Mom makes a decision hot erotic story

Thirty-seven-year old Barbara Nucastle looked at the motel room with a critical eye. She had grown used to the five star places her husband had introduced her to and hadn’t been in one like this in about twenty years. It wasn’t like it was bad. In fact it was like many of the ones she had been in when she took a trip with her family growing up. It had been her parents, Timothy and Regina Mathews, her brother, Caleb, and her. With that in mind, a smile crossed her lips as she saw that it was a good enough room for her needs. She shut the door and walked to the low table top area of the dresser/ T.V. stand/ desk that ran along the wall and placed the one bag she had brought with her on it. Besides that piece, the room had one bed, a small table next to the widow near the door she had just entered the room by, a couple of chairs at the table and another at the desk, and nightstands on each side of the bed with lights on them. A bathroom was in the back of the room where she could see the sink next to the door to it. It was a standard motel room, clean and ready for its next occupant. Or occupants as the case might be if she was successful.

One thing was certain: her husband, Chas, would not look for her here. Chas, not Charles. And God help anyone who would ever be so brazen as to call him Charlie. But she wouldn’t have to worry about him here. The motel, while nice, wasn’t close to fancy enough for his sensibilities. No. he wouldn’t expect to find her in a place like this He would expect her to stay at someplace that met up with his standards. It would at least be a suite that had a sitting room and a kitchenette, as well as the bedroom and very spacious bathroom at a very pricey and upscale hotel. That would have been what he would have done in her place. After all, he was as much a rich, stuck-up pompous ass, if not more so, as his parents, Windham and Muffy. She laughed a little as she remembered when she first met them thinking who the hell names their c***d Muffy? Then she learned that her real name was Margret which she hated so everyone called her Muffy.

Barbara was comfortable in the motel room that her husband would have turned his nose up at and been likely to run screaming from. She was not from the super rich as he was. She grew up in a middle class home. It wasn’t until college that she met Chas. He looked at her as just another lowly freshman to use as a cum bucket. But at least he married her when she got pregnant, though at first he tried to get her to abort the c***d. It had been his parents who pushed him into the marriage when she refused.

She sat on the bed for a moment. Could she actually go through with this? Could she actually break her wedding vows? And if she did, could she really do so with him? Chas hadn’t been intimate with her in months. Truthfully, he had never been very interested in sex with her all that often. And she wondered if he had someone else on the side or perhaps several someones. But even though she knew their marriage was a farce from the beginning, no real love binding then together, she had been faithful to him. Until now.

But the last few months had been torturous. As Chas withdrew even more, his presence was superseded by another. A presence she would never have thought could replace her husband. When the news came about her father’s death, it wasn’t Chas that was there. At the funeral, it wasn’t Chas who provided a shoulder for her to cry on. He was too busy to attend. It wasn’t Chas who had been any kind of comfort to her when her mother left to go live with Barbara’s brother, leaving a gaping hole in her heart. No. That had been Charley. It was Charley over the past few months that had gotten closer to her than her own husband ever had emotionally. It was Charley that held her up when things looked down. And it was Charley, her only son, with whom she had had the time of her life as they played games or went swimming, or simply sat cuddled up together watching a movie.

Then there was the touching. Hugs became more frequent and were held longer. His hands found their way to her body more often, though never inappropriately. But the one thing that had crowded everything out of her mind was …the kiss. The kiss that could have meant nothing or perhaps everything.

It happened while they were playing at wrestling over the T.V. remote. He had her pinned and both of them laughing when he bent down and kissed her lightly before jumping up and away from her. A strange look came to his face, but he quickly recovered and pointed the remote at the T.V. to change the channel and the moment passed. But Barbara couldn’t forget it. She dwelt on it for days and often brought out B.O.B. to deal with her reactions to it.

Would he do this? Could she? There was only one way to find out. She pushed to her feet again. She had to know even though it would mean the end of her marriage whatever his answer. She opened her bag and began to unpack the things she had brought to transform the room and herself.

Charles Nucastle II was a great disappointment to his father. The elder Charles didn’t like the fact that his son wasn’t following in his footsteps in the business world. Further, he didn’t like his friends, who weren’t anywhere near the same income bracket as the family. He thought them beneath them and not worth his son’s time. But Charley, as he was known to those friends, was doing quite well. Although he still lived at home to be close to his mother, he never used his father’s money for anything relying on his own from the work Chas knew nothing about and wouldn’t care about if he did. Charley would never be super rich from his job, but he made more than enough to live easily, even if he was only nineteen.

It was just after six-o-clock in the evening and he had just logged off his computer for the day when he received the text. He picked up the phone and looked at it, noting with a smile that it was from his mother. Opening it, the smile quickly faded. He was almost able to hear her voice as he read, ” At Holiday Inn room 137. Need your help. Don’t tell anyone else.”

“What the hell?!” Charley actually voiced aloud. He knew that she had been feeling neglected. It was even more obvious since the funeral had taken place. It was easy to see that his father was pulling away from her more than usual in the last couple of years, probably too busy concentrating on fucking his personal assistant who went everywhere with him. But he was sure his mom had always been faithful to his father. Had that changed? Had she finally crossed that line and found another guy to give her what her husband wouldn’t? He wouldn’t blame her if she had, but if so, why hadn’t that someone been him? He felt a rage building inside him. Maybe he should let her have to deal with whatever problem she had gotten herself into on her own if she was with some asshole. Then again, what if she were in real trouble? If so, he needed to hurry to her to help. After all, she was always there when he needed help. Her, not his father, and he would help her over him any day of the week. Besides, if he went, he’d have the opportunity to beat the shit out of the other guy. That person should have stayed away from her. She shouldn’t have settled for anything less than Charley himself. He rushed from his room to head to the motel, jealousy fueling his haste almost as much as fear for his mother’s situation.

He found his mother’s car parked outside the motel room and slipped into the spot right beside it. He took a few seconds outside the door before knocking to screw up his courage. If someone had hurt her, they were going to have to answer to him! He fisted his hand and knocked, ready to rush in and toss the bounder out on his ear, clothed or not.

“Come in, Charley,” Barbara said as she peeked around the door frame. No bruises on her face, Charley noted as that was all he could see. He entered the room and the door shut behind him.

At first, all he saw were the candles. There seemed to be a lot of them. Three stood along the dresser/T.V. Stand, one back in the area where the sink was, and one on each of the nightstands. Then he heard the click of the security bar and turned back towards the door. There he could see the table with the candle on it. What he did not see was his mother moving to the bed before she was past him. Turning back towards where she was walking, all he could see was her ass, which seemed to be completely bare, and a red, mesh-like teddy bear nightie through which he could see her back. She sat delicately on the bed, one leg crossed over the other, and he was treated to the sight of her c-cup breasts behind the mesh of the nightie.

“Shit! What the fuck, mom?” he questioned as his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

After a moments thought, she responded. “That statement is only two fifths correct, Charley. Want to try again?” She crooked a finger at him in a come here motion.

Charley was unsure what was going on. He had come here expecting to have to save his mother from some unsavory character, doing his best to keep from getting too angry and beating the living shit out of the guy in a jealous rage, and that fact had his level of arousal at dormant. Now, his mother was sitting on the bed, one leg crossed over the other, with her boobs on full display and having shown her ass besides, and his arousal was definitely rising, as was his manhood. With much confusion, he moved towards his mother, but not too close.

“Closer, baby,” she ordered. Charley obeyed and stood directly in front of her. Barbara didn’t waste any time. She reached right up to his crotch and rubbed his burgeoning cock through his pants. “You feel bigger than your dad,” she moaned. “Let’s find out.”

She grabbed his belt and undid the clasp then quickly went for the button and zipper. As she lowered his pants, Charley grabbed on to her shoulders. His boxers followed and he stood there with his pants around his ankles and his cock jutting out towards his mother. She grabbed it and pulled the turgid member down enough to wrap her mouth around it and drew it in before moving her hands behind him to pull him closer still.

Charley couldn’t believe what was happening. As much as he had wanted this, he had been sure that nothing would happen even with his father’s neglect. But it finally hit home as his mother bobbed her head up and down his eight inch shaft and he thought ‘my mom is giving me a blow job! My mom is sucking my cock!’ A smile came to his face as he ran his fingers through her hair. “Fuck, mom!” he whispered.

She withdrew from his cock momentarily. “Completely correct,” she replied then went back to sucking his cock. She wrapped her tongue around the head of it, tickling the ridge just below before plunging it deep inside. She couldn’t take all of it, but she was able to manage about half. Her head began bobbing up and down again while she worked the rest of his shaft with her left hand, the one that sported her wedding ring and the gaudy diamond engagement ring that she had always disliked.

Chas had wanted to make a statement in a big way to claim her as “his woman,” and spent an ungodly amount of money on the biggest diamond he could find, a four carat plus diamond costing more than three hundred thousand dollars. He might not love her, but if he had to marry her then everyone on the damn planet would know that she was his ‘property.’ Now, Barbara just thought it would go a long way in supporting both her and Charley once she left her husband.

Charley looked down at his mother and found her baby blues staring up at him. All the while, she kept sucking his cock in and out of her hot, wet mouth. “So good,” he proclaimed. Not one of the few encounters he had had where the girl had performed oral on him had ever felt like this. He didn’t know if it was because Barbara was more experienced then them, or because of his feelings for her. Perhaps it was because she was his mother and this kind of thing wasn’t supposed to happen. Whatever the reason, he was more aroused than he had ever been and close to cumming within a couple of minutes, another event that had never occurred while getting his member sucked.

Barbara watched his face, his eyes, interpreting his thoughts. She saw the surprise in them. She saw his expression change to one of realization. She saw it change to lust and pleasure. And she saw the love he had for her etched in each. She watched, knowing she would be able to read his feelings like a book. She would know when he was ready for more or when he would need her to back off a little. She would know when he was getting close. She would know when he was going to release. When his cum would shoot out of the end of his cock now half-buried in her mouth.

For months he had wanted to be with her. He knew that it was wrong and he had held himself in check, but he had fantasized about her constantly. Then came the kiss. That day, wrestling with her over the remote, something changed. It wasn’t just lust anymore, he realized he was falling for his own mother. He had backed away quickly, but it was there. Now, he wondered if she could see it in him. Did she know? Did she feel the same as she sucked his cock in and out of her mouth? Or was it just lust, a way to relieve the sexual tension after so much neglect from her husband.

She moved her hand to fondle his balls. Still, she watched his face, keeping eye contact. He was getting close and she could see it. She was ready for it, wanted it, needed it like a d**g. A loveless marriage was ending and she craved her son’s love as a replacement. 

“I’m going to cum,” he warned. She smiled around his cock but kept sucking. “Mom!” he announced urgently. “I’m going to cum!” She nodded her understanding and pulled back his cock to where she would feel it on her tongue, still using her hand to jack him to completion. Then, he was there. “Cumming,” he grunted as his semen shot out from his dick into her waiting mouth.

The first spurt filled her mouth near to overflowing. She swallowed. Then she swallowed again as the second spurt came. Again, she swallowed. The third pushed into her mouth before she could swallow a fourth time and a small stream leaked out the left corner of her mouth. But she swallowed twice before the fourth spurt occurred and caught up. That fourth spurt wasn’t as much, though still quite substantial, and she was able to swallow all of it. She knew that he was beginning to slow and instead of swallowing she held the fifth in her mouth waiting for the sixth. It and the seventh was all he had left, but she pulled upward on his cock forcing what remnant might still be there out the end and into her nearly full mouth.

Charley watched as his mother withdrew his deflating member from the hot wetness of her mouth, opened to show her tongue swirling the last of his cum around, then pushed the bit that had leaked back in with her middle finger which she closed her lips around and sucked clean as she withdrew it slowly, seductively, teasingly. She visibly swallowed then opened her mouth again to smile up at him.

“I was right. You are bigger than your father. Maybe about two inches. And sweeter. too. Much better than your father ever produced. I don’t know what you’re eating to make you taste so good, but whatever it is I hope you don’t stop.”

“Yeah, well. Dad’s an asshole and a bitter shithead,” Charley responded.

“Charley!” Barbara admonished. “He is your father. He has been a good father and supported us the last nineteen years.”

“He’s always been a bitter shithead, mom. It was you who always helped me when things were messed up, not him. He was too busy to worry about it. Just like he was too busy to be there for you when Grampa died. All I’m saying is that maybe that bitterness comes out in the bedroom, too.”

“Maybe,” she had to admit. He had been trapped into the marriage, and there was no love binding them. That could have made him bitter. “Anyway, enough about him. I’m here to be with you. And he has nothing to do with it except he donated the sperm that fertilized the egg in me that became you. I relieved some pressure so things won’t be so quick later. But now, it’s your turn to take care of me.” She scooted back on the bed flashing her barely covered sex hidden only by the small patch of red silk of the g-string panties she wore.

Charley watched as her legs scissored open and the red fabric shifted slightly. The string was just visible before disappearing between the cheeks of her ass, and the silk bunched a little to expose a bit of her nether lips on each side. He quickly drew his shirt over his head and sat to remove his shoes, socks and the pants and underwear that were still around his ankles.

Barbara shifted and ran her hands to the waistband of her panties. She hooked her thumbs inside to push them down, but his hands were there before she had the chance. She looked up at him and he shook his head negatively. At first, she thought he had changed his mind, that he had come to his senses and would force her to come to hers. This was her son and she knew they shouldn’t do what she had started. Still, her heart sank when he stopped her. She wanted him, needed him.

“I’ll take care of those, mom,” he announced and her spirits rose once more. “You just leave them to me.” He knelt down between her open legs and lowered his face to the scantily clad pussy. His tongue came out, automatically licking the now wet gusset of the panties. He wrapped his arms around his mother’s legs and closed his mouth over the wet material and the treasure it hid, sucking the juices that flowed from her through the fabric growing increasingly wetter from both her lubrication and his tongue. He snaked a finger in the side of her panty, dipped the tip in her drenched pussy, then drew it up to her clit. “Cum for me, mom,” he ordered after a few minutes momentarily pausing in his ministrations. “Cum for me.”

Barbara felt his tongue curl around the fabric as he licked at her pussy. It was then that she knew for sure that he was not new to this. He had had experience with sex, and this both delighted and sadden her. She was delighted because she knew he would do a good job of it without having to take time out for instruction. But it was also saddening that she wouldn’t be his first any more than he was hers. She put the thought aside as her fingers instinctively held his head to her now quivering quim as his fingers alternately probed into her hole and slid back out to massage her clit. 

“Fuck!” she intoned nearly five minutes later as she felt the tingling that told her she was going to do as he had ordered. Her legs came up around his neck, trying to pull him in closer. Her hips rose to meet his lashing tongue, and she knew that she was going to cum harder than she ever had with Chas. “Oh, shit,”she exclaimed. “I’m going to cuuuuuuummmm!”

Fluids gushed out of her, drenching her panties and Charley’s face. It seemed to go on and on, but most likely lasted less than a full minute, though not by much. And it was a new experience for her to actually squirt while with a man. Other than on her own fingers, the only time she had done that was with her roommate in college just after she started dating Chas. Natalie had warned her “if he can’t do that for you, he ain’t worth shit and you need to move on and find someone else to fuck. You sure as hell don’t want to marry the bastard if he can’t make you cum like that.”

Now Charley reached for the waist band of her panties. He inched them off her, slowly sliding them ever downward, gradually revealing the nirvana that awaited beneath. The slowness was a tease to himself as much as it was to Barbara. But as more and more skin came into view, his smile increased until he had the whole area exposed. Not a hair was in sight.

“Are you ready to become a motherfucker, Charley?” she asked.

“Actually, mom, I already am.” He replied as he knelt again between her open legs and fingered her pussy directly. 

“What?” Barbara asked.

“Well, Mrs. Kowalski is a mother. She gave birth twice. ‘Course, they’re both grown, now.” He saw the questioning look on her face. “Yes, I mean my history teacher for my senior year.” Then he bent back down and started once again oral ministrations of her sex.

‘Mrs. Kowalski?’ she thought. ‘Had that been where he learned to fuck? Had he earned the good grades he got by having sex with his teacher?’ Then she couldn’t think anymore. His tongue found her clit and flicked across it. Instinctively, her hands went to his head, her fingers entwining with his hair and trying to draw him closer to the object of his work. “Oh, Charley,” she moaned.

Within minutes she was once again gushing fluids from the very place he had entered the world through. His face was soaked as he brought her release. Yet, he still didn’t stop. He kept at it, giving her more. Each time her body started spasming, she thought it would be the last. Each time it seemed to get better, and her son wasn’t stopping.

After her fifth orgasm she finally stopped him and drew him up to her. “You have a wonderful tongue, my boy, and I love it, but I need you in me now. Please take pity on your mother and fuck me.”

“Did you bring condoms?” Charley asked while moving his cock against the slit of her pussy, bumping her clit with every upward movement.

“I haven’t been with anyone other than your father, and not even him for months. I am clean. Is there a possibility that your not?”

“No. I’m clean.”

“Then don’t worry about the condom. Fuck me and keep it deep.”

“What about pregnancy?”

“Don’t worry about that either.”

Realizing he had complete permission to fuck his mother and fill her pussy with his cum, Charley adjusted the angle of his cock so that it entered her and pushed in. She was tight, evidence that what she had said about not being with his father was true. Even as wet as she was from the earlier tongue lashing, it took a bit of doing to finally get his cock buried all the way inside her.

“Oh, yeah!” she exclaimed as he finally pushed the last of his eight inches into her. “Back in where you belong. Welcome home, baby. Don’t you dare pull out.”

“Only to the tip, Mom.” He began moving in earnest, pulling out until only the very tip of his cock was in and then pushed back in through the soft wetness. His head dropped a few inches from her face to take one of her breasts into his mouth, licking the areola before sucking and lightly nibbling on her nipple.

“Oh, yes. Those have missed you, too,” Barbara cooed. “My nipples were always sensitive. When you were breastfeeding, I would usually cum at least twice before you were done. You were giving me orgasms from the day you were born and now, nineteen years later, you still are,”

Charley’s cock twitched at what she said and he redoubled his efforts on sucking her tit. “Waah. No milk,” he proclaimed as he released for about five seconds. But as soon as he had completed the statement he went back to trying to suck her tit back into producing while plowing his member in her pussy.

She laughed a bit at the joke which caused her muscles to contract tightening around his cock. She heard him moan around her tit, but he didn’t release. The pressure on her tit soon had her cumming again, flooding the channel through which he drove his cock in her. “Fuck me Charley,” she intoned encouragingly. “Make me your woman instead of your father’s.”

“You already are mine,” he answered. “If he even tries to touch you ever again, it will be trouble. He must not be with you. You are mine, now. Not his.

“Yes, sweetheart. Mark me as yours. Fill my cunt with your cum.”

“Cunt?” he asked as he continued to push his cock into her. This was not the sort of language he expected to hear from his mother.

“I’m not a candidate for mother of the year, now am I? My son has his cock buried in my puss at my invitation. That makes it a cunt. Not a pussy.”

All the dirty talk was moving Charley closer to the end. “I’m close, mom. Do really want it inside you?”

“Yes, darling. Act like you want me to be pregnant with your c***d and seed my egg with your baby-making batter.”

“Oh, fuck,” he moaned. His cock twitched and began to spurt as he unloaded, pushing as deep as he could. “There it is, mom. It’s on its way to fertilizing your egg and making you pregnant.” He kept pushing as he unloaded his full load then started to move off her.

“Wait,” she said as she grabbed him to hold him in place. “Stay there and block the exit so it will go where it’s supposed to go.”

“Mom, you are on birth control, aren’t you? I mean, that was just pretend, wasn’t it? The pregnancy thing, I mean?”

“Not to worry, sweetie. You don’t have to worry about that.”

It wasn’t really an answer, but he relaxed and did as she had told him.

Barbara looked at her reflection in the mirror over the sink as she brushed her hair. She didn’t look different, she thought. She didn’t look like a woman who had cheated on her husband the night before and committed i****t. But she was different. It changed everything. No longer would she be with Chas. Now, with Charley, maybe she wouldn’t be alone. Charlie wouldn’t be like his father. Would Chas even care? Probably not. But she would find out. Especially in a few months when she began to show. She was certain that her plan had worked. They had made love three more times that night, and each time her son had filled her with his sperm. The fact that it was her most fertile time of the month coupled with the fact that she had quit taking her birth control after Chas had stopped being with her, made it certain that she would have a part of her son with her even if he chose to leave. That had yet to be decided. And now she needed to wake him and see if they could come up with a plan for the future.

“Charley?” she prompted. “Wake up, sweetie. We need to talk.” She looked at the rings on her finger and took them off.

“What’s going on, mom?” Charley asked sleepily.

“Honey, we need to talk about last night.”

His shoulders visibly dropped as a frown came to his face. “You want to go back to him?” he asked incredulously.

“No, sweetie,” she answered. “I can’t do that. But we need to discuss some things here. You said some things last night and we need to talk about them.”

Charley sat up higher on the bed. “I meant what I said, mom. I don’t want him even thinking about touching you ever again.”

”You don’t have to worry about that, baby. I’m sure your father doesn’t think of ever getting in my panties anymore.” ‘And he especially won’t want to after I start showing in a few months’ she thought.

“Good,” Charley replied. “Let him just be with whomever he’s fucking now instead.”

“You think he has someone else?”

“I’m almost sure of it, mom. I think he’s fucking that personal assistant who’s always with him. If you want, I can do some research and see if I can get some proof. You could take him to the cleaners in court and never have to deal with him ever again.”

“Wouldn’t that be the pot calling the kettle black?” Barbara quipped. “I’ve cheated, too, you know. And not only that, I did so with my own son. No. We don’t need to do that. Let’s just let that go,” she suggested thinking that her own infidelity would soon be obvious and cost her more dearly. “But I still need to talk about something. You said that I am yours now, not his. You claimed me as your woman. Did you mean that? Or is there a time limit on it? Did you mean that I am yours until you want to break everything off? Will you want to find a wife some day and start a family?”

“If I were to find a wife, it would have to be you. No one else will do. I will be there for you from now on for the rest of our lives.”

She grabbed him and hugged him tight, her rings still held tightly in her hand. “And what of c***dren?” she asked timidly as she continued to hug.

“If you want, mom, we could adopt. We couldn’t let on the type of relationship we have, but it could be done.”

Barbara released him, her heart sinking. “You wouldn’t consider having some of your own?”

“By whom? You are the only one I want to be with.”

“Well, I suppose by me then,” her voice almost a whisper.

“I would love it, mom. But would that be wise? What about all that genetic stuff that people always talk about?

“There’s risk,” she admitted. “But there is risk when the people aren’t related as well. And I hear that the risks aren’t as great when it’s the first generation. If you don’t mind, I would like to take the risk. I want to have your c***dren.”

“I would love that, mom,” Charley finally replied.

She held out her hand to him and dropped the rings in his. “I give you these rings, the same one your father gave me to tell you that you have taken me from him completely. We can sell them and they should provide us with enough cash to make it until we can find some way to care for ourselves.”

“That’s not necessary, mom. I have a job. And money. I’m not super rich like dad, but we won’t starve, and I can get us a place to live. But I think we should relocate to someplace where we aren’t known and can’t be found too easily. But what about those c***dren you were talking about? When can we start on that project?”

“How about last night?” she smiled at him meaningfully.


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