The Library Assistant Erotic stories

It was 9.00PM and Dean carried his heavy bag into the library. His latest paper had cost him three solid nights without sleep, but he made the deadline; just. Now all he wanted was to unload these books and sleep, he was beginning to understand how a mule felt. He pushed his way through the security barriers and, as usual they smacked him in the balls on his way through… He winced and carried on, nobody ever wanted to look foolish coming through those barriers but they always did.

You could pretty much guarantee that everyone turned to look at who entered; there was never much studying going on in this place. This time was no exception in many ways, and there by the newspaper rack was the usual group of teenage girls spraying all types of perfume and hairspray all over the place. However, there was one pleasant change. The first person to meet his eye was not some spotty geek pretending to read the latest sociology journal, or the grumbly old bastard, library assistant, with the grey beard, who took great pleasure in asking for any overdue fees with a stupid, satisfied grin on his face. Instead Dean was faced with a young Latino looking girl behind the counter.

She had one of those faces that has been popularised in the last decade or two by Jennifer Lopez, darkened, creamy skin tone, deeply mysterious and very beautiful. Her hair was a lovely, light caramel shade, just below shoulder length and very wavy. Latino girl couldn’t have been any older than twenty, but Dean’s view was partially restricted because the height of the check in counter only really allowed a shoulders up view. He approached the desk, suddenly feeling very light headed and happy in the knowledge that he could look over the counter when he got there; there were many benefits of being over six feet tall.

Dean was not disappointed. He grinned his stupidest grin and glared at Latino girl as though he had wound up in a nightclub at the end of a weekend bender; he certainly looked a little worse for wear.

“Hi,” said Latino girl in a very pretty voice. She looked at the books in his hand, “You’ve been working hard.”

“Yep, I just spent three sleepless nights with these books. What a time I’ve had,” he replied sarcastically.

She smiled, took the books from him and started to scan them back in. He looked down, and unusually the first thing to catch his eye was her hands. He marvelled at them. They were so small and delicate, with thin fingers, yet they gripped the thick text books so firmly; he thought the girl must have phenomenal wrist power. He looked further up her arm until her shirt sleeve obscured the view of her soft skin. It was then that the tightness of material under her arm, drew his attention toward the centre of her body. Latino girl was wearing a tight, low cut black shirt, attributing to, and not even attempting to conceal a fantastic cleavage. It was one of those shirts that was so tight it created a revealing gap between each of the buttons, solely caused by the enormity of the breasts beneath. Adding to the main attraction was a simplistic, yet very effective chain, dangling from around her neck, pointing down, diverting all attention into the chasm of her bountiful cleavage. This was emphasised even more so because anyone following this chain down into the depths of her tits couldn’t help being curious to see what was dangling from the end of it. The end was not in sight.

“I think you need to go home and take a cold shower,” said Latino girl with a grin, handing Dean his library card.

Dean couldn’t take his gaze away from her beautiful tits. “I wouldn’t mind taking a shower with those,” he said unknowingly. “Shit, did I just say that out loud? I must be tired!” Ashamed, he diverted his eyes and looked into hers. “I’m sorry,” he said.

Latino girl just smiled and blushed. “You speak your mind don’t you?” she said with a laugh, “we‘re closing now, you‘ll have to leave.”

Her laugh was one of those laughs that Dean had come to associate with a dirty laugh; straight out of a ‘Carry On’ movie. It was, Dean thought to himself, a ‘come on, get your dick out and play with me’ laugh.

Dean allowed his thoughts to wander, indulging his fantasies. These wandering thoughts could last for hours or forever in the mind, in the consciousness, yet they would only last a brief moment in the physical world of measured time. He looked casually around and noticed that the smelly teenagers had left, taking their cans of ozone destroyer with them. It was just past time for the library to close and he appeared to be the last one there. The counter was just about chest height, and before he had time to give it a second thought, he put his hands on it and vaulted over, swinging his legs around to the right, narrowly avoiding some philosophy books and a pile of leaflets offering student support.

Latino girl looked absolutely amazed by this bizarre show of athletics. Dean landed in a seated position on the counter, his legs spread wide, and his feet on Latino girl’s desk, looking down on her puzzled, beautiful face. She looked directly between his legs. She could hardly miss what was starring her in the face. Dean’s throbbing hard on was straining to get out of his trousers like a caged animal. It almost hurt him to allow its relaxation between the suppressed throbs. He had to get it out, this was ridiculous. However, to his amazement it was Latino girl that took the lead here. She was bright red in the face, breathing heavily, and clearly turned on. She reached up and started to wrestle with Dean’s button. It popped open and his zipper soon followed.

She tugged frantically at the trousers to get them past his ass. Dean was briefly sent off balance for a moment and in order to get a grip on the counter again, he was forced to shove Plato’s Republic and Bergson’s Time and Free Will to the ground with one hand, and a copy of D. H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover with the other; a couple of very different readers must have brought these ones back he thought for second. Latino girl had by now finally come to grips with Deans cock, and what a grip she had. She instantly caressed it, insatiably, like her hands were hungry or perhaps just comfortable with it there, a type of natural comfort, like squirming around in bed when it was time for work. After her initial excitement, those perfectly formed, innocent little hands went to work on his cock and they worked it surprisingly well.

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Dean was surprised because he had always associated expert wankers like this as being none too pretty; in his mind they had to make up for it somewhere didn’t they? Well, so much for the “pretty girls aren’t dirty” theory. Latino Girl was very dirty! She squeezed gently at the base of his cock, and then very slowly tightened into a hugging, twist grip as she pulled up his length, making it go almost soft again. Then she slackened her grip slightly, allowing the blood to rush back in, causing it to spring out of her hand at the end, big and hard, trembling briefly until she grabbed it at the base again. She reached frantically into a handbag next to her with her left hand and brought out a small bottle. She squeezed his dick a little tighter to get his attention (as if she didn’t have it), and looked up into his eyes, grinning. The cap flicked off with her thumb and the rich smell of lavender filled Dean’s nostrils, intoxicating him for a brief second or two.

“I think we need to ease things up a little,” she said, “make them a bit more slippy. What do think?”
Dean could barely speak, “Hell yeah, whatever’s good with me.”

His cock felt like the centre of the universe at that moment. Latino girl squirted the lotion in a circular movement onto the end like she was generously topping a whippy ice-cream with thick helpings of ice-cream sauce. Dean moaned. Before now he had been tensing the muscles in his legs, straightening them out, in a hurry to shoot his load through fear of someone catching them. Now, he just let go of all the muscles in the bottom half of his body and rested his feet back onto her desk, so much that he nearly slid off the counter. The only muscles working now were his arms and his cock, although that didn’t require much effort on his part. There was something unsaid that made him undoubtedly sure that this girl could make him cum in his sleep and it would be twice as good.

Latino girl put down the bottle with her left hand, not letting go of her grip on his cock, then she brought her hand back and slid it right down the length, making him moan again. She brought one hand on top of the other continuously, stroking his cock down, in a tight grip, like it was travelling through an endless tunnel of warmth and sloppiness. Latino girl was going quite fast, leaving a frothy mess in his pubic hair at the base of his cock. Dean’s head fell back, he listened to the slapping noises and looked at an upside down view of the partially closed Venetian blinds on the windows in the library. He felt like he was in some kind of surreal vision, like a scene from Oliver Stone’s The Doors, the only things missing were: a spinning room, The Velvet Underground playing, and a few ink well lights squirming on the wall and blinds. Latino girl slowed down her tunnel grip manoeuvre and switched to a slower move.

She slackened her grip on his cock and used only her thumb and the ends of her middle three fingers. She continued to travel up and down, only this time she circled his cock also, like she was unscrewing the cap off a bottle. Dean felt every finger as it slid around the front and back side of his twitching cock. The sensation was in many ways ineffable. The only thing that Dean could use to describe his experience was disconnectedness. His cock didn’t feel like his cock anymore, it was amazing. Since he relaxed his muscles, including all control over his cock, all that he felt between his legs was the fantastic sensation that Latino girl was creating. Dean could no longer distinguish between her fingers and his dick, it was as though the whole thing had merged into one. The feeling between his legs had become the centre of his entire being, there was nothing else on his mind, and he had even forgotten what was happening to him, and who was doing it.

Dean was snapped back into the reality of the situation by Latino girls soft, sexy voice.

“Where do you want to cum baby?” she said casually. “You want to cum in my tits, or on my face?” This kind of thing didn’t happen in real life, Dean thought, what the fuck was going on?

“Everywhere!” he said quietly, exhaling like an asthmatic smoker.

Dean was unable to guess when he was going to cum, but he could feel a tingling throughout his entire body, beginning in his hands and feet, and growing toward the centre, what he could only imagine was still his dick. He suddenly felt a change in motion around his cock. Latino girl had switched method again. This time she had joined the tip of her forefinger to the tip of her thumb, to make a little ring, like an ok sign. She began whipping this loop up and down the first couple of inches of Deans cock, barely touching it as she got faster and faster, making a slapping noise as her looped fingers tightened a little and slipped up and down over just the end of his cock now, tantalising the underside where his foreskin was attached. Dean suddenly felt his cock again, and all the signals and tingles from the four corners of his body began to escalate. He began to spasm ever so slightly and realised that his cock was twitching uncontrollably without any effort from himself. This girl was good!

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“Relax!” said Latino girl, bringing Dean back to the reality of the situation. “No need to do a thing.”

“Oh man! That’s good!” he moaned. “What are you doing?”

“I’m gonna make you cum baby” she answered, panting ever so slightly because of the speed her arm was going at the time.

“I think I’m gonna cum,” said Dean in a surprised voice. He did as she asked and refrained from tensing any muscles. He tried to drive away his climax and enjoy the feeling engulfing his body. He had never felt like this before. The tingling feeling in his feet travelled up the inside of his leg and connected with an almost audible click in his groin. His legs trembled.

“Look at me!” Said Latino girl. She gripped his cock in her full fist and worked it slowly with a tight hold.

Dean raised his head, feeling a little dizzy, and looked down at the situation. He could feel the pulsing from his groin area and knew that he must be about to cum. The sight that greeted him was captured from pure, porn heaven. Latino girl had scooped out her fantastic tits with her free hand and she was gently wobbling and bouncing them.

“You want these?” She gave them a heavy shake, and opened her mouth also.

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That was it, Dean could do no more. He felt a strong twitch from his cock, and Latino girl felt it too. She smiled, looked at him, and gripped tight. She wouldn’t let it out straight away. Dean could feel it pumping from deep down inside. He could feel the pulsing right down in his ass as his prostate tried to cope with the pressure. He looked her in the eye and screamed out loud.

“I’ve got to cum!”

Latino girl looked at him, put her head back and opened her mouth. She moved the hand from her tits and squeezed his balls hard. She loosened her grip on his cock at the same time, and was instantly showered with a long stream of hot, thick cum. It powered out in a neat straight line, landing on her forehead, down the bridge of her nose, into her mouth and ending between her beautiful big tits. She shook her tits gently, letting Dean marvel in them as he watched his cum running down them, off one of her nipples and onto the desk in front of her. She leaned forward and spat the cum from her mouth onto his twitching cock. She rubbed the cum into his shaft and smiled.

“All better?” she asked.

“Oh yeah! Are you kidding? Who wouldn’t be better after that?” said Dean, talking in his asthmatic smoker’s voice again.

“After what? Am I kidding about what?” said Latino girl, “are you alright? I don‘t know what you are talking about,” she said in trembling voice.

Dean opened his eyes and looked at Latino girl. He was confused. He was standing behind the counter as if he had always been there. He was holding his library card and zipping up his bag, preparing to leave. Latino girl was fully clothed and starring at him in a bizarre way. The clock read 9.08PM.

“I’m fine” said Dean, realising what had happened. “Did you say you were closing now?”

“Yes, we’re closed. You sure you’re ok?” asked Latino girl. “I think you should get to bed straight after that cold shower,” she let out a little, slightly less nervous laugh.

“I think a drink first,” replied Dean. “Care to join me in the bar downstairs?”

“Yeah I think I could use a quick one, it’s been a long day. Give me a minute.” She picked up a few things and walked around the counter. She opened her bag and took out some keys. Dean took in a deep breath through his nose.

“Is that lavender I can smell?”