Pretty Cousin And Her Best Friend erotic story

Hello friends, I am Ankit, doing my final year in engineering in Kolkata, this is a true incident that happened a few month back and it is one of my most treasured incidents in my whole life. Let me tell you more about my cousin, her name is Tanya and she is going to complete her school life this year. She has a deadly figure of 34-28-32, when I first saw her I went crazy to have her and desperately hoping to get a taste of her.

The opportunity to spend time alone with cousin did not come easily but when the opportunity presented itself, I pounced on it and took it. Now coming to incident on how this incident took place. My cousin Tanya one day calls me up which was unusual because we usually chat by SMS, so I said hello, and she tells me that her mom wants to talk to me. After speaking to her mom I find out that her parents are leaving for a family function out-of-town for 4 days and since Tanya has exams in a few days she has to stay back, since my Semester exams got over they asked me if I could stay over and take care of her. When i heard the request, to make it look pricey, after 2 mins I said yes but inside I was extremely happy, thinking this was the opportunity i was looking for.

After a week when the time had come to go over, I packed my stuff and went to her place, Uncle and Aunt were going to leave in 3 hours so before they left they wanted to show me around on how everything works and what is the system in their colony, they talked to me warmly and we shared pleasantries. An hour passed when I finally realized my cousin sister was no where to be seen, so I asked Uncle where she is, they told me that since her exams are coming she will be very busy with tuitions, even now she has gone for her maths class. This made me sad because she will not be staying at the house for much while and also I knew she was a very hard-working student, so when an exam is around the corner she will not let me get her distracted.

It was time for Uncle and aunt to leave and I dropped them off till gate, I returned home and started watching TV. After an hour or so Tanya comes back, she enters with her own key, we see each other and we hug tightly, I can feel her big boobs on my chest, but even though I was being aroused I didn’t push the matter and we sat down talked a lot as we were meeting after months, then after talking awhile we decided to make tea together, so we both went to the kitchen and started cooking. When we finished refreshments and talked for more than an hour she informed me that she ants me to meet her best friend, and that she will be coming over now.

Now let me tell you guys about her best friend, Sania, she in the same class but different stream, so she does not have so much pressure of studies on her and I was not so keen on meeting her, but when I met Sania, I immediately took back my words and saw her with a more welcoming view. She was not as voluptuous as my cousin Tanya, but she was fit and hot, she was not very pretty but she had a nice and tight figure of 32-26-30 and as we talked more and more, me and Sania both noticed that we have an instant connection. We three talked for more 2 hours and when it was time for her to leave, I asked her for her mobile number which she happily gave. We saw her off and then I told Tanya that i really like her, Tanya told me that Sania is single and she would love if I tried on her, so I took that as a green signal and I started messaging immediately.

The day that followed did not go according to my plans, Tanya and I chatted but after a while she excused herself to go study for her exam, in between sometimes i tried going and distracting her but she seemed too much into studies, so I decided to start chatting with her best friend Sania. She seemed into me from the moment we started chatting and in the first day only we got very close. Tanya around 11 finally left her studies and diverted her attention towards me during dinner time, we talked about school, sports, dancing and then the topic came, guys and sex. We talked a lot about sex, she seemed interested but not so interested between cousins. After dinner we cleaned the utensils and we went to bed, where she was studying and I was busy Sania.

The next day came and from the morning me and Sania were chatting and as you can imagine after chatting so much there was a lot of chat about sex, the topic became interesting when she brought up the question if I am a virgin or not, when I said I am not, she wanted to know more, with who and how, initially i said no, but when she kept asking me, I said yes i will tell her the story. While narrating the story, I had noticed that she has gotten turned on, and from then my story stopped and we started sex chatting. When she got full wet, she told me that she wants to do it, I asked her if her place is empty or not, she said no, she has her parents. Then it struck my mind that my cousin Tanya will be leaving for tuitions in the evening, so I asked Tanya about it and she confirmed, so I let Sania know to come over in evening when Tanya leaves and she happily agreed.

Since I had come over with plans to fuck my cousin Tanya, I had bought a packet of flavored condoms from Park Street and as it seemed that was a very good buy. Lunch time came, me and Tanya had a chatty lunch and around 4 she left for tuitions, I knew she has her tuitions for 3 hours so I called Sania at 5. At 5, the doorbell rang, I ran up to find Sania, what a wonderful sight, she enters and just as I closed the door behind her, I held her hands pulled her and locked my lips with her.

I started biting her lower lips and she started biting my upper lips, the kissing got very aggressive and we kept kissing, biting and then we started playing with each others tongue, she quickly picked it up and she started kissing even better. After 10 mins of kissing I broke the kiss and I asked,”How are you so good at kissing?” to which she replied, “I watch porn and too many romantic movies”, I smiled and I resumed kissing, after french kissing each other for 5 mins again, I started kissing all over her neck, I bit and licked her neck to which she started moaning very loudly. I took her to Tanya’s room and I picked her up and made her seat over the table. Now she was wearing a polo shirt so I unbuttoned her and I popped her boobs out from her bra and over her shirt. They were brownish with black nipples, and they were hard nipples. I pressed them hard and i kept massaging and she kept moaning.

I started sucking her nipples, I bit it and she shouted, now I wanted something to keep my hands busy, so I stopped licking and I popped her second boobs out and I started rubbing her nipples with my fingers. I again started to suck her nipples, I sucked at them like a baby and she wanted to me to suck more, she kept pushing my head in to her boobs and when I bit them she shouted, to tease her, I licked her nipples softly and faster, this made her lose control. I took her hand and guided them to my dick, she put her hand there and she realized, its become so hard and so hot, for the first time she wanted to see a dick, so she pushed me away, opened my zipper and took my dick out. Once she saw it, she was in awe, she was holding a long and thick dick in her hands, 6 inches long and 2 inches thick.

She started rubbing her hands all over it and then she got hold of it hard and she started jerking it forward and back, I was liking it and I told her to increase the speed, as she did increase and she kept doing it, a lot of pre-cum fell all over hand, I said Sorry, to which she says, ” Nah, its ok, I like it!”. Now my dick was even harder, she was wearing shorts, so without taking them of, I took my dick and I started using it her pussy, she loved it, but now, I wanted to do more, so after pushing it there, I started shaking it more and faster and she started enjoying wildly, after shaking my dick fast so much she could not control anymore. She ordered me to take her pants off and fuck her, I heard that and i got happy. I picked her up and I took her to the bed, put her there, took off her shirt, shorts and now, all she was wearing was her bra and panty, what a sight to behold, I took off her bra and her panty, I again sucked her boobs then( I love boobs!), after teasing her more, she begged me to put something in her pussy, so I put my fingers in her shaven pussy and I started fingering her fast, she loved it.

After fingering her for 3 mins she squirted on my hands, now she was completely wet, to make her even better, I got my face down to her pussy, and i licked it slow, and spread her pussy lips more to go deeper, my god man, she was screaming with joy. I kept licking and then I wanted to make her even wilder, I started fingering her while licking it, she went mad, she had become so submissive. After licking for 5 for minutes, I stopped and told her, I want a blowjob and once she has given it, I will fuck you. Hearing this she instantly agreed, initially she wasn’t sucking dick nicely, but after a few minutes she understood how to make me feel good, she sucked my dick like a lollipop and then licked it like an ice cream, she did it so well, I grasped her hair and I started fucking her in her mouth, and after a min, I cummed in her mouth, and she swallowed it whole, for that I still love her. Now I was really in the mood, I got my condom from where I kept it, and I made her put the condom on my dick, after she put it on, I made her suck my dick with the condom again to make it wet and easier for me to fuck her.

I opened her legs and I pushed my dick in, slowly, I started pushing and since she was a virgin, I had to start slow, and she was feeling some pain, but she was so turned on, that she wanted more and I had no problems giving her more. I had some problems pushing my dick in her tight pussy, but nothing like i wasn’t enjoying, and once my dick as fully in, she shouted loud. Then she tells me, “Make me feel like a real woman!”. So I took my dick out and I started ramming her, oh now her pussy was able to take my dick, we made it faster and better. Now we changed our position to doggy position and I again started fucking her hard and I was also grasping her boobs and pressing them hard, she kept shouting all the time, but not once did she tell me to stop. After 20 mins of doggy style, she wanted to have sex in a different style so I lied down with her and we both lied down sideways, and I started fucking her like that.

She seemed in pain but she was enjoying it and so was I, we were kissing and i was fucking her and just as I broke my kiss, I suddenly stop when I my view gets stuck on my cousin standing there by the door, shocked looking at the two of us, naked and fucking, and on of her hand is on her boobs and the other on her pussy, turns out she had seen us fucking for at least 5 mins.

If you guys want to know what happened next and how you found the incident till now, you can contact me at my email [email protected] I am looking forward to your mails, friends.