My erotic stories – My Lover Surprises Me

I knew my lover was aroused by the thought of another man fucking me I just didn’t realize the extent of that desire until his last visit. 

I guess a little background info is in order. I’m married and in almost every way my hubby satisfies me, in every way but one. I LOVE to be fucked hard, to be a little slut and be punished when I’m bad, to be dominated but hubby just can’t treat me that way so I found someone who could. My lover Mark lives over a thousand miles away from me but business brings him to me a few times a year and that is when I get all of my needs met. My pussy pulses in anticipation whenever I find out he will be in town. So back to the reason I’m writing.

Normally when Mark is in town we only have 4-6 hours to “enjoy ourselves” but his last visit just happen to coincide with hubby going out of town for work. When Mark found out he said he was going to plan something special for me. Leading up to his visit Mark would gave me instructions on what to wear (short low cut black cocktail dress, 6″ stilettos, a black lace push up bra to accentuate my 38D’s, black lace garter belt with black stockings, and NO panties) and told me that I am not allowed to have an orgasm for the 3 days leading up to his visit and that I would get the rest of the information I needed the day he arrived. 

After 2 weeks of being constantly aroused in anticipation the day finally arrived. I expected a call with the details I needed but Mark was all business and sent me an email telling me where to go, what time, and to take an Uber so I didn’t have to worry with my car. He also told me he would text me when I arrived telling me what to do and that under no circumstances was I to go up to him or even acknowledge that I knew who he was. 

Since I was alone in the house I took my time getting ready so I could pamper myself a little. I slip into a hot bubble bath with essential oils, my hands sliding over my breasts feeling the slipperiness of them as I close my eyes and try to imagine the night ahead. I get out of the tub, lotion my body and slip on my bra, garter, and stocking loving how sexy they make me feel. As I’m looking into the full length mirror my hand slides down to my pussy. I start running my finger up and down my slit feeling the wetness that is already there. I know I should stop but it felt so good. I normally masturbated daily so 3 days without cumming was making it hard to want to stop. I put my foot on the edge of the tub spreading my pussy and I could see my juices already spread on my inner thigh, slowing I inserted 2 fingers into my wet cunt while my other hand found my clit. Mark just said I couldn’t orgasm, he didn’t say I couldn’t play. I watch in the mirror as my fingers disappear into my wet cunt and I can hear the squelching noises my fingers are making since I’m so damn wet. Fuck I’m desperate to cum but I pull my fingers out of my pussy because I know I’ll be severely punished if I don’t obey his command. I finish getting ready and pretty soon I’m walking out the door to head off for my surprise evening. 

I go outside for my ride and notice my Uber driver is enjoying the view so I decide on a little warm up to the evening. As I get into the front seat of my Uber (I get car sick in the back…wink wink) the driver is having a hard time looking away from the top of the stockings and garter belt that are exposed in the short dress. I use his moment of distraction to take in my driver; early to mid 20’s, tall and lanky from what I can tell from his sitting position, sandy blond hair and dark eyes, quite good looking but quite young as well. I shut my door and “adjust” my dress to give the best view possible. The driver discreetly adjusts his mirror so that when he looks into it he has a great view of my pussy instead of traffic. The drive is about 50 min to my destination giving me plenty of time to have a little fun with my driver. I uncross my legs, acting oblivious to the mirror pointed my direction. I make sure to spread them enough to where he gets a quick view of my pussy before I recross them. At this point my skirt has rode up around my thighs and only a small part of my dress is covering my pussy. Knowing he is watching me gets me even wetter and the smell of my sex starts to fill the car.At this point I think “fuck it” and take out my phone to record what will happen next to share it with my lover.

I quickly glance over at the driver and can see the start of his erection under his basketball shorts. “Let’s see just how hard I can get him” I think as I uncross my legs and spread them enough that he can get a good full view of my pussy in the mirror. I move my hand to the top of my thigh and start making light circles as my hand slowly moves closer and closer to my pussy with every pass. I finally reach my slit and I let out an involuntary gasp as my pussy spasms at contact because I’m so desperate. The sight of my hand on my pussy and that gasp caused the driver to go from semi aroused to hard as a rock and fuck I wanted it inside of me. 

I shift to give the driver better access and spread my legs wide leaving no doubt in his mind what I wanted. He reaches over with his free hand and finds my soaking wet pussy while I pull down my dress and bra and start rubbing my breasts. He slips in one, then two, then three fingers and starts finger fucking me. The harder he went the more I moaned until I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew one quick flick across my clit would send me over the edge so I moved his hand away from my pussy. I reached into his lap and grasped his cock feeling his size: not as thick as I prefer but really nice length, probably a good 10″ but only quarter size in diameter. I stroke him through his shorts till he comes to a stop light and then I take his cock out. I figure if I can’t get off I might as well get him off since I did tease him. I lean over and take his cock into my mouth and start sucking and licking his length while I massage is balls. We pull up to the club and I tell him to drive around to the back side and park. While I’m sucking his cock I reach down and find the lever to move his seat all of the way back. I know I shouldn’t but I want to feel that length inside of me, at least for a second. I move over him and straddle his cock directing it into my waiting wet pussy. I sigh as I slide down on him, taking him all of the way into my needy cunt. I bounce on his cock until I know I can’t any longer without cumming and with another sigh, this one of disappointment, I slide my pussy off of him and replace it with my mouth. I suck until I feel his hot cum hit the back of my throat. After that I readjust my outfit and step out of the car. “Fuck I’m late, Mark isn’t going to be happy with me but at least I have the video to show him”. I want toward the club entrance with my juices dripping down my thighs, the taste of cum in my mouth, and butterflies in my stomach about what is to come.