My Indian Guy sex stories

My name is Jermain, I am 35, 6 feet tall, reasonably fit, white male and always thought of myself as straight however I do recognise good-looking people, even guys when I see them. This is a true story of an experience I encountered with a young Indian guy called Aarav. Aarav was 21 and very pretty for a guy with big brown eyes and long dark eyelashes. He was around 5’6” tall, slim with a beautiful brown skin colour, I can honestly say I liked him from the first moment I saw him, he looked kind and someone I’d like to know, little did I know at this time that I would.

I have been going to the same gym for around 5 years now and have been recognised as one of the regulars by the staff and also by some of the other regulars who worked out there. I go to the gym around 3 times a week after work and weekends as it suits and sometimes the staff will ask me to help out if they are short or extremely busy, I don’t get paid but I do get free sessions to anything I like which is fine with me. When they ask me to help they don’t let me instruct or train I usually work the front desk or give demos on how equipment works or how to set it up but mostly I just do housekeeping, which I don’t mind because it gives me the chance to get up close and personal to the people working out which gives me the chance to look without being branded a perv. I started at the gym to get trim but also to see all the fit body’s and hopefully get laid. I do admire a fit woman in Lycra particularly when you can just make out the line of their vagina or the hard nipple that gives its position away occasionally fulfilling the shape of her breasts you had imagined in your mind’s eye, all of which makes me hot under the collar and very horny. I also admire a fit man and didn’t realise just how much till I caught myself staring at the shape of a guy’s cock through his white Lycra shorts. I was sat down doing bicep curls in my usual vantage point where I can see most of the floor area when he started warming up in front of me. I could see the clear definition of his phallus shaft along with the shape of his gland and tight sack which all moved from side to side with the rhythm of his movement. I realised I was staring and tried to tare my gaze away and it wasn’t until I noticed he was looking at me staring at his cock that I put my weight down and left to go the men’s room. When I entered I could see the changing area was empty and I couldn’t hear any of the showers running. I made my way to the urinals and as I stood there I felt horny with a slight erection and when I got my cock out I could see the precum glistening over my helmet… was I gay, I asked myself? How could the shape of another guys cock get me horny? I rubbed my finger over the end of my cock and tasted it. it wasn’t as salty as I had read somewhere or as displeasing as I had expected, maybe I was gay! Maybe!!! I heard the door to the men’s room open and without looking up I made a swift exit embarrassed by my thoughts. I returned to the gym, finished my workout and left for home without showering or getting changed slightly confused with my thoughts and still very horny. 

I kept thinking about what I had seen and how it made me feel and each time I did I felt my own cock arouse. I dreamt that night of sharing a bed with another guy, I don’t remember any fine details but I do remember touching his cock which became hard in my hands when I woke up I had my own hard cock in my hand which I stroked up and down imagining it was someone else’s. I pushed my foreskin back over my gland and pushed down the whole of my shaft to my balls and back up over my tip I could feel my precum and used the forefinger of my other hand to rub under my foreskin and round my gland. I sucked my finger and heard myself moan, I was so horny I wished it was someone else’s cock in my hand I pushed back down my shaft and felt myself about to cum I felt a tingle and shiver run through the whole of my body and as my hand moved back up my shaft I felt myself cumming, jerking and shooting cum over my belly I pushed my hand down my shaft and felt another load shoot out and more, and more came out I couldn’t believe how much and how good it felt. I rubbed my cum over my belly and up to my lips and tasted cum for the first time it was different to precum more salty and had a strange taste as I had imagined but I liked it. All this got me excited and made me want to touch, feel and taste someone else’s cock as soon as possible if only to satisfy my dream and confirm my sexuality!!!

From then on my time at the gym was very different I looked at guys groins at every opportunity and wasn’t even noticing the women anymore. I kept looking out for the guy in white Lycra who stirred my curiosity just in case he thought the same as me that day but I never saw him anymore. There were plenty of fit guys but how do I approach a man to ask if I can feel his cock. I sat in my usual spot doing bicep curls hoping for another encounter with the guy in Lycra when Ben one of the Staff supervisors came over to me and asked if I would help out. I said ye no problem what would you like me to do, hoping he would say give me a hand job but instead he said could you empty some bins and tidy round which I did. The place was getting quite busy so I could see why Ben asked me to help. I was rushing round trying to get on top of the mess so I could get back to my watching when I heard a voice ‘do you work here’ the voice said I ignored it because I didn’t wear the grey polo Shirts with Oasis fitness club embroidered in blue on the front so he can’t be talking to me, but the voice came again with a foreign accent ‘excuse me, do you work here?’ I turned around and said ‘no…… sorry I’m just helping out.’ A, for a better word, beautiful Indian guy was sat on one of the benches asking me if I worked here, he said ‘oh, I’m sorry’ and tuned away, I quickly thought and said ‘but I have been coming here for a long time I may as well work here’. He turned back and said ‘I was wanting someone to watch me while I do some heavy presses’ which I said ‘Ye sure no problem, I’m good at watching, what’s your name?’ ‘Aarav’ he replied ‘and yours?’ ‘Jermain’ I said.

Aarav straddled the bench and grabbed hold of the weighted bar, ‘ready’ he said ‘yes’ I replied and I helped him lift the bar off the holder. He was dressed all in black, adidas jogging pants and muscle ‘T’ shirt. As he strained pushing the weights I couldn’t help but notice his penis bulge and imagined myself going to the other end of the bench and pulling his pants down to expose his underwear but before I could finish my fantasy he began to struggle so I refocused and helped him back the bar holder. ‘Another 4 sets if you don’t mind’ he asked, ‘no problem’ I replied and we began to general chit chat in between sets, you know, where you from? how long have you been here? etc… After his sets he said ‘thank you’ and turned and walked away so I went to treadmill thinking a bit bizarre. I had been on the treadmill for around 15 minutes when Aarav came over and said ‘I have been looking for you, when I came back you had gone and I wanted to thank you’ he offered me some money he must have gone to the changing room to get his wallet. I said ‘oh no thank you I’m sure you can help me out some day’. He began following me around the gym doing the same activities as me and we chatted on our way round and got to know each other quite well in such a short period of time and I liked him and couldn’t help but look in his eyes and think how pretty he was along with the occasional glimpse at his bulge of course.

I’d had had enough of working out, this was the longest work out I’d ever had, 4 hours solid so I told Aarav I was going and suggested ‘maybe we can meet up again sometime’ and he replied ‘oh yes please, definitely’. I headed to the men’s changing room grabbed my towel and shower gel from my locker, stripped off and went for a shower. The showers were communal and to my disappointment also empty. I started lathering up and washing my hair had could hear someone else had joined me. I quickly washed the soap from hair and eyes so I could sneak a crafty peak at a cock that isn’t mine only to find Aarav stood next to me looking at my cock, I looked down at his and he was wanking. I turned toward him and he looked up at me and smiled. I reached down and held his cock in my hand it was about the same size as mine but felt totally different. Aarav reached out and touched my hard cock and as he did he cum in my hand and watching him cum made me so horny that I cum in his hand shooting my cum over his belly and cock, I licked some of Aarav’s cum and mine for that matter of my hand, I wanted to suck him but I could hear lockers clattering and decided that will do for now, but I now know I want more.