Sleeping With Daddy Sex stories

She was stretched out on the sofa idly flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch, bored out of her skull. Mommy had gone out for the night and wasn’t going to be home until the next day. Daddy was still at work and Rosie had left for the day so that left her all alone with nothing to do but watch the TV. To make matters worse there was nothing at all good on TV either. She flopped over onto her stomach and rested her head on a pillow. She was sooooooooooooo bored.

He walked in from the studio and saw her all sprawled out on the sofa. He walked over and leaned over the back of it, reaching out and stroking her hair, “How’s my Baby girl tonight?”

She looked up at him and favored him with a huge smile. “Fine Daddy, now that you’re here anyway.”

He looked down at her, “Glad to hear that Princess. Why are you up so late on a school night Angel?”

She flopped over onto her back and looked up at him, “Can’t sleep Daddy.”

He leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips, “You can’t? I’m sorry I got home so late Punkin. Where is Mommy?”

“Out Daddy.”

He shook his head, “That Mommy of yours. Want to sleep in the big bed with Daddy tonight?”

She smiled hugely, “Please Daddy. I would love that.”

He reached down and ruffled her hair. “OK, let’s go. Daddy is a little tired, it was a long day.”

She hopped off the sofa and shut off the TV. “OK Daddy. Carry me please.”

He walked over to her, “Sure Punkin.” He scooped her up into his arms and smiled at her.

She wrapped herself around him and snuggled up as close to him as she could. He carried her up the stairs and into his bedroom. “Did Mommy say she would be home tonight or not?”

She kissed him softly on the side of the face. “She said she would be out until tomorrow night sometime.”

He nuzzled his face into her hair, “Hmmm, Daddy loves that perfume Princess. Until tomorrow night? We can leave the door open then.” He liked the door kept open so he could hear if the front door opened or not.

She giggled as she felt his face in her hair and snuggled a little closer to him. “I’m glad you like it Daddy.”

“Hmmm, I missed you Baby.”

“I missed you too Daddy.”

He kissed her hair. “I like those new pajamas, very grown up for a 14-year-old.” He kissed her more and smiled down at her.

She kissed him back, passionately, “I’m glad you like them Daddy. I bought them just for you.” She wiggled around a little bit in his arms, looking up into his face, smiling.

“I guess Mommy doesn’t know you have these then does she?” He smiled down at her, “So this is what you wanted the money for the other day when you asked for it and wouldn’t tell me what you needed it for.” He looked down at her body again. “I really like them Princess.”

She giggled softly, giving him and angelic smile, “Yuppers Daddy. I hide them from Mommy with all the other special stuff you buy for me.”

He kissed her again, his tongue-thrusting deep into her mouth, pressing himself passionately up against her. “You are always thinking of making Daddy happy that’s why I love you so much.”

She kissed him back passionately; “I like making you happy Daddy. You know I’ll do anything to make you happy.”

He put her down on the bed, “Princess, why don’t you model that for Daddy while I take my clothes off.” He patted her on the butt, “I know you’ll do anything for me Princess.”

She stood up on the bed and started modeling the ‘jammys for him, or her version of modeling anyway. What she did was designed to turn him on rather than show off the clothes she was wearing.

“Hmmm, Baby you are turning into quite a young woman you know that?” He watched her intently as he took his shirt off.

She turned around and bent over, wiggling her butt at him, giggling.

He looked intently at her bottom as he took his pants off and lowered his briefs, exposing his cock, hard and ready. “Dani, you know what that does to Daddy.”

She looked back at him, giggling. “Yea I know EXACTLY what that does to you.”

“Hmmm, young lady,” He said playing around with her, “looked what you did to Daddy.” Holding out his stiff cock.

She giggled some more, “I like it when I do that to you Daddy.” She flopped down onto the bed on her tummy, kicking her legs up behind her, crossing her feet at the ankles.

He stared down at her as she teased him, staring at her ass, not able to resist it. “Dani, you are going to get into big trouble.”

She gave him her famous innocent look, “Not ME Daddy.” She wiggled around on the bed.

“Young lady, you’re making Daddy’s cock very big and thick and you know what will happen.” He gave her a playful warning voice.

She giggled a little more then gave him another wide eyed, innocent look, “I don’t understand Daddy.”

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“Oh you don’t do you?” He opened the night table and took out scented oil. He reached down and pulled down her pajama bottoms, tossing them onto the floor. He poured the oil into the crack of her ass then reached down and started rubbing it into her tight hole.

“Hmmm.” She wiggled around a bit and smiled back at him. “You know I like that Daddy.”

He smiled at her, “Yes I do.” He stroked her hole with two fingers then slowly started easing both in at once. “And look what is going to happen next.”

“OhhhhhhhhYESSSSS Daddy!” She arched up, trying to get his fingers deeper into her ass. He spread her legs open and started oiling her pussy and clit. She looked back at him and saw him starting to rub some of the oil onto his cock as well. “You made Daddy so hot that there isn’t going to be any playtime first tonight young lady.”

She licked her lips, watching him intently. “OK Daddy.”

Her ass was opening easily to his fingers, letting them deep inside. He could see her watching his wet, oily cock and licking her lips. “You like this don’t you Babygirl? Do you want to suck Daddy?”

“Yes PLEASE Daddy. You know how much I like doing that for you.”

He walked over to the other side of the bed and stood in front of her, looking down at her. “Well, young lady?” He smiled down at her.

She reached out and grabbed a hold of it, sticking her tongue out and licking all over the head of it. She moved her tongue up and down the slit, wiggling it inside it slightly.

He threw his head back and moaned loudly then looked down at her. “Hmmm, yes Babygirl, suck Daddy a little, not too long though, you know what I want.”

She lowered her mouth all the way down onto it and started sucking. She moved her mouth up and down on it letting her tongue wiggle up and down the full length of it as she did.

“Ummmm, yes Baby, hmmm deeper. Take it deeper in your mouth.” He moaned loudly.

She took every inch of it in her mouth and started sucking it hard and fast.

He put his hand on her head, “Hmmm, not too hard Baby or Daddy will come.”

She loosened her mouth up a little bit but continued to suck on him, moving her tongue up and down the underside as she did.

“Hmmm,” He humped her mouth slowly, “Princess, Daddy can’t wait.” He looked down at her, his eyes slightly glazed over.

She rolled her eyes up and looked at him. He looked down at her; “You look good with my cock in your mouth Princess. I don’t think there is any place my cock could look better.” He smiled evilly at her.

She wiggled her butt around and smiled at him, “Are you SURE Daddy?” she giggled.

He smiled down at her, “Are you trying to suggest something Baby? Hmm?”

She smiled up at him, “Maybe.” She giggled softly and gave him a sly smile.

“Do you think it would look better in you sweet bottom Honey?” He said playing along with her.

She giggled and looked up at him, wiggling her ass a little bit.

“Hmmm, well, let’s compare.” He held her head and pushed his cock deep into her throat. “Look up at me Honey.”

She looked up at him with lust filled eyes, his cock deep in her mouth.

He humped her throat, looking down into her eyes. “You like being bad don’t you Honey? This looks very nice.” He gave her a lustful look. She knew he was too hot now to think straight.

“Oh yes Daddy, I love being bad for you.” She took his cock all the way into her mouth.

“Hmmm!” He humped harder into her mouth and she felt his balls start to tighten then pulled her mouth off of him. He looked down at her. “Baby?”

She looked up at him, “Yes Daddy?”

“Don’t you want to drink Daddy’s cum?” He gave her a knowing look. “Or is it that you want it here?” He reached down and squeezed her ass.

She wiggled her ass against his hand and looked up at him, “Up my butt PLEASE Daddy PLEASE.”

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He looked down at her and smiled, “How can Daddy say no to you Princess? Give me your ass Baby, bring it here.”

She turned around and got onto all fours, wiggling it at him, looking back, and smiling. “Please Daddy, you know how much I like it when you fuck my ass. I can never get enough of it.”

He moved her around until she was on the edge of the bed. “Yes I do, Baby.” He pushed it in smoothly, the oil making it easier to enter. It then got tight as the thickest part of his cock squeezed in. “I know how much you love giving your ass to Daddy.”

“Oooohhhhh!” She moaned loudly and arched up to meet him. “More Daddy PLEASE! I need all of it up my ass PLEASE! Give me all of it PLEASE Daddy!”

He continued to push every inch of it into her, knowing that she was feeling her ass being invaded by his big cock. “Oh yessss. You are so tight every time Babygirl.”

“Ooooohhhhhh yessssssssssss! Daddy it feels soooooo good!” She moaned loudly, looking back at him, “Fuck me harder PLEASE!”

He grabbed her hips and started fucking her hard and fast for a while then slow and teasingly, not giving her the whole length. Then faster and deeper then shallow and teasing. “Hmmm, such a nice ass Babygirl.”

She moaned loudly under him.

“You want more don’t you Baby?”

“Yes Daddy YES! PLEASE give me more. You know how much I love it up my ass.” She was moaning and whimpering uncontrollably under him.

He grabbed a handful of her long hair and pulled gently, arching her back as he fucked and teased her sweet asshole.

She arched up and moaned loudly, reaching underneath herself to rub her clit. “Ohhhh Daddy YES!”

He fucked her ass hard, deep, and fast. Grinding ever inch into her. “Look back at me Dani. I want to see your face as I fuck your asshole.”

She turned her head and looked back at him, her face flushed and eyes half closed. “More Daddy PLEASE!”

“Grrr, yes keep looking back at Daddy precious.” He grabbed her hips harder, leaving marks and ramming her ass unmercifully. “Take it Baby. Take Daddy’s big cock,” he said, slamming into her ass.

She moaned and groaned loudly, still looking back at him, “Yes Daddy. More PLEASE!” She whimpered softly, licking her lips.

“Yes! Beg Daddy. You know Daddy likes his daughter submissive.” He pulled her hair a little bit more. “Look at me, let me see how you are when you are getting fucked by Daddy.” He was fucking her hard and deep, making sure she felt all eight inches deep into her ass, reaming her good.

She panted and moaned softly, looking into his eyes. “Fuck me harder PLEASE Daddy. I need it soooo bad and can’t get enough of your big cock, PLEASE!”

He grabbed her hips HARD, ramming her back onto his cock each time he thrust into her. “Yes Baby. Daddy is going to fuck you hard and make you take all his cum.” He slapped her ass, lightly, a couple times to emphasize his point.

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She threw her head back and moaned loudly, “Oh God YES Daddy! PLEASE!”

“You want this don’t you?” He fucked her harder and deeper reaching around and pinching and pulling on her nipples. “You love Daddy’s cock in your ass don’t you?”

She moaned and whimpered loudly, “Yes Daddy, YES! I can never get enough.”

He rolled her nipples then reached down and pinched her clit lightly as he continued to ram her ass harder and harder. “Do you want to come for Daddy? Do you?”

She whimpered louder, “Yes please let me come Daddy PLEASE!”

“No! You come when I say you can, not before.” He started fucking her ass harder. “You better tell me when your close Honey. Don’t come until I say you can.” He was thrusting into her as hard as he could, knowing he was making it hard for her not to come. He knew it was taking a great deal of self-control on her part to keep from coming.

“Oh God!” she moaned loudly, “Yes Daddy.” She was desperately trying not to come, knowing he would get very upset with her if she did. “Daddy I am so close, let me come PLEASE!”

He reached down and grabbed the hand she was rubbing her clit with and pulled it behind her back so she couldn’t touch her clit, pushing forward, driving her down onto the bed. “No coming until Daddy says so.”

She wiggled around under him moaning and whimpering uncontrollably, “Let me come PLEASE Daddy! PLEASE!”

He raised up and dropped his entire weight behind each thrust, still holding her hand behind her. “You love this don’t you Princess?”

“Yes Daddy YES! You know I do!” She moaned loudly and wiggled around uncontrollably.

He let go of her hand, “Don’t touch your clit to come until Daddy says you can.” He pulled out and rested a few seconds, looking down at her. “Roll on your back. Daddy will take care of you. Rub your clit softly Princess but don’t come.”

She rolled over onto her back, looking up at him, rubbing her clit in small circles, moaning softly. He stood between her legs; grabbing a hold of her, lifting her up then pushed his cock back into her ass, looking her in the eyes as he did.

She watched him intently, eyes clouded with desire, whimpering softly.

He pushed his cock deep into her ass, watching her rub his clit. “Dani, Honey, you tell Daddy when it builds too much Angel.” He fucked her slowly, letting her feel every thick inch of his big cock.

She moaned louder, it felt so fantastic. “MMmmmm, yes Daddy. More please.”

He started fucking her a little faster, “Tell me before you come Honey.” He fucked her faster and deeper, making her feel it.

She moaned louder, “I’m gonna come Daddy, let me PLEASE!”

He looked down at her, “Stop rubbing.” He grabbed her hands, holding them apart. Then started fucking her ass harder.

She whimpered softly, looking up at him with pleading eyes. She desperately wanted to come, NEEDED to come. She struggled slightly against his grip, she needed to make herself come she about couldn’t stand it any more.

He fucked her harder and harder, watching her struggle against his grip as he held her arms out to the sides. “You want to come?”

She arched up trying to drive him deeper into her ass, “OH GOD PLEASE DADDY PLEASE!”

“No, not yet.” He grinned down at her, fucking her slowly, “Dani, do you want to come?”

She wiggled around under him, whimpering softly, looking up at him with big eyes. “Yes PLEASE Daddy PLEAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

He looked down at her, “Spread your legs wider. Reach down and spread your lips, show Daddy your hard clit.”

She spread her legs as wide apart as she could, reaching down with two fingers, spreading her lips wide apart, revealing her hard little clit, dripping with juices, glistening in the light. She whimpered softly, looking into his eyes, “PLEASE Daddy PLEASE let me come. I’ll be a good girl, I promise.”

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“Hmmm,” He watched as his cock stretched her asshole to it’s limits, “Baby, you want Daddy to let you come finally?”

“Yesssssssssssss PLEAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Her reply was almost a scream; her eyes were begging him.

He stared down at her, his face and hair was drenched with sweat, his eyes glazed over. He was thrusting into her ass hard and fast, his skin slapping against hers so hard it stung, “Do it! Rub your clit fast, Baby, come hard for Daddy. Do it NOW! Rub it faster Dani, FASTER! Come for Daddy.”

Her hand was a blur on her clit. She was moaning louder, wiggling all over uncontrollably, arching up into him. “Yessssss! Oh God YES!”

He threw his head back, teeth clenched, groaning loudly, “ARGHHHHHHHH!”

She let out a scream that was deafening, “COMMMMMINNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG Daddy!” She was thrashing under him, all over the bed in the throws of one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever had.

He could feel the cum boiling up from his balls, shooting deep into her ass. “COMMMMINNGGGGGGGG!” He had to hold onto her tight to keep her thrashing from dislodging his cock from her ass.

She collapsed under him, panting and exhausted. She looked up at him with half shut eyes. He leaned over her, resting on his forearms, exhausted, “Baby I love you.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and gently kissed him, “And I love you too Daddy.” She smiled up at him.

He grinned down at her, “Oh lord you make me crazy.”

She giggled, innocently, “Me? How do I do that Daddy?”

He smiled down at her, “You Princess and just guess. By being the hottest little girl a Daddy could ever want. You are going to bring out all manner of perversion in your Daddy, you know that don’t you?”

She giggled again, “Good! You know how much I like it when you get like that.”

He laughed, “One of these days we are going to fuck each other so hard neither of us is going to be able to walk again.” He leaned down and kissed her tenderly, letting his flaccid cock slowly slip out of her ass. He wrapped his arms around her and picked her up. He moved them both up to the head of the bed and lay down, pulling her tightly into his arms. He kissed the top of her head softly. “Baby, you know how much Daddy loves you don’t you?”

She snuggled up as close to him as she possibly could, kissing him back. “Yes Daddy I know. As much as I love you.”

He untangled himself from her, sat up slightly and pulled her sweat-drenched nightgown over her head and dropped it onto the floor. He lay back down and pulled her back into a loving embrace, kissing her softly and tenderly. He reached up and stroked her hair tenderly, smiling down at her, “Baby, you are Daddy’s only true love you know that don’t you?”

She leaned up and kissed him tenderly on the lips. “I know that Daddy and you are my only true love and always will be. I want to be with you forever.”

He pulled her tight to his chest. “We will be Princess. You and me forever.” He could feel his eyes starting to close. There was no way he at 41 had near the energy a 14-year-old did. He kissed her tenderly again, “Lets take a little nap Princess then you can tell Daddy something you want to do and we will.”

She smiled up at him then leaned her head on his chest. She listened to his rhythmic breathing for a while, letting it lull her into a contented sleep.


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