My sister Janet and my Stories

One thing I always liked about my sister Janet was how she always stuck to her word. When our Mum was in hospital, she told her not to worry about our baby brother Byron, (who we nicknamed “Billy”) she would look after him. And she did! A group of her friends arrived at the door one evening, wanting to take her out to her favorite night-spot. She said “No, I have to look after Billy!”

I said “I could look after him for you, so you go out and have a good time.”

She said “No, Mike, it’s my responsibility. I gave my word that I would look after him and I will.”

All the love I felt for Janet was partly because she’s my sister, but also because she’s just like that, determined to live up to her word, determined to be responsible, to honor her promises, and to do the right thing, no matter what.

My love for her especially grew when she became curvaceous at puberty. I was just a year older, randy as a deprived rabbit, and she’d sway into the room like a young goddess about to start a mating dance.

I carefully considered the benefits and advantages of self-restraint, couldn’t find any, and asked her straight out for sex. Well, what do you expect from a teenage boy who gets an urgent roaring hard-on whenever his sister’s curves glide and gyrate into the room?

She said no, but she lightly touched my cheek, as if she was touched that I would ask. God help me, I asked her again and again, whenever I thought that I had a slightly better chance than a snowflake in hell. She said “Mike, your schoolmate Helen likes you, Mandy likes you too,
why not ask one of them?”

I said “I don’t want them, I want you!”

This time Janet kissed me on the cheek. Mandy and Helen were nice girls, sure, and they had nice figures, but let’s face it, my sister Janet, with her goddess good looks that drove my penis barmy, her gentle personality, her determination to keep her word, and the deep bond of brother-sisterhood we had shared all our lives, conspired together to overthrow any lust I would
normally have for anyone else. “No offence, girls” I thought to myself “but you don’t even come close to my sister Janet.” I just couldn’t get her out of my mind.

Janet eventually said “Maybe one day, maybe one day…”

I wanted that day to be now! But at least she seemed to be getting used to the idea.

Then one day, Janet and I were out hiking through the woods. We got as far as the bridge, and sat on it, looking into the water. I asked her for sex again, of course, and she laughed, wrapped her arm around my neck and said “Mike, I adore you, you know that. Of course I want to fuck you, I always have. There have been so many times when I’ve been so close to doing it with you. But society says it’s wrong, and that worries me.”

I felt so bad. Janet and I wanted each other. She adored me and I adored her. But society said it was wrong. To hell with crappy society, I thought!

I gently argued with her about it, but it was no use. She said it had to come from inside her, not from my persuasion. She had to feel certain about it, and she didn’t know how that would happen.

Several weeks after that, we were walking along a footpath seven miles out of town, at the bottom of a cliff, and we were considering stopping soon for some lunch from our backpacks, when there was a small rockslide up ahead. We heard a cry!

We ran like the wind towards the cry, and found an old man lying with his leg pinned under a large rock. Janet, always full of compassion, was crying “Oh no! Oh no!” I was worried too. “Get it off him, Mike, get it off him!” she cried.

I gripped the rock by some ridges along its sides, got a good grip and heaved it with all my might. No, it wasn’t moving. If only I were just a little bit stronger. Or the rock was a little smaller. I tried again. And again. The man’s foot looked as if the circulation might be cut off, so I gave it another try, with all the determination and strength I could muster. Not quite. It wasn’t quite moving.

I was worried about the man, who could only make groaning sounds. I had to rest, to gather my strength for another try. But it looked hopeless. Then Janet said “If you get that thing off him, Mike, I’ll fuck you.”

I gasped with astonishment. She looked me straight in the eye and said “I mean it!” I turned around and grabbed the rock by the ridges. For just a moment, either the rock disappeared or I went blind. All I could see in front of me was sex with my sister. I gave a great heave, this
time with every muscle in my body working in harmony with each other muscle, and every muscle determined to get that rock off. The rock went flying off and rolled away.

Janet, who had got her first aid kit out, used her training to help the old man’s leg, and together we got him out of there, with a makeshift stretcher, and got him back to a house a mile or so away, where we were able to ring an ambulance.

After that we went back home, showered, had a quiet evening, and went to bed. After a little while, Janet came into my room, dressed in her nightie, and sat on the bed. She said “Do you feel tired?”

I said “No.”

She said “Would you like me to get into bed with you?”

My need for her was as strong as it’s ever been. Nevertheless I thought of her determination to honor her promises, and I didn’t want her to feel obligated to have sex with me. In spite of my need for her I found myself saying “You don’t have to. You offered me sex in an emergency. I wouldn’t want you to…”

Janet put her hand gently over my mouth and smiled. “I want to. I love you. I don’t care what society thinks any more. They’re wrong.”

I suddenly felt wonderful. I lifted up the sheet to let her in. She took off her nightie and dropped it on the floor. Then she climbed in and honored me with her body, caressing me, sucking me, licking me, bringing my fingertips to her vagina to show me how wet she was, gliding up and down my body with hers, sliding her breasts over my chest, then over my tummy, then running her lips over my penis.

Then, gently taking my penis in her hand, she slid the head of it back and forth along either side of her vagina, then in the middle, along her beautiful wet slit, then brought the head of my penis to the entrance of her vagina.

She paused there for a while, with a cheeky look of teasing me on her pretty face. Then she brought my penis into her vagina. I was fucking my sister at last. She slid down the length of my penis, and I was deep inside her, feeling all the beauty and magic of my love for her.

She began to pump me, slowly, swivelling her hips up and down. I thought of how deeply I had longed for her, for so long a time. And here she was, her vagina making love to my penis, and her hands gliding up and down my chest. I looked into her eyes, and she looked back into mine, lovingly. Her eyes rolled up a little and she began to gasp.

She began to moan softly, her cheeks becoming more and more flushed with excitement. Then she lifted her vagina right off my penis so it was outside, with her hand holding it steady, paused, then she sat her vagina down on it again and pumped some more. Several times she did this, taking me right out, pausing, then gliding her vagina onto me again. It was ecstatic.

Then she moved her vagina in circular movements, going around and around on my penis instead of up and down. Then she returned to the up and down strokes, her vagina starting to ripple with the excitement of an approaching climax. She slid her hands up my sides, then leant over me and kissed my lips, darting her tongue into my mouth. Her lips and tongue began to make love with mine, as her vagina rippled in waves of excitement over my penis.

I felt the approach of climax. Another stroke. Then another. Then it hit me, and my penis began to spray inside her vagina. Over and over. She gasped, and her vagina squeezed me again and again with her own climaxes coaxing surges of sperm into her open, receptive vagina.

“Oh darling, oh darling!” she said, “Oh! Oh! Oh I love you! I love you! You’re coming into me! Oh darling! You’re coming into your sister! Your sister! Oh!” Then she sank down towards me, and lay her chest on mine, saying “Oh darling, I do love you so.”

She lay resting on my chest, in my arms. She said “I will always love you, forever. No matter what happens, we will always have each other. I will always be there for you.”

She fell asleep on my chest, and we stayed that way till morning. As the dawn came up, Janet awoke out of sleep, and we heard the footsteps of Mum and Dad in the kitchen. Then Mum’s footsteps came closer and closer to my room. Janet threw off the bedclothes, picked up her nightie off the floor, and tried to get into it. It caught on her hands, and Mum opened the door. Mum looked at me, and came in, just as Janet’s nightie slid down her body and covered her nakedness.

Then Mum said “How many eggs…. Oh, hello!” As she caught sight of Janet, standing there in her nightie. “What are you doing here?”

Janet said, trying to appear calm, “Just came in to see what Mike wanted for breakfast. So, two eggs, toast and coffee, then?”

“Yes, thanks Jan” I said trying to yawn a little, “Thanks for popping in, just now.” I noticed the bed clothes were half off, from where Jan had leapt up. I tried to readjust them while Mum was looking at Jan.

A flicker of confusion stammered across Mum’s face, but then she relaxed. “Okay” Mum said. “Come out when you’re ready!” Mum headed off back to the kitchen, as Janet began to follow her. As soon as Mum was out of sight, Janet came over to me and whispered “Boy that was close!” then she headed for the door. Then she looked out at Mum going into the kitchen, stepped back into the bedroom, turned, and lifted up her nightie, flashing her pubic hairs at me with a cheeky grin!

Then she turned and left. Since then we have made love often. Strangely enough, we have often made love in risky places where others might catch us – in parks and gardens, for instance, and even on the rock I somehow managed to move. But no-one has caught us yet!