow back new. Don’t worry about, it’ll be fine in a week or two, and I’ve had to do this many times. We’ll make her as comfortable as possible.

“I’m sorry honey,” mom said to me standing up her hand softly touching my arm. “I’ll stay right with you though it all.” She rubbed my arm and her fingers brushed my right tit, sending another wave of pleasure through my body. ‘What is going on with me?’ I thought.

“First, I’m going to give you a shot of a local anesthetic, you’ll just feel a little pinch. Then I’m going to wash your foot up before I start working on it. Ok?” he asked, standing up with one hand on my knee and the other lightly stroking the inside of my knee and lower thigh. I could only nod my approval.

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“Ouch,” I yelped as the needle poked me, causing my mother to tighten her grip on my arm, her other hand now rubbing my side lightly, occasional touching the bottom of my bra.

“That’s it,” he said, turning to wash his hands and fill a bowl with water. The foot wash was heavenly; I couldn’t help but moan as he rubbed my foot and ankle with the smooth soapy mixture. My mother seemed to rubbing my lower chest in unison with his motion. I felt as if I were floating away. ‘What is happening?’ I wondered.

“Feel good honey?” mom said.

I merely moaned and nodded my positive response.

“I bet!” she said.

My mom stepped back and said, “It’s getting quite warm in here isn’t it?” as she removed her suit jacket. Standing straight, her small tits seemed to project through the thin, gauzy blouse she wore. The doctor was watching her intently, but still rubbing my foot. She came back over and took the stool. When she leaned forward, I could clearly see one bra-covered tit, it’s nipple pushing out of the thin fabric.

“How’s that foot feeling,” the doctor asked.

“Fine,” I quipped, “how’s yours?”

Laughing, looking me in the eye, which I’m sure gave him a good view of my mother’s chest he said, “A green-eyed comedian, hey.”

“Not really. It does feel fine.”

“Mmmm… Actually it should be numb by now. Let’s see.”

He started to pinch my foot and then my ankle looking for response. I could feel it all, flinching with each bite. “I’m afraid we’re going to have to give you another shot,” he said. I meekly nodded back at him. “And I think you should loosen those jeans to improve circulation in your legs. That will help it numb up quicker.”


“Don’t be bashful, I’m a doctor. Seen it all.”

I looked to my mom for advice and she gave a go ahead nod. With that I unbuttoned my jeans, and slowly pulled down the zipper revealing the waistband and just the top of the white bikini style panties I was wearing. But fortunately not the flood my pussy was producing.

The doctor turned and stepped back to the door. “I’m going to lock this, since this is a bit more revealing than I had expected.” He turned around and stepped back over to my side and ran his hand on the inside of my upper thigh. I couldn’t help but to let out another moan. I looked up at him I saw he was again looking down my mother’s blouse. “You know, I think these are so tight on your legs and hips, you should slip them down to get any improvement in circulation,” he said with his fingers still on the top and inside of my thigh.

I glanced over to my mother, and now she was just staring at the profile of his crotch. I saw why, what had been a small protrusion of the tip was now clearly a fine boner pushing downward in his pants.

“Okay,” I said quietly.

Lying down, I had to rather awkwardly push up on my shoulders to raise my hips up to get the pants off. I wiggled them about half way down my thigh, but my panties also slid down quite a bit. The doctor reached forward and gently pulled the jeans the rest of the way down, his fingers on the back of my thighs and calf, and then slipped them off my legs one at a time. I was in a trance-like spot, feeling his warm hands run down the length of my legs.

When he was done I found myself just stupidly staring at him. I barely cared that I was now half-naked in front of him. My pussy was warm and tingly. I wanted a time out to masturbate.

“Ouch,” I said, as I lay flat, breaking my mood. My bra strap had twisted in my wiggling and went straight into my back sideways.

“Mom, help me with this,” I said leaning up and trying to reach upward on my back. She stepped over to the head of the examining table and before I realized what was happening, she had taken the bottom of my light pullover sweater and was lifting it over my shoulders.

“What did you do that for?” I asked, hands instinctively wrapped around my chest and knees drawn up.

“I figured you’d probably get hot while the doctor was working, and you’d be more comfortable. Just relax,” she said, as she unhooked my bra. I assumed she was going to fasten it back in the right position. Instead her hands slipped around my ribs, momentarily cupped my tiny boobs, and then lifted the bra over my shoulders. My nipples were like marbles now and my pussy wet.

“There’s no way you could to be comfortable laying on this table with that thing on,” she said.

She came back around to the side of the table, unbuttoning the first button of her blouse as she moved, and the doctor moved back towards my feet.

“Here let me straighten these out for you,” she said as she reached down and grabbed the waistband of my tiny panties and straightened them out, but pulling them tighter into my lips. Then running her palm along my pelvic bone, to flatten the panties as if she were folding towels, while leaning forward to give the doctor a better view of her chest. I moaned again loud enough for all to here, I’m sure. I was on fire now, and I’m sure I was noticeably wetting my panties, which were now tented between my hips and pelvic bone.

The doctor, his hard dick even more prominent on the right side of his pants, again raised my leg and foot into the stirrup and said, “Are you ready for another shot?”

“Sure,” I said as my mother stood next to me rubbing my shoulders. I thought about how normal they were both acting, and decided to just be glad they were trying to make me so comfortable. I had decided the sexual stuff was just in me. Sixteen and horny. Big deal, right?

“Ouch again,” I said as he pushed the needle into my leg. “I’m sorry. I’m just a big baby I know. But it does sting,” I said trying to get my thoughts back on track.

“More like a petite baby,” mom said smiling, her fingers touching to the top of my tits now.

“Now, Michelle I want you to get on your side and let me rub that leg to enhance the circulation and speed up the anesthetic.”

He stepped into a narrow space between a wall and the opposite side of the table from my mother. I did as he said, and stretched my bottom leg out straight and the other forward a bit and slight bent at the knee. My mother just stood stroking my hair as he began to rub my calf.

“Mmmmmm,” came out without control. Several, as a matter of fact, as he rubbed with both hands on the muscle.

“Most people don’t realize the tremendous amount of blood pumping that goes on in their legs. That’s why good leg health and exercise is important to your whole body,” he said sounding almost doctorly.

Then he placed one hand on the small of my back and rubbed my thigh deeply. His fingertips reaching to the leg band of my panties.

“God that feels good,” I said. My pussy was flowing.

“On lighter subjects, you certainly have a beautiful mother Michelle,” he said jokingly.

I merely nodded and she smiled. His long fingers were now running over the cotton panties to my butt and hip with each stroke. I moaned softly and shifted my bent leg out slightly more, allowing still more access.

“You two look exactly the same.”

A, “Thank you,” came from my blushing mother, “but not exactly.”

His reach went still higher and now his fingertips were just touching my pussy lips from the bottom as he worked on the inner thigh. I’m sure he could feel the moisture. My mother stepped back from the table and stood facing us.

“Let me show you some differences,” she said.

With that she slowly pulled her blouse out of her skirt and began to open its remaining buttons. I was playing with my nipples and the doctor was rubbing my pussy and slightly pushing his finger in through my panties. I was nearing an orgasm, as my mother removed her top and dropped it to the floor. She stood momentarily facing us and then reached behind and unzipped her skirt. That too she let fall to the floor. Her figure was beautiful. Long legs, slightly rounded tummy and those tiny boobs. Down to just her pantyhose and bra, she turned her back to us, and leaned down-showing her tight ass through the sheer blue pantyhose-to gather her garments. She clearly had no underwear on.

“Oh my, don’t stop now,” I whispered.

“I won’t dear,” she said.

“No I meant him.” I reached down and started to push my panties down as best I could, and he grabbed both sides and tugged them down my legs. He pushed his fingers deep into me and began stroking in and out of my soaked pussy. With both of us still watching my mother as she unclasped her bra and let it drop to the floor. Her breasts were gorgeous, sitting high on her chest with round pink nipples. They had no sag to them at all, just a rounded fullness on the bottom of each. Her skin was smooth and creamy, with just a few freckles on her shoulders. The pantyhose, with their tight fit, pushed only a small amount of flesh out of the waistband, but she was still trim enough that her ribs were slightly visible. She smiled softly and hooked her thumbs into the pantyhose.

As she slipped them down, the doctor buried three fingers deeper into my pussy and worked his thumb up my ass. I’d never felt anything like it. I raised my leg up to give him greater access. Then my mother stood straight before us, revealing her perfectly clean-shaven pussy, which beautifully accented her small frame and perky little boobs. Even to me, she looked delightful. Much younger and relaxed than just a few moments before. And her pussy was spectacular. It’s puffy red lips and the little red cherry on top and the slit running straight down. Much prettier than with hair.

“You are beautiful,” he said to her, as the first orgasm thundered through me. The doctor had me in his complete command, with one hand gripping my crotch-thumb in my ass and three fingers in my pussy-his other holding my shoulder. “Please join us,” he said, as I moaned loudly.

She leaned over and kissed my ear and neck, and then firmly sucked on each of my tits for a moment as yet another orgasm built inside me. Never had I imagined it possible to feel so much, throughout my body. She lay down beside me on the small table. But much to my surprise, with her mouth to my pussy. I was near screaming now as another orgasm began, but the sight of my mother’s shiny pussy inches from face was too incredible. The doctor’s long steady finger then lifted from my shoulder and drove straight into her. He was fucking us both with his hands. As my orgasm faded the doctor removed his finger from me and then pushed my head flat against my mother’s pussy, and slid his fingers out as my tongue went in. I don’t know how, but I just knew to suck on her clit. And I began to finger fuck her at the same time, until she exploded in a gasp, spewing her juice onto my nose and forehead.

I lay still for a while. I felt full, but totally spent from the experience. But what a wonderful experience it had been. My mother was gently rubbing my hip and I was in complete heaven. I heard a little giggling but only smiled to myself, not wanting to move a muscle. Then I saw Dr. Connelly naked, walking around the end of the table to a phone on the wall, his long slightly curved penis leading the way, swaying slightly with each step. His body was hairless, his butt firm and beautiful. When he reached the phone, he put one foot on a chair, revealing his balls and asshole from the rear. I had seen my dad naked several times, but never with an erection. And never like this. My pussy was literally leaking, just watching.

“Marjorie, this is a bit more complicated than I had planned on. I need to cancel the afternoon appointments, with apologies of course, and reschedule all of them at their convenience,” he said. Turning towards my mother, with his penis waving directly at her, he continued, “And go ahead and schedule a follow-up for Michelle late Monday afternoon.”

He walked directly back to the opposite side of the table where he had been.

“Honey, raise this leg up a little and let’s move it over here,” mom said positioning me at the edge of the table. She moved my leg to a spot where I was in an almost scissor position, almost as I had been, on my side with one leg running straight down the table and the other folded with my knee resting on her thigh. My pussy and ass were absolutely wide open to my mother as she snuggled into my crotch, starting to lick my slit and asshole.

I was moaning and my hips were rolling gently; emotionally drifting away again when I felt another something rubbing my pussy. It wasn’t a finger either. I stretched my leg a little further up still, opening my slit even more as my mother started to lick his dick as he rubbed his cock on my pussy and ass. I could hear the slurping as again my pussy oozed with my cum. And another orgasm was rapidly approaching as I felt him sliding just into my lips and heard him sliding just into hers. My pussy, her mouth. Back and forth, with such a lightness about it. My mother had one hand on my hip holding me open and I heard her say, “She’s still a virgin, let’s keep it that way for now anyway.”

My orgasm was beginning as she pushed hard on my hips and pushed her tongue deeper in to me. I was literally near screaming and the doctor gently put his hand on my face and covered my mouth as my pussy erupted on my mother’s mouth, flooding her face. As the orgasm was still rumbling through me, almost in one motion she licked deeply back to my asshole, and then I felt his dick pushing on the hole itself. For the first time I arched my neck forward and looked down between my legs and saw my mother, on her shoulder, holding his dick and pressing it into me. I felt a slight cramping, and then it slid all the way into me. Feeling like my ass had pulled it in really.

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“Oh my God, does that feel good,” I said panting. I could hear him breathing much heavier and heard his occasional moans as well. And then my mother’s tongue again entered my pussy. And I did scream as I again came almost instantly. But the doctor and mom had just gotten into a rhythm. He was now holding my hip with one hand, playing with my tits with the other, holding my leg forward and sliding his dick in and out of my ass at increasing speed. His balls bounced against the bottom half of pussy with each powerful stroke. Each push felt deeper and warmer than last. And the time between strokes was getting shorter and shorter.

My mother was concentrating on my clit when then doctor said, “Hang on baby, I going to cum.”

With that he grabbed my thigh tightly and the top of my hip and started to swing me deeper onto his cock with each stroke. I felt like I was going to split. And it felt good. I was cumming yet again as I let out a loud moan, he held me tight against him, and started shooting his warm semen into my bowels. With each stroke his penis felt as if were pushing into my chest. I never felt anything like that. And shot after shot, warm and thick, coating my insides. My pussy again exploded on my mom’s face and she rubbed her forehead and nose deep into me. I was moaning and trembling as I felt the doctor pulling out of me. And a loud, wet fart right in my mother’s face followed. “I’m sorry,” I said.

“Don’t be silly,” she said, sliding to the left a bit and straightening out on her back, her feet still at my head. “Come up here, let me clean you up darling.”

“What do you mean,” I said.

“Doctor would you help her please.”

He laughed and put his hands on my hips and moved me into position to straddle her face. Awkwardly to be sure, I squatted over her face, on the narrow table. She started to lick my ass and my orgasm rekindled itself. The doctor just watched and rubbed my mom’s smooth pussy lips. Her tongue licked and stroked from my ass to half way up my slit and back, always pausing to push into my hole, her hands occasionally reaching up and tweaking my nipples. I was in heaven.

Then, with almost no warning, another loud fart erupted and my bowels emptied a load of brownish milky cum onto my mother face. Her mouth, nose and eyes were all covered and it was running down into her hair. Then a big goosh of pee shot out of me onto her chest.

“I’m so sorry,” I said.

“No dear, that’s exactly what I wanted,” she said, licking her lips.

And the doctor came to the side of the table and started licking the pee off her chest, and nibbled on her tits, as I stroked my finger through his hair.

For a moment no one talked. I was lightly rubbing my pussy and butt in the warm goo on my mom’s face. She was moaning. And he seemed like a content puppy licking her. I had to break the moment, though as my leg was really hurting in this position. “I need to get down,” I said.

“Let me help you,” he said. And he just lifted me up and stood me leaning against the table.

“Wow, is all I can say about that,” he said. “But we do need to take care of that foot.”

“I know,” I said.

And he started to lick his own cum and my poop and pussy juice from my mother’s face. I could only watch as he finally said to her, “You get cleaned up and let me fix a toe.”

The whole procedure actually only took a moment.

“Don’t forget that follow-up Monday,” he said to us. “I’ll check, but Marjorie probably scheduled you for the last spot at 4:45.”

“We’ll certainly be here,” mom said.

“And you be good to that toe. It’ll need a thorough exam on Monday and if I find any evidence you haven’t treated it well, a spanking could be in order for you young lady,” he said to me laughing.

The ride home was quiet and frankly a bit uncomfortable for me. I was full of questions, and lust, for my mother. She seemed fine, but I was afraid she was mad at me. I didn’t know how to start the next conversation, but I knew where I hoped it would lead.

“Mom,” I said, “you mad at me?”

“Not at all dear, just thinking how wonderful it was to be so close to you,” she replied.

What a perfect answer. I felt new juices flooding my pussy.

“I agree. I never thought it was possible,” I said.

“Your father and I have admired your body for a long time you know. And it was just as sweet as I expected.”

My pussy was again soaking now. My hands were trembling.


“Oh yes, and he’s quite the ass man let me assure you,” she said, but clearly not saying something else.

“Mom, what are you thinking?”

“I’m not sure yet, but if you’d like I’ll figure something out.”

“Like it? I’d love it. I’ve been watching him, in less than a daughterly way, for a while too. But do you think he’d go along?”

“Not right off,” she said, “but with a little coaxing I’m sure we could get what we want. Let me think about it. The first thing we need to do though is shave that forest off your pussy. He loves that.”

I laughed. “Forest! Do you know how long I’ve worked on those 30 little red hairs of mine?” We both laughed out loud. “But you’ll really shave me? I thought your pussy was so beautiful being bald,” I said.

“I’ll teach you dear. And then you’ll have to keep up with it,” she said grinning. “It’ll be too late this afternoon, but tomorrow we close at 1-remember-so I can get you early again and we can work on it.”

I couldn’t contain my excitement much anymore. And I jokingly put my right hand on the crotch of my jeans and cupped my pussy. “She’ll be ready,” I said.

“Speaking of ready. Tonight give your dad a good panties show. He loves seeing you in panties and a tee or something like that. And I’ll tell you; he loves regular bikinis better than the fancy ones or thongs. So don’t be too overt, just show him your stuff the way you sometimes do. And I’ll think about the rest.”

When we got to the house, my dad was already home. He greeted us in the kitchen and I couldn’t help but notice the squeeze he gave my mom’s butt when he hugged her. Soon, that’ll be my butt I thought. I had thought of my plan.

“How’s the foot?” Dad asked.

“It was great, I mean is great,” I said. “But I’m going to take a shower before dinner, it got pretty hot in the doctor’s office” I said. “See you guys later.”

And off I went, giving a good swag of my butt around the corner and upstairs, where I couldn’t rip my clothes off fast enough. My pussy was even more soaked than I had thought. I stood in my panties before my mirror for a moment, rubbing my slit deeply. Then I lay on my bed and used my favorite hairbrush on my pussy while I rubbed my clit, and thought of the afternoon. How I loved that cock. My orgasm was intense, with still more juice spewing out. I could have done it again, except for the time.

After my shower, I searched for the right pair of panties. I picked an older pair of white ones, almost threadbare and a size too small. When I slipped them one they had exactly the effect I had hoped for. From the rear, they tightly framed my cheeks and clearly showed my crack, from the front if you looked closely you see them slipping into my pussy lips and they rode just above my ‘forest.’ Then I slipped on an older white tee, no bra, with just the words “I am woman,” on the back.

I headed down the stairs, being sure to make enough noise to be heard, to the basement laundry room. I clanked the dryer door loudly and grabbed some clothes and headed back up, stopping through the kitchen, where mom and dad were. He was sitting at the table now. I just walked in and he acted like he didn’t notice, but he was looking straight at my pussy.

“I just need a trash bag for my room,” I said casually.

And I leaned down, with my butt facing him and reached into the cabinet below the sink, and took an extra second wiggling the bag out. When I straightened up, I could feel the wedgey form on my butt, nipples clearly on display through the tee. For good measure I “dropped” a pair of jeans at the door, and had to again lean all the way over to pick them up. Show complete, I went on up the steps.

After dinner, while my dad watched TV, mom came up to my room. “You were perfect,” she said. “You should have seem the size of his bone when you left. I’ve got the plan,” she said.

The next day, mom picked me up early from school early for “another” doctor’s appointment. My pussy was flooding as we walked to the car, anticipating the afternoon. I had worn a short denim skirt and when we sat in the car, I spread my legs a bit and pulled my panties back and joking waved and said, “Goodbye forest.” My mother reached over and patted her softly.

Once home, my mom spread out a towel on the bead and sat down. She had gathered a bowl of water, a small electric razor and a disposable razor for the task. She had changed into jeans and sweater. “Ok dear, take your dress off and lay down here.” I unzipped skirt and slipped it down. Then I slowly removed my panties, facing my mom. When they were just below the hairline I stopped and stepped right up to my mom.

“Would you like me to do the honors dear?”

“Why, yes I would.”

She tugged at the leg bands gently easing them to just below my slit, and laid a big kiss on me, which in turn sent a warm goosh to the surface. “Mmmmm,” I moaned

Then she slid them all the way down and rubbed me gently, “Hmmm, moist as the morning dew.” We giggled. “Lay down here,” she said patting the bed beside her.

She lightly brushed the hair back and turned on the razor. The vibration of the razor sent me into an instant orgasm and she held the skin taunt and glided the razor over it. After several strokes she said, “Job’s half done, now comes the delicate part,” as she sprinkled pubic hair on my belly, laughing. Then she soaped her hands and worked it into a lather around my pussy, teasing my lips with her fingers, and started shaving it clean. She held each lip and carefully went down them. Then she had me get on all fours, butt pointing in the air, and did the same around my ass. After a few strokes, she gently kissed my butt, “Stand up and have look my sweet,” she said.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. Not even an outline of the hair remained. My lips were slightly redder and puffed out a bit, my little clit sitting like a cherry on top. When I looked down all I could see was my small boobs and flatness down to where my pelvis rose slightly. I looked younger though, and that bothered me a bit. I’d always been small for my age, but now I felt I looked more like 14 than 16. My mom said not to be silly, that was an asset. “Come over here and let me see.”

My pussy flooded with anticipation, as I turned and stepped towards my mother who was sitting on the edge of the bed. She took my hips into her hands and first gently rubbed her head on my tummy. The tingling was unbearable as she started to lick my belly button and her hands reached behind me and kneaded my ass cheeks. I reached down and pulled her sweater up and she let go long enough for me to lift it over her head. She again lowered her hands to my ass and started stroking my wet slit with her fingers, as I released her bra. She pushed one finger up into my pussy, while swirling the moisture around my butt hole. I was losing it already, as she slid finger up my ass.

“Mmmmmm… I going to cum soon,” I said. “It feels so good.”

She laid back on the bed, with her feet still on the floor and said, “Slide up and cum on me.”

I awkwardly straddled her on my knees, till my pussy was right over her face and slowly lowered down. Her tongue on my smooth, sensitive skin was too much for me. I spewed my first burst of come juice into her mouth. She pulled me even closer, and I ground my clit against her nose as she pushed two fingers into my ass. Her tongue swirled in my pussy, her fingers in my ass, and I felt my biggest orgasm ever, building from my thighs.

I held the side of her head tightly and pushed down still further. “Don’t stop,” I panted, “I’m cumming again.”

And with that I lost control and begin to sway crotch the length of her face. The gurgling, slurping sound was drowning out my moaning as my pussy poured its juice on to her face. As it passed, I leaned forward, collapsing on the bed with my crotch still on her face and knees hooked in her armpits. “That was wonderful,” I said.

“I bet you can’t wait to get your father’s cock shoved up your butt, can you?” she asked. “He’s a wonderful ass fucker. When he rolls it around in your butt, you’ll feel like he’s filling your whole body. He has a dick built for ass fucking, longer than Dr, Connelly’s, not too thick and perfectly straight. With you, he’ll probably fill your bowels with his cum.”

“Mmmmm… I wish he were home now,” I said.

“Well, we’ll have to be a little more subtle than that, but I think I’ve got it figured out,” she said as she wiggled out from under my legs. She stood up and looked so sexy topless, in her jeans. She slapped my butt playfully, and said, “Hold that pose, I’ll be right back.”

I was exhausted and lay flat on my tummy and closed my eyes wondering how I got so lucky. When she returned, she shook my shoulder and I looked up. I thought I was dreaming.

And she walked to the end of the bed and crawled on between my legs. She was wearing a long dildo strapped around her waist.

“My God! Why do you have this thing anyway?”

“I told you, your dad is a buttman.”

“You mean?”

“Yes sweetie, he bought this himself, for me to fuck him with. And it has a second ‘head’ on it that fits into my pussy at the same time.”

She knelt behind me and pulled my hips up slightly, aiming my butt straight at her, and spread warm oil on my ass. Then she held my hips firmly and rubbed the real looking dildo on my slit and ass.

“Oh God,” I said, “It’s great.”

My pussy was tingling as I got in position with a pillow rolled up on my pussy. Mom grabbed my hips and held me firmly and I felt the head of the big thing pushing on my butt. It hurt a bit more than I had expected, more than the doctor’s at first, but after it passed the hole and started to fill me, it was ecstasy. We quickly got into rhythm as I stuck three fingers into my pussy and juice gushed out.

Mom was panting heavily and barely whispered, “Try this,” and switched on the dildo’s vibrator. I came almost instantly, but it didn’t stop. The orgasm went on and on, sweat was dropping off my chest. “Come on baby,” mom said, slapping me hard on the butt. I pushed harder with each of her thrust, knowing I was fucking her too. I could feel her sweat dripping on my back as she said, “Come on baby, harder… I’m coming.” And I bucked her and me as hard as I could and felt my insides and every muscle exploding, and could see nothing but stars. Finally our sweaty bodies collapsed, and she eased the thing out of my butt with a plopping noise.

“Oh mom, that was unbelievable,” I mumbled.

We cuddled for a long while and as I was almost slipping into sleep she said, “Now here’s the plan, tomorrow night…” as she played with my tiny nipples.

After showering and masturbating, I went downstairs to help mom with dinner. I wore a pair of tight threadbare cutoffs and a tee without a bra. I sat down at the table as she worked at the sink. “Mom, I need to ask you a question.”

“Shoot dear.”

“Are you bi?”

“Yes honey, very much so. A warm pussy and a hard cock both have great appeal to me.”

“Geez. I never knew. How long?”

“About 8 inches,” she quipped. We both laughed. “You mean how long have I been bi-. I suppose.”

“Yeah. I’m just wondering.”

“Well, I don’t really know. I’ve always admired pretty girls and nice looking women. I can remember straining as hard to see girls panties in grade school as the boys were. And gym classes were always a treat for me. But I suppose nothing really happened outside of my head until about, let me think, you were in 4th grade, so you were 10, so six years ago.”

“What happened? I mean do you mind telling me?” I asked.

“No not at all. Just don’t go trying almost public sex anytime soon young lady.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well do you remember Toni, the younger women who used to work at the firm?”

“Yup. I met her at the Christmas party two years ago,” I said. “I remember she was tall and had short hair and wore a pretty pants suit. It’s funny though, I remember thinking the suit looked almost like man’s.”

“You got her.”

“So what happened?”

“You probably don’t remember, but that year my company had sent us to a training conference in Seattle. To get there, we flew from here to Atlanta stopped in Kansas City and then on to Seattle. The plane was almost full from Atlanta to Kansas, and honestly we drank a good bit and talked a lot. Then to our surprise, from Kansas City on the plane was pretty empty. We had chosen sets in the back, because you generally can get extra drinks faster that way.”

“Nice tip mom,” I said laughing.

“Right! By then it was quite late and they turned out most of the cabin lights. So Toni, got up to go to the bathroom and grabbed a couple of blankets out the overhead and laid them down on the seat. We were now two, in a three-seat row. She had worn her usual pants suit and looked quite sharp actually. When she leaned over to put the blankets down, I could see most of her little boobs pretty clearly. And as she walked away I can’t help but say, my eyes lingered on her tight butt.

“So anyway, when she came back in a couple of minutes, I decided to go too and then catch some sleep. I came back and she was sitting in the window seat, shoes off with one leg across the seat between us. I sat down and played piggy with her bare toes for a moment, and then I noticed what looked like panties just barely sticking out of the seat pouch in front of her.

“She saw that I noticed and said, ‘wanna’ sniff?’ And we laughed. ‘No thanks the foot’s enough for now,’ I said. And we laughed harder. Then she said she just slipped them off to be more comfortable. ‘You should get out of some of you garb to,’ she said, ‘we still have a long way to go.’

“I told her I was just too tired to get up again. ‘No problem, you can do it here, under a blanket.’ Honestly honey, I wasn’t planning on it. But the thought was exciting to me. So I pulled a blanket over me and started to pull my pantyhose down. But it was hard in sitting position. She put her leg down and told me to put mine on the seat and she’d help. So I did. She laid a blanket across on my legs, and reached underneath to my hips. But my skirt was too tight for her to get her hands in. So she pulled the zipper down, and I raised my hips slightly and she pulled my skirt off me. Then she neatly folded it and put it under the seat in front of her.”

My pussy was getting that tingle feeling again for sure, and my nipples were hardened to sharp points, as mom continued her story. “Then she reached back under the blanket and palmed my pussy, eliciting a gasp from me, and this time slid my pantyhose and panties off.

“So there I was half naked, turned on, on a jumbo jet… not like me at all. So she asked if I minded if she lay across my legs and perhaps we could still catch some sleep. ‘No problem,’ I told her. And she did. She kind of lay on her side and kept her feet mostly on the floor, and snuggled in. I remember her saying I smelled good, and the next thing I knew she was rubbing my thigh.”

I was getting hotter now, listening to this, and I started to rub my pussy through my shorts. I was sitting with my legs crossed, so it wasn’t too blatant. But I notice my mom was shifting her weight more, but beautifully displayed, her back still to me as she worked on the food.

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“Soon she had her hand on my pussy lightly stroking up and down. I was moaning and opening up wider with each stroke. I made my feelings clear to her, as she had to me. She slid her head under the blanket and started to lick in a teasing way around my pussy. And she was opening my blouse at the same time. She finally licked my slit deeply and sucked on my clit just as she squeezed one of my tits. I came almost instantly, moaning loud enough to wake up anyone nearby. It was quite a sight.”

And so was I. I had opened my pants, and had a hand inside my panties now, fucking my sopping wet, smooth pussy with two fingers, while my other hand was rubbing my tits.

“She eventually got my bra off as well, and between sucking my tits and licking my pussy I must have cum a half dozen times,” she said turning towards me. “Should I continue?”

“By all means. Don’t mind me, just a horny teenage here.” And we laughed.

“Slip those shorts off and get comfortable. But leave your panties on, you dad will be here soon,” she said.

So I did and she came over and retrieved the shorts off table and put them behind some stuff in a cabinet. I didn’t even question her, as I placed one foot on the table and the other on the floor, spread about as wide as I could.

“I need to finish what I’m doing here,” she said.

“You need to finish your story.”

“Oh yeah right,” she said, turning back to the counter. “So I remember cumming several time with her tongue. And then I remember we kissed deeply. It was the first time I had tasted a girl. And even though the girl was me, it was good. Then I said something like, ‘Aren’t you a bit overdressed for this party.’ And she smiled and said, ‘I do believe I am.’

“And she stretched her legs out and I unzipped her pants and slid them down. I rubbed her pussy with my hand and realized it was perfectly smooth and I was amazed how wet she was and loved seeing her face as I did it. ‘You shave everything,’ I asked. She nodded and said, ‘Everything. Come have a look.'”

I was nearing orgasm now. I had worked three fingers in my pussy and one into my ass. Picturing them naked on an airplane doing this stuff. I hadn’t noticed my mother had moved in front of me.

“And then I leaned over her pussy and licked it softly, like this,” she said, as she lifted my hand and pulled the leg band back and licked me so gently. I started to explode almost instantly. She placed her other hand in the small of my back, finger on my ass cheeks and held me firmly as she fucked me with her tongue. My release was loud as I screamed, and sloppy as I could literally see her face getting gooey from my cum. Holding me firmly, she again rolled her forehead and nose into my pussy. As my orgasm waned she sat back on the floor, and I leaned forward kissing her deeply and getting a mouthful of my own cum.

We stared at each other for a moment, and heard the screen door opening. “My God, it’s Dad,” I said.

“Perfect,” she responded, “come over here quick.” We jumped over to the counter where she had been working and she handed me a knife just as the door opened. As Dad stepped into the kitchen, we both turned and said, “Hi.”

“Smells good,” he said, clearly looking me over.

And what a sight. The front of my dark blue panties had soaked through and clinging to my slit. My nipples were little points. And I’m sure my face glowed. Smell? Smells like “Girl Stew” I bet.

“I need to run get dressed,” I said. “We were talking and cooking and just lost track of time,” I said breezing by and kissing him on the cheek.

As I went up the stairs, I glanced down and could see he was still following my butt up. What a perfect accident this had been, I thought. Perfect. But that’s enough for tonight, be subtle mom said.

I dressed conservatively in loose jeans and an old shirt for dinner and went to bed early. I was exhausted. Too exhausted, and scattered to go to school the next day as well. But it was a Friday and I wouldn’t miss much.

I knew he’d be watching me pretty closely tonight, especially since it’d just be the two of us. I’d worn my new shorts jumper and a soft, cotton top underneath. I leaned over the counters, and reached for the cabinets as much as possible, and stood with my back to him, probably a bit too much. The jumper was tight as it was, and mom and I had tightened the suspenders so my butt fully filled it space, and if you looked closely enough even my pussy lips were revealed. And it clung to my hips perfectly up to my narrow waist. Mom had gone over to her sister’s house for the evening, so I cooked and served a dinner of lasagna she had already prepared.

Following dinner I cleared the table while dad sat at the table and talked. I think he was enjoying watching my butt across the room at the sink as I rinsed the dishes to load the washer. I carefully hooked the sprayer under the edge of some dishes leaving plenty of slack. My hands were very greasy and covered in sauce when the sprayer hose slipped off and soaked me from my tits to my thighs and still dancing in the sink. “Help,” I screamed, “the water is hot,” as I jumped back.

Dad bolted up from the table and ran over to the sink and shut off the water.

“My clothes,” I screamed, “they’re burning me.”

“Take them off,” he said.

“I can’t…My hands are too greasy. I’ll ruin the new clothes. Help me.”

He turned to me. “The buttons to the suspenders are on the inside. Reach in my waist and unbutton them,” I said.

I raised my hands up, and he slid one hand inside my pants while holding the waist out with the other. He had to fumble with it them quite a bit to open them, his knuckles pressing on top of my panties and pelvic bone. And when he had them both free he lifted the suspenders over my shoulders.”

“Quick, pull them down, they’re burning me,” I said.

He got down on his knees, his eyes level with my pounding pussy, and started pulling them down. They were so tight my panties under rolled off with them. When he got them to the floor I held his shoulder to step out them, my smooth pussy twice brushing against his face.

“Get the shirt too,” I said, again raising my hands to allow it to be lifted off. He stood before me, and as he raised the thin cotton pullover over my head, I ground my pussy against his cock. My nipples were like push pins pushing out through the sheer wet bra.

“Please quick, get this off too,” I said, jutting my chest towards him. I could see his hands shaking slightly as he grabbed the clasp of the front closing bra. This he expertly unsnapped and pulled off me. Looking down between us, I could see the large bulge in his pants.

“Shit. I’m sorry Dad. I ruined everything,” I said standing completely naked in front of him. “And I was having so much fun. Let me just clean this up and we can talk some more.”

“I’ll help,” he said, reaching downing for the jumper.

“Don’t be silly. I made the mess and I’ll take care of it. Just go sit down, it’ll only take a second.”

And with a dumbfounded look on his face, he eased back over to the table, pulled his chair out and turned it sideways and sat down. First I rinsed off my hands and then started gathering my clothes, one piece at a time and leaning down-not squatting to get them. I walked over to the table and spread them on the back of two chairs.

“Dad, we’re going to live. Say something!” I said.

“It’s just…you’re so beautiful,” he smiled.

“Well thank you,” I said, striking a fake pose with one hand on my hip and the other tossing my bra over my shoulder. “Let me finish cleaning and we’ll forget all about this little disaster.”

I walked over to the fridge and grabbed a towel off the door handle and squatted down to see where the water was. On all fours, with my butt high in the air, I began to wipe and work my way around the floor until my butt was pointing straight at him. I scrubbed an imagined spot especially hard and lowered my head down further, hair spreading on the floor, and raised my butt further until I could see him between my legs. I watched for second and said, “You can come closer for a better look if you want.”

He came over and squatted behind me. First he gently rubbed my ass with his palms, and then he kissed my ass. My hips were already gyrating, and I was moaning when he licked my asshole.

“Oh, that feels good,” I said. And with that, he reached around my hip and put two fingers on my pussy and rubbed as he started to lick me even harder. Soon, his tongue was in my ass and two of the fingers in my pussy. It was flowing with juice. He continued doing this as I neared orgasm, “Don’t stop,” I begged pushing harder against his face. Finally, the release came, wave after wave rushed through my body as I felt his tongue pushing in and his grip on my leg tightening. When I screamed, he screamed and I melted under his touch.

“Oh honey, we shouldn’t have done that,” he whispered.

“No dad, we should’ve done it sooner,” I said. “Come on, I want the whole thing in me now.”

He rolled off me. And I sat up and touched him on the nose. Borrowing a line from mom I said, “You’re a little overdressed for the occasion, aren’t you?” as I stood up. I gave him a hand, and once up I reached for his belt and loosened it. Then I opened his pants and unzipped them. And stepped forward and put my hands on his hips and pushed his pants and underwear down. His cock was long and thin, and pointed straight out. I stroked its length with both hands, then cupped his big balls. All of it was clean-shaven, though he did have other body hair. I kissed the big tip softly and said, “Come on,” playfully dragging him to the kitchen table, “I want this up my ass now!”

“But wait, what would you mother say?”

“She said it’d be great.”

At the table I leaned over in a spread eagle position. Dad ran his hands over my hips and up my side and cupped my tits from the rear. The feeling was outrageous. My pussy was hot and flowing juice and I could feel the tip of his cock on it. “Wait, I got an idea,” he said.

He quickly grabbed a squeeze bottle of butter from the fridge. “This’ll be cold, but it’ll feel great.” He squeezed some out on my butt, and rubbed it into my cheeks. Then he sprayed it right down my crack and rubbed it in with one finger. The he used two fingers on my pussy and ass.

“Oh God,” I moaned, “that’s wonderful.” Then, to my surprise he took the bottle and pressed the nozzle into my ass and squeezed a large load in. The cold felt surprisingly nice as it flowed into my bowels. The he took both of my hips in his hands, and started to firmly press his long rod into me. The warmth and slickness of it was overwhelming, as I started to slide into another orgasm. He was now stroking deeply and I was meeting each one, his balls slapping under my cunt.

“I’m cumming dad, don’t stop.” And stop he didn’t. He turned up the heat a notch, and placed one leg on the table and pushed me down further. He held my left hip firmly with one hand, and rubbed my pussy with the other, all the while pounding his long dick into my ass.

The orgasm sent my body into shudders. I felt like my pussy was on fire and my ass was exploding with cream. It kept on, I was screaming in ecstasy when mom walked in. My head was flat on the table when she walked up to me wearing nothing her big dick. She rubbed my back, and placed the dick near my lips, as dad kept on pounding my ass. I sucked it as best I could. As I sucked on it, she picked up the butter and squeezed it on my dad’s butt. I could just barely see her arm, obviously rubbing it into his ass. Then she stepped behind him, and I could tell she was pushing her dick into his ass, as his dick was growing longer and fatter in mine.

The force of the two of them quickly started another orgasm in me. My father was moaning loudly and pounding even harder now when he screamed, “I’m going to cum too.” His strokes got longer and deeper, his dick fatter and he moaned loudly. He now had one knee on the table and the other leg was pressing firmly against mine. He was holding my left hip firmly with one hand and pulling my right shoulder with the other. His long penis was in perfect alignment with my spine as I felt his warm cum filling my bowels. The first shot seemed to fill me up to my chest, and each following stroke was accompanied by a loud slurping noise. He seemed to come forever, each shove delivering another warm gush of his cum.

And my mother too was obviously in the throes of a big orgasm, as she screamed out, “My god this is great.” And for a moment the three of us moaned together, bodies tense, breathing heavy, until we went limp together.

Then she pulled out of him, he slowly pulled his cock from me, and left me hanging over the table. I was spent, when a loud wet fart erupted and we all giggled. “Come down here, and let me clean you up,” mom said, from her new position laying on the floor flat on her back.

Turning around I said, “But mom, I don’t think…”

“Nonsense,” she said, “squat over my face and let me clean you.”

“But you don’t understand.”

“I understand more than you know. Now come on.”

Squatting down over her face, facing my father who was leaning back against the table, the pressure on my bowels was tremendous. I held my ass tightly shut as she began to lick me. The sensation was beyond belief. My father stepped forward a bit, and I was able to suck his soft, but long dick into my mouth. The combination of my own poop and his cum was deliciously dirty but sweet to me. I felt him hardening in my mouth.

Then it happened. My bowels cut loose on my mothers face. A brownish, yellow mixture of butter, shit and cum. But as I had feared, behind that came shooting out a whole softer wad of loose shit. I pulled back from my father and start to stand as I felt it, but she just held my hips and directed it from her mouth down to her tits. And then another wave, almost like diarrhea began to flow out of me, and I felt her rubbing the goo on my ass and back. I was close to coming again, when I got back on all fours and rubbed my pussy hard on her shit covered face. And losing all control, started to pee in her face. Her tongue went up and start to lap it up, and a full stream opened. Then I felt a hot liquid flowing through my hair and down my back, and looked up to see my dad was peeing on me, on my forehead and it was flowing through my hair. It made me still hotter. I was literally fucking my mother’s face while she spread the shitty goo round my hips, tummy and up to my boobs. Dad was peeing right in my face and it was rolling down to my chest, onto mom, when impulsively I leaned back and opened my mouth and he filled it with his hot urine. As it trailed off he leaned over and grabbed two handfuls of the soft shit from my mother’s chest and face and spread it into my shoulders and face. I was cumming constantly now as he stroked the slim through my hair. I took his long cock back into my mouth, and swirled it around my tongue while I rolled his tight heavy balls in shit. His cock was long and hard now, and thickening with each stroke. I worked a finger into his ass and pushed into all the back to a wad of shit and twisted it around and he started to pump more cum into my mouth. I was still cumming. I don’t know how many times or how long, it all seemed like one now, until he leaned back on the table, his dick still long, but hanging down now.

I slowly got up on my feet, my legs a bit wobbly. My mothers was laying flat sill gently rubbing her shit-covered tits. I too was nearly covered. “Kiss me,” she said. And I got back down, straddling her legs and lying nearly flat on top of her. The warm piss and shit filling out every crevice of our bodies. Our pelvic bones quickly found a rhythm of their own and I held my mothers head and licked around her face, before burying my brown tongue in her mouth. I was slowly grinding myself to another orgasm.

“Oh mom, this is so dirty and so wonderful. I never knew,” I said breathlessly, sliding more shit from her should to her cheek and then kissing her deeply. Our orgasm deepening my father knelt over us both, rubbing my sides and kissing the back of my head. Then we went limp, as yet another orgasm passed.

My dad hugged us both briefly then placed both hands on my hips and pulled gently and said, “Sit up honey, and let me get to mom.” With that he got up and held his hand out to steady me as I sat up and my mothers thighs. “Clean my ass,” he said as he squatted down over my mom’s face facing me. As she licked his ass in long strokes from the back all the way to the base of his balls, he moaned deeply, while rubbing her tits. I took more of the slimy shit mixture and rubbed her pelvis bone and tummy in smooth light strokes as her hips again began rolling.

I eased down between her legs and started to kiss and then stroke her pussy with my tongue. From that angle I was able to see her tongue going deeper into my dads ass with each stroke. Licking her was delightful with the mix of my poop, our pee and her fresh juice flowing from her pussy with each stroke. I could tell she was nearing yet another orgasm when a long, wet fart came from my father’s bowels. He smiled and sort of grimaced and I could tell he washing pushing. Then his bowels exploded in a splatter of chunks and goo all over mom’s face and hair. She rubbed the goo into her face like it was skin cream, while my father moved forward over her a bit on all fours. I licked still harder feeling her orgasm mount as he began to push again until I could see her gripping a long thick turd as it slipped out of him. It wound up being a piece about five or six inches long which she held with both hands and began to suck on, while a couple of more smaller ones dropped from my dad onto her chest. She then broke off the large piece with her teeth and handed half up to my dad. He rubbed it back and forth along the top of her pussy and touched my nose with it. Then he aimed it downward across her sopping slit and into my mouth. I tenuously sucked it in, gagging slightly, before becoming used to its bittersweet taste. I finally bit off a bit with my teeth, while he held then end and proceeded to press it into my forehead and hair. My mother was coming continuously and I was beginning another powerful orgasm as he stood up. I slid up her body smushing all the shit between us and kissed her and our pussies locked together.

My father got up and strapped the dildo on himself and crawled between me and my mom’s legs. I was straining to see how he’d handle three cocks when his intent became clear. I felt the top one, the biggest pressing against my asshole and I pushed back and help it in. In short strokes, he pushed it further and further, hold my hips straight. I thought I couldn’t take much more when he started to push the second one into my throbbing pussy. My orgasm was already starting as he filled me more and more. I felt and heard as he slipped his penis into my mother’s cunt. And slowly he started to stroke in and out as we started to buck against the force. My mother and I were kissing deeply as he plowed both my holes and her pussy at the same time. Our orgasm was becoming so strong it was hard to breath. Then he switched on the smaller electric one buried deep in my pussy and I began to literally convulsive in my orgasmic state, as my mother soon joined me with as the heavy vibration was right on her pussy as well, slapping my back and butt with her shit covered hands. Stroke after stroke, deeper and longer until finally he screamed loudly signaling his own orgasm and he collapsed on us into a shitty slimy mix of flesh.

With some effort, we cleaned it all up. And we showered together, shampooing, lathering our skin deeply and shaving each other. Thank God tomorrow is Saturday.