Son, Please Let Mommy Make It Right Audio sex

“Why wouldn’t you hit this? Seriously, I’ve liked you from the get-go! I know we bonded over geeky stuff and games and maybe I played the cool nonsexual geek girl vibe too hard, but look at me. Flawless skin, silky long hair, and these eyes! (Do you know there are fetish boards about eyes like mine?) I do yoga and bike and am in fan-fucking-tastic shape. Yeah I know my tits aren’t much, but until you’ve tasted my mouthfuls, you aren’t allowed to have an opinion. And I am so fucking cool to date! You don’t even know! When I have a boyfriend I am whatever he wants me to be. Okay, I don’t want you to shit on my chest or cut me, but for the most part, sexually, if you want to try something, I’m up for it. You have no idea how sweet I can be in bed. Okay, I’m done ranting. You have ten seconds to fucking kiss me, or I’m out. I know. I’m not worrying about proving it; just if you can keep up. Oh, baby, I’ve been waiting so long for this!

Yes, Oh! I told you about those mouthfuls… Let’s get you naked too. I want to tour your body with my mouth. Just keep touching me. I love your hands and mouth on me. Yep, that’s my pussy! You made me so wet. Oh! Ohmigodaguywhoknowswhathesdoing!! Fuck! you are an…OH!…epic cunnilinguist! So perfect on my clit…Ohohohohohohoh If you fuck me now—-well, if you don’t, you’re a fool–but if you do, I might come again. Mmmmm…good…no…this is better… Mmm, I do taste sweet, don’t I? God, you feel so fucking good in me. Oh, are you going to come? Oh come in me…o h! Don’t worry about it… I-I went on the pill the day I met you..Yeah! Ooh, God you make such sexy sounds when you come.
Ohhhh, that was fucking sublime… You never answered me. Oh, wait, you did.