New Year’s Celebration Sex stories

It was another sorry New Year’s Eve Party. My friends are great but they are real assholes when they are drunk and high. And I only got one kiss from one of the women there. There were so many hot bitches at my friend’s apartment, I was hoping to snag one of them. No luck. So I left the apartment around 2 AM. Everyone was pretty much passed out and I wanted to get home so that I could jerk off. I was so fucking horny, I wasn’t sure I would be able to make it another hour. I was thinking about jerking off in the car on the way home!

My older sister’s apartment was sort of on the way, so I decided to drive past and see if she was up to anything. I know Geena and her boyfriend were going to a party. I was hoping I could see them fucking through the window.

I always have had a little crush on her. I never got into incest that much other than thinking about her. Geena’s 26 and about 5’5″ with short blonde hair and a large chest and pretty face. Many times, I wondered what it would be like to fuck her. Back in high school, I knew she had the reputation of being a bit of a slut. Even though she’s calmed down since then, I always figured she’d be wild in bed. Too bad she is getting married soon.

It was cold and dark and desolate when I pulled onto my sister’s street. Everyone else was out drinking and getting laid and I was pissed that I was horny as hell and stuck by myself in my car. I perked up a bit when I saw a car on in front of my sister’s apartment.

As I approached my sister’s place, the car pulled out and sped away. When I got to the front of her 3-story apartment building, I saw her silhouette stumbling inside the front door. I honked and got her attention and when she realized it was me she waved me in. So I parked the car and went inside. She was wasted. She also looked the hottest I had ever seen her.

Geena had on a black skirt that went to mid-thigh and a sweater. She was holding the pair of black pantyhose she was wearing in her hand. Immediately when I saw her bare legs, I got a hard-on.

“How was yer party?” she asked me and started laughing. Before I could answer, my sister told me about her boyfriend. “Todd is fucking PISSED at me,” she said while still laughing. Then she started rambling on, but I was barely paying attention. I was staring at her breasts and how they were bouncing as she laughed and how hard her big nipples were and how she placed her hand on them when she spoke and how I wished I could do that.

“…well fuck him anyway,” Geena finished up her little monologue. “You wanna come upstairs?”, she mentioned and motioned with her hands. Of course, I said yes. So we started up the three flights of stairs. In a little bit, I was thanking God she lived on the very top floor and there was no elevator.

I don’t know what happened to me. It’s like I snapped. It was probably because I had not got laid since August and I had some pent-up horniness after a long night of partying. She started up the stairs in front of me and was stumbling all over. So I placed my hands on her hips to keep her steady. My face was a few inches from her beautiful ass and I kept my eyes glued up her skirt. I saw the white panties right in front of my eyes and I could not help but wonder what was beneath them.


The whole time she kept rambling on and, to my surprise, I was pretty much raping her ass and legs with my hands. She had no clue what was going on. I just kept squeezing and feeling her cheeks and her thighs. The skin of her thighs and ass was so smooth and warm. My cock was so hard. I was like an animal. I would have been sick at myself if I had not been so obsessed at that point with taking advantage of my drunk sister.

We finally reached her door and as Geena was fumbling with her keys at the door I continued the assault on her ass. I had my hands up her skirt and latched on to her ass. She didn’t even seem to notice. She was busy laughing and telling me stories about her night.

The groping continued when we got inside. I led her to her bed and she laid down and I sat next to her. Geena looked like such a slut laying there with just the moonlight shining on her. She kept telling me shit about how she was pissed at her fiancée. By this time her skirt had risen up to her stomach. All that was covering Geena’s lower half were those white panties.

There was no stopping me now. I was groping her tits and after she was done with her story I kept massaging her tits gently and I could feel the nipples getting hard again. After a long silence she started moaning and squirming. I felt bold so I moved my hand down.

With my left hand I rubbed her calf and with my right hand I started massaging her pussy through the panties. The outer lips were so big and felt so wonderful, but I wanted to get inside of them. Geena was liking it so I slipped her panties slowly off.

She has a gorgeous pussy. There’s only one patch of hair above it and she has a big clit and those big lips. I slowly slipped two fingers inside. I kept fingering her and massaging her clit and she kept moaning and squirming. In and out my fingers worked and after about 30 seconds she started quivering.

“Yes, yes, yes!!” she screamed as she gripped the bedsheets and closed her warm thighs on my hand. She orgasmed all over my hand and the bed. The look on her face drove me wild. She climaxed for a long time. It took her even longer to catch her breath.

After regaining her bearings, Geena she looked up at me and slurred “You wanna fuck me, don’t ya?” I couldn’t believe she finally said it. I eagerly said yes and she said I could. I hopped up and quickly undressed and hoped she wouldn’t pass out while she laid there staring at me blankly. It wasn’t until she saw my hard-on when she showed signs of life. She reached her hand out and started feeling and rubbing it.

It was not very romantic at all. It was like being with a whore. She looked like one as she spread her naked legs for me. I climbed in between with my raging hard-on and immediately drove it in her. The sensation of driving it into my sister was terrific. Geena had enough in her to keep raising her ass up off the bed and meeting her brother’s genitals.

My sister’s legs wrapped around my stomach as we were really going at it. I saw stars as I started to cum and I shot most of my semen on the bed. She came too. After we caught our breath, she sloppily rolled over right into my cum and patted on the bed, inviting me in. We laid there and cuddled and we both confessed we were into incest. Soon enough, she fell asleep, well-fucked, half naked, and in my arms. It was awesome lying there naked with my sister, but I wanted to explore.

I lifted her sweater up off her tits and was in awe. They were so fucking great. I licked and sucked on one while I played the other in my hand. Moving downward, I licked and sucked on her hot belly before getting back to her pussy.

Geena’s cunt was still wet and hot and quivering like it had a life of its own. I stuck my head between her thighs and inhaled her wonderful aroma. Then I licked up all the juices off her cunt and thighs. Every once in awhile she would moan in her sleep, but luckily she did not wake up because she was so wasted.

I turned Geena over on her side a bit, exposing her sweet ass. I popped my thumb into her asshole and she grunted in her sleep. I just wanted to feel around in her warm canal. By this time I was hard again, so I rolled her on her stomach. I knelt between Geena’s thighs and proceeded to jack off. As I felt a splooge oncoming, I spread apart her asscheeks with my free hand. When I came, I shot my warm semen into her asscrack, almost like christening her.

By that time, I was spent. Luckily, I had told my parents that I might be sleeping over at my friend’s apartment at that sorry party. New Year’s Eve was better than I ever imagined.