My Father taboo stories

This story, though a work of fiction, is based on true events. Though they happened a long time ago I feel like they just occurred yesterday.

Something like this story could be happening to you…

I married young, right out of high school, a man I had been going steady with for one year, who was nine years older than me. He reminded me of my father, whose name is Ed, who I have had a life-long crush on (still do.) I was my father’s daughter alright, always jealous of my mother, always wanting, and getting my dad’s attention and love. Not sexual love, just attention, my dad always listened to me. I love him very much for that alone. I would do anything for him, ANYTHING, he just didn’t know just WHAT ANYTHING I had in mind. When I was still in high school I had trouble comprehending peers who complained about their dads and how (some girls) were actually being molested by their own fathers.

I personally wouldn’t have minded if it happened to me and even blurted out to one girl after just such a confession to a few of us, “Why don’t you just enjoy it instead of allowing it to traumatize you?” Others in the group looked at me for what seemed like ten minutes but were only a couple of seconds before eyes turned on the victimized girl as she replied, “You can say that! If my dad looked like yours I’d be having his third kid by now!” They all broke out laughing and it left me smiling. Others were agreeing with her about what a handsome man my dad was. Later when I apologized to the girl for my callousness explaining I meant that she should let NOTHING traumatize her, I thought I was off the hook.

She replied, “No, you’re right, I shouldn’t let anything traumatize me, I do love sex and I even would not mind trying it with my own dad, but I would feel too guilty if I ever acted on those feelings or if I let him act on them, know what I mean?”

I said that I indeed did know what she meant for I too would love to have my own father’s children. But she made a lot of sense and I probably let that decide my own situation. She laughed in recognition of my reference to her own good humor. We liked each other. I noticed her with her dad a lot more often, and even though I never asked, (the truth might not be my fantasy.) I wanted my assumption to be correct so I could envy her.

My marriage with Tom was a good one, always rutting like animals in heat which produced a son inside the first year of marriage, and three years later a daughter. Tom noticed satisfying sex for me came when I called him “Daddy” and he called me “Baby” (what dad called me.) I always knew when Tom wanted sex, he would start calling me “baby” and saying, “Come to daddy, baby.”

I would immediately get in the mood and beg “Daddy” if I could lick his dick. The children sometimes even heard us talk like that and would reply, “Daddy and baby are going to have sex again!” We would laugh, but recently my husband was the one to push me toward my ultimate fantasy. Tom would always try to get me to admit wanting sex with my dad, which I never would. Even though I would always practically hang on dad when we were alone which he didn’t mind yet never pushed himself further with me. When mom left the office where all of us worked (surprised?) I let my hair down (often in front of him) went barefoot and unbuttoned another button revealing cleavage which I know dad adored.(he loved large breasts) I would parade around (always wet) knowing dad was watching me, but business had to get done. I didn’t know if it was the tease that I liked or I was too chicken to confront him, I had to know. But how? We could kiss, I would even sit in his lap taking calls while he was on another phone at the same desk. I guess we trusted it would never go farther. I resigned myself to the fact that it never would. Then one day I came home early during my children’s summer vacation in the afternoon after a short doctor’s visit. I witnessed my daughter, now a new teen, masturbating in her bedroom. All the while she was looking through her sheer draped sliding glass doors at her brother who was showering outside by the pool naked, (as he did more often than not these days. [No, we were not too modest around our house.])

Tracy was rubbing her clit rapidly saying over and over again,”Fuck me Eddie” (Jr’s name), or “Let me suck your dick.” I was immediately overcome with orgasm. I got light-headed. I recognized what she was doing. My legs got wobbly, my stomach churned, I was wet, really wet in my panties. So wet I started to take my skirt and panties off right there. I stumbled to my bedroom where I could see Eddie-through my own sliding glass door-was ending his shower and drying off his lean muscular wrestler’s frame and his long thick dick. I immediately fell in love with the idea of total uninhibited incest. I wanted to take him into my mouth and swallow his cum. Or better yet, I wanted to see my children enjoy each other! Incest as natural outreach of your love for your brother, your sister, father, etc. I told myself after what I just witnessed I was horny, that’s all. Throwing his towel over his shoulder, Eddie walked back into the house past his sister’s open bedroom door and walked into his room. I opened my door a crack and watched as Tracy walked into Eddie’s room with just her little silk robe on and asked my still naked son, “Hey Eddie, you want a massage?”

“Which one hon,”(what he called his little sister-uncanny huh?),he continued,”A walk on my back or a regular one?” he asked. “A Regular one,” she replied and I could see her undo her robe, her back to me, her robe fell open for Eddie’s display. Eddie never took his eyes off what was undoubtedly her nakedness as he reached to throw on some baggie shorts and T-shirt saying, OK, I have time for a quick lick right now, OK? As Tracy walked over to him and dropped her robe, then lowered herself onto her knees and took Eddie into her mouth, I was dumbfounded! I could see her breathtakingly beautiful youthful body and breasts, her perfect skin and her little clipped tuft of hair down there. All I could see from the angle is her head going up and down on his very large dick for such a young man and the suckling sound that goes along with a very wet blow job. I came instantly. My pussy just seemed to drop to the floor it seems. My first impulse was to go in there and stop him. I wanted to but I didn’t though. I sat down. What was going on? Is incest hereditary? I’ve buried my feelings for my dad long enough, besides, I was fooling no one. That night as Tom neared the bed I just turned to him and said,”Yes.”

“Yes to what?” Tom asked.

“Yes, I want to make love to my dad,” I replied. I looked over at Tom who was smiling ear-to-ear.

“How you going to do it?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied truthfully.

“Would you tell me about it when it happens?” Tom asked anxiously.

“You mean it’s OK with you if dad and I have sex?” I asked, knowing full well it would turn him on.

“Honey, those kids might as well be your dad’s, after all he is somewhat responsible for any good sex we’ve had in the past and we’ve been married long enough that I think it’s time you go ahead and live out your fantasy, if he’s game for it as well, that is.”

“You don’t mean before I get to old, do you?” I inquired.

Tom just laughed and said, “Promise to tell me about it?”

“We’ll see,” I said and turned over to go to sleep. I couldn’t though, I had just been given the go ahead. I had watched as my babies were obviously way ahead of me in communicating their love for one another. It was MY turn, after all I was only 34, still very pretty (looks inherited from Dad’s side), 5’4″ tall, large 32C+ breasts, a size two, and weighed 115 pounds. I took stock of myself and decided I would work out in the morning raquetball courts with dad and make him work up a sweat with me. Later in the office my shoes would come off, my hair would be let down and I would even unbutton a button on my blouse. All this did not go unnoticed by my dad who always smiled and even Tom asked me if my dad knew I wanted to have sex with him. I told dad that the next trip he went on that I was going too, (trips were usually for 2-3 days and could be handled by dad alone.) He said sure why not. Two weeks later we were scheduled out of town for business. Instead I had been able to get contracts signed over the phone and the trip was unnecessary. Dad looked somewhat befuddled.

“I thought you wanted to go do business,” he asked. I told him anytime I could do it over the phone that I couldn’t pass it up even if it meant not going away with him. He lightened up and said, “Let’s have a weekend on the boat. I’ll get your mom to cook food.”

“Wait right there sailor,” I continued, “If we’re going on the boat I’m not bringing any clothes and don’t want no one but you and me! We deserve to celebrate!” I blurted, full of myself after closing the nice account over the phone.

Dad studied me and said, “Let’s make it a long weekend then!” The following Thursday dad swung by and picked me up for what my family thought was the business trip. Tom said, “Good hunting,” and pecked me goodbye. Tracy came out kissed me and grandpa goodbye, Eddie just waved from the phone, (I would talk with the children when I got back.) I didn’t pack a thing, (I was determined.) Dad assumed I’d do shopping wherever we ended up and didn’t say anything. As I climbed into his car I reached over and gave my dad a kiss on the lips. Nothing unusual there, I always kissed him full on the lips, in front of family or friends.

I was wearing a summer dress and sandals and that’s all! I was as nervous as a prom queen. I had packed the boat earlier with food for three days, we would just boat out beyond the keys in S.Fl, drop anchor and fuck, or so I planned. As we left land behind and weighed anchor, dad went below to prepare us something to snack on. Without him seeing me, I lifted off my sundress, walked to the front of the boat with the SPF lotion and laid down in the sun totally naked. My pussy was so wet I wanted to masturbate right there. I calmed myself down in anticipation waiting for dad to come aft and lay down with me. When dad approached me with the food and saw me naked he smiled and said, “My goodness baby, you look beautiful!”

“Thanks dad, you’d say that to any naked woman you saw,” I managed to eek out, my heart in my throat. He continued to gaze over my body and I could feel the wetness start to run down my leg. I could see his crotch was bulging and I suddenly wondered what kind of sex was it going to be, after all he was 53 years old. He was still in excellent shape due to a bodybuilding regiment he kept too to this day. I determined sex would be wonderful with him considering I was actually having an orgasm right in front of him without him so much as touching me. “Before we eat dad could you lotion me up?” I asked not moving.

Smiling ear-to-ear dad picked up the lotion, poured some into his hands, rubbed his palms and started to apply it to my face. I shuttered with another orgasm. He was just touching my face for chrissakes! He worked his way down my neck over my shoulders, down my arms, would he touch my breasts? The anticipation was killing me! I wondered this when all of the sudden he was there-rubbing my large sensitive breasts with his powerful and loving hands. Then that voice!

“You feel so good baby,” dad said huskily.

“So do you dad,” I managed. That voice again, this time while he was rubbing right above my sloppy wet pussy, “Is this our weekend?” he asked as his hand slipped inside my inner thigh, revealing my wetness to him. “Yes! Finally! Why don’t you join me?” I asked enjoying his expert manipulations of my thighs as I felt my body luge itself to another orgasm, this one so powerful I tensed and groaned,”MMMMMffffhhh! “Did I do that?” dad asked as he started to expertly massage my feet relaxing me. I, in the coarse of exhibiting myself to my father, had just experienced 4 orgasms, each one more powerful than the previous one and he was only massaging me! My legs spread involuntarily, and my hand went to his crotch, “Please Dad, let me touch you,” I was truly begging, I never wanted anything more in my life than to hold his manhood. “Sure baby, you know I’d do anything for you, especially now, while your laying naked in front of me orgasming.

Think I can catch up?” I broke out laughing at his excellent wit and “bedside” charm. I was living my fantasy and I hadn’t even seen him naked yet. I sat up long enough to pull his trunks down and off his ankles. I reached up and grabbed…my god, a huge stiff pipe! It was magnificent! It was stiff, at least nine inches in length and I couldn’t get my whole hand around it. I lunged forward with my mouth onto his monster dick the whole time mewing toward a yet another fast approaching orgasm. I shook with orgasm number 5 and dropped his dick out of my watering mouth while my eyes fluttered open and shut and I let out an unearthly groan, my body convulsed with orgasm. The next thing I remember is my father sitting next to me on the covered bed large enough for three below deck. I had passed out for 2 hours! I was still naked, I was covered with a sheet and dad was giving me liquids. “Hey baby, what happened? You went out like a light!” How ya feeling?”

“Dad, I’ve never orgasmed like that in my life Dad, can we live together?” I couldn’t believe what I was saying! “You’re delirious from the sun baby, take it easy for awhile, I’ll get us back to shore”

“You’ll do no such thing!” I demanded with renewed vigor. I was feeling the most wonderfully relaxed I had ever felt. “Dad, I am so fine, like you would never believe. YOU were the cause of all my orgasms! I’ve never orgasmed like that with Tom ever!” I got up and walked toward Dad and reaching out to pull his shorts down once again, I reached out for his dick and pulled him along with it back to bed. I pushed him down on to the bed and taking his beautiful dick into my mouth, I started licking it up and down its length, under the shaft down to the base of his balls. I could hardly fit the whole thing into my mouth when I started to feel my pussy getting all wet again. It was rigid again in a matter of minutes since he had never gotten relief while massaging me up top. I hovered my pussy over his stiff dick and started to lower myself slowly onto his massive dick. I started to scream with pleasure as his too-big-for-my-pussy cock was inching its way into my overly wet but stretched pussy. I started to rock back and forth onto his dick. I went slowly at first until I got used to the stretch. “Oh baby, you’re tight AND wet, you feel so good,” as it was my father’s turn to moan.

I kept humping up and down and I started to go back into orbit. He was moaning, his hands on my thighs, “You’re so beautiful baby!” he kept saying to me. “You know how long I’ve wanted to do this Dad?” I asked. “Oh, 25 years or so,” he smiled.

“Cum in me Dad,” I kept repeating, “Cum in me, Cum in me, Cum in me,,” I droned. He flexed and I could feel hot jism shoot from his loins, I screamed and involuntarily tightened myself as I started to cum all over his dick. I was completely lost on his pole. I kept humping for the terrific feeling I was receiving sliding up and down on this magnificent man, my father. We fucked all that day and into the night, stopping only to (finally) eat. We lived naked the whole weekend. When we got home, I sat the kids down and told them I knew they were sleeping together and that they could bunk together as long as Tracy went on birth control. I’m a fine one to talk, because I’m pregnant and I know it’s not my husbands.


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