My First Slave Journal Entry Erotic story

i have been instructed to write this down for Him. Today i submitted myself to another. Gave up all control and was allowed the sweetest of pleasures from Him.

i sat across from Him on the sofa, heart pounding, anxious, afraid, but yet…filled with longing. His hands reached out to touch my breasts, first one, then the other through the shirt i wore. my nipples hardened to His soft touch. i was instructed to remove my shirt and i did so. His hands caressed, cupped, and held. i watched my body respond to Him, my loins growing wet inside me. Removing the bra was the next order and i obeyed. Clad now in stockings, shorts and heeled sandals, i was made to stand. He watched me react to His words, His eyes gentle but a firmness in His voice. i waited for the next and it came.

“Remove the rest of your clothing”.

i wavered only for a second before letting the garments fall to the floor. i was not punished for my hesitation, for he knew i was nervous. i was made to sit back down for a moment and i gasped slightly when he fastened the wrist cuffs to me. Standing before Him again, he turned me around, back to His chest and took hold of my hair in His fist. Heart pounding in my chest, he spoke the following words by my ear.

“Why are you here?

“To serve You, Sir”.

“How do you plan to serve me”?

“Any way You desire, Sir”.

A tug on my hair for the last.

“Who’s are you?”

“i am yours, Sir.”

i am made to sit back onto the couch and he tells me to close my eyes and open my mouth. The dildo slides into my mouth and he has me suck it for Him, as if i was to be doing it to His cock. i know he is watching me, my lips puckering and sucking, the tip of my tongue teasing the rubber head of the dildo. i get praise for my display. Now he helps me up and fastens the cuffs behind me.

He leads me to the bed and has me lie face down onto a pillow. i take deep breaths for i do not know what is to happen. Then i feel it. A light hit on my bare ass. Then another. The leather stings my cheeks as he hits me. i dare to squirm just a bit and i get one on the small of my back. After that i lie still, biting my lips, trying to control my breathing, for that is the only control i have right now. i feel His hands over my ass, warm to the touch.

He tells me i must turn over and as he tells me, he is unfastening the cuffs. Now i must keep my hands palm down on the bed. i turn over and he fastens the clamps to my stiff nipples. i am told to hold the chain between my teeth and when instructed, to tug on the chain gently. He spreads my legs, my pussy already wet, and runs His hands in between my lips. His finger reaches in and finds my clit. Sharp intake of my breath as he strokes it gently, alternating with rubbing against my hole. There is now a finger inside me, and he is rubbing and slapping my clit. Clamp chain between my teeth, he makes me tug on it. i watch as my nipples move up towards me; a million things running through my head as he teases me like this.

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i ask to meet His eyes and am granted permission. my eyes never leave His now as he rubs and spanks my pussy. my breath comes quickly now, heart thumping in my chest. He stops to reach for the length of rope on the table, then removes the cuffs and replaces them at my ankles. i watch Him tie the knots and slide the rope under the bed and do the same to the other leg. Legs apart, the dildo is inserted into my hot pussy.

He fucks me well, and i cannot stop Him. my legs immobile, trying to strain against the restraints, but cannot. i moan in pleasure and frustration. Minutes pass, i lose track of time. i have gone under. Now i understand the term. i am captive, sex slave to another who does wonderful and teasing things to me while i am helpless and can do nothing. Want to do nothing.

He takes the dildo and offers it to my mouth. i suck it greedily. He is pleased. He does the same with His fingers and again i am tasting my own juices. A smile on His lips as he unties me. But he is not done yet. He has yet another instruction for me and that is to fuck myself while he watches. Dildo inside me, my finger on my clit, His upon my asshole, i rub and fuck myself. He wants to watch me come, and indeed i do. For Him, only for Him.

He lays on His back and tells me to suck His cock. i take Him into my hungry mouth and begin to give Him what he wants from me. i lick His cock, i lick His balls, gently taking them one at a time into my mouth. He has me sit above Him and fuck Him. i do. When he is about to come, i must bring Him to climax with my mouth again. i taste Him, i swallow His offering.

i lie for a moment in the crook of His arm, hands on His chest gently touching Him. He kisses my forehead and smiles at me. i have done well for my first time. He assures me there will be another. The moment has come for the end of our session. i do not want to leave Him, but i know that i must. i miss the ropes already…