Posing For a Photographer Erotic stories

I asked my cousin Janice, a professional model, about her photographer, the man she does the most work for. I wanted a really good professional photo of me and my Dad.

My cousin said “It depends on how you’re going to pose, Beth. If you want clothed, he’s the best. But if you want nude, there’s a much better photographer.”

I said “Oh, clothed, clothed! Of course! Er.. what do you mean nude?”

She said “Well, I know this wonderful photographer who does really beautiful nude shots. Often fathers and daughters” and she gave me the details. That was the first time I’d heard about Mr Oliver, photographer.

When Dad and I entered Mr Oliver’s offices, I knew that was the photographer for us. He had several large photos of nude fathers and daughters on the walls of his foyer, all breathtakingly beautiful. You could see the whole person in their eyes, fully open and vulnerable.

We had to fill out forms pertaining to secrecy and copyright. The secretary explained that there are many other photographers around the world who would give anything to know how Mr Oliver works, so they can achieve the same results.

We were shown in, and Mr Oliver was warm and friendly. Then he asked us to pose in various poses, and adjusted lights, taking photos as he went. He asked us to think of our closeness to each other, so that he got an expression of love on our faces. I felt safe and protected in Daddy’s arms, and it showed on my face.

When we saw the results we were amazed! They looked as good as the ones in his foyer. Yet they were us, me and Daddy! We were so proud.

As Dad left, I turned to thank Mr Oliver for the wonderful results. He said it was the love that Daddy and I had for each other that made the difference. He said he can’t capture that look when it’s not there.

I said I was impressed that he did such tasteful, appealing shots, not at all like nude photographers who took porn shots. He said sex can be portrayed in a tasteful, artistic, appealing way too. There was something about the way he said that, that told me he sometimes took beautiful artistic sex shots as well, not just nudes.

Just to check, to see if I was right, I asked him how much he charged to make photos of people who were having sex. He said “I pay you”! He explained that he had a wealthy client who was interested in collecting his best works, especially tasteful artworks of couples having sex.

That seemed really interesting. I wondered if he would take photos of me and my cousin Janice together, so I said “Do you ever do incest shots?”

He looked at me as if he were calculating whether I could be trusted. He then said “Yes”.

I asked him how much he paid for such photos. He said “A hundred dollars per hour for posing, for unrelated couples. For father and daughter couples five hundred dollars per hour, if I see the birth certificates and photo ID. My client pays well for those, but he asks me to make sure the couple posing really are father and daughter.”

I said I’d ring him back about that. In misunderstanding what I meant by “incest” he had given me information I wouldn’t have even thought of asking about. I was only asking about posing with my cousin Janice, but he had assumed I meant posing with Dad! I ran out to where Dad was waiting in the car.

All the way home I was very loving to Dad, because I didn’t want him to get defensive, when I was ready to ask him about the possibility of having incest for the camera.

When we got home I made him a coffee just how he likes it. As we were sipping our coffees, I said “Dad, I love you.”

“I love you too, darling.”

“No, I mean I really love you. I believe in you. You really are the most wonderful father in the world!” I put my hand on his sleeve, and looked into his eyes, showing him I really meant it. Then I said “Do you remember the time we had sex, when I was a little girl?”

“Oh God! We never… I mean, let’s forget about that! It’s time we put that be…. ”

“Don’t worry Dad! I thought it was wonderful!”.

“Really? I thought you’d forgotten all about that! You were so young!”

“No, it was too nice to forget. I was just wondering… That photographer pays five hundred an hour for a father and daughter posing in a… um… sexual position.”

“Oh! Well, I guess… Tell me more!”

“We wouldn’t have to move, just pose with your penis in my vagina.”

“We-ell, in that case.. ”

“Oh goody! I exclaimed, clapping my hands. “You’ll do it?”

He said “We-ell, I don’t see why not. It’s not like it would be the first time we’ve been together!”

A few days later we were in the photographer’s studio again, showing him our birth certificates and photo ID. He nodded approval and I put the documents back in my purse.

Then we were asked for various nude poses, lying on a thick pile rug. We both had a look of intimacy, tenderness, softness and vulnerability, yet there was a sort of majestic quality to the poses as well.

Then the photographer asked for a pose in which my Dad’s penis was very close to my vagina. Dad was dribbling pre-cum. I wanted to lick it off, but because the photographer was present, I just quickly used a tissue.

I was feeling incredibly sexual, knowing what was about to happen. I was getting so excited, my vagina was oozing my own pre-cum. I was so slippery and wet.

Then for the next shot, my Dad had to have the tip of his penis just touching the entrance to my vagina. My heart was pounding with excitement. After that shot, he was asked to go just a little deeper, so that the head was hidden from view. Dad inched forward and it was in. I was close to
climaxing. I actually had the end of my father’s penis inside me. It was thrilling. I felt gooey inside, soft and weak and helpless. And absolutely ecstatic.

I felt like I was melting inside into sexual bliss. Dad went deeper and deeper for each shot. My vagina was quivering with the excitement and oozing my love fluids all over Dad’s penis, and dripping out of me as well. It was so erotic! I began to breathe very heavily, I was almost panting.

By not making any vigorous movements, I stayed in that ecstatic pre-climax state for almost a whole hour. We got into all sorts of positions. I couldn’t help thinking “My Dad is inside me. My Dad is inside me.” And my vagina would quiver with excitement. So often throughout the hour I thought I would climax any second.

Then after an hour, when I was on my back with my knees up and Dad was above me, with my quivering excited vagina caressing Daddy’s big strong penis, the photographer asked Dad for a single movement forward, so that he could capture the tense muscles in Dad’s back, Dad made a forward stroke, deep into me, and I began to climax.

It was completely overwhelming! All of the love I had felt for Dad throughout my life, added to all the sexual excitement for the past hour when I had been so close to climax, added to the excitement of having sex with my Dad in front of a stranger, brought about the most heavenly climax I have ever had!

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I heard my voice giving a high-pitched scream “Eeeeww! EEEEEEEWWWW! EEEEUUWWW!” over and over again. I couldn’t control it in any way. So Dad moved again and again, and began to shower me inside with his warm beautiful thrilling sperm, which made me climax all the more! I gasped with the intensity of the sexual feelings overwhelming me.

I said “Oh Dad! Oh Dad!” kissing him over and over again. “Oh Dad! I love you! I love you! We’re having sex! Oh this is heaven!”

Then I remembered where we were. The photographer had been clicking away, taking as many shots as he could.

I was trembling all over as Dad and I got dressed. Dad thanked the photographer and shook his hand, and went out to start the car. As the photographer handed me the cheque for $500 and I signed his receipt, I asked “Does that often happen?” in an embarrassed tone.

He said, smiling, “Frequently, frequently”.

I said “You poor man. You must need some relief after watching people do that, do you? What do you do to relieve… er… ”

He said “Well, I’m not saying anything, but… ” and he turned the photo on his desk around to face me. It was a snapshot of himself with two young girls. They were obviously his daughters — they looked just like him. And they looked so happy. I smiled knowingly.

When Dad and I got home I started packing some of my clothes and a few books and stuff into boxes. Dad came in and saw all the boxes. He said “Darling, what on Earth are you doing???”

I said in a severe tone “I’m doing something I should have done a long time ago, Dad! I’m moving!!!”

Dad was stunned! He said “But… but… I thought you…”

I said “I’m moving in to your room Dad! From now on, we’re sleeping together! For the rest of our lives!”