Old Enough to Bleed Sex stories

I can’t remember anything when I wake up. I can’t remember anything at all. I try to move and everything hurts. When I open my eyes, I don’t recognize the room. The bed I’m in isn’t my bed. I look down at my body. There are bite marks on my breasts and thighs, even between my legs. One of my nipples is swollen and crusted with blood. I feel dizzy when I try to stand and fall back on the bed. I can’t keep my eyes open and drift back into unconsciousness again. It seems much kinder.

“Wake up bitch!”

I wake up with a start. Someone has a handful of my hair and is tugging my head up. I open my eyes and there’s a man standing over me. His hand is tangled in my hair and he’s pulling me out of bed. I feel like a doll or a puppet. He drags me out of bed and to the floor. He jerks me up on my knees and pulls my head toward him. With his free hand, he unzips his pants and pulls out his cock. Before I can say a single word, he shoves his dick into my face.

“Open up and suck, slut!”

I don’t know what else to do, so I open my mouth. He does the rest. He forces his cock all the way into my mouth. I try to catch some air before his prick fills my mouth, but I can’t. All I can do is suck. He holds my head in place and feeds his cock to me. While he’s raping my mouth, I start crying. I feel helpless and confused. The man abusing me seems to like this, to enjoy my tears. He pulls his cock out of my mouth and rubs it across my lips, his precum mixing with my tears.

“I guess you don’t like being a slut, do you?”

He starts jerking off in my face. I close my eyes. I don’t want to see anything that’s happening to me. He tilts my head back and a gush of sperm hits my face, then another on my neck and the last hits my breasts. I feel the warm fluid dripping down my face. I feel dirty and used. The man puts his cock away and laughs at me. He lets go of me, throwing me back on the bed. I wipe his cum off my face and curl up on the bed, turning away from him.

“Don’t get shy on me, cunt!”

He reaches down and grabs my arm, pulling me out of bed again. This time I try to escape his grasp. I don’t know why. He hits me with his free hand, knocking the breath out of me. It hurts so much I can’t even cry. He leads me out of the room, his fingers leaving bruises on my arm. As he takes me past other rooms, I see that I’m not the only woman here. The rooms we pass have their doors open, there are women and men in them. The men abusing the women in different ways.

“You’ve been here a day. You haven’t even got started yet!”

We reach a room at the end of the hall. The door is halfway open. On the bed, a young girl is being penetrated from behind by a man in his fifties. His bare belly slapping against her hips as he slides his cock in and out of her. The girl isn’t making any sound. She’s small, but her breasts are large and slap together with each of the man’s thrusts. She has long blonde hair that’s tangled and knotted. The man looks up when we enter the room.

“What the fuck do you want?!”

The man I’m with pushes the door open with his booted foot and throws me down on the floor. I hit the floor hard, scraping my knees and the palms of my hands. I pull myself up and start to stand, but when I try to get up, the man who brought me in puts his foot in the small of my back and shoves me down flat on the floor. I feel like a dog. He holds me there, on the floor, with his foot. I can feel his heel leaving a mark on my naked skin.

“Just thought this girl needs a lesson. Why don’t you shoot off and let her eat your cum out of your girl’s pussy?”

The fat man smiles and goes back to raping the girl. He works harder over her. His large body practically hides her petite frame. I can see his big cock moving in and out of her. Her cunt lips are red and sore looking. He pulls out of her and sits back on his heels holding his large cock in his hand, the juice from her cunt glistening on the shaft. He takes a finger and pushes it into her asshole. The girl’s body stiffens. The fat man then rams his dick into her tiny asshole.

“Might as well give her a meal to remember!”

The girl’s head falls forward, her blonde hair cascades across the bed. The fat man fucks her hard. His balls smack her cunt loudly. She doesn’t seem to care what he does to her. He leans over and pushes as far into her asshole as he can. It looks like he’s trying to stuff his balls up her ass. He slams into her so hard that she can’t stay up on her knees and ends up flat on the bed. He bores into her body and cums, moaning and bucking.

“Nothing like a virgin ass to milk the cum out of my balls!”

He pulls out and the man I’m with drags me over to the bed. The fat man is holding his cock out. It’s wet with pussy and ass juice. He has a smile on his face again. He points it at me. The man I’m with shoves my face to the fat man’s cock.

“Open wide!”

I pull away but the man who raped me grabs me by the back of the neck and forces my mouth open. I’m crying again as the fat man puts his filthy prick in my mouth and grabs one of my breasts, twisting the bloodied nipple.

“Clean me up cunt!”

I can’t fight both of them and I begin to suck the fat man’s limp dick. The taste is terrible, sour and putrid. I’m allowed to turn away for a minute, and then the fat man presents his large, pendulous balls to me.

“Gotta lick my nuts too!”

My head is forced down again and I put my tongue out. It skims over his testicles. I want to vomit. Just when I think it’s over, he lifts his balls up and I’m forced to rim his asshole. I do it, shutting my eyes tightly.

“Good bitch! Now you get a real treat!”

My rapist drags me over to the girl. He tells me to spread her ass cheeks. I do as I’m told. Her anus hasn’t gone back to its normal size yet. It’s stretched and I can see the fat man’s cum congealing in her ass. My rapist tells me to clean out her ass and guides my mouth to her anus. In tears, I circle her anus with my lips, pushing my tongue up her. The girl’s body relaxes. I guess that after so much abuse this must feel good to her.

“Looks like they’re both getting into this! Suck the shit out of her!”

I tongue her asshole more and more deeply, feeling her respond, pushing her body back toward my mouth. The taste is awful, but I don’t stop. I begin to suck the cum out of her. She’s shivering and sighing.

“Look at these bitches! They got my dick hard again!”

My rapist moves behind me and I heard the sound of his zipper. I try to keep my mind on the girl’s body. I feel him fingering my anus. I know what he’s going to do. I try to relax because there’s nothing I can do to stop him.

“I’m going to get some asshole too!”

He shoves the full length of his cock into my asshole. I place my hands on the girl’s ass and squeeze, pushing my tongue as deeply as I can inside her body. She moans and I gently slide two fingers into her pussy.

“Goddamn! This one’s shit chute’s never been fucked before! It’s so tight it pops!!”

He rapes my asshole, jabbing his cock into me. I move my fingers inside the girl’s wet pussy in rhythm with my tongue in her asshole. I make her cum. I lick and suck and her asshole, hoping that for a moment she feels good.

“Taste good, slut?”

He slaps my ass and starts moving harder and faster. I let my head fall against the girl’s naked body. Bits and pieces of memory come back while I’m being raped. There was a party off campus. I had something to drink. The man who has is cock buried deep in my asshole was the man who bought me the drink. I remember how he watched me while I drank it. After that, everything falls apart. I remember him driving, then the room. He brought me here and used me last night.

“I’m gonna cum in her tight little butt!”

I feel his balls press up against me and then spurts of cum. He goes soft after a few minutes, but doesn’t pull out. He reaches around me and grabs my tits, squeezing them roughly. They’re both sore from being bitten and pinched.

“I’m going to have your ass tattooed with my name and both your tits pierced.”

He pulls out and lets go of me. The girl on the bed is curled up against the wall. The fat man sits next to her on the bed. He looks at my body and reaches for my nipple, catching it and pinching it.

“I’d brand the cunt!”

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They both laugh and the man who I assume is now my owner leads me out of the room. My body is sore and aches. We return to the room where we were before. My owner tells me to sit down. He stands over me. I can’t cry anymore. I just stare at him. He reaches down and tilts my head up, brushing my hair back. He runs his hand down the side of my face to my shoulder and then down to my breasts. I wait for him to pinch or twist one of my nipples again, but he doesn’t.

“You’re here for as long as I want to use you.”

I want to ask him why he’s doing this to me, but I don’t. I know I’m not allowed to ask questions. The bruises and scratches on my body tell me that. He takes a handful of my hair again. I can’t believe he wants to use me again.

“Do what you’re told, that’s the only rule.”

I nod. He unzips his pants again. I can’t believe he wants more sex. I close my eyes. He tells me to open my mouth. I let my mouth drop open. I’ll let him do the work. That’s when I feel a stream of hot piss hitting my lips.

“I thought you might be thirsty.”

He laughs, zips up his pants and leaves the room. I pull my legs up under me. His piss and cum drying in my hair. I know that this is my life now. I’m nothing but a pair of tits, a cunt, an asshole and a mouth.