The prom night: How I got started with my Dad

Hi! I thought you might like to know how I got started with my Dad.
The prom night at school, in my country, has a tradition of young people meeting each other, rather than going as a couple on a date. If no-one asks you, it doesn’t matter, as you’ll meet plenty of nice young fellow-students there, who will ask you to dance and get to know you in a less formal setting than school.

Daddy bought me a beautiful dress for the occasion, and I tried it on. I needed to practice, so I asked Dad to dance with me. All I was intending was to develop some confidence in my ability to dance.
Daddy was still in his business suit from work, I was in my school uniform so I changed into my new dress. Then I danced with my Daddy. He’s a good dancer.
Okay, that’s it. End of story. That’s all I expected to happen, honest. It was just part of normal life. I was going to an important dance, so I put on my new dress and practiced with Daddy. At the time, there was absolutely nothing more than that in my mind.
But as I was dancing with Dad, I could feel a hard bulge lightly pressing against my clitoris. I realised my Daddy was getting an erection as he was dancing with me!

At first, I felt complimented. He was responding to how beautiful I looked. He tried to avoid touching me by holding his hips back, so I pulled him a little closer and said “Our fronts are supposed to be together, Dad”. I still wasn’t thinking of anything more than that, though.
As I gently pulled him closer to me, we both felt his penis slide against my clitoris and go between my legs a little distance. Our clothing was loose enough to let that happen. He went red with embarrassment and said “Sorry, sorry” and tried to pull away. I felt sexy.
I said softly “Don’t be sorry Dad, that’s what dancing is for. Being close!” and I held him close again.

As we kept dancing, Daddy’s penis was really getting hard and long, and I could feel it pushing against my fanny and upper thighs, in between my legs. Soon we weren’t dancing, just swaying from side to side. He murmured “This must be making you feel awful!”
I whispered “I like it, Dad!”
All the next day, I was thinking about how beautiful the intimate dance had made me feel, and I made a plan for that night. I said “I want to practice some more Daddy. Would you dance with me again?”
Daddy said “Wasn’t it a little too intimate for you, last night?”
I said “Oh no, Dad. It was lovely!”

After dinner I put on some soft slow music and dimmed the lights. I took off my school uniform as Dad came over and I said “We’d better just wear our underwear, Daddy. We don’t want our clothes to get crushed, and you need more room. You must have been uncomfortable last night in your trousers.”
So Daddy and I danced together in our underwear. We both had one hand up and the other hand around each other’s waist, and our bodies were pressed together as we swayed to and fro.

I reached up and kissed Daddy on the lips. His penis was right between my legs. As we danced, I felt beautiful and sexy, and I was getting wetter and wetter from feeling my Dad’s penis against my fanny. He was pushing his underpants way out in front. I said “You still need more room, Daddy. You’d better take off your underpants too.”
At that stage I thought “It would be so nice to dance with Daddy in the nude.” I wasn’t actually thinking of it going further than that. I didn’t think that Daddy would let it go further than that, so I didn’t think of going further either.

So I took my underpants off too, saying “Let’s dance in the nude. It’s more comfortable”. Then I took off my bra as well. There didn’t seem to be any point in keeping anything on.
As we danced in the nude, Daddy’s erection went between my legs again, and with the stem of his penis against my clitoris, I felt really aroused. I began to want more closeness with my Daddy. I began to press my pubic region against his. I pressed my clitoris rhythmically against the stem of his erection, as we danced. Then I reached down and held his penis against my fanny. Then I tilted my hips forward and inserted his penis just a little way into my vagina. I said “Oh Daddy!”

It’s funny, but even then, up until that point, I wasn’t actually thinking of it as “sex”. I was just thinking of it as more and more intimacy with my Daddy. Once I was in that position with Daddy, though, with the tip of his penis in the entrance to my vagina, I just wanted to lie down and open my legs, and have my Daddy right inside me.
“I said “O-oh Da-addy!” and lay down on the floor, pulling Daddy down by the hand.
Daddy said “I’m not sure we should be doing this.”
I said “I want you, Daddy!”
Daddy said “What if you regret it later?”
I said “Oh no Daddy, I’ll never regret this. It’s so beautiful. Fuck me Daddy! Fuck your little girl!”

I spread my legs for my Dad. As Daddy entered me he said “Oh darling! Oh baby!”. Then he put his arms on the floor, and I held onto his forearms with my hands. I could feel his penis going deep inside me and it felt beautiful.
Daddy withdrew a little way, then plunged forward again, saying “Oh baby!”
As Daddy moved in and out, I thought “Oh god, I’m actually fucking my father! This is amazing!”
It was just an impulsive thing, that happened on the spur of the moment. We both got carried away.
I never went to the dance. I told Dad “There’s no-one there that I want to meet. I just want to be with you.”
We’ve been living as man and wife, now, for the last five years. We’re both committed to this relationship, and I see no reason why we can’t go on living together for the rest of our lives.