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Myself and Anne are lucky enough to have an apartment in Spain which was the setting for a fantastic surprise recently we booked some last minute flights for a few days away I contacted a few people who we had made friends with over the last couple of years to see who was available for a round of golf or to maybe head out on the bikes Adrian Kevin and Ian got back to me and the decision was to grab the mountain bikes and head off into the hills on the Sunday. Sunday morning I was up out early leaving

Anne to relax back at the apartment as usual on our rides it involves a stop at a bar on the route not drinking to many as we still had to ride back I suggested that we could head back to our apartment as we had just stocked up on alcohol and they were welcome to help me get through it we arrived back all hot sweaty and dusty to find Anne sunning herself around our small plunge pool she welcomed the guys in and got some chairs for them I told the guys to make themselves comfortable and I would sort out some drinks and if they wanted to they could cool off in the pool on returning the three of them were down to their shorts all in the pool Anne got herself some wine and joined us in the pool chatting to us about our day I noticed that the swimsuit she was wearing had gone slightly transparent and you could just make out her dark nipples through it I noticed the guys out of the corner of my eye every now and then having a quick glance trying not to be caught and as I watched this I started to get aroused as I have always enjoyed other men taking pleasure from my wife I began to wonder if they would go further but as we only knew them from our time in Spain and I had never told them about myself and Anne and our arrangement I left it at that Anne then asked if we would like something to eat and that she would knock something up for us it had been quite a hard ride and we were getting hungry so off she went to prepare food for us.

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again I noticed the guys looking as she climbed the steps out of the pool Ian told me how lucky I was to have her as his wife was a lazy bitch and would never offer to make food for us all the others nodded and moaned about their wives I told them anytime they want they can borrow Anne she cooks cleans and always looks after me Kevin piped up you better be careful or we might take you up on it I told them that is fine with me. Anne reappeared with food and wine and laid it out on the table I told her I had told the others that they could borrow her for awhile as they had told me how lucky I was and they wish their wives were like her she laughed and said that she would be more than happy to help them out Kevin asked what sort of services would she provide I answered before she could and told them she will cook clean for you and anything else you might desire Adrian replied anything yes anything you want I told him mmm ok but if she did come to mine I might kick my wife out and keep Anne I do want her back at some point I said by now Anne could see what I was trying to do and I could see her looking at me with a naughty glint in her eye Ian then said if only we could I bet our wives would go mad if we took Anne home and told them she was here to do all the things they won’t do. I think it was the drink that made me say well she’s here now what would you like Kevin asked what do you mean what can she do for us here I replied what is it that your wives won’t do for you that Anne can do Ian said I can think of a few things but it doesn’t involve household chores now I knew I had them on the same thought process as myself and asked him to tell me what it was he wanted he wouldn’t say then Kevin said I think he means in the bedroom I looked at Anne smiled and then turned to the guys and said that is fine with me the stunned looks on their faces was priceless they were gobsmacked I told them I would clear the table why don’t you go back and relax in the pool Anne took her glass and made her way the three guys were really unsure what to do next I reassured them to just go and chill out and I will be back with some more beers I came back to the four of them in the pool chatting¬†
I jumped in and and this time made a point of telling Anne her swimsuit was nearly see through the guys were staring at her chest I told Anne that she should show the guys what was underneath there was a stunned silence from the guys as Anne slid the straps down off her shoulders just enough to expose one of her nipples what do you think then I asked very nice came the reply from Ian they feel great I told them and Ian said I bet they do he looked at me and I said why don’t you find out for yourself and gave him a nod of encouragement he reached out and took Anne’s nipple between his fingers gently caressing it his other hand reached up and slid the top of her swimsuit down further so both of her breasts were now free floating in the water the other two just watching on I told them not to be shy they didn’t need telling twice I pulled myself up and sat on the pool edge watching on as they all gropped Anne her hands had now disappeared under the water I could only imagine what they were doing I could just make out she was tugging at their shorts and then first one pair then closely followed by two more pairs thrown up onto the grass and then followed by Anne’s swimsuit

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Anne’s head dropped back and her eyes closed as I could only guess that someone’s hand had found its way to between her legs there was a lot of kissing and groping before Anne suggested they move into the apartment I nearly came watching the four of them naked walking indoors Anne lead them straight into the bedroom and got onto the bed Kevin wasted no time and pulled her legs apart and stuck his head straight down into her pussy his fingers parting her lips and his tongue straight onto her clit she let out a gasp as Kevin’s tongue hit the sweet spot Adrian knelt on the bed and gently pulled Anne’s hard around presenting her with his hard cock which she greedily accepted into her mouth myself and Ian watching on when Adrian suddenly said oh shit and let out a moan Anne held him in her mouth as he grunted and thrust into her filling her mouth with his sticky cum he fell away from her leaving a string of cum over her cheek she opened her mouth and I could see it nearly full of white goo looking straight into her eyes as she shut her mouth and in one gulp swallowed it Kevin was still busy with his tongue and fingers every now and then asking Anne how close she was eventually she bucked and slammed her thighs shut on Kevin’s head letting out a big moan Kevin crawled up the bed Anne reached down and took hold of him and guided him into her as he was thrusting away the metal framed bed was squeaking with each thrust as the rest of us looked on the squeaking getting quicker and quicker before Kevin let out a sigh and collapsing on top of Anne he eventually got himself composed and managed to get up off the bed allowing Ian to climb between Anne’s lags he slipped into her sloppy pussy with ease gently rocking himself back and forth gradually getting faster and faster before he said oh fuck yes as Anne received her third load in less than ten minutes he rolled off and lay beside her I had to get a look at her cum filled pussy I parted her lips and I could see the sticky mess running out of her. I pulled my shorts down around my knees in a flash and I thrust myself into her soaking cum filled hole it was all a bit much and I couldn’t last and I began to add another load into Anne we all just sat there for a few minutes before I got some tissue to help her clean up before round two started .
This is the best that I can remember what happened hopefully it will make some sense.