Our Swinging Parents erotic stories

Jeff and I had planned this weekend quite a while ago. We told our parents that we were going camping with the team this weekend, but planned to sneak back into our house and see what the action was when mom and dad thought we were away. I had found the video of my parents swinging with other couples several weeks ago and both of us had been masturbating every chance we had. My name is Bill and I’m 19, Jeff is 18 and we both were big and strong, playing on the baseball and football teams at school. When I showed the video to Jeff he went ape over seeing mom getting it by Mr. White, one of our neighbors, while dad was doing Mrs. White. We thought the camera was on a tripod at first, but then realized that someone else was there filming the scene. Mom was 41 and in pretty good shape for her age. She had big tits and a good figure from going to the gym so often. Mrs. White was even more fantastic since she had to be only her early 30’s and her husband was a hunk who seemed well hung. Dad, well dad was out of shape since he worked at a desk all day and did little exercise and didn’t seem to have as big a prick as Mr. W.

Mom was moaning and begging for more, “Deeper, she cried, and don’t come until I come at least twice.”

Dad was laughing and huffing as he pushed into Mrs. White’s pussy from the rear.

“Give it to her hard!” I heard dad tell White.

Mom was just grunting and smiling as we could see her head hanging over the edge of the bed. Her legs were straight up in the air and Mr. White’s cock was driving deep into her.

I had my dick out and was stroking it, wetting it with spit. I looked at Jeff and he had his huge cock out and was pumping hard and beginning to moan himself.

“Sshh,” I whispered, “they’ll hear us”.

Just then Mrs. White, whose name was Amy, said to Dad, “You stop awhile and go to the camera and let Tom finish me.”

Dad pulled out and began to move around the bed as we saw the Whites’ son, Tom, who was living at home while he went to college, got behind his mother and stuck his cock into her pussy.

I started to gasp and stopped rubbing my cock and looked at Jeff, who also was staring, open mouthed at what we saw. Dad started to play director and said, “Tom, call her mom and Amy, tell us how you love your son’s cock in you.”

Mr. White was still making Mom moan as he said, “Do it like I showed you how, Tommy. Your cock is even bigger than mine and I think mom prefers you to me. Don’t ‘cha, Amy?”

Amy grunted and then said, “Harry, stop with the camera and bring your small cock to my mouth. I love to get it in both ends.”

Dad quickly put his dick in Amy’s mouth as she lifted her head up to receive his cock. She was looking right at us peering through the doorway and she let out a scream as she saw the two of us with our dicks in our hands. Mom jumped up, shoved Mr. White off her and looked at the two of us. We started to run back to our own room as mom grabbed her sheer housecoat and came running at us.

“What are you guys doing home? You’re supposed to camping. Get into your room, now!”

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She followed us into our room and slammed the door behind us. We were both sitting on our beds, not sure about what to say to her. I started to laugh since I could see right through her housecoat, even seeing liquid cum dripping down her leg.

I said, “Mom, I can see your tits and pussy clearly and you were doing something wrong, not us.”

She started to yell, but then started to laugh herself as she sat down on my bed, her arms folded across the chest and her legs together, so there was nothing special to see.

“That’s no way to talk to your mother, Billy. We three have to have a talk about what you saw.”

“You mean about you getting fucked by the White family, father and son?”

“Yes, I have to explain that we are adults with special needs.”

“You mean like when you screw men in the afternoon when dads at work? Does dad know about those lunch snacks?”

“You know?” mom gasped, as she leaned closer to me. “Don’t say a word to dad until I explain it to you boys.”

Just then dad came in and said, “They’re leaving now. I said we would call them after talking to our peeping Bills and Jeffs. Explain yourself, guys!”

I started to laugh at dad ridiculous attitude.

“I catch you guys screwing your friends and their son and filming your wife getting humped by another guy and you want us to explain ourselves?”

Dad looked down and didn’t say anything more for a moment. Mom hushed dad and told him to put something on and come back in a few minutes, as she wanted to talk alone to us. Dad nodded and left the room and we could hear him talking to the Whites as they were leaving.

“Mom, Jeff and I found the videos you made of your evenings and we have been trying to catch you guys at one of your parties. Jeff saw you one day when he came home from school early and saw two men screwing you in the living room a couple of weeks ago. We both realized that there was something between you and the Whites, but were surprised to see their son in on the party.”

“About the afternoon – that has to be our secret for the time being until I talk to dad. You see, dad isn’t big down there and we agreed to open our marriage in order to save it. I need sex more often that dad does and love it when there are multiple partners. Dad understands as long as he can get some sex at least once over the weekend. But I need it more than just on the weekend but didn’t want to embarrass him.”

I stared at her, unable to take my eyes off her tits. She had unfolded her arms as she talked to us.

“Mom, you have great tits,” I blurted out, not knowing what to say about the news of dads lack of sexual ability.

“Thanks, she said blushing, “but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m trying to explain why we do what we are doing.”

My dick was still hard in my pants as I thought about Tommy fucking my mother. I stood up and dropped my pants and my big dick jumped out, straight at her face.

“Come on, Jeff, show her your dick. It’s even bigger than mine and he’s younger.”

Jeff stiffly got up, looked at mom, said “I can’t do it here.”

Just then dad returned to our room, stared at my hard dick sticking out at Mom’s face and shouted, “Whats going on here?”

“I think our son wants to join our monthly party, Harry.”

“But, that’s not right, it’s incest!” dad shouted. “Besides, they’re too young and inexperienced,” he added.

Jeff and I began to feel embarrassed but mom just smiled and said, ” Well, we’ll have to show them what it’s all about, won’t we?”

Taking off her sheer robe, mom stood up and pointed to her bushy love box and asked, “Do you boys know what this is called?”

I quickly answered, “It’s your cunt, right.”

“Yes, and no. It’s my vagina and there’s a lot to it.”

She sat down and spread her legs apart and Jeff and I stared. Jeff really hadn’t even moved since mom had come into the room. My dad had moved closer to mom as she pointed out where her vagina was. “And the lips are called labia. Pull apart the labia, will you Henry. Come here Billy and take a close look. Have you ever seen a woman’s vagina?”

“No, No, I haven’t I’ve seen it on the computer and in magazines, that’s all.”

I got down next to dad and stared at her bushy slit. My cock was so hard it kept hitting against mom’s leg. I noticed that dad also had a huge hardon from all this show and tell.

“Would you like to touch it, Billy?”

“Oh, yes, yes!”

“Henry, show Billy how to touch my clitoris with your fingers and then your tongue.”

“Are you sure you want to do this, Helen?” dad weakly asked.

“I think it’s the right time for the boys, and if Jeff can move again we will let him get to see and touch also. After all Henry, we knew this day would come. Sex isn’t a dirty word in this house.

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Dad bent over and started to finger mom as she started to moan and shake her hips. Dad was rubbing that clitoris and he slowed down and let us guys get a close-up view of the little needle like thing in her vagina.

“Go faster, eat it with your tongue. Make me come for the boys and have an orgasm. Oh, Oh, it’s feeling so great, with my boys watching and you sucking.”

Just then mom stopped and said, “Let Billy start to do it. See if he learned anything. And then Jeff if he wants to try also.”

We must have spent at least an hour, sucking and touching mother. While I was down there sucking she asked Dad to put his cock in her mouth and began to loudly suck him off. Dad came quickly in mom’s mouth and we watched as she swallowed every drop of his cum. I had stopped licking her cunt as I watched giving head to dad.

“Hey, you’re falling down on the job. I thought you had learned something from watching your dad. I still haven’t come yet.”

“Let me do it!” shouted Jeff, as he pushed me aside. He got down on his knees and started putting his tongue into mom’s pussy. “Ugh, it tastes and smells funny,” as he jumped up and wiped his lips.

Mom and dad started to laugh as she explained, “I’ve had your dad and Jim White come inside me tonight and you were tasting their cum and my vaginal aromas. If you want more of me, you better get down here and get used to the smell, right dad!”

“Sure, replied dad, I love going down on mom after she’s been fucked several times.”

Mom looked at both of us as Jeff went down on her, slurping and sucking her pussy and asked, “Are you virgins or have you had some girls?”

Jeff was busy and while I had sat down on the bed and was touching her nipples, I replied, “We’re both virgins, but have seen plenty on the computer and your videos.”

Mom began moaning and twisting her body on the bed as she began to come. I started to bite her nipple on one side and dad was squeezing her other breast and rubbing the nipple.

“Yes, YES, I love it. Ooooh, it’s so hot!” Jeff stopped sucking and I was still rubbing my big hard cock. “No, no, let me do that for you,” mom yelled, and took my cock in her hands. “Henry, look at the size of their cocks. They must take after my side of the family. It looks like you may continue getting head while I may have some new cock to fill my hungry cunt. My dad had a big cock and he used to make my mom moan so much she always woke up my brother and me.”

“You saw your father’s cock?” asked dad. “When?”

“Well, I never told you about it because I thought you would get mad but my dad was my first lover. He was banging me since I was sixteen and Ken, my brother, started fucking my mom when he was eighteen. In fact, both of them fucked me several times the night before our wedding. You went to your bachelor party and got laid and I had a private bachelorette that night. You don’t thing my knees were shaking because I was nervous on my wedding day, did you?”

Dad was laughing while Jeff and I was sort of speechless. I still was holding her nipple and Jeff still had his head between her legs.

“I always knew there was something between you guys. Well, don’t you think it’s time to get the boys initiated into lovemaking?” Dad said.

“Come here Billy, and lets get started. Henry, you go and get the camera, but take your time about it. I want this to be special for the boys.”

As dad left, I moved between my mother’s legs, which were hanging over the bed. I fell on top of her and she carefully put my cock into her cunt. I started to bounce up and down rapidly and she shushed me, “Go slower, so I can enjoy it also.”

Since I had come earlier I was able to stay on her for quite a while when all of a sudden I felt myself coming. It was wonderful and I fell to her breasts, resting in a comfortable way, licking her breast. She was smiling and complimented me on the size of my dick and how well I fucked her. Jeff was going crazy, as he wanted to fuck mom also. He shoved me off mom and started to jump on her.

“Whoa, fella, you’ll get yours right away. Just lie next to me and touch me while I touch you.”

She started to gently scratch Jeff with her nails, going from his neck, down his chest and all around his pubic area, but not touching his cock. Jeff was moaning and I was sweating, watching her touching him. Slowly, she put his cock in her mouth, telling Jeff how big and beautiful it was and how she was going to enjoy it inside of her. I hadn’t noticed dad come into the room, but now I saw he was videoing the scene. Then mom got on top of Jeff, sliding her cunt over his huge cock and then slowly going up and down, with a big grin on her face.

“Oh, you’re so big, you’re stretching my cunt. I think your cock is the biggest I’ve ever had. Oh, god, fucking my son is driving me crazy with lust. I love it, I looove it!”

With that, mom let out this moan or scream that startled me and even dad who stopped filming and came over to her. She just rolled off Jeff, smiling, shuddering and moaning at the same time.

“Henry, would you mind if I went to sleep in our bed with my two new lovers and you slept here in their room?”

Dad looked strange for a moment and then smiled and nodded his head yes. Mom, naked, dripping from our cum, took our hands and walked us into her bedroom with the king-sized bed.

“Billy, do you think you can come again tonight? How about you Jeff?”

We both grinned and nodded yes and she smiled again.

“I’ll sleep in the middle with both of you on either side of me. It’s been a busy night for me. But in the morning we’ll take showers and see what happens. Dad always leaves early for his golf game so we’ll have the house to ourselves all morning.”

With that, she lay down and seemed to be asleep in just a few minutes, the smile still on her lips. My brother and I cuddled up to her, with one arm over her and hard cocks against her cunt and ass. Tomorrow was another day.