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When my wife left after having an affair I was devastated but quickly had to pull myself together and be there for our daughter Heather who at the time of this story was sixteen. Being a single parent was probably the hardest thing I had ever done but having Heather around is what held me together after my wife left. My wife decided she wanted nothing to do with Heather or I so we decided to move out of the house and found a two bedroom apartment in a nice apartment complex a couple hours away. Heather was upset for a month or two over her mom but eventually got over it and would always tell me “Its just you and me now”. I was reminded every day about my ex wife when I would look at Heather because she looked exactly like her mom. Blond hair to her shoulders, the bluest eyes and had a petite body. Heather and I became very close after her mom left we went on many vacations and would always find time during the week no matter how much we had to do to spend some time together. Things between Heather and I were as normal as things could be until one night.

It was Friday night which Heather and I designated to be our movie night so we rented a couple from the video store, made popcorn, shut all the lights off and sat on the couch. The first movie we watched was a horror movie which I loved but kinda freaked Heather out. During some of the scary parts she would squeal and jump which made me laugh but every time she did she got a little closer to me until she was right next to me her body pressed against mine. Everything was normal as normal could be until there was a very graphic sex scene in the movie. Heather and I both got quiet because I think it was awkward for both of us as the scene played out but of course watching it began to arouse me as I tried to position my cock in my shorts so it wouldn’t be obvious I had a hard on. The scene ended and Heather was the first to break the silence “Well that was interesting” she said with a grin. I reached down to grab some popcorn from the bowl she had on her lap but my hand landed on her thigh just under her shorts and slid down making her body shiver. “Sorry” I said quickly as she smirked and said “It’s OK”. I looked down this time to get the popcorn and my eyes locked on her cleavage which was exposed from her pink tank top. For her age she had nice breasts.

I snapped out of she and turned my head towards the screen but my eyes kept creeping back to her chest. I was staring at them she she turned to look at me as I quickly turned my head back to the T.V trying to act like I wasn’t looking as I could see her grin out of the corner of my eye and watched as her eyes looked at my crotch where she could see the outline of my hard cock on my leg. About five minutes later of course as I went to grab popcorn I took a glance of her cleavage again when suddenly Heather grinned and chuckled “See anything you like?” I was caught again and just said softly “Sorry honey” when suddenly she said something I wasn’t prepared for “I don’t care if you peek” I looked at her as she grinned “That’s not the point” I said smiling as she scoffed “Oh come on daddy, I really don’t mind” I should have just stopped the conversation there but my eyes went to glance at them again she Heather set the popcorn on the coffee table and turned towards me curling her legs underneath her and slid her hair over her ears before she grabbed onto her tank top and pulled it up along with her bra until her breasts were exposed. They were very nice for her age and she had tiny pink nipples.

“There now their out” she said smiling while looking at me but all I could do was look at them when she suddenly grabbed my hand and placed it on one of them. My cock got rock hard the second my hand touched her breast as I squeezed it gently making her moan quietly. “This isn’t right” I said with a grin as she laughed “You don’t seem to mind” she said. I played with both of her tits squeezing them and rubbing her nipples between two of my fingers. She playfully slapped my hands down “OK your turn” I looked at her for a second when she nodded towards my cock. I slowly reached into my shorts and pulled it out laying it on my lap as her eyes got wide “Nice” she said with a smirk as she wasted no time reaching down and grabbed onto her with her tiny, soft hands. She started stroking it slowly while looking at me with her angel like smile. I was harder then I had ever been in my life as she stroked me slowly “I think i can feel your heartbeat” she said laughing until she stopped and put her hands in her lap “So….what do you wanna do?” I was sure we both were thinking the same thing but I sat silently until she blurted out “Wanna have sex?” I looked at her and said “Honey I don’t think we should go that far with this”

She smirked and said “Yeah your probably right” as we sat silently for another second until she quickly stood up and said “Lay down” I laid on the couch and watched as she pulled her shorts and panties off exposing her tiny, smooth pussy. She smiled at me as she climbed onto me laying on my stomach in the sixty nine position. I placed my hands on her little ass and began licking her pussy which made her moan loudly when I suddenly felt her take my cock into her tiny mouth. I groaned as she slowly started sucking me as I licked her pussy and as much as I prided myself on being able to hold my load for awhile I could feel my cock ready to explode “Daddy’s gonna cum baby” I groaned as she started stroking my shaft as she sucked me until I groaned loudly “Here it comes baby” I felt stream after stream of my load shooting into her mouth as her body jumped and she gagged but continued taking my load into her mouth. Heather slid off of me as I sat up and she looked at me with her lips clinched tightly opening her mouth only for a second to show me her tiny mouth filled with my load before she walked into the kitchen and spit it out into the sink.

Heather put her cloths back on and sat back down on the couch with me watching the movies with me until we both went to sl**p. The next morning she told her that she had fun last night and that she really wants to do it again sometime. Heather and I fooled around a couple more times until I really had to talk to someone about what Heather and I were doing so I invited my neighbor Travis over who was around the same age as me and was also a single parent and had a daughter who was the same age as Heather named Chrissy. Travis and I were watching a football game on T.V when I came out and told him what Heather and I were doing. I waited for him to give me a response on how fucked up I was for doing that with her but got the exact opposite “No shit?” he said “Man that’s awesome”. I looked at him confused as he turned towards me “I have done stuff with Chrissy too” I was intrigued by what Travis said and we began talking about the things we had done and one thing we both had in common is neither of us had sex with them just blowjob, hand job and other stuff. “Man Heather is very sexy” Travis said as I told him I thought the same of Chrissy who was very pretty with long dark hair and blue eyes. “Maybe we should plan something” Travis said with a sly grin as I asked him what he was thinking.

“Tomorrow night we will come over and you’ll see” he said before going home. Heather got home later that night and I told her about what Travis said and how he and Chrissy were coming over tomorrow night as she got excited and said she couldn’t wait. The next night Heather and I were sitting on the couch watching T.V when there was a knock on the door as Heather quickly got up and answered it. Travis and Chrissy came in and said hello when Travis said “Chrissy why don’t you go tell Heather what I was telling you about” Chrissy grabbed Heathers hand with a grin and led her to Heathers room. Travis sat down next to me and we talked when suddenly Chrissy and Heather came out into the living room wearing nothing but bra’s and thong’s. I sat in shock staring at them both as Chrissy stood in front of me and Heather in front of Travis. They both looked at each other before they both got onto their knees and reached into out shorts pulling out our cocks. I watched Heather grab onto Travis’s large cock and begin sucking it before I looked down at Chrissy who smiled up at me and began licking the length of my shaft over and over before she started sucking it. Travis and I both sat groaning as they sucked our cocks for awhile until Travis said “Come baby” and Heather stood up and straddled Travis grabbing onto his cock and guided it to her pussy.

I watched as she lowered her body watching his cock disappear into her as she tilted her head back and squealed loudly. Chrissy got up and did the same as I guided my cock into her making her scream as she began rocking her body back and fourth on my cock. I looked over where Travis had his hands on Heathers and was sucking her tits as she rocked her body on his cock while moaning loudly. “Fuck me baby” Travis groaned as Heather began riding his cock faster until she began panting “I’m cumming” Travis began slapping her ass as she fucked him faster and faster until her body went limp and she screamed as she came all over his cock. I turned back to Chrissy and started sucking her tits as she moaned loudly as she rode my cock hard. “Faster baby” I said as she grabbed onto my shoulders and began fucking me faster “Good girl” I groaned feeling my cock deep inside her until she whispered “I’m gonna cum” I grabbed into her hips and rocked her back and fourth as fast as I could as she began moaning louder and louder until I watched as her eyes rolled back into her head and her body began quivering when suddenly her body jumped off my cock and she screamed and her tiny pussy began squirting all over my cock and the couch.

Travis looked over smirking “You like that baby?” “Yes!” Chrissy groaned as her body sat in my lap shaking slightly. We all got up and went to the bedroom and Travis laid Heather on the bed and got between her legs and began fucking her as I bent Chrissy over on the bed as she hovered Heather and began fucking her doggie. Both of the girls moaned loudly until Travis began grunting “Fuck I’m gonna cum” “Cum for me” Heather begged as Travis fucked her hard until he pulled his cock out and squirted his large load onto her chest and tits. He slapped his cock against her pussy and stepped back as I fucked Chrissy hard from behind as she bent down and began licking her dad’s cum off Heathers chest and stomach. Suddenly I felt my cock ready to blow and pulled out as Chrissy quickly laid on the bed placing her head right next to Heathers. I stroked my cock over their faces as they both stuck out their tongues moaning “Cum for us” I groaned “Fuck!!” and began shooting thick streams onto both their faces. They turned towards each other and started kissing as I got off the bed as Travis watched them. Chrissy and Travis headed home as Heather and I took showers. Heather came into the living room and sat next to me “That was so much fun” she said as I grinned and nodded. “Maybe tomorrow we can go round two” I said “Definitely” as she kissed me on the cheek and went to bed.


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    That was beautiful. There's nothing like sharing your daughter with a friend.