Normal Family Mum erotic stories

I’m 41, happily married, with two children, one 18, one 20. I love my husband, he takes such good care of me, treats me like a goddess, works hard, great with the kids, and is like my best friend. I couldn’t ask for someone more romantic and kind. Everything is perfect.

Well, apart from one problem. I’m not a size queen or anything, but it’s hard to be completely satisfied when your husband has a five inch dick that’s also only 4 inches around. I’m not complaining, and I wouldn’t replace him for the world. But sometimes, as I’m sure other married women understand, the satisfaction has to come from, let’s say “elsewhere”.

Sometimes even the most refined and ethical woman has to give in to her animalistic instincts. I’m not saying it’s right, but until evolution gets rid of it, us women are stuck with a desire to get bedded by the “largest bidder” as to say. I think it’s comes from the survival of the fittest; the man with the largest penis is the most masculine and sexually reproductive.

The first time I realised I wasn’t completely happy with our relationship was after about two years since our marriage ceremony. I was just laying there, and there he was working away, trying once again to make me orgasm. It was at this point I thought back and realised how our sex life was just a play; I layed in bed, he worked away as usual, I pretended to love every moment (“oh yes, that’s it baby”), and then we went to sleep.

The problem was every night we started sex, he would open my legs and then gently push his small penis into my pussy as if he thought that if he went too fast he would hurt me, and that with every push he was giving my immeasurably pleasure. The issue is, he wasn’t. It just wasn’t big enough. He was living in a fantasy world.

That’s when I thought of my 20 year old daughter, Emily. She had a new boyfriend, Ben, only 18. My god he was handsome, about 6 feet, skinny (but not too skinny), big hands, big feet, cocky and arrogant. He was the last person I wanted near my daughter, I hated what he must have been doing to her. Everything about him stunk of big cock; the way he walked, talked, and strided around as if he owned the place.

She used to be so innocent, and he took that away from her. At least she was getting pleasure. At least someone was.

It was a week after that thought that everything started. Ben was due to collect Emily to go to his place. I’m sure if I asked her why, it would be for “extra revision” or something like that. But I knew it wasn’t true. To be honest, I couldn’t blame her either. Who wouldn’t want to be rammed by a big cock?

Anyway, I thought perhaps I could take advantage of this little opportunity. I went up to Emily’s room and said, “Sorry hun, Ben just called and said you can’t meet up tonight as he’s got a stomach bug.” “I can’t believe that, I was just getting ready as well.” she replied. “I know babe, but don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll be better soon. Anyway, I’ve got to go shopping now, I’ll see you later.” “Alright then Mum.” I went back downstairs and grabbed the telephone, and speedialled Ben.

“Yeah, what is it?” “Hi, it’s Emily’s mum, she said she is going to meet you at your house. So you don’t need to come over.” “Whatever” he said, before just hanging up the phone.

I grabbed my coat, jumped in the car, and drove over to Ben’s house. I walked up to the drive, and knocked on the door. After about a minute, Ben opened the door, “What are you fucking doing here?” “Could I come in please Ben, I need to chat to you, is anybody else in?” He casually stepped to the side to reluctantly let me in. “Nobody else is here, I like to fuck your daughter’s pussy when it’s quiet. Where is that slut anyway?”

I ignored this, he was always trying to wind me up, and I carried on walking into the living room and sat down. I must say, I was finding him quite intimidating, and to be honest it made me feel a bit horny, and when he said he was fucking Emily, it made a tingle shoot through my body.

“What do you want?” he demanded, standing over me, staring at me with those piercing blue eyes of his. He bulge right in front of my face. I swear boys these days are bigger than when I was younger, I don’t know how these modern girls cope these days.

I just looked at him, slid back back in the chair, and licked my lips. Ben looked like he could smell my pussy, and I could see it in his eyes, a change, into a monster. He kneeled down, grabbed my calfs with his big hands, and dragged me forward so my pussy was near his face. He ripped off my skirt and threw them on the floor to the side, then he grabbed hold of my knickers and tore them off.

Ben then just sat up and admired my pussy, I could see him becoming more of a monster at every moment, looking at my tight un-stretched pussy, oozing with juice. He then suddenly grabbed my hips, and tucked in for dinner. His tongue sucked up all my juices, and then went inside me, devouring the juices inside of me. I could feel all my vaginal muscles tighten, and pulsating sensation travelled throughout my whole body. As I was about to orgasm, he stood up, took off his clothes, and I took off the rest of mine.

He stood there with a thick 9 inch cock, hard as a rock, ready to take it’s next victim. I started to get nervous, and I wasn’t sure if I could take it. I said, “I’m not sure Ben, I’m not…” He then bent over me, grabbed my hair, and came face to face with me, “You came over here for it, this is what destroyed your daughter, and now it’s going destroy you. And you want to be destroyed, don’t you, like all the girls I’ve fucked?”

I couldn’t resist, “Yes, yes, of course, I’m sorry.” He let go, and I just looked at it for minute, the thick veiny cock. I thought about how it had been inside my beautiful daughter, I thought how it had taken her innocence away. I thought how beautiful it looked, so monsterous, yet so wonderful. It was hypnotic, I was revolted by it’s destructive power, yet I wanted it so much. Ben then suddenly became the nicest guy on Earth. He said kindly, “Are you ready?” Why was he being so nice? Maybe he’s not as bad as I thought. Maybe the “bad boy” image is just an act. Maybe he’s actually a kind and considerate person inside. Ben then bent down, and placed his cock on top of my stomach. He then looked at me, and smirked. He could see that once his cock was inside me, it would reach the bottom of my rib cage, and he seemed to love that idea. “Now just relax, I wont hurt you, I’ll be nice and gentle.”

He then grabbed my shoulder with his left hand, and guided the big head of his cock to the entrance of my pussy, with his right hand. I felt uncomfortable, I wasn’t sure I could take it. “Stop tensing up, just relax, I might be horrible to you sometimes, but trust me, I’ll go slowly.” I thought to to myself, “don’t worry, it’ll be alright he’ll take it slowly, it will be alright.” “Are you ready?” he said, “Yeah, just take it slowly.”

Ben then started to slowly push the tip into my pussy, and I could see my pussy start to open up for him. It was responding to his big cock like I’ve never seen or felt before. I started to relax my body, when suddenly Ben let his body weight go, and rammed all his cock inside of me. I screamed like I’d never screamed before. It felt like my organs had been destroyed, and that there had been an explosion inside of me. All of a sudden, something which my body wasn’t used to was ripping me apart from the inside.

Ben let out a great laugh as I screamed in pain, “haha, well that’s the way to make sure a woman never forgets you!” “You bastard.” I cried out to him, as he kept his massive cock inside of me, continuing to stretch the walls of my pussy beyond return. “Do you want me to take it out then?” He knew what the answer was to this. For some reason, even though he was destroying me, I liked it, and I wanted more. I didn’t answer. “You’re like all the girls I’ve fucked, they’re all secret sluts, you all love a big cock to own you. Your husband is fucking pathetic. At least you wont ever feel him again, ha!” I knew it was true, I belonged to the cock lodged in my pussy, and my loyalty was now to Ben. It didn’t matter who provided for me or brought home the money, but who was man enough to own my body. Ben was that man, even though he was 18, the pain and pleasure I could feel in my pussy proved he was. He made sure that I would be too loose to fuck my husband or anyone again. I was torn apart.

Ben was relentless, he smashed me as hard he could, making sure I was fully opened. I have never orgasmed so much or so hard in my life, my whole body was owned by that cock, and it made me feel ashamed to be satisfied by something and someone so monsterous. Just as Ben was about to cum, he said, “open your mouth bitch”, and I did as I was told. I thought he was just going to come in my mouth, but he tore his cock out my pussy, grabbed my hair, and rammed his cock down my throat. It felt like my jaw was being dislocated, and my throat stretched out, and he came down my throat and directly into my stomach.

Ben then just walked straight out of the room. I entered that living room as a normal married lady, and he left me as a destroyed and stretched out slut. Like mother, like daughter.

I have never felt the same again.