Summer Clubhouse Teen sex stories

I don’t remember how old I was when Barbara and I first noticed the boys playing in the treehouse. All I know is, we thought it looked really neat and wanted to see the inside of it. I guess I was the brassy one, because I finally went over and started climbing. Pretty soon Barb was right behind me. I stuck my head in the open door and looked at the four boys sitting on the floor.

“Hi,” I offered. “My friend and I think your treehouse looks pretty neat, and we were wondering if we could see the inside of it?” Okay, actually I had now already seen the inside, and it was fairly much what I expected, bare wood floor, milk crate and fruit crate seats, some dirt bike magazines, a well pawed copy of Penthouse, and a few big posters. They also had a couple of old bed sheets, some cardboard boxes, and a collection of bottles for slingshot practice.

The oldest of the boys looked my way. I had seen him around the neighborhood. I think his name was Fred. “If you want to come into the treehouse, you’ve got to be a member of the club. This is our clubhouse. It’s not a dollhouse, and it’s not a playhouse. It’s a clubhouse.”

“Okay, and how do we get to join your club to get in to your clubhouse?” I asked.

Fred looked at the other three boys and back at us. The four of them got together and whispered for a few minutes before Fred spoke up. “If you come in to join the club, you have to agree to do whatever we tell you to do. Our club stuff is secret, so we don’t want you coming in and then deciding you don’t want to do the initiation. Make up your mind now, or fuck off.”

The boys all snickered at Fred’s use of the f word. I looked down at Barbara. She nodded her head. She really wanted to be a member of their club and see their clubhouse. I shrugged and climbed on in to the treehouse. Barbara followed me.

“What do we have to do?” I asked.

Fred looked us both over. He came toward me and grabbed an old duct taped bean bag chair that had been hidden beside the doorway. He pulled it over in front of the door and sat down blocking our exit. “You have to do whatever the fuck we tell you to do. I thought I made that clear.”

Okay that did it. “Well, so far you haven’t told us to do shit.” Barbara seemed a little surprised with my using the s word, but the guys all snickered. I knew they would accept me, but I had to watch out for Barbara to make sure she made it in too.

“What’s your name?” Fred asked, staring at the set expression of determination on my face.


He looked at Barbara. She was trying to look tough, but it was harder for her. “And you?” he barked at her. “What’s your name?”

“Barbara.” Her voice almost cracked as she answered.

“So what are your names?” I interrupted. “And for that matter, what’s this fucking club called anyway?” Even the boys seemed to be shocked hearing me cuss just like Fred.

“That’s none of your fucking business,” Fred shot back. Then I noticed his eyes traveling down to my nicely developing breasts. “At least not yet.” I watched as his eyes traveled over my body and then over to Barbara as well. “For right now you can call me, Master.” He pointed to a rather tall skinny kid with greasy black hair. “That’s Motherfucker.” He pointed out the next kid, a stocky boy with red hair. “That’s Big Dick.” His finger finally pointed at the last kid, a rather good looking blonde boy with a short almost military style cut. “And that’s Boss.” The boys all snickered.

“Did you say Balls or Boss?” I asked, determined not to let him get the best of me.

A look of agitation came over him, and he ignored my question. “Okay, you bitches want to join our club, you have to understand that when you’re in here, you’re club property until you prove yourself. I tell you to fetch me a drink, you’d better fetch it.”


“What did you say?” he asked.

“I said, ‘Bullshit’. We agreed to do what you said to join the club, but once we join, that’s it. We’re in. We’re not slaves. We’re not even maids. We’re members, and you can deal with that, or we fucking walk right now.” By this point Barbara had seen the clubhouse, so even if we they told us to hit the road, we had done what we set out to do. But there was no way I was going to let them order us around after we joined. “So what’s it going to be, Fred?”

Okay, I was pushing it and breaking the rules too by calling him Fred and not Master, but I had to get my point across. Fred stared a hole through me, but I didn’t flinch. Finally he broke.

“Fine. You survive initiation, you’re in, but you’d better do what we say until that time.”

“That was the deal we made, and I stick by my deals.”

Fred got comfortable in his chair and the other three got comfortable as well. He gathered himself up and tried to look official. “You two want to be a member of The Mighty Cobras. As such you must face four challengers and do exactly what they say. Is that clear?” He looked at Barb and me.

“Yes, it’s clear,” we responded. Fred looked at us waiting. I realized what he wanted. “We mean, yes, it’s clear, Master.”

“Very good,” he replied. “Motherfucker will now give you the first challenge.”

The kid they called Motherfucker looked at us and smiled. “I want to see your tits. Both of you take off your tops.”

I had figured on something like this, but I worried about Barbara. I looked at her as I grabbed the tail of my shirt. I could tell that she was scared and a little embarrassed, but it looked like she was ready and willing to go through with it. “Come on, Barb. Just like summer camp,” I encouraged her. She smiled, remembering how last year at summer camp we had joined three other girls in streaking the boys camp. We both removed our tops and tossed our bras on top of them on the floor. We stood there bare breasted for the four of them to stare at.

“I don’t think you’re enjoying yourselves,” Motherfucker commented. “Smile, and pinch your nipples. I want to see them standing up hard.”

We did as he said, and as we did, I noticed that our nipples weren’t the only things standing up hard. “Is this better?” I asked in a soft voice.

“Yes,” he stammered unable to take his eyes off of our breasts. “You’ve completed my challenge.”

Fred tried to retain his composure, but even he was getting a hard on. “Big Dick has the next challenge,” he announced. It wasn’t as official sounding and ceremonial as he had started off, but at least his voice didn’t crack.

Big Dick, like the other three, was still drooling over our tits. I have to admit, Barb has a nice set of tits. One night we had a slumber party and on a goof we got to looking at each other’s tits. Her’s were more pert and perky, but mine were softer and had bigger nipples. I remember even going so far as to licking one of them playfully that night.

“My challenge is to finish what Bill, er, I mean Motherfucker started. Strip off the rest of the way and show us some bush.”

Once again, I had expected this, especially after the first challenge. I reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. As I slid my shorts and panties off, I hoped Barb was doing the same. A quick glance over confirmed that she was. In fact she had beaten me to getting naked first, and no wonder. Her bush was very nicely trimmed and was an even brighter shade of red than the hair on her head. It was definitely a pussy to be proud of. Not that mine was ugly or anything. It’s just that if you’ve seen one black haired pussy, you’ve seen them all.

Big Dick stared at our pussies and you could really see his pants starting to bulge. Perhaps there was a valid reason for him to be nicknamed Big Dick, I thought. He tried to find his voice, and finally managed to squeak out, “That completes my challenge.” After Motherfucker had made us play with our nipples, I expected Big Dick to make us stroke our clits, but I wasn’t complaining. We were halfway through the challenges.

Boss didn’t wait on Fred to introduce him as the third challenge. He actually seemed to be the most mature of the four, and was by far the nicest up to this point. “Ladies,” he started, “my challenge is very simple. Kiss each of us, passionately.”

The guys seemed to like his challenge, but I wasn’t so sure. I was real unsure of Motherfucker and I didn’t trust Fred. Still, I had agreed to this. I walked over to Motherfucker. Up close the smell of his breath matched the look of his hair. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Barbara followed suit and did the same.

“How was that?” I asked.

“Fucking A,” Motherfucker replied.

We did the same thing to Big Dick who also managed to palm a tit as we kissed. My curiosity got the best of me, and I let my hand casually glance against his bulge. Yes, his nickname suited, I decided. Big Dick was also satisfied with his kisses. Now it was Boss’ turn.

As I leaned in to kiss Boss, he reached out for me. His mouth opened and he snaked his tongue into my mouth. As we French kissed, he also let his hands explore my body. I felt his fingers cupping my ass and kneading it, slowly reaching under to let a finger slip inside my slit. He tickled my clit and I shivered. This kid knew what he was doing. No question about that. As Barb took her turn, I watched her shiver as well and knew he had tickled her love button too.

Now we had to kiss Fred and our challenges were nearly complete. I walked over to Fred. He was actually a fairly nice looking guy, but something about his attitude made him seem both frightening and amazingly sexy. It was the way he exerted his power and the control he had taken in this situation. On the one hand I was repelled and didn’t want to kiss him at all. On the other hand I wanted to taste his tongue inside my mouth and feel his hands on my naked body. I leaned in and started to kiss him when he stopped me.

“Wait one minute,” he said. “Boss said you had to kiss me passionately, but he never said where you had to kiss me.” Fred smiled a wicked smile and stood up. He undid his belt, unsnapped his pants, unzipped his fly and slid his jeans and underwear off. I stood there transfixed as his hard cock pointed out at me. I could almost imagine that same nasty grin of his on his cockhead. He sat back down and leaned back. “I want you girls to kiss me on my cock, and it had better be passionate or you fail the challenge.”

I knew Fred’s challenge was likely to involve some sort of contact, but I had figured this challenge to be a cake walk. I knew I could do it, but I was a little concerned about Barb. To my knowledge she’d never even touched a dick before, much less kissed one. I glanced back at her and her eyes were glued to Fred’s naked member. Forget touching one. I wasn’t even sure if she’d seen one before the way she was looking at Fred. Okay, I figured, time to take one for the team.

I walked over to Fred and knelt between his legs. I took his cock in my hand and moved it toward my open lips. I raised my eyes to watch his face as my tongue made contact with the smoothness of his purple cockhead. It was a very submissive posture and also a very sexy one. As my mouth engulfed the head of his cock, I slowly closed my lips around his shaft. He leaned back in the bean bag chair and let his eyes close in enjoyment. I began to suck and stroke on his shaft building him toward an impending explosion. As I did so, I also fondled his balls and felt the heat coming off of them. On an up stroke, I slid him out of my mouth and tongued his piss slit then slid him back in my mouth hard. Two or three more hard sucking strokes and then three slow ones followed by another tongue flick. I developed a pattern that had him anticipating and waiting for the licks he knew were coming. As I realized he was nearing ejaculation, I changed my pattern and instead picked up the intensity of my stroking and sucking. I felt the tell tale taste of pre-cum and delivered two more fast strokes. Fred shot his load like a gusher inside of my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but some of it managed to drip out. I licked the spilled cum off of him and made a big show of kissing his now deflating cock, then standing and backing away.

I didn’t really mind the taste of his cum. I had given a few blow jobs at camp last year and figured it was safer for me to suck him off, than to expect Barbara to do it. Knowing that he would be spent for several minutes at the least meant she wouldn’t have to repeat my feat.

Barb approached Fred and knelt as well. She tentatively picked up his sticky wet cock and kissed it. She tried to approximate the moves she had just seen me perform, but of course he wasn’t hard now, so she couldn’t do much in the way of stroking him. I figured he was about ready to pass us on the challenge, when I noticed that same evil grin cross his face once more.

Barb had just finished running her tongue up his shaft and was preparing to place the head back in her mouth when he began to piss. The stream of hot piss took her by surprise and she let go of his cock. Without her holding it, his cock pissed wildly spraying her face, tits and belly. She squealed, not knowing what she should do. The other guys were all laughing, and I had to admit it was somewhat funny the way she was reacting and the way his dick sprayed up and down and side to side like an unrestrained garden hose that had been left running. Finally his piss stream died off. Barb stood there soaked in piss and unsure what to do. Yellow piss drops dripped from her red hair and off the end of her nose.

Fred looked at her standing there and nodded. “I guess I’ll accept that,” he said as he stood up still naked from the waist down. “You have successfully completed the third challenge. Now it’s time for my challenge.” He looked at his three friends and back at us. “Gentlemen, drop your pants and get ready to fuck.” The guys hooted their acceptance and began peeling off their pants and underwear. Motherfucker had a rather skinny dick, I noticed. Boss’ was about average, and as I had discovered earlier Big Dick had, well, a big dick. It was thick and quite long for his age. Fred looked at us. “You two get down on your backs.”

I had come this far, and I guess by this point that was about how Barb felt as well. Big Dick grabbed my legs and positioned his cock against my slit. I rolled my head and noticed Motherfucker taking the same position with Barbara. I guess when you’re as greasy as he was, a little piss isn’t going to disturb you. Big Dick slid his head in to my pussy and slowly slid it in. Barb wasn’t as lucky. Motherfucker slammed her with his little skinny dick. She screamed, and I realized he had probably just taken her cherry. Motherfucker didn’t seem to mind. He pounded away like a wild dog.

Big Dick was actually doing a pretty good job on me. I had lost my cherry two summers ago, so he didn’t have that obstacle to fight. He seemed intent on taking it slow and enjoying it, which meant that I could enjoy it as well.

I heard Motherfucker grunting and realized he was already cumming. What a first time for Barbara. She was doing her best not to cry, but she still sobbed slightly as Motherfucker collapsed on her before pulling out and raising his arms in the air like a fighter who just went the distance with the champ. I closed my eyes and decided to just enjoy the big dick inside of me. Even if he did know what he was doing, Big Dick wasn’t able to hold out for long. He pumped it a couple more times and I felt his load shoot off inside of me. It felt nice and hot inside of me. I opened my eyes and looked over at Barb again. Apparently Fred and Boss had been waiting for Big Dick to finish up before they started fucking one of us.

Fred looked at Boss and down at the two of us. “So, which one of them do you want?” he asked Boss.

I noticed Boss looking at the two of us as if he were trying to decide, but he was actually trying to communicate with me. I could see the question in his eyes. “Which one of you do you want me to do?” He looked at Barb, and I knew that if he did her, he would be gentle and she wouldn’t hurt any more, but then he looked at me and I realized that I actually wanted to fuck him. I gave him a barely noticeable nod and a hint of a smile. I hoped Barb would forgive me.

“I never cared for red heads,” Boss replied as he moved in between my legs.

“Doesn’t make no difference to me,” Fred said. “I don’t plan to be looking at hair.” He looked down at Barb. “Get on your knees.” Barb complied with his demand, but I don’t think she had any idea what he was planning to do. He spit into his hands and rubbed the saliva on to his cock, then he pried her butt cheeks apart and pushed his cock inside her asshole. Barb bent forward screaming, but Fred just kept pushing. I looked at Barb’s face and could see the pain she was in. Tears were running down her cheeks.

Boss moved his mouth close to my ear. He whispered, “Don’t worry. If you want we can fake it.”

I shook my head slightly and whispered back in his ear, “No, I want to feel you inside of me. It’s okay. Go ahead. Fuck me.” He smiled and slipped his hard cock inside of me. I didn’t figure that I would be able to feel a lot after Big Dick having stretched me, but I was pleasantly surprised with Boss’ performance. Boss reached down with one hand and squeezed my right tit, pinching the nipple slightly. With his other hand he reached down and, as he fucked me, inserted a thumb and rubbed on my clit. I actually moaned it felt so good. Boss was out to make me feel good as well, and I made it worth his effort. I tightened my pussy around his cock the best I could and used my hands to grab his ass and force him deeper inside of me.

Barb continued to cry as Fred pounded away inside her ass, concerned only with getting his own rocks off. It was such a contrast from the sounds I was making.

As Boss picked up speed, I began panting harder. My body was getting warm and I felt myself shudder as the first wave of my climax washed through my body. Boss was getting close to cumming and I wanted one more before he shot his load. I squeezed his ass tighter, forcing him deeper, and making him slow down as well. He leaned in tight and kissed me. I opened my mouth wide to take his tongue inside as well. My next wave was ready to crash, and he was ready to cum. With two quick, powerful thrusts he shot his load deep inside me. His mouth pulled free from mine just as I screamed out a passionate, “Yes!”

Fred pumped into Barb a few more times before finally pulling out and finishing himself by hand. He let the cum shoot onto Barb’s ass and drip down her crack. He smacked her ass with a sharp slap. “Turn around.”

Still crying, Barb did as he told her. Fred took his dick and wiped it across her face a couple times, before finishing off by drying it off in her hair.

“Okay, you both passed your final challenge. Welcome to the club,” he stated.

“We’re both full members, right?” I asked.

“Yes. Both of you.”

“Then lay down,” I told him.

He looked at me with a quizzical expression, but laid down anyway. I walked over and straddled him, looking down at his now limp cock.

“It may take me a few minutes to get it up again,” he told me.

I smiled. “Oh, you don’t have to get it up for this.” And with that I cut loose a stream of piss that splashed all over his chest and into his face. He started to get up only to catch a mouthful of piss. I placed one foot on his forehead and pushed him back down to the floor. As my piss flow subsided, I pressed my heel into his balls.

“Now, pissy boy, let me tell you how it’s going to be. The next time we come into this clubhouse you are going to treat us as equals. If I even think of treating us like you just treated Barbara, I will bite your dick off, shove it up your ass, and tap dance all over your nuts. Do you understand me?” He nodded his head and I removed my foot from his balls. I looked over at the others. “And guys, just because Fred here pissed me off, doesn’t mean I might not be willing to fuck you guys again. After all, us Mighty Cobras have to look out for one another.” I smiled and started getting dressed.

Big Dick handed Barbara an old jacket and a towel that had been lying around and walked her down to a nearby swimming hole where she could get cleaned up. I think he was a lot more sensitive than he let on. Later that evening, Barb told me that he had apologized for Fred’s behavior and had even offered to eat her pussy. She said she told him it was pretty sore right now and she would prefer to have it feeling better so that she could enjoy it. He smiled and she did let him give it a kiss. He also kissed her asshole which she said felt really nice.

By the end of that summer, I was in charge of the Cobras. Fred tried to act like a prick one time and learned the hard way not to piss me off. No, I didn’t bite his dick off, but I did shove something up his ass, my fist. The other guys all started treating him like a bitch as well. We made him suck off the other guys and he had to wear a skirt when ever he was in the clubhouse. To tell the truth, I think he actually liked it.

Barb found out that she could enjoy sex as well. We also found out that she had a definite bi streak as we entertained the club one afternoon by doing a 69 in the middle of the clubhouse floor.

I ended up dating Boss that summer and for most of the next year as well. We were a couple, but we didn’t let that stop us from enjoying sex with others, especially if they were Cobras. In fact where the main activities of the Cobras used to be belittling one another, playing cards and looking at dirty magazines with the occasional circle jerk, the main activities now were fucking, sucking and eating pussy. It was truly a fantastic summer.