Poker with Neighbors True sex story

My girlfriend and I are playing poker with the neighbors. We have been playing poker with them for over a month now, 3-4 nights a week at least. We lose most of them time and we gamble real money. We are in the whole a few thousand dollars by now. Instead of gambling with money now, we decide to change it to strip poker.

We are hooked on the game, but we really suck at it. Unfortunately the neighbors we play with are really good at it. I lose the most, and I am quickly stark naked. My girlfriend is down to her panties. We previously lost a game in which we have to play a certain number of games when we played each night regardless of how many we lost. We were far from that number. The couple comes up with an idea to use instead of money.

Unlimited sex with my girlfriend for 4 weeks was the wager for next hand. They allow us to decide once the hand was dealt. We agreed after my girlfriend told me once we said yet she would go through with it no matter what. Also, if we lost the hand, then it would start right then and there the unlimited fucking of my girlfriend.

We lost – but were close. The other guy tells my girlfriend to come to him and surrender her pussy to him. My girlfriend walks over to the other guy, turns and faces me. She is standing between him and the table facing me. She puts her hands behind him as he begins to fondle her breasts and pussy. Slowly, he removes her panties, and continues to play with her breasts and pussy. 

He bends her over the table as he pulls out his cock. His wife asked about using condoms. My girlfriend replied nothing was said about it in the wager, so it was up to them. He stuck his cock inside her at that time, bareback and started fucking her.

He makes her cum as he nails her g-spot over and over again as she moans out while his wife also plays with her pussy, and he cums all inside her. Next hand, we make the wager that they get to take all the pics of her they want if they win, and we completely erase what we owe them if we win. We couldn’t resist, and agreed. We lost miserably, and out came a camera.

For 2 hours, they took pics of her, and of her and him fucking, her sucking him off, etc. Next hand, we wagered that my girlfriend had to wear whatever the other couple wanted her to wear during the time that they were allowed to fuck her, and of course if we lost, our debt was erased. We lost yet again. Next hand, we wagered that my girlfriend had to always be completely nude when at home, even if in their company during the time that they were allowed to fuck her, and of course if we lost, our debt was erased.

We lost yet again. That was the last hand for the night. As they left, they both passionately kissed my naked girlfriend while fondling her and told us they look very forward to tomorrow evening with us.

The next evening, the couple comes over to play more poker with us. My lady is nude when she lets them in the house. He strips down and fucks her on the couch as soon as he walks in and cums all inside her pussy while she takes pictures of it. 

Our first poker hand, we wager my girlfriend signing a notarized release agreement giving the couple permission to do anything they want with pics/videos of my girlfriend, and myself. In addition, if we lose we would also owe them another $500. Our debt is high already as it is, but if we win, we would not owe them any money plus they would owe us the amount we are in debt to them for now if we win. We agree. 

Shortly thereafter, we lose. The couple calls in a friend to notarize the agreement after we sign it. It has no expiration date. Next hand, they offer another double or nothing deal where if we win, they would owe us the amount we owe them, and we would owe them nothing. We like that offer, but they want 6 more months of unconditional and unlimited sex with my girlfriend and pics and videos. 

Without hesitation, my girlfriend agreed. They begin to shuffle the deck, and deal the cards. Again we lose. She signs an agreement to confirm the deal. Next hand, wager is $500 or 4 weeks additional sex. We finally win! But it’s only $500 off our debt. Still though, it’s getting lower. We win next 3 hands until we stop playing for the night. They spend next 2 hours taking pictures of my girlfriend before leaving for the night. 

Next day, the couple comes over; my girl answers the door fully nude of course since she has to be nude always when at home now. They both kiss and fondle my girl’s pussy and tits. They sit down on the couch, and he tells my girl he needs a blow-job. She pulls down his pants, and sucks him off without hesitation. We begin playing poker.

We’re playing on the living room floor this time though. My girl is on her back in the center of all of us, and he has his cock deep inside her pussy nailing her g spot slowly while the girl is rubbing my girl’s clit. This time they offer us 3 times what we owe them as a wager. So if we won, we wouldn’t owe them anything, and they would owe us twice what we owe them now. 

My girl is getting rocked, so she can’t help but to say yes even though she hasn’t heard what would happen if we lose. A prior bet we lost is that if 3 agree to the wager, then the 4th must also agree. They tell us what we wagered against. the right to have anyone at any time fuck my girl for any reason, and they have the right to charge people money to fuck my girl, etc. as well, and in addition right to take pics of it all, and sell them. 

They keep all the money for it. The time period for having other people fuck my girl only lasts as long as the time period in which the couple gets unlimited and unconditional sex with my girl. However, they have the right to do anything they want with any pics/videos for life. My girl is still getting nailed so she offers no resistance, and tells them to deal the cards. 

We use her as the card table. We lose miserably and the guy tells my girl she is entirely too easy as he indulges his cock in and out of my girl’s pussy. They give her an agreement form to sign to verify the wager. She signs it, and the girl just laughs at us and says they are going to make a lot of money off my girl’s pussy and tits. Next hand, wager is same for us if we win. 

My girl immediately agrees without hearing what we would lose. The couple decides not to tell us the wager until after the hand. My girl of course moans out yes while she is getting nailed still on the floor. Helpless to do anything about it, I deal the cards out. We lose miserably of course since my girl can hardly concentrate. They tell us the wager which is to give them all of our email passwords immediately. My girl writes them down for them.

The couple’s girl goes to our computer, logs into out email, prints out all our contacts, and emails them to their email account as well. Then they let my girl up as we are done playing poker for the night. They show us a website. It’s my girlfriend’s full name for the domain name. My heart slows as I already fear what is happening. 

They made a website for her pics, videos, etc. It has every single picture of her they ever took, and every video they made and promises more to come. My girlfriend is in shock as she wasn’t expecting that herself. As the guy is holding her breasts while standing behind her, he reminds my girlfriend and me that they have every right to do this, and that we gave them legal permission to do so. 

We say nothing else about it as we know they are right. She tells them to enjoy this and to take full advantage of this while they can. They reply back to her and say oh we will, and we are just beginning. They leave for the night and promise tomorrow night will be a different night for us all. 

Next night, the couple comes over, makes sure my girlfriend is good and clean. They make a phone call, and tell the other person to come on over. They tell my girlfriend to answer the door to let the person in when they knock. He comes in, checks my girlfriend’s body out and says to the couple he approves. 

They tell him he can have her for a maximum of 3 hours in her bed, and he may leave any marks on her body he wants, whether its bite marks, or marks from being slapped too hard. They tell him no condoms, and he must cum inside her. He drops his pants right there and tells my girlfriend to suck his dick. She drops to her knees and begins to do so. The couple is taking pics of it the whole time. 

He pulls her hair, and slaps her face as she sucks him off too. A few times he slaps her hard in the face too. She keeps sucking and making sure she looks and smiles at the camera regularly. He cums and my girlfriend swallows every last drop. He tells her to go get on her bed, and lay spread eagle. She does so as he stays in living room and asks the couple to come take pics. 

We all go in the room; my girl is laying on bed nekkid, and spread eagle as told to do. The guy starts to fuck her; he fucks her very hard, pounding against her pussy lips too. He squeezes her tits hard and twists them hard too. The couple is taking pics constantly as he fucks her in different positions over and over and over again. Smacking her ass cheeks hard as hell, leaving bruises on them, her tits are red and a little bruised from being squeezed and twisted so much now. 

As he fucks her the last time, he leaves hickies on her neck and tits as he cums a massive load while he is balls deep inside her pussy, and pressing down hard too. The couple offers him CD’s with all of her pics on it. He agrees to take it. They then offer him a signed release agreement from her giving him legal permission to do anything he wants with the pics for life, and also a copy of her license and social security card. He accepts. 

The guy tells me my girlfriend is a fine fuck, and he looks forward to fucking her a lot more in the future. He leaves, the couple tells us to get very used to random strange men coming over to fuck my girl, and many times there will be more than just one also. They said my girlfriend will be well gang banged regularly, and everyone that fucks her will get copies of all pics, and signed release agreements, and a copy of her license and social security card for age verification information. They leave saying they can’t wait till this weekend with us. 

It’s Saturday evening. Friday evening, the couple came over to our place with 8 other guys. My girlfriend answered the door completely nude and let them in of course, kissing the guys as they came in and welcoming them as they felt her breasts and pussy. 

The couple introduces my girl to the guys, and tells them they have her all night long to fuck her any way they want, as much as they want. Only requirements is that they are not allowed to wear condoms, they must cum inside her regularly as well as on her, the couples takes all the pics and videos they want of it all, and there is always a dick inside her body. They all agreed and began fucking her. She had a dick in her pussy, ass, and mouth all at one time several times throughout the night. 

The couple handed me a camera and told me to start taking lots of pics. I hesitated at first but the girl told me to get clicking if I want to keep my girlfriend. I started taking pictures right away. The couple laughed saying they own my girlfriend. She said nothing as her pussy was being pounded by another guy and another cock was deep in her ass, and one was being shoved down her throat. 

They continuously told her all night her pussy and tits belonged to them now, she was their property – saying all this in front of the other guys. She said nothing at all as she knew it was pretty much true. As with the previous men my girlfriend was made to fuck, the couple began to offer them something. My girlfriend stopped her and asked them to talk in private. We all four go outside. She begs and pleads with them not to give out her pics and stuff anymore. She gets on her hands and knees and begs them. The couple gets huge smiles on their faces as they realize they have my girlfriend right where they want her. 

Then they tell her that they have her right where they want her, and she replies back saying yes you do. They ask her sign an agreement extending the 6 months to one year of unlimited sex, etc. They tell her they make no conditions or agreements in return. She hesitates; the couple says if she doesn’t sign it, they guarantee every guy will get all her pics, etc. When she asks what if she signs it, they say that’ll reduce the chances but not entirely guarantee that they still won’t do it. 

They change it from 6 months to 2 more additional months. Then the couple says that they may not give away her personal info with her pics. My girlfriend signs the agreement. We all go back in, the couple tells my girlfriend to get on her knees and suck the guy’s dick – the one in the couple. The girl gives them all copies of all my girlfriends’ pics and videos on cd. 

Then she looks at my girlfriend as she is sucking dick and watching what was going on. She tells my girlfriend to not even think about stopping sucking dick no matter what. She gives them the release agreements and copies of her license and social security cards for age verification purposes. My girlfriend had a look of being crushed in her face as she continued to suck dick. The men all left. 

The couple told us they were spending the night and when they woke up, we were going shopping for slutty clothes for my girlfriend to wear. We all slept in the same bed that night; he kept his dick inside my girlfriend’s pussy. 

Next morning we went out and bought a skimpy thong bikini that my girl’s nipples easily poked through. Another one that was see thru when it got wet. Extremely short shorts, 4 pairs. 3 pairs of shorts that showed major camel toe and hugged her ass cheeks, 4 shirts that you could see through also. We bought her 7 new outfits for work – extremely tight pants and shirt also. The pants hugged her ass cheeks and showed camel toe, 2 of the shirts were see through of course. Bought 3 other outfits for going out to clubs and such. They were extremely tight and see through as well. 

When we got home, the couple had her pose in all her new outfits all over the house, and outside too as they took lots and lots of pictures. 

We had dinner, and started playing poker. We started out nude since my girlfriend has to be nude while inside always now from losing a prior bet. Once again, my girlfriend was lying down on her back on the living room floor while the guy was fucking her the entire time. We used her for a poker table, I was on one side of her, and the other girl was on other side. First bet was 4 additional months of unlimited sex, sharing, etc. My girl opposed somehow while getting rocked. The girl broke out a piece of paper. 

It was email addresses to all of my girl’s and mine friends, family, co-workers, etc. She asked my girl how would your best friends like to see all your pics. My girlfriend said that’s not fair, that’s blackmail. The girl replied, I could email them out now if you like. My girl said now and that she would agree to the bet. Then the couple changed their mind. My girl said thank god. Then they said they want another year and 4 months. My girlfriend said no as he nailed her g spot hard. 

The girl got up; hand cuffed my hands to my legs, tied a rope around my balls and tied the other end to the couch leg. She then cuffed my girlfriend’s hands to her legs. She was doggy style now getting fucked still by the guy. The girl then started up several emails with my girls pics attached. She put in all the names to all our families, and all our closest friends, all of my girl’s co-workers, and bosses. 

They uncuffed her hands from her feet so she could stand up. They brought her to the computer so she could see what was happening. They asked her one last time to make the bet as he rammed his cock in her ass, and then squeezed her breasts really really hard, and twisting them. She finally agreed. We played the hand; if we win we would get $100 off the amount we owed them. We couldn’t believe it when we happened to win the hand. 

We were so relieved as it was the last hand for the night. The girl told us not to get too happy because they know how to get anything they want now, and if they wanted my girlfriend for 2 years or even 5 years, they knew how and it wasn’t by playing poker either. We said nothing in reply because we knew they were right. But then the girl grabs my girl’s tits and squeezes them hard as asks her isn’t that right my slutty whore? My girl then says yes. 

The couple laughs, ties up my girl cuffing her hands to her legs and behind her back. They do the same to me, and tie my balls off to the couch leg. We both have spreader bars on out legs for some reason, and I am tightly gagged. They leave the keys to the cuffs on the computer desk. 

The girl comes over to me, squeezes the fuck out my balls as I scream out in pain into the gag while my girl is watching. She tells me she owns our asses now in real life, and then punches the shit out of my balls 3 times. She then attaches a ball crusher onto my balls, and tightens it down all the way. The pain is incredible as I am helpless to take it off. 

Then they gag my girl, and she punches my girl in her crouch several times, and he squeezes her tits very very hard and twists them till them are extremely bruised. Her pussy is severely swollen as they leave.

We get ourselves free eventually, and we look at each other and realize how fucked we are because there is nothing we can do about it except enjoy it somehow. 

It’s Sunday afternoon and the couple comes over with a guy at random. My girl lets them in; she’s fully nude of course. The guy and the couple are sitting down in the living room; the couple is having my girl basically posing for the guy, bending over for him, etc. 

They are negotiating how much the guy is going to pay to fuck my girlfriend. Thy finally reach an amount, and they go in our room and fuck while the girl takes pics of it. Afterward, they offer him CD’s with all her pics, videos, release agreement, and copies of her license and social security card for an additional $250. 

He negotiated it down to $75 and got it all. The couple just sold my girlfriend to another guy right in front of me, and neither my girlfriend nor I could do anything about it. The couple goes to our computer, shows us the website they made of my girlfriend. It has thousands of pics, and several videos on it, all recently updated too. 

Hundreds of thousands of people have viewed the website, it has a huge guest-book, and its own chat room too. The site has ads on it saying coming soon, live web-cam feed. It is a pay site also, and they have hundreds of paying subscribers. 

They break out several cameras; they are all wireless web-cams. They are controlled through a box that connects to a USB port on the computer. They connect the cameras to the website, and they all work. They are all just sitting next to the computer for now. The couple mounts 2 in bathroom, 4 in bedroom, 4 in living room, 3 in kitchen, and 4 in backyard. 

They are all on and running now, we can view each one on the website. The couple tells us we can never turn them or our computer off from now on. We disagreed, however, they reminded us of their right to videotape and take pics of my girl all they wanted. 

After that, we agreed, and my girl signed a new agreement for the cameras, and the website. We all once again looked at the website, saw ourselves on web-cam, and then realized that it also included sound. The camera’s all had microphones built into them also. The couple laughed and said this is even better. 

Then the couple turned off all the cameras, and broke out another agreement for my girl to sign. They also opened up several emails to all her friends, family, co-workers, and her boss’s and attached her most damaging pics to them. They sent 3 out to 3 of her closest friends. Then told her to sign the agreement within 10 seconds. 

The agreement was for an additional 2 years of unlimited sex, etc. That would put her up to 3 years of servitude. She quickly signed all 10 copies. They said not to worry, if they want more years of servitude, they know how to get it. 

They turned the cameras all back on and left. They called us and told us regardless of how many people fuck my girl every day, or anything else, that I must also fuck her every single day, and she must suck my dick every single day, and we must give a good show for the viewers on the web-cam also. They said we better begin as soon as they hung up the phone too. Then they hung up, and we did just as we were told.