Tammy’s New Friend sex stories

Tammy skipped gaily home from school. She had made a new friend today – her first day at the new school. It was not easy for Tammy to make new friends because, although she was very cheerful and anxious to please, she had discovered years ago that kids loved to tease her because of her bright red hair and many freckles. Her mother had told her that the other kids really didn’t mean to hurt her, but she still hated it when they called her the usual names reserved for redheaded and freckle-faced girls. Tammy liked her red hair, though, and she thought it was pretty the way it flowed all the way to her tiny butt in long, wavy curls. She decided that she could do without all the freckles, but she knew she was very pretty so she accepted them.

She thought about her new friend, Jenny, and how they contrasted. Jenny was slender, but more muscular and taller than Tammy, with naturally dark skin and short, black hair – kind of Latin looking. In the school hallway this morning, a few of the kids had started to tease Tammy rather harshly and Jenny had come up behind them and told them to shut their stupid mouths and if anyone else felt like teasing Tammy, then they would have to answer to her because they were friends.

The other kids shuffled away quickly because they knew better than to mess with Jenny – even the boys were afraid of her. Jenny wasn’t mean, but she was strong and knew how to take care of herself. Her aggressiveness had caused the boys to avoid her and none had ever asked her out, which was fine with Jenny because she didn’t like any of them anyway. Tammy and Jenny became fast friends and Jenny showed the smaller girl around the school. Tammy sighed with relief when she discovered that she had the same class as Jenny – she felt safe and secure in the company of the pretty, dark-haired girl.

During the noon lunch break, Jenny led Tammy to a secluded area at the side of school and they sat on a bench between some large bushes to eat their lunch. Tammy liked to watch Jenny – her lips were full and she wore a lot of bright red lipstick and Tammy’s eyes would sparkle when Jenny licked some crumbs from her lips. Seeing the pretty girl’s tongue dart out and slowly glide over her lips made Tammy feel all warm and tingly. She blushed when Jenny caught her staring at her but she felt better when Jenny just smiled at her and winked. After lunch, they stayed there to talk and, while they talked, Jenny casually put one foot up on the bench, which caused her skirt to pull up high on her legs. Tammy blushed again but she couldn’t help but stare at Jenny’s muscular, tan thigh. It looked so soft and smooth and she could almost see all the way to the girl’s…

Tammy involuntarily licked her lips. She was startled when she realized that she had been staring for several minutes and Jenny had stopped talking. She looked in Jenny’s eyes and saw that she was smiling at her.

“Are you trying to see my panties?”

“Oh, no. Really! I was just…”

“You like girls, don’t you?”

“Well, yes, but…”

“Hey, that’s OK. You don’t have to be embarrassed. I like girls too.” Tammy smiled at her but couldn’t stop blushing. “Now, then, be honest with me. Were you trying to see my panties?” Tammy whimpered but nodded her head, her eyes downcast. “That’s OK. I don’t mind. You can look at my panties if you want to! See?”

Jenny swung around toward Tammy and parted her legs wider, her tight skirt pulling all the way to the top of her legs. She leaned her hands back on the bench and watched Tammy’s face as she brazenly exposed her crotch to her new friend. Tammy made an audible gasp and her eyes widened in surprise – Jenny wasn’t wearing any panties and she was staring right at her naked pussy! It was beautiful! Soft and puffy outer lips surrounding a tight, moist slit. The hair on her mound was so fine that she appeared hairless and her pussy was the same delicious-looking tan color as her thighs. Tammy was having difficulty breathing – her throat was dry and she blushed furiously, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from this erotic spectacle.

Jenny was enjoying herself immensely. Her last girlfriend had moved away several months ago and she had been hoping to find another girl to fool around with. She and her girlfriend had kissed and used their fingers on each other and, the night before she moved, they had made a clumsy but exciting attempt at cunnilingus. It was just enough to make Jenny want more – much more, and she was hoping with all her heart that this pretty redhead would like her enough to do those things. Her extreme horniness had made her act so boldly as to show Tammy her pussy and she was very relieved that she hadn’t scared the girl away. Far from being scared away, it was all Tammy could do to keep from burying her face in that tempting pussy. As she stared at it, a trickle of moisture escaped from the slit and sparkled in the sunlight as it dripped onto the bench. Tammy moaned again.

“Would you like to touch it?” Jenny asked softly.

Tammy looked around quickly to make sure no one else was watching and then tentatively reached over and lightly traced a fingertip over the soft flesh. It felt SO good! It was so soft and smooth and Tammy’s finger traced a pattern over the soft lips. She quickly moistened her finger in her mouth and then ran it down the slit. Jenny groaned as the finger slowly entered her tight, wet tunnel. Tammy paused for a moment with her finger only as deep as the first knuckle, and then slowly slid it deeper. She paused again when her finger was as deep as possible, wiggled it a little, and then slowly withdrew it, letting it glide across Jenny’s clit as she removed it. She brought the moist finger to her mouth and closed her eyes as she sucked on it – the tart flavor filling her mouth and making her own pussy hotter and wetter. Jenny was amazed to see the cute girl sucking on the finger that had been inside her – this was even better than she had hoped for.

Tammy knew what she was about to do was risky – right out in public – but she couldn’t help herself. She slid off the bench onto her knees and leaned forward. With her face only inches from Jenny’s pussy, she inhaled deeply, savoring the musky fragrance, and then lightly licked up the slit. Now it was Jenny’s turn to moan and whimper. She pulled her other foot up on the bench and spread her legs wide, giving her new friend total access to her naked crotch. Tammy licked and kissed hungrily, sucking in some of the juices and swallowing them. Her eager tongue was everywhere on the delicious pussy, licking it, probing it, lapping at it. The tip of her tongue danced around the pink nubbin of Jenny’s clit and the dark-haired girl gritted her teeth to keep from screaming as she came. Her hips bucked against Tammy’s face as waves of pleasure coursed through her body. Tammy quickly slurped up the tasty juice that dribbled from Jenny’s body. Jenny gripped Tammy’s head tightly to her as her orgasm subsided and she squeezed her legs together tightly. Tammy had stuffed one hand into her panties and had been fingering herself furiously and the tight, confining pressure of Jenny’s thighs squeezing her head had brought her to the edge. Her face was pressed so tightly to Jenny’s pussy that she could barely breathe as her fingers brought herself to her come. She shuddered as the hot girl-cream oozed over her hand and saturated her panties. Jenny finally released her new lover and the two girls gazed into each other’s eyes.

“So good!” Jenny said softly. “So very good!”

“It sure was!” smiled Tammy, and Jenny smiled back at her. She pulled Tammy up straight on her knees and hugged her tightly. Tammy’s face was flushed with heat and smeared with sticky juices and Jenny kissed her deeply, her tongue enjoying the taste of her own pussy as it wiggled deeply in Tammy’s mouth. She grabbed Tammy’s small ass with both hands and pressed her crotch tightly to her body.

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“My turn,” she said, her eyes sparkling, but, as she pulled Tammy onto the bench, the lunch bell rang. Brought back to reality, both girls struggled to straighten their clothes as they both sighed in disappointment. As they ran back to class, Tammy asked Jenny if she could come over to her house after school. Jenny sadly said she couldn’t but maybe they could spend the night together tomorrow night since it was Friday.

Tammy thought about all this as she skipped home – she couldn’t wait to tell her mommy! She ran into the house and heard her mommy call out from the den. She ran in but stopped in her tracks, staring at her beautiful mother. She was doing her exercises on the floor, dressed only in a sheer white leotard. She had been sweating and her leotard had turned transparent in the salty moisture that covered her body. She paused as she smiled up at her daughter, letting her legs part invitingly. Her huge breasts heaved as she breathed, her fat nipples jutting out beneath the sheer cloth. She leaned back on her hands, thrusting her tits out toward the wide-eyed young girl. The crotch of her leotard was so wet with sweat and her pussy juice that it looked as though she were naked. Her large, fat cunt was swollen as usual and the material pressed her long pussy lips apart. The long pink lips actually stuck out both sides of the crotch piece, and her hard clit made a tempting bump in the wet leotard. A thick mixture of pussy cream and sweat was pooling beneath her ass.

“Hi, Baby,” she said huskily. “I missed you. Did you miss me?”

Tammy nodded her head as she smiled. Even though her mother had trained her over a year ago to service her, she still was enthralled at the sight of her. She had been more than a willing student as she was trained, responding with eager enthusiasm as she was taught the proper way to satisfy a woman with her mouth and hands. Tammy had willingly tended to her mother’s needs, including shaving her pussy nightly before she buried her face between the muscular thighs, sucking hungrily at the thick lips that filled her mouth. Diana reached between her legs and pinched her long clit between two fingers and then began to stroke it.

“How was your first day at the new school, Honey?” she asked as she brazenly played with her clit.

The memories suddenly rushed to Tammy’s mind and she said excitedly “You’ll never guess what happened! I met a girl named Jenny and she let me lick her pussy!”

Diana beamed with her daughter’s excitement. “Really?” she said. “At school? How did that happen?” She stopped stroking herself and leaned forward eagerly. Tammy told her everything that happened, describing the smallest detail.

“Well,” Diana said finally, “Did she lick you too? You know, it’s not fair to have a one-sided love affair.”

“No, the bell rang too soon but I just know she will the next time we’re together.”

Diana smiled and threw her arms open, hugging Tammy to her tightly. “Oh, Baby, I’m so happy for you!” She stood up and hugged Tammy again, snuggling the girl’s head between her huge tits. “Mmmmmm” she moaned as Tammy’s hands squeezed her ass. “This calls for a real treat,” she said passionately. Would you like some of Mommy’s special dessert?” Tammy looked up at her, grinning broadly.

“Really, Mommy? Can I really?”

“Sure, Baby. Just come with me,” and she led Tammy into their bedroom. Tammy started to tear off her clothes and she was quickly naked – her sweet, dripping pussy showed her excitement. Diana had slid out of her leotard while Tammy was undressing and she was idly sucking her juice out of the crotch piece as she gazed at her daughter. She lapped up the thickest gobs, loving the taste of her own cunt, and then she sucked the remaining juice into her mouth. Overcome with lust at the sight of her naked daughter, she laid back on the satin-covered bed.

“Come here, Baby,” she moaned. “Mommy needs a tongue bath.”

Tammy squealed with delight and jumped on the bed, her eager tongue lapping wildly at her mother’s body. After many long minutes, the sweat on Diana’s body had been replaced by Tammy’s saliva as she licked every inch of her mother’s beautiful form, lingering mostly at the best parts – her wide-spread crotch, her heaving breasts and her tasty armpits. She lovingly sucked at the fat nipples, pulling out squirts of warm mommy-milk and swallowing them down. Diana moaned throughout the tonguing and finally rolled onto her stomach, letting Tammy start over on her back and legs, finally ending at the best place of all – her warm, full ass. Tammy’s tongue eagerly lapped up and down the dark crease until it concentrated on the small hot hole buried between her ass cheeks. Her heart beat wildly as her pointed tongue began to burrow into the sweet hole. She moaned loudly as her tongue passed the sphincter and entered the hot slick ass tunnel. She wiggled her hungry tongue deeper and deeper, wishing it was much longer. The warm bitter-sweet taste of her mommy’s asshole filled her mouth as she glued her lips to the dark hole and alternately sucked and licked. She rubbed her face all around the sloshy asshole and sucked her own spit and the tasty ass juice out and gulped it down.

Diana was rubbing her clit against the satin bed cover as she ground her ass into Tammy’s face. She loved the attention Tammy paid to her ass. That was the problem – she loved it too much. And she knew Tammy loved it even more, so she only let her do it on special occasions. The intense feelings were just too much for both of them to do it regularly, so they limited it to no more than once or twice a week. Diana had already cum once while Tammy licked her front and twice more as the girl lapped wildly at her asshole and now the satin sheet was a slimy mess, puddled with her cunt cream.

Tammy had cum when her tongue had entered her mother’s asshole, but that only increased her lust. She could feel her hot cum dribble down her legs. Diana reached behind her, spreading her lovely ass cheeks with both hands so Tammy could get her mouth deeper in her ass pit. Mommy had promised her the special dessert and Tammy was going mad with hunger. Diana finally tried to get up to reposition herself but Tammy was hanging so tightly to her hips that she only succeeded in rolling onto her back. She pulled her legs back to her chest as Tammy dove back into her asshole, tongue first. Diana pulled the girl’s face to her ass tightly, grinding her ass into her face. She heard Tammy’s muffled moans as her asshole stretched open wider and large gobs of thick brown juice oozed from her ass into Tammy’s wildly sucking mouth. With great effort, Diana pulled herself into a squatting position with Tammy on her back beneath her, her mouth still asshole.

“Not here, Baby,” Diana groaned. “Not on the bed. Let’s go to the bathroom.” But Tammy would not release her hold on her mother – her need was too great to stop even for a few minutes. Diana moaned again in lust and tried to focus her eyes on Tammy’s precious hairless pussy. She soon felt a pressure in her lower bowels and knew that Tammy’s special dessert was on its way. Tammy knew it too because her probing tongue came in contact with a firm, warm mass, flooding her taste buds with a bitter flavor. She started sucking even harder. Diana groaned again and started stroking her clit wildly and stuffing her fingers into her gaping cunt as she felt her sphincter open wide, forcing Tammy’s mouth open to the tearing point. She pressed with her stomach and a flood of cunt cream gushed from her swollen pussy as a fat tube of mommy-shit oozed from her asshole into Tammy’s sucking mouth. It filled the girl’s mouth completely and a stream of cum shot from her little pussy onto her trembling thighs. Diana scooped the hot cream into her mouth with one hand, inflamed with lust at the swallowing sounds Tammy was making.

“Oh, YES!” she groaned. “Eat my shit! You’re a good little shit-eater! Suck that filthy crap out of my ass and eat it! Chew it up and swallow it! Eat your mother’s stinking shit! Eat it! Eat it!”

Tammy needed no encouragement but she loved to hear her mother tell her to eat her shit. More of the long turd passed into Tammy’s mouth and she chewed it quickly before gulping it down and sucking in more. The grainy crap filled her mouth and caked her teeth as she squished the dirt around in her mouth. She began to snort as she tried to breathe with her mouth filled with shit and her nose pressed tightly in her mother’s ass.

“That’s right,” Diana said. “Snort like a fucking pig! A little shit-pig! Gobble up that dirty crap and wallow in it like a turd hog! Suck my guts out! Eat from my ass! Mommy’s little shit-pig!”

Tammy could barely hear her mother because the slurping and gobbling sounds she was making were so loud. Besides, Diana’s mouth was filled with her own cunt cream and her daughter’s and it was dribbling down her chin. She began to snort herself as she gargled on the frothy juice in her mouth. Tammy had finished chewing and swallowing the firm turds and now a softer, thinner rope of crap was oozing into her mouth. It tasted even dirtier than the firm shit but Tammy loved it and she used her lips to slurp it out and into her mouth. The soft shit was spreading over her face and Diana started grinding her ass on Tammy’s face, smearing the shit all over the young girl’s pretty face and packing it up into her nose. Tammy snorted to clear the crap from her nose and then sucked the slimy mixture of spit, snot and soft shit into her mouth where she swirled it around to savor the taste before she swallowed it. Diana’s shit had turned to slime and Tammy could suck it down without even chewing it. She gulped and gulped as the stinking slime slid down her throat, filling her tummy.

Diana lurched forward and sealed her mouth to her daughter’s juicing pussy, licking, lapping and sucking. She started chewing on the little pussy and Tammy squealed as she rubbed her shitty face in her mother’s ass crease. The assault on her pussy only made Tammy more excited as she continued to devour the rich shit that quietly slid from the asshole that was sealed to her mouth. The young girl was in her own little heaven and all her senses were being excited to the breaking point – the feel of the satin on her back, the sweet pain of her mother’s mouth chewing on her pussy, the taste and smell of her mother’s crap and cream, the sight of her mother’s shit-smeared ass grinding down on her face. Her stomach was stretching as it filled with shit but Tammy kept eating, trying to satisfy a hunger that had nothing to do with her stomach. Finally, Tammy’s mouth sucked on an empty hole – the load of shit was gone. She hugged her mother’s ass tightly to her face as she gently licked at the gaping hole, thanking it for it’s wonderful gift. Diana was exhausted from so many orgasms and she laid her head on Tammy’s thigh, lightly licking the last traces of juice as it dribbled from the girl’s pussy. When she got her breath back, Tammy began her cleanup job, licking away the smears of shit on her mother’s ass. Diana rolled off of her and looked at her dirty daughter.

“You’re a fucking mess,” she said smiling. “There’s shit all over your face and even in your hair. You’re a messy little shit-eater!”

Tammy smiled back at her through brown lips and teeth. “Well, you’re a messy shitter!” and they both laughed. Diana leaned down and began to lick her shit from Tammy’s face while Tammy moaned in pleasure.

Jenny’s mother, Eve, was a single parent, just like Diana. On this particular afternoon she was making the best of her time alone. She had just received a new videotape in the mail and she was eager to watch it. Her panties were wet as she read the title: ‘Teenage Pajama Party Shitters’. This was going to be good and she quickly stripped naked before she put in the tape and settled back on the sofa. She knew that Jenny would not be home for another three hours because she had martial arts practice after school today. This would give her plenty of time to masturbate as she watched the video and she knew that she would have some great cums because the video involved her two favorite subjects – young girls and shit. She cupped her big, sagging tits with both hands, squeezing them harshly and pulling them toward her face. She alternately sucked and chewed both rubbery nipples and then let her tits flop back down as she reached for her cunt. She rubbed it first with both hands and then tugged on the big gold rings that pierced her inner lips. She pulled the lips up and out, spreading them wide, and she gazed down at her shaven cunt. The long inner lips were pulled out three inches on both sides and she drooled at the sight of her big, open cunt. Her fat clit stood out at the junction of the lips and Eve gazed at it with lust. “I’m gonna pierce you too, you little doll,” she thought. And I’m going to hang weights on you and stretch you out just like my sweet lips!” Eve loved her cunt and everything about it and she loved to hurt it while she masturbated. She just wished she could get her face down there and suck it! She had already stretched her tits so far by tying them up and hanging weights from them that they were now like two large balls of flesh that hung from her chest. Now she had plans for her cunt. The stretching of her pussylips was coming along nicely and she hoped that, within a year, both her tits and her lips would be so stretched that she could connect the rings in her nipples to the rings in her cunt. What a joy that would be, she thought, to be curled into a ball with her tits connected to her cunt while she fisted her asshole! Her cunt quivered at the thought and a puddle of cream formed beneath it on the leather sofa.

The movie was starting so Eve leaned forward, letting her tits hang freely as she reached for her nylon hose. She tied a nylon tightly around the base of each tit, making them swell up. She leaned back, letting her tit-balls roll on her chest and she stuffed her panties into her mouth to wet them. After sucking her juices from them, she stuffed them up her ass, smiling to herself when she felt a turd deep in her bowels. The turd would flavor the panties for sucking and she had plans for the turd, too. She started to play with her cunt as the opening credits ended and the scene showed 6 teenage girls sitting in a room in various stages of undress. Eve studied the girls and wondered which would do the shitting and which would be shit on.

As her mother was playing with her pussy, Jenny was on her way home. Her martial arts practice had been cancelled. She thought about Tammy as she walked and she was determined to suck that cute girl’s pussy the first chance she got. She thought about all the things they could do together when Tammy spent the night with her. She pictured them both rolling around on her bed naked, hugging, kissing and licking. Her pussy was dribbling juice down her thighs and she began to wish she had worn panties that day. She entered the house and called out to her mother. Eve jumped up in terror and quickly gathered up her clothes and fled the room before Jenny had passed through the kitchen. Her heart beat frantically as she untied her tits and put her clothes back on. She walked back into the den, still trying to catch her breath but thankful that she hadn’t been caught. She froze at the den door when she heard “Yeah, Bitch, take that shit in your mouth! Eat my fucking shit!” Damn, she thought, she hadn’t turned off the video!

She peeked in and saw the top of Jenny’s head as she sat on the sofa in front of the TV. She walked up behind Jenny, trying to think up a plausible excuse for the video and then froze once more. Jenny had her eyes glued to the TV and her feet were pulled up on the sofa and spread wide. One hand was between her legs and she was rubbing her pussy frantically as she kept muttering “Wow” over and over again. Eve couldn’t believe her eyes – she was seeing her young daughter masturbating – but she finally came to her senses and went to the TV, shutting it off.

“Hey, no, wait!” pleaded Jenny. “Turn it back on,” she begged.

“Jenny, you can’t watch that stuff. You’re too young. Besides….”

“No,” the girl pleaded. “Please, Mommy, please! Just a few more minutes, please!”

Eve was torn in confusion – caught between trying to be a proper mother and wanting to make her daughter happy. She couldn’t believe what she was doing as she turned on the TV to let her 13-year-old daughter watch girls eating each other’s shit. Jenny’s eyes widened and she grinned broadly as the picture returned. In a trance, Eve sat back down on the sofa next to Jenny, watching the movie without seeing it, still not believing what was happening. Trying to make some sense out of this, she asked Jenny why she was home early and Jenny replied without taking her eyes off the screen.

“Wow!” Jenny said. “Look at that! That little blonde is letting that other girl go to the bathroom in her mouth and she’s eating it! Do you think that’s real shit or something that looks like it?”

“It looks real,” Eve replied in a daze. She couldn’t help it as her own cunt started to juice at the sight. She looked over at Jenny who was busily rubbing her crotch with both hands. She couldn’t see the girl’s pussy but her skirt was so high that she could see her bare ass cheeks and realized that she wasn’t wearing panties.

Jenny had never imagined anything like this. To see girls her own age doing such nasty, exciting things made her lose control. She groaned loudly as she watched the blonde chew on a mouthful of shit and then open wide as the camera zoomed in for a close-up to show her mouth filled with crap. She groaned again when another girl came into view and placed her open mouth on the blonde’s, plunging her tongue into the shit-filled mouth.

“I’m sorry, Mom” she moaned. “I just can’t help it! I’ve GOT to masturbate!” She stood up quickly and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She kicked off her shoes as she pulled her sweater over her head. Eve stared in amazement, first at the beautiful hairless pussy already dripping cream and then at the adorable little titties. Jenny fell back on the sofa, her legs spread wide, and she started fingering her little pussy. Eve stared in complete amazement at the naked young girl beside her – her own daughter! It was one thing to see girls on TV but to see a naked girl masturbating right beside her was almost too much to take. She shook her head in disbelief. It was amazing enough to see her masturbating but the fact that she was so turned on by watching girls shit and eat shit made Eve think she must be dreaming. She couldn’t take her eyes off the naked girl – such a beautiful body! And the way her soft little pussy bulged out around the probing fingers made Eve’s mouth water. She watched as Jenny fingered herself to two rapid orgasms but still seemed frustrated.

“Oh, Mommy,” she moaned. “My fingers aren’t enough! I’ve got to have more! Would you lick me off? Please?”

Eve stared at the girl’s pleading eyes in shock. She looked down at Jenny’s crotch and whimpered. “Darling, I can’t! I’m your mother!”

“Please, Mommy, PLEASE!!!!” Jenny pulled her legs back tightly to her chest and spread them as wide as possible, offering her body up to her mother. She grabbed her small ass cheeks with both hands and spread her butt wide. “Can’t you see how bad I need it? I’ve GOT to have a mouth on my cunt and a cunt on my mouth! PLEASE!!!”

“No, Baby, no,” Eve said weakly, her eyes glued to her daughter’s pussy and ass.

“Don’t you like my pussy? See how soft and wet it is? It’s so hot and it needs a tongue so bad! I know you like girls because there were girls in that movie! Do you like shit, too? I’ll give you all the shit you want! I’ll shit in your mouth if that’s what you want! I’ll do anything, just help me get off!!!!”

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When Jenny mentioned shitting in her mouth, Eve lost what little self-control she had and she fell to her knees on the floor and buried her face in her daughter’s crotch. Even in her fantasies, it hadn’t been this good! The feel and taste of a young pussy made her cum immediately as she sucked and tongued the tiny slit. Jenny squealed and came quickly into her mother’s hungry mouth and Eve groaned as squirts of spicy juice filled her mouth. She kept sucking and Jenny kept cumming and thick gobs of cream ran down Eve’s thighs. She finally pulled back and gazed at Jenny’s asshole. A tiny little pucker between perfect ass cheeks. In a frenzy, she glued her lips to it and plunged her tongue as deeply as she could in the hot, tight tunnel. It tasted even better than she had hoped – both bitter and sweet and she closed her eyes in ecstasy as she wiggled her tongue in her own daughter’s asshole. Her nose was pressed into Jenny’s pussy and the girl writhed on the sofa as she came over and over.

Finally, her pussy was satisfied but her mouth wasn’t, and Jenny pushed Eve away from her butt. “I want to lick you, too!” she squealed as she pushed Eve back onto the floor. Eve tried to protest but she was so hot and weak from tonguing Jenny’s asshole that she could only moan as the young girl tore the buttons off her blouse trying to expose her tits. “Oh, WOW!” Jenny shouted as her mother’s fat, hanging tits came into view. “Great tits, Mom!” she said eagerly as she squeezed one with both hands. Jenny had seen big-breasted girls and women in showers but nothing she had seen compared to the fleshy balls that draped from her mother’s chest onto the floor beside her. Jenny was amazed and she grabbed one with both hands and pulled it up to her face to suck on one nipple. That was when she noticed the large gold ring in her mother’s nipple and she squealed again. She sucked the big nipple in her mouth and played with the ring with her tongue. She loved her mother’s tits but she needed to taste cunt now so she dropped the tit and struggled with her mother’s zippered skirt. Eve raised her ass in submission so Jenny could pull her skirt off and throw it over her shoulder. Eve’s knees were raised and her legs were together, but Jenny grabbed her knees to pull them apart. Eve groaned and let her legs fall apart, exposing her cunt to Jenny’s gaze.

“Damn, Mom!” she moaned. “What a fucking cunt!” Eve’s long pussylips spread open wide, the gold rings dangling on the floor and her enlarged clit quivering in the air. Sticky globs of thick cream were congealed on her lips and more gobs drooled from her gaping hole and spread out in a pool beneath her ass. Jenny was hypnotized by the sight.

“What a fucking cunt!” she kept muttering. “What a beautiful fucking cunt!” She fell to her knees between her mother’s legs and explored the magnificent cunt with both hands. Eve had blushed with embarrassment at the thought of exposing her unusual cunt to her daughter and she was relieved that Jenny thought it was exciting instead of grotesque. Jenny grasped the gold rings and spread the lips as wide as possible. The pink, wet lips made a bowl shape as they stretched out and Jenny pushed her face into it. Her face was completely surrounded by cunt and she loved it. She licked, sucked, chewed and bit as the cream kept flowing from Eve’s hot hole. As she suckled on the thimble-sized clit, Jenny discovered that she could slide four fingers in her mother’s cunt with no effort, and she wiggled them in deep, amazed that a cunt could open so easily.

“Put your whole hand in, Honey,” Eve moaned. Jenny looked surprised but slid her thumb in beside her fingers and felt her mother’s cunt close around her wrist. It was hot and wet inside and her fingers toyed with Eve’s cervix as Jenny kept nursing on the fat clit. Suddenly, remembering the way her mother had licked her asshole, Jenny had the urge to see what one tasted like and she pulled her hand out of Eve’s cunt with a juicy plop. Eve moaned at the loss of the hand but she was thrilled when Jenny pushed her legs back and began to lick around her asshole. Eve spread her ass cheeks wide to encourage her daughter and Jenny slid her tongue into the dark, sweaty hole. She quickly decided that she liked the taste and she tongued her mother’s butthole eagerly. She finally pulled her tongue out and gazed at the puffy hole while she rubbed it with a fingertip. She pressed her finger into the hole and it slid in easily. She was surprised that the hole opened up so wide past the sphincter and she explored her mother’s bowels. Her probing finger came in contact with something that felt strange – it was soft and lacy. Curious, she hooked her finger into it and pulled it out. She watched in awe as she pulled her mother’s panties from her asshole.

“Damn, Mother!” she said. “You’ve stuffed your panties up your ass! Why did you do that?” Eve just moaned in response. Jenny pulled the panties free and held them up. They were covered with brown slime. They had been pink when Eve had stuffed them in but it was hard to tell what the original color was now. Several gobs of shit stuck to the flimsy material. Jenny wrinkled her nose at the smell.

“Do you really like shit, Mom?” she asked. “How can you like anything that smells like this? Phew!” Eve sat up and Jenny was startled at the look in her mother’s eyes. She was crazed with lust and drool dribbled from her mouth. Her lips quivered as she took the panties from her daughter and held them to her face, inhaling deeply as her whole body shook. Jenny sat back to watch and she played with her pussy as she watched her mother dreamily rub the dirty panties across her lips.

“Ewww, Mother! That’s so NASTY! You’re rubbing shit on your mouth! Your own shit! You’re tasting your own shit!” As nasty as it was, it made Jenny hot to watch her mother do such a disgusting act and she fingered her pussy as Eve began to lick the stained panties. Streaks of brown slime dripped from her lips and tongue onto her tits as she lapped at the filthy panties. With a moan, she finally stuffed the panties in her mouth and chewed on them as she clawed at her foaming cunt.

“Eat your shitty panties, Mother!” Jenny squealed in excitement. “Eat your own shit, you dirty, nasty slut! Pantie licker! Shit-eater! I bet you eat your own shit right out of your ass, don’t you? I bet that’s what you were going to do today while I was gone – you were going to hand-fuck your big cunt and eat your own filthy shit! Weren’t you?”

Eve just nodded and kept sucking the shitty panties and swallowing the shit juice and spit. Jenny got up and stood over her kneeling mother. She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back.

“Open your filthy mouth, Mother! I want to see that dirty mess inside!” Eve opened her mouth wide to show her daughter what a filthy slut she was. Jenny stared at the revolting slime that filled her mother’s mouth. The tiny panties were wadded tight and laid in a pool of brown muck. Frothy brown slime bubbled from the corner of Eve’s lips and dribbled down her face and neck. Her teeth were brown and she stuck out her crap-coated tongue and wiggled it at her daughter. Jenny felt the urge to vomit at the sight and smell of the filth in her mother’s mouth, but she spit in it instead. Eve moaned when she felt Jenny spit in her mouth and she shuddered in another orgasm. Jenny spit again and then released Eve’s hair as she kept swallowing the slime that filled her mouth.

“I’ve seen slimy shit and unflushed toilets, but I’ve never seen anything as filthy and nasty as the inside of your mouth! Dirty, filthy sewage! You’re a sewer! I bet you’d eat shit out of a public toilet! Anybody’s shit! Nasty, dirty, runny shit filling your mouth! My mother, the shit-eater!” Jenny felt the urge to pee and she just arched her hips forward and directed a stream of hot piss onto her mother’s cunt. Eve screeched in delight and quickly spit out the panties and opened her mouth wide, pushing her face toward the stream. Jenny’s yellow piss quickly filled her mouth and Eve gulped it down.

“You drink piss too? You’re just a fucking toilet! Piss and shit filling up your stomach! Nasty, nasty bitch!” In spite of her humiliating words, Jenny was turned on by her mother’s lewd acts and, when her piss was gone, she didn’t object at all when Eve pulled her to the floor and started slobbering around her asshole.

“Suck my asshole, Mother! Lick that dirty little hole where my shit comes out! Put your tongue where I shit! That’s right – stick your tongue way up inside and lick my bowels!” The two writhed around on the floor as Eve madly sucked and tongued her daughter’s butthole. Eve was determined to get the girl’s shit if she had to suck it out of her stomach and all the way through her intestines. They ended up with Eve on her back and Jenny squatting over her face, bouncing her ass up and down on Eve’s extended tongue. The brown spitty juice that ran from Jenny’s ass dribbled over Eve’s face. Suddenly, Jenny stopped – she could feel a fullness in her bowels and she knew that she was about to defecate. Eve knew it too and she pulled her tongue out of Jenny’s asshole and opened her mouth as wide as possible. Jenny paused – she didn’t know if she could actually go through with this filthy act. Seeing the girls in the movie do it was one thing, but to actually squat over another person’s mouth and expel the dirty, smelly crap from her body into it was another thing all together. She leaned forward and looked down between her legs. She saw her mother’s mouth wide open beneath her ass and heard her whimpering. Eve sensed that Jenny was reluctant to do this perverted act but she had to have it – she had to!

“Do it, Baby, do it!” she said softly, but urgently. “Let me have it! Give it to me! I want it! I want it so bad!”

The room was deathly quiet and neither Eve nor Jenny moved as Jenny pushed with her stomach muscles and felt a turd push against her rectum. She pushed again and her rectum opened slightly. With one more push, the turd emerged but it was large and moved slowly. Jenny gagged when the smell reached her nose and she tightened her ass, causing the turd to stop, hanging several inches above Eve’s mouth.

“How can you do this, Mother?” she cried. “How can you let something this smelly and awful go into your mouth?” Eve just whimpered and breathed deeply, inhaling the foul odor. Jenny still paused, reluctant to degrade her mother in such a manner, but she glanced down at Eve’s cunt – her legs were spread wide and her clit and cunt literally throbbed with lust. Tiny squirts of juice were shooting from her hole and Jenny saw how her whole body trembled. She knew how bad her mother needed this, so she took a deep breath and pushed as hard as she could. The firm ball of crap literally popped from her ass, shooting directly into Eve’s mouth. It was the size of a large egg and it lodged in Eve’s throat from the force of being expelled so quickly from the young girl’s ass. Eve coughed it back into her mouth and came as she pressed the shit-egg tightly to the roof of her mouth with her tongue. The taste of her daughter’s shit filled her mouth and she scraped the pasty crap from the roof of her mouth with her tongue and pushed it around, caking her entire mouth with the smelly brown filth. Another turd appeared – this one was softer and longer and it oozed from Jenny’s pretty ass. Eve squealed in delight as this fresh rope of crap slowly dropped into her mouth. With her mouth already coated with firm shit, she started chewing on the softer crap, swallowing as it turned to slime in her mouth.

“Eat it, Mother, you filthy slut! Eat my crap! Swallow the dirty waste from my body! Look at you! Your big sloppy cunt is cumming constantly while you eat my filthy crap! Your own daughter’s crap! You’re eating the shit from your own daughter’s body! You’re nasty and filthy! Nobody could be that nasty!”

Eve kept chewing and swallowing, her hips bouncing as she spewed cum from her cunt. Jenny’s shit was so much better than her own. It tasted horrible, just like her own, but she loved the taste, and the fact that it came from a young girl’s body – her own daughter – made it that much better. She tried to make it last longer and chew more slowly, but she was so eager to get her daughter’s crap in her stomach that she gulped it down. It was gone way too soon, but her cunt was so sore from the constant orgasms that she was finally satisfied and she lovingly licked Jenny’s asshole, wiping away small traces of dirt with her tongue. She finally dropped her head back to the floor and reality came back to her as she realized what she had done. She had gotten her own precious daughter involved in her filthy desires. Her own daughter! How could she be so nasty and perverted? She rolled on her side and curled into a ball, ashamed of her vile lust.

“Mom? Are you OK?”

“Oh, Honey, I’m so ashamed! I can’t believe I did that to you!”

“Did what? You didn’t do anything to me. I did it to you!”

“You must hate me for being so filthy. Those things you said and the names you called me. I’m so ashamed!”

“Hey, what are you talking about? I called you a dirty filthy shit-eater, but that’s what you are! Didn’t you see how hot I got watching the movie? I loved everything we did!

Eve rolled back over and saw the concern and love in her daughter’s face. “Really? You don’t hate me for what I did?”

“Gosh, no! I loved it! I can’t wait to do it again!” Jenny leaned forward and kissed Eve lightly on her shitty lips. Eve moaned in relief and hugged Jenny tightly to her. Without pausing, Jenny kissed her mother deeply, thrusting her tongue into Eve’s dirty mouth. The two kissed passionately, their tongues squirming into each other’s mouth.

“Hmmmm,” thought Jenny. “It tastes bad, but not all that bad. I wonder if I could do what she did?”

Later that night, Jenny was lying naked on her back in her mother’s bed. Eve was lying between her spread legs, lightly licking on her daughter’s darling pussy. Jenny reached over and grabbed the phone and dialed Tammy’s number.

“Tammy? Hi, it’s me, Jenny. Whatcha doing?”

“Oh, hi Jenny! I’m so glad you called. I was just thinking about you! I can’t wait to see you again! What are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m just lying here in bed naked.”

“Oh, you naughty girl! Are you playing with your pussy?”

“Not just now. I would be playing with it, but my mother’s face is in the way!”

Eve jerked up, looking horrified. She shook her head rapidly and mouthed “NO!”

“What? Your mother is eating your pussy? WOW!”

It was Diana’s turn to raise up from between her daughter’s legs, with a questioning look in her eyes.

“Yeah, she’s licking it, all right. It sure feels good too!” Jenny reached down with one hand and guided her mother’s face back into her crotch.

“Well, that’s a real coincidence because my mother’s licking my pussy right now, too!”

Diana just looked up at Tammy and arched an eyebrow.

“What? Your mother’s licking you off too?” Jenny asked, amazed.

Eve looked up again, startled.

“Yeah. She’s giving me my ‘goodnight kiss’.”

“I’d like to meet your mother.”

“I know she’d like to meet you, too! And I’d like to meet your mother!”

“You’d like her! She sure is nasty, though!”

“Nasty? Oooooo, I LOVE nasty!”

“Well, she’s as nasty as you can get! You know what she did this afternoon? She ate my shit!”

Eve jerked up again, shaking her head violently. She hid her face in her hands, not believing that her daughter had said that.

“What? Your mother ate your shit? She really ate your shit?”

Diana looked back up and smiled wide at Tammy’s surprised look.

“She sure did! I squatted over her face and shit right into her mouth and she ate it! I told you she was nasty! Do you still want to meet her?”

“Are you kidding? I’d love to meet her! My mother shit in my mouth today!”

“Your mother shit in your mouth today?”

Eve peeked around her fingers and looked questioningly at Jenny.

“You’re a shit-eater, Tammy?”

“I sure am! I just love to eat shit! I’d really like to eat your shit, Jenny! Would you shit for me?”

“Oh, Tammy! Of course I’ll shit for you! Oh, I can’t wait until tomorrow night! Can you bring your mother over here and we’ll all have a party?”

“Sure! Mom and I will be there! I can’t wait!”

Eve and Diana resumed licking their daughter’s pussies as the two young girls laid back, dreaming of tomorrow.

Tammy couldn’t wait to see Jenny at school the next day. She smiled broadly as soon as she saw her new friend and her heart beat rapidly when Jenny smiled back at her. Jenny led the smaller girl to a secluded hallway.

“I can’t believe what you told me on the phone last night,” Jenny said. “Were you serious? Did you really eat your mother’s shit yesterday?”

“I sure did! I know it’s terrible to do stuff like that and I never would have told you if you hadn’t said that your mother ate your shit. Isn’t it weird that we both have sex with our mothers and that we do such nasty stuff?”

“Yesterday was the first time that Mom and I have had sex,” Jenny admitted. I got home early and she had been masturbating and, well, one thing led to another. Do you and your mother make love often?”

“Oh, yes! Every day! She only lets me eat her shit a couple of times a week, though.”

“Wow, this is too much! We just met yesterday and now here we are talking about eating shit and licking our mothers!”

“Yeah! I can’t wait until tonight so I can meet your mom!”

“Me either! Remember, you’ve licked me but I haven’t licked you yet. Hell, I haven’t even seen your pussy yet!”

“Let’s go to the girl’s room and I’ll show it to you!” The two girls rushed to the restroom and happily discovered that it was empty. Tammy quickly pulled up her dress and pushed her panties down to mid-thigh. Jenny looked at the pretty redhead’s hairless slit and licked her lips in anticipation.

“I can’t wait to get my mouth on that!” she said eagerly.

“And I can’t wait to get my mouth on your butt!” Tammy replied just as eagerly. “Let me see it! Please!” Jenny reached under her skirt to pull her panties down and then turned around as she pulled her skirt up to her waist. The beautiful, tan cheeks of her ass were exposed to Tammy’s hungry gaze. Tammy quickly dropped to her knees and ran her tongue between Jenny’s ass cheeks.

“Hey, Silly! Not here! Someone could come in!”

Tammy blushed and got back to her feet, pulling up her panties. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I just wanted to have your taste in my mouth during school this morning. You taste really good back there!” Jenny smiled at her and gave her a peck on the cheek.

Tammy and her mother, Diana, knocked on Jenny’s door and waited patiently. Jenny opened it and led them into the den. She really admired Tammy’s mom because, like herself, she was athletic and muscular. Diana admired Jenny for the same reason and she stared hungrily at the girl’s body. Since Jenny was wearing tight shorts and a small tube top, almost all of her tight, tan body was visible. Jenny ran to get her mother and Diana winked and smiled at Tammy and licked her lips. Tammy smiled back.

“Pretty, isn’t she?” she asked her mother.

Diana nodded enthusiastically. “And with that beautiful, tight little butt, I might just go after her shit myself!”

“Mother!” Tammy scowled.

“Just kidding, Sweetheart. Still, she looks awfully tasty!”

“I’m so hot I can’t stand it!” Tammy squeezed her thighs together tightly and felt some juice seep out into her panties. She squeezed her mother’s thigh with one hand.

“Tammy, Diana, this is my mother, Eve,” Jenny announced as she led her mother into the room. Tammy and Diana stood to greet her and they were both a little surprised. Eve was certainly pretty but, with her hair pulled up and wearing a conservative dress, she was not at all like they had envisioned from Jenny’s description. Eve was very nervous and blushed as everyone was introduced. She was more than a little embarrassed because Jenny had told them last night that she had eaten her shit and she felt very vulnerable now that her deepest secret was exposed. Tammy and Diana were very friendly, though, and she was soon more at ease. She was very attracted to Diana and she openly admired the buxom blonde’s body, and every curve was evident in the white spandex dress she was wearing. She was equally attracted to Tammy. She could not envision that sweet little girl, dressed in a pretty dress with ribbons and bows, eating shit as Jenny had told her. After several glasses of wine, the conversation became more friendly and intimate.

Jenny was telling about meeting Tammy yesterday, “So there we were, sitting on a bench in the schoolyard, and I showed Tammy my pussy and she just started licking it right there! It was so wild!”

Diana smiled at her. “If your pussy is as pretty as the rest of you, I’m sure that any woman would have done the same thing!”

Jenny smiled and blushed. Eve, who had been quiet most of time, swallowed hard and said “Maybe it would be nice if Tammy and Jenny got up and showed us how much they like each other.” This was all the invitation the young girls needed and they quickly stood and faced each other. Diana smiled at Eve and patted the sofa cushion next to her while she beckoned the woman to sit beside her. Eve joined Diana on the sofa and whimpered, as she smelled the woman’s perfume. It was obvious to Diana that she would have to be the aggressor, just as Jenny was the aggressor with Tammy. She leaned over and kissed Eve lightly on the neck and smiled to herself as Eve moaned deeply. Diana put her hand on Eve’s thigh and felt the woman tremble. Both of the women’s attention, though, was quickly turned to their daughters.

Tammy and Jenny were hugging and kissing deeply as they stood in front of their mothers. They hadn’t really kissed before and they were both thoroughly enjoying tonguing the other’s mouth. Thin trickles of girlish spit were dribbling down their cheeks as they kissed hungrily. Tammy’s eager hands were all over her lover’s body and she quickly rolled the tube top up to expose Jenny’s tiny breasts. Diana gazed at Jenny’s small but well-formed breasts and she squeezed Eve’s leg tighter as she watched her daughter’s hands caress the soft mounds. Tammy started licking at Jenny’s titties while her hands fumbled with the zipper on the girl’s shorts. The sound of the zipper going down seemed to be magnified in the room because it signified that there would soon be a naked young girl exposing her charms to everyone in the room. Tammy fell to her knees and slowly – very slowly – pulled Jenny’s shorts down. With no panties beneath the shorts, Tammy, Eve and Diana stared expectantly as each inch of the girl’s body was bared. Diana moaned the loudest when Jenny’s hairless mound was exposed because she was the only other one in the room who had not seen it. Then came the top of her slit, with her tiny clit barely visible. Then, as the shorts dropped quickly down her legs, Jenny took off the tube top and stood naked in front of the others. Diana’s eyes tried to take in everything at once and her throat was suddenly dry at the thought that she would be able to make love to that beautiful, young body. Eve’s gaze was focused on Jenny’s perfectly formed ass and the memories of the day before made her have a tiny orgasm. Tammy sat back and admired her girlfriend’s nude body, her flat chest heaving with lust. Jenny looked down at Tammy and, standing dominantly with her hands on her hips, told her to take off her clothes. Without taking her eyes from Jenny’s body, Tammy complied, quickly removing her clothes as she sat on the floor. Eve and Diana were embracing on the sofa and running their hands over each other’s body but they couldn’t stop watching the spectacle of the two young girls exposing themselves. Eve groaned at the sight of Tammy’s thin, pale body lying naked on the floor and, when Jenny straddled Tammy’s body and lowered her crotch over Tammy’s face and the redhead sealed her mouth to Jenny’s pussy, it proved to be too much for her. She stood quickly and ripped open her dress, revealing a black lace corset. She reached up and unfastened the clasp in her hair and shook her head to let her long hair flow down. Diana was slightly startled at the look of pure lust in the woman’s eyes but this was more like the woman she had expected.

No longer the aggressor, Diana laid back while Eve fell across her, smothering her in hot, wet kisses. Diana felt like she was being ravished by a hungry animal as Eve pulled her clothes off of her and licked wildly at her body. After mauling Diana’s large tits with her hands and mouth, Eve knelt on the floor and pushed the blonde’s legs apart. Diana, clad only in a tiny thong bikini, watched as Eve hooked her finger in the thong and pulled it away from her body and then bit through it at the crotch. Eve loved her daughter’s small pussy but the large, gaping cunt that was in her face now inflamed her lust and she went after it like a starving beast. Diana noticed that Tammy and Jenny were in a 69 and she watched them briefly before the ravaging of her own cunt made her close her eyes as she came into Eve’s mouth. Eve was totally lost in lust – her desires for so many years were being taken out on Diana’s body. She had sucked two orgasms out of Diana’s cunt before she started licking the woman all over. She wanted to get her mouth and tongue everywhere – she sucked her toes, licked her feet and legs, nursed on her fat nipples, but she was saving the best for last. Unable to wait any longer, she pulled Diana off the sofa so that the blonde’s head and shoulders were on the floor and her legs were straight up in the air. Eve bent Diana’s legs back to her chest, exposing her puffy asshole. Eve went crazy at the sight of the puckered brown hole and drool ran from her mouth and puddled on the nasty hole. With a loud moan, she buried her face in Diana’s ass and sucked wildly. She knew exactly what she wanted and her long tongue searched for it in the blonde’s bowels.

Jenny and Tammy had licked each other to several sweet cums but the noises that Eve was making caused them to pause and they went to watch. Tammy felt a twinge of envy as she watched Eve suck on Diana’s asshole. She knew that the woman was trying to suck the shit out of her asshole and she wanted the shit for herself. Still, it was exciting to watch another shit-lover in action and she encouraged her girlfriend’s mother.

“Suck her asshole, Eve!” Tammy exclaimed. “Suck it real hard! Suck the shit right out of her body!”

“Yeah, Mom,” said Jenny, “I want to see your mouth filled up with shit, just like you filled it with my shit yesterday!”

Eve was doing her best to suck out Diana’s shit, but she wasn’t getting any and she was becoming desperate. She didn’t just *want* the woman’s shit – she needed it. She finally pulled her mouth away and dug a finger deep into the blonde’s asshole, trying to reach the filthy treat that nestled deep in her body. Her eyes sparkled when her finger reached a large turd and she forced her finger into it. She squealed in delight when she pulled her finger out and everyone saw that it was heavily stained with dark brown clumps of filthy waste. Her nostrils flared and she moaned loudly as she stuck the soiled finger in her mouth and sucked the shitty clumps from it. Tammy and Jenny were getting really hot from watching Eve being so nasty and they started rubbing each other’s small tight butts. Diana’s asshole had loosened from Eve’s fingering and so, when Eve began sucking the hole again, the turd moved quickly to the rectum and began to force its way through. As soon as her wriggling tongue felt the turd, Eve pulled her face back – she wanted to watch the turd emerge from Diana’s body. Out it came, very slowly, past the rectum and out where the others could see it. Since Diana was braced on her shoulders with her ass high in the air, the turd rose straight up into the air. The others moaned as the fat log of shit rose higher and higher until it stood erect, the tip at least 9 inches from Diana’s body. The stench of the foul waste filled the room and Jenny had to swallow hard but Tammy and Eve breathed deeply to enjoy the dirty perfume. It seemed like a long time that they all gazed at the brown monument that stood up from Diana’s ass but Eve finally weakened and took a long lick at it, starting at the rectum all the way to the tip. She came as her tongue slowly traveled up the turd, leaving a wet trail of her saliva behind.

“Look, Tammy!” said Jenny. “She’s licking your mom’s shit! She’s got her tongue all over it while it’s still in your mom’s body! That is SO fucking nasty!!”

“Lick it, Eve!” encouraged Tammy. “Get it all over your tongue! Isn’t it delicious? Don’t you just love that nasty taste? Mom’s shit tastes so good, I could eat it every day! Her shit tastes a lot better than mine!”

Jenny glanced over at Tammy and arched an eyebrow. She wasn’t aware that Tammy also ate her own shit and she decided that it would be fun to watch the cute girl do it sometime. In her eagerness watching Eve lick her mother’s turd, Tammy had stuck a finger into Jenny’s asshole and she was probing deep into her body. Jenny was enjoying Tammy’s finger in her butt and she slid one of her own fingers into Tammy’s butt. The two young girls played with their own pussies with one hand while they fingered the other’s butt with their other hand.

Eve had wrapped her arms around Diana’s bent-back legs and she was making love with her mouth to the brown cone that stood straight up. Her tongue ran up and down the length of it, her lips kissed it and she circled the tip with her mouth and deep-throated it, sealing her lips to Diana’s asshole while the turd filled her mouth and extended into her throat. The thick turd was so firm that it didn’t break apart while Eve worshipped it, but it began to dissolve in the river of spit that the horny slut was covering it with. Small, brown streams of shitty spit ran across Diana’s ass and down her back and thighs. Eve began rubbing her face against the hard turd, smearing the shit on her pretty face, and then using her mouth and tongue again to make love to it.

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Tammy was becoming exasperated. Whenever she ate her mother’s shit she wanted to chew it up and swallow it as quickly as possible to get it in her stomach. She couldn’t understand why Eve just kept kissing it and licking it. She wasn’t aware that Eve was treasuring this act and wanted it to last as long as possible. Ever since she was a little girl, Eve had had a fixation for shit and all of the pretty girls and women that she had known in her life, she just wanted to kneel behind them and suck their pretty asses empty. Now, Diana was all these girls rolled into one and she wanted to savor the filthy shit that she had dreamed about all her life. She had loved eating Jenny’s shit but that had just gotten her started. Diana was all of the women that she had lusted after and Eve wanted this experience to last. Her lifelong dream was curled into a ball, willingly giving her the very essence of her body. With her mouth over the turd and her lips tight against Diana’s asshole, she looked into the blonde’s eyes. Eve had always feared humiliation and contempt but there was nothing in Diana’s eyes but understanding and affection. Eve realized that Diana knew how much she needed what she was giving to her and Eve loved her for it. Still staring into Diana’s eyes, she sank her teeth into the turd and severed it. Still staring at Diana, Eve began chewing on the filthy shit that filled her mouth. Rivulets of brown juice dribbled from her mouth and dripped off her chin. Diana smiled at her and Eve closed her eyes in ecstasy, letting her orgasm surge through her trembling body.

“She’s eating it!” squealed Tammy. “She’s chewing it up and eating it! Your mom is eating my mom’s shit! Wow!”

“Eat it, Mother!” said Jenny excitedly. “Eat that dirty shit! Damn, you’re nasty! What a filthy, nasty thing you’re doing, and just look at your cunt! It’s shooting cream out all over the sofa! What a piggy slut! A shit-eating slut!”

Tammy looked around to see Eve’s cunt and she gasped when she saw the gaping hole for the first time. The gold rings in Eve’s pussy lips surprised her, as well as the size of her fat, dripping cunt and, as Jenny had said, streams of thick juice were literally squirting from it and puddling on the sofa. Tammy dug her finger deeper into Jenny’s butt as she licked her lips at the sight of Eve’s cunt. Jenny pulled her own finger out of Tammy’s butt and saw that it was covered in brown stains so she offered it to Tammy who eagerly sucked it into her mouth and cleaned her crap from it. The taste of shit built a fire in her and she pulled her own finger from Jenny’s ass, grinning widely at the sight of the thick smears on it. “This is Jenny’s shit!” she thought as she stared at her finger. She moaned loudly as she stuck the finger in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it to absorb the taste of her girlfriend’s shit. It was delicious! Just as rich and bitter as she had dreamed. Streams of wetness dribbled down her thighs as she savored the taste of her lover’s crap.

Eve had fallen backward onto the sofa, still chewing and swallowing Diana’s shit as she clawed at her tits with one hand and her cunt with the other, bringing orgasm after orgasm to her writhing body. Jenny was overcome at the sight and she fell to her knees between her mother’s legs and wiggled a hand into her cunt while she began sucking on her mother’s engorged clit. Tammy was becoming light-headed. The taste of her own shit and Jenny’s shit had made her eyes glaze over in lust. No longer a sweet young girl, she had transformed into a lusting shit-pig and her eyes fell on her mother’s ass. Diana was still doubled over and Tammy saw that the rest of Diana’s shit was oozing from her asshole. In an instant, Tammy straddled her mother and rammed her face between her mother’s ass cheeks. Her open mouth quickly sucked the soft lumps of crap out of Diana’s ass and Tammy gulped them down without even chewing. The lumps were sticking in her throat but she dug her tongue into her mother’s asshole to try to get more. She coated her tongue with the foul-tasting paste and sucked her tongue clean before repeating her nasty act. Her legs were spread over Diana’s face and thick streams of cum were drooling from her pussy while Diana tried to catch them in her mouth. She gathered a mouthful of the sticky cream before she gulped it down and the taste of her daughter’s cum made her own cunt squeeze out some tart, spicy cream, which Tammy quickly lapped up.

Tammy had only tasted small bits of shit so far and she needed more, much more. As she licked up the spitty shit streams that Eve had drooled on Diana’s ass, her eyes fell on Jenny’s upturned ass. The girl’s tan ass was high in the air and her legs were spread wide, revealing her tiny asshole. Tammy could wait no longer – she had to have a full load of shit now, and she moved away from Diana to kneel behind Jenny. Grabbing Jenny’s ass cheeks with both hands, she plunged her tongue directly into the tight hole. Jenny squealed at the surprise of the invading tongue but wiggled her ass against Tammy’s face. Jenny kept fisting her mother’s cunt and licking her clit as she felt Tammy’s lips sucking at her asshole. Tammy was so desperate for Jenny’s shit that she wanted to stick her hand up the girl’s ass and pull it out but she knew Jenny was much too tight for that so she kept working up gobs of spit in her mouth and forcing them into Jenny’s ass, trying to give her a spit enema that would loosen up her bowels. She finally decided that Jenny could shit easier if she was squatting over her face, so she pulled Jenny backward as she laid back down on the floor. Jenny was willing to give Tammy her shit, but she didn’t want to leave her mother’s cunt, so she pulled Eve off the sofa too. Tammy was lying on her back on the floor with Jenny squatting over her face, trying to move her bowels. Eve had struggled to her feet and was straddling Tammy and facing Jenny, who was still fisting her cunt. Thick gobs of cream were running down Jenny’s arm as she worked her hand around in her mother’s cunt. Diana had gotten up and she stood behind Eve, cupping Eve’s tits from behind. Diana was amazed at the huge floppy tits and she squeezed them tightly as Eve groaned in passion. The room was filled with the sounds of mouths and hands on cunts and assholes. Tammy’s probing tongue finally reached a firm ball of shit deep in Jenny’s tight bowels and she licked at it wildly. Her hips bucked against the floor as she sucked and sucked at Jenny’s dirty hole. Diana had reached down to play with Eve’s full ass and her fingers wiggled into the woman’s asshole. The blonde smiled to herself as she felt how big and puffy Eve’s asshole was and she knew that it had seen a lot of use. She pointed three fingers together and they easily went into Eve’s asshole. Inside Eve’s asshole, Diana could feel Jenny’s hand working inside Eve’s cunt and this inspired her to kneel down. She removed her fingers and spit on them and on Eve’s asshole and rubbed the spit around the fat hole. Cupping her fingers tightly, she eased them into Eve’s ass and it took very little pressure to pass her rectum. She tucked her thumb into her palm and pushed her hand back in. She had to push a little harder this time, but her hand squeezed past Eve’s rectum and was finally swallowed into her bowels. Eve screeched in lust and tottered on her feet as hands probed her deeply in both holes.

“Can you feel my hand, Jenny?” asked Diana. “I’m fisting your mother’s ass!”

“I can feel it! This is really making Mom’s cunt gush!”

“Let’s fuck her hard together! You push your hand in while I pull mine back and then reverse it! We’ll fuck her guts out!”

Jenny tried to do as Diana said, but she was losing her concentration because she could feel her shit move down her bowels and it was almost ready to come out.

“I’m shitting!” she cried out. “I’m shitting into Tammy’s mouth!”

“Do it!” squealed Diana. “Shit in her mouth! Use her mouth for a toilet! Fill her face with shit and make her eat it!”

“I won’t have to make her eat it – she’s sucking my ass so hard that it feels like she’ll suck my stomach out through my asshole!”

“Come on, Baby!” squealed Diana. “Let’s use these sluts! Shit in Tammy’s mouth while we both fist your mother! These bitches need to be used! They’re toilets and holes! Shit in their toilet mouths and fuck their fat holes! Give her your shit, Jenny! Give my little girl your nasty shit! She’ll eat it! She loves it!”

Tammy’s voice was muffled by Jenny’s ass, but she cried out, “Yes! I love it! Give it to me! Give me your shit! Please, Jenny, please! Shit in my mouth! Fill me with your dirty shit! I’ll eat it all and swallow every bit! I want to be your toilet! Shit and piss in my toilet mouth!”

Jenny pushed hard and an egg-sized turd popped from her ass into Tammy’s open mouth. Tammy squealed as the ball of shit dropped in her mouth and she quickly squished it around with her tongue to coat her entire mouth with her lover’s waste. Another ball dropped out and Tammy eagerly started chewing it up.

“She’s eating it!” Jenny exclaimed. “She’s eating my shit! Can you hear her chewing on it?”

“Yeah, I hear her. She’s a little shit pig! She loves that filthy stuff more than candy. Feed her your candy, Jenny! Feed her the candy from your ass! Now, fist your mother harder! Take your hand all the way out and ram it back in and I’ll do the same. We’ll give her the biggest cum she’s ever had!”

Jenny pulled her hand all the way out of Eve’s cunt and there was a loud slurping sound as her hand pulled free. While her hand was out, Diana jammed her hand in Eve’s ass as far as she could, almost to her elbow. Eve cried out when Diana pulled her hand free as Jenny thrust her hand back into her cunt. Diana made a fist and jammed it back into Eve’s ass as Jenny pulled her hand out. Together, Jenny and Diana alternately fucked Eve’s holes as Eve struggled to remain standing. Tammy had chewed up the two balls of shit that Jenny had given her and she was sucking to get more. Unfortunately, there was nothing left except some thick pasty slime but Tammy was thankful to get it and she slurped it into her mouth. The slime was really foul and bitter but Tammy loved it and she lapped at Jenny’s asshole to get the last bit of it. On her last thrust into Eve’s asshole, Diana had felt the woman’s turds packed deep in her body. The ass fisting had loosened her up and the turds passed quickly down her bowels. When she removed her hand, Diana saw that it was completely caked with shit.

“Damn!” Diana said. “You’re really packed full, aren’t you, Honey?”

“I’d been saving my shit for two days to eat it yesterday, so now I’ve got a 3-day supply, plus Jenny’s that I ate.”

“Hey, Tammy,” said Diana, “Eve’s got four loads of shit in her guts. Does that give you any ideas?”

Tammy squirmed out from under Jenny’s ass and sat up, her eyes sparkling. “Four loads!? Damn! Let me at it!”

“Not so fast, Sugar,” Diana said. “I want to see this myself! Eve, squat down on the coffee table so we can all watch this!”

Eve was no longer blushing at the thought of being a shit slave and toilet slut. She was enjoying herself and she eagerly stood up on the coffee table and squatted down while the others gathered around to watch. Almost instantly, her puffy asshole opened up and the blunt end of a dark brown turd appeared. It slid out quickly and quietly and curled up on the table as more and more of it emerged. It was over a foot long before it broke off but it was quickly followed by another tube of shit that was just as long. There were ooh’s and aah’s of amazement from the others as they watched the waste slide from Eve’s body. The two long turds made a large coil of smelly filth but there was more to come. Two smaller turds followed the long ones and they slowly rolled down the big pile of shit. Several gooey lumps followed those and they plopped onto the top of the pile. There was a pause and then a thin rope of softer muck oozed from the fat hole to cover the whole pile in a coating of stick slime. More thin shit, like chocolate syrup, bubbled out of Eve’s body and dripped over the mountain of waste. None of the others had ever seen anything like this and they were all amazed that such a large quantity of shit could come from a slender woman. Eve got off the table and stood up proudly.

“Well,” she asked, “What do you think?”

“Fantastic, Mom!” said Jenny enthusiastically. “You must be the shit queen of the country!”

“Really impressive, Eve!” said Diana. “You might just turn me into a shit-eater too!”

Tammy was speechless. She had never imagined such a huge pile of shit to feast on.

Diana smiled at her daughter. She pulled Tammy’s long red hair back into a ponytail and held it in her fist. “You ready for this, Baby?” she asked. Tammy barely nodded and Diana pulled her head over the pile by her hair and rammed her face deep into the pile of Eve’s waste. She held her head there for a full minute and Tammy started to struggle to breathe before Diana pulled her face up. Tammy’s face was completely covered in brown muck. Her eyes popped open and they were the only features that could be seen in the mask of sticky shit.

“Do it again,” she told Diana softly, and Diana pushed her face back into the shit-pile. This time, they could see her jaws moving and her throat gulping as she slurped up the filth. Diana released her hair and watched as Tammy rubbed her face in the pile and ate as much and as fast as she could. Every now and then, Tammy raised her head up and gulped for air, but she quickly stuck her face back in the filth to eat more. She was belching and snorting as she feasted on the smelly dirt. Jenny was incredibly excited by this filthy spectacle and she crawled over to Diana on her hands and knees.

“I want your cunt!” she said, with spit drooling from her mouth.

“And I want yours!” breathed Diana and the two tumbled on the floor, quickly positioning themselves in a 69.

Eve watched Tammy lovingly, knowing how much the little shit-eater was enjoying herself. This was exactly what she would have been doing as a young girl herself if she had just had the opportunity. As Tammy knelt on the floor with her face wallowing in Eve’s shit, Eve knelt beside her and stroked her back and neck. Once, while Tammy leaned up to gasp for air, Eve turned her face around and kissed the girl deeply and the two shared a mouthful of Eve’s shit. Tammy returned to the pile and resumed her disgusting meal while Eve moved behind her and started tonguing Tammy’s little asshole. The taste of her own shit had made Eve hungry for more and Tammy was the only one who hadn’t shit yet. The girl had eaten so much shit that her guts were swelling up and forcing her and her mother’s shit down through her bowels. Although she didn’t have as much shit inside her as Eve had had, she still had a lot and Eve could feel it as her tongue wriggled inside Tammy’s body. The tiny asshole opened wide and the first turd passed into Eve’s open mouth. Eve chewed and swallowed quickly because more was oozing out. Tammy’s shit was just as rich and chewy as Jenny’s was and Eve gorged herself on it. As Tammy forced more shit into her mouth to eat, her own shit was forcing itself into Eve’s mouth. Both cunts were continually dribbling cream as the two shit-eaters kept eating and cumming. Tammy’s bowels were empty first and Eve’s tummy was filled with shit but she kept spitting into Tammy’s asshole and sucking it back out, reluctant to release the girl’s ass. Tammy finally finished eating the huge pile of shit from the table and she rolled away in exhaustion.

“Look, Mommy!” she said. “I ate it all! I ate every bit of it!”

Diana looked up from between Jenny’s thighs and shook her head, but smiled. “If Eve is the shit queen of the country, then you’ve got to be the shit-eater of the country!” They all laughed as Tammy rubbed her swollen stomach.

“Wouldn’t it be nice,” Tammy said dreamily, “if you and Jenny ate shit too and we could all get in a circle and shit in each other’s mouths! We’d all be joined together in a long line of shit!”

Jenny looked over at Diana, thought about how she had just finished licking the blonde’s tight asshole, and told her, “I’m game if you are!”

Diana smiled back at her, “Why not? Why the hell not?”

The next weekend, the four moved in the same house together.


  • Posted: 16 December 2019 22:22

    joao manoel tavares

    a very hot scat story I loved to be continued?
  • Posted: 16 May 2020 19:19


    This is such a hot story, I hope there would be a part 2 :>
  • Posted: 25 June 2020 19:51


    God what a beautiful and fantastic story. I would love to be part of that "daisy line". I am very old now, but that does not mean that I have ever given up in this kind sex. Dabbled in shit and piss and found out I love it. However in the past 20 years I have never found another woman to enjoy all that I enjoyed. So YES loved your fantastic story