My cuckold fantasy hot erotic stories

Hi Im Paul
My Wife Is Called Suzanne ,She is 46 years old , she about 5 ft9 , short light red hair , 38 c , hairy/trimmed

Me And Suzanne have been married for about 15 years now , and we are still happily married ,
But The past few years have been quite bad in the bedroom , i have got an 8 inch cock but i am a premature ejaculater , the most i can last is about a minute if i really try and it upsets me knowing im not pleasuring my wife ,she is quite needy in the bedroom she likes anal and quite rough sex. 

I have always had a fantasy of watching Suzanne with another guy , it just turns me on knowing another guy is pleasuring your wife properly right before your eyes

A few months back ,we spoke about our sex life and she told me she still loved me but my sex was not satisfying her needs.
That night when Suzanne was out shopping ,i went on the internet on a few porn sites and watched sum videos of guys watching their wives and it turned me on badly ,
Most of the videos i found were guys watching their wives with black guys with huge cocks , when i saw a few of these it turned me on so badly knowing their wives were getting ultimate pleasure as i sit and watch in shame , 

A few days later i finally got the courage and Told Suzanne about my fantasy , she was very shocked at first but the more we spoke about it the more she was up for it , i said i still love you very much and i dont want our sex lives to ruin our relationship , so i am willing to let you be with another man aslong as i am there , i told her about the fantasy of me watching her with a black guy , and she told me she had always fantasised about being with a black guy so we agreed on it .

A few weeks later we both looked on the internet , in a few differant chat rooms and we met a black guy who only lived about 35 minutes drive away from us and seemed nice , he sent us pictures through email and Suzanne really liked him , His cock looked huge in the pictures atleast 10-11 inches and also quite thick . he wasnt the best looking guy , but i prefered that to be honest , he was 30 years old , 16 younger than Suzanne but that was abit more of a turn on for us both really .

Anyway , after a few days of chatting through email and on the phone we arranged for him to meet us at a local travel lodge/motel , there was a pub at the side of it , so we got changed , Suzanne dressed up sexy , wearing a short 1 piece black dress and sum big black heels , with some sexy black thongs and bra . we went to the pub for a few drinks , i was starting to get abit nervous and so was Suzanne to be honest , after a few drinks i was a little drunk and had abit more courage and was up for it , The Black guy Called Devon text Suzanne and said he had arrived , he walked into the pub and shook my hand and gave Suzanne A kiss , we sat down and had a chat for a while ,it was getting quite late and Suzanne suggested we went upto the room , 

we all stood up and i stopped devon and told Suzanne we would meet her up there , i told devon that this has been my fantasy for while ,i said just forget i am there and have fun with her , dont be shy , he said dont worry im not going to , 

we both walked up stairs and went into the room and Suzanne was stood infront of the mirror putting sum red lipstick on , i sat down on the arm chair in the corner and said whenever your ready , 

Devon about 6 ft 3, stood behind her and put his hand on her thighs as they looked at each other in the mirror , he started kissing her neck and moved his hands up to her breasts ,as she rubbed her arse agianst the bulge in his jeans 

Suzanne turned around and they started kissing passionatly , devon put his hands on her arse and started squezzing , he moved his arms up and started to unzip her dress , Suzanne wriggled out of her dress and got down on her knees , she unbuckled his belt and looked into his eyes then pulled down his jeans ,i could see his huge cock through his tight white boxers , Suzanne put her hand on his cock over his boxers and started to rub it with her mouth ,
eventually she pulled down his boxers grabbed his huge cock with one hand and looked at me , i just smiled , she started to lick his huge bell end then put it in her mouth , devon walked backward and sat down on the bed still with his cock in his Suzannes mouth , she started to really suck his cock , sucking it as deep as she could gagging herself on his huge black cock , 
Devon leaned over and undid her bra , he took his shirt off and stood Suzanne up he pulled her black thongs down slowly revealing her red hairy pussy , 
Devon loved hairy mature women , he picked her up and lay back on the bed he put suzanne in the 69 position , grabbing her arse and forcing her pussy into his mouth as she sucked his monster 

A few minutes later ,he switched her aroundand she put a condom on and she aimed his huge cock into her wet pussy , as he played with her big drooping tits , she slowly moved down his cock and they started to get into a rhythm , she was already moaning quite loudly she started to ride his cock vigoursly , he leaned up a little and started to fuck her hard from underneath , i could see his dick going deep inside her and his balls hitting of her arse hole evrytime he pumped 

A while after Suzanne slid of his cock and began to suck her juices off it ,devon stood up and told Suzane to get on all fours on the bed , he kneeled behind her and slid his cock easily back inside her , he started pumping hard soon after he pulled out and said the condom had snapped he pulled it off and , before he could speak Suzanne grabbed his cock and put it back inside her and said just carry on , 
Devon continued to pump her hardly , as he put his thumb in her arse , Suzanne was reaching orgasm, she was moaning loudly and dripping with sweat , she told devon to put it in her arse , he pulled out of her pussy and spat on her arsehole he aimed his huge cock inside her tight arsehole and slowly started to force it in , once he had most of his cock in he started to pump her as she rubbed her pussy form underneath , he started pumping hard she was moaning louder and louder , 

shortly after they got into missonary , he slid his huge cock back inside her arse and started fucking her hard , as her arse swallowed his whole cock ,his balls banging of her , she continued to rub her clit as he had both of her tits in his hands , he moved them about in a circular motion , he pulled his cock out and started to dab it in and out of her arse revaling her gaping hole , he then started to dab it in her pussy then her arse and so on , she loved it he put his cock back inside her arse and started to really pump her , Suzannes face was bright red ,and her hair was dripping with sweat , he pumped his cock into her deep and hard , moments after he said he was going to cum , Suzanne said let me taste you , he pulled out and aimded his load into her open mouth ,, the load was huge he was cumming for about 20 seconds he covered her face and mouth she swallowed what she had and licked her lips she started to suck his huge cock again and rubbed his bell end on her erect nipples , 

shortly after they both got changed and devon had to leave , Suzanne got a shower as i watched and we spoke about the expierence i told her i reallyenjoyed it and she said she loved it , her are hole was red and gaping , she had pains the next day but said it was worth every minute,

it was the biggest turn on for me also , knowing a black alpha male was satisfying my wifes needs infornt of me , it was hot 

we have met devon 4 times now and we are thinking of introducing oe of his friends for a threesome , to give her double penatration