Trisha’s Ride Sex stories

19 year old Trisha was at her 18 year old friend Misty’s house. All evening they had been talking about the different boys in their class and how cool some of them were. Misty asked Trisha if she had ever had sex with any of them… Trisha said she had let one guy feel her up and another had put her hand on his ‘thing’ while it was in his pants. She had given it a quick squeeze and he had moaned loud and she noticed a wet spot growing on his shorts. Misty said the closest to sex she had been was hearing her mother getting laid by her new boyfriend, Tom.

“Yeah they woke me up on Friday night. He was banging her so hard and so long she was screaming … they must have been at it for about an hour or more when I finally banged on the wall and asked them to quiet down.”

About that time, Tom drove up in his big truck. He came over to the house and said hi to the cute teenage girls… He went inside and the girls resumed their conversation.

“You mean they were fucking for over an hour? I thought guys got off real quick?”

“Mom says Tom’s the best lover she ever had, and if I piss him off and he leaves her, she’ll cut off my allowance and make me live with my dad. I don’t mind Tom really, it’s just he spends more time with mom than I do…”

“If you could fuck her for over an hour she’d like you too…” the girls laughed.

Trisha was going to tell Misty about the time she had let Bob Haslend take her panties off. He had been feeling her up and getting her all hot and bothered. Her pussy had needed attention too. She was going to let him fuck her and she wanted it to happen too. She had petted his cock until he was desperate to try to have sex with her. She got her clothes off, the nipples on her big breasts were extremely hard, and she was very excited.

Bob quickly got naked and started to lay on top of her. Then she felt something wet and warm on her legs. Bob groaned and said it was all over. She was so disappointed and he was so embarrassed he got dressed and left her house before she could even get dressed. She had looked at the premature puddle of sticky white semen on her legs and thighs and wondered what had happened.

She decided not to tell Misty about it because Misty liked to tease Trisha about having such big tits. All the boys stared at her chest when they talked to her and she was very self conscious about it. Being a Jr. in high school with a 36C chest could be very distracting. She didn’t want to give Misty any teasing ammunition…

The conversation took a strange turn when Misty asked Trisha about blow jobs.

“Have you ever done that?” Misty asked.

“No. I haven’t even seen a cock out in the open.” Trisha said. “I heard mom giving Tom head the other night too. I couldn’t stand it. I had to see what it was like…”

Misty then told her friend about sneaking to the door and opening it enough to watch her mom on her knees on the bed, her mouth full of Tom’s cock.

“How big was it?” Tisha asked.

“I’m not sure, but she had to open her mouth real wide. He had her boobs in his hands, wrapping them around his balls and she was sucking his dick for all she was worth.”

“Did she seem to like it?” Trisha asked.

“Well she was doing it for a while and finally I guess he came ’cause she started gagging and then some white stu ff started leaking out of her mouth. She licked it up off his dick and swallowed every drop.”

“Wow” was all Trisha could say, although her mind was racing at the concept of sucking a man’s cock until he came. She wondered what jism tasted like.

Just then Trisha’s alarm watch went off. She said, “Well, I gotta go home. See ya”


Misty said ” Wait, I’ll get mom to give you a ride home.” Misty asked her mom. Sue said she was tired from the long busy weekend, but then Tom said he would give Trisha a ride home. He was going home anyway…

Trisha was excited enough by all the strange conversation and her mind was running rampant with sex crazed ideas as they got into Tom’s truck.

“You girls have a good conversation out on the porch?” Tom asked as he started the car and then headed crosstown to Trisha’s mom’s house.

Trisha looked at him, wondering what he meant.

“Oh alright” Tom said. “I overheard the last little bit of your conversation. I was getting ready to go home when I heard the topic of your talk and I couldn’t resist listening in.”

“What do you mean?” Trisha asked, knowing that he heard them talking about him getting a blowjob, but trying to act dumb.

“I heard you guys talking about blowjobs. Haven’t you given your boyfriend a blow job yet?” he asked.

Trisha was startled to hear herself answer. “I don’t have a boyfriend. All the guys seem to be interested in is my tits. They are so big I am embarrassed by them.”

Tom said “I dunno… they look alright to me, although I can’t see them very well under that baggy sweat shirt. Besides, the size of a girl’s breasts is never important, unless you’re trying to have sex with them.”

Trisha felt herself getting very relaxed and interested in this conversation. She did not have a father figure to talk to, and her mother never said anything from her alcoholic haze. Tom seemed very nice and interested in her.

“How can you have sex with a girl’s tits?” she asked. “Do you mean, like sucking them or something…?”

Tom was getting turned on with this raunchy conversation with this lovely teenager. “Naw. I mean well yeah sure, that’s fun too, but I mean when a guy gets your cleavage wet and slides his cock in and out between your tits until he is ready to cum, the he shoots in your mouth.”

Trisha pulled her sweatshirt over her head, revealing her luscious mounds wrapped in a sports bra. The top of her breasts swelled up and over the top of the bra, filling it nicely.

Tom stared at her. “What are you doing?” he asked, his cock already starting to twitch in his pants.

“Are my boobs big enough to tit fuck?” she asked staring at Tom from the other side of the front seat of the truck. She couldn’t believe she was asking this handsome older man questions like this and that she was so excited by the whole conversation.

“Well, they look very nice.” Tom said, trying to drive and not stare at the well rounded globes that seemed suspended from the girl’s chest.

“Here,” she said pulling the sports bra off too. “Are they big enough to fuck?”

Tom stared as the girl’s breasts came clearly into view. The nipples were dollar sized and pointed up slightly in ski slope fashion. They crinkled up as she got more excited. Tom quickly agreed they would work very well indeed, and he was trying to think of a way he could get this rambunctious teenager into the sack tonight. What a body!

Trisha quickly slipped the sweat shirt over her nude torso, aware of the possibility of people in passing cars seeing her bare breasts. She couldn’t believe she had showed her tits to her best friends moms boyfriend. And she had more in mind…

“Well don’t you think turnabout is fair play?” she asked, staring into Tom’s eyes, and putting her hand over the bulge in his sweat pants that had been growing for a while.

“Ahh… I’m not sure what…?” was all Tom could say.

“Well you’ve seen part of me naked. What about you?” she said staring at his crotch.

“Oh that’s right, you’ve never seen a cock before have you?” he said remembering the overheard conversation.

He reached into his sweats and released his now swollen member from his shorts. His cock was not all that big at 7.5 inches, but he was proud of it anyway.

Trisha stared at it wondering if she dared do what she seemed to be planning. She asked” Is that cum leaking out of the hole?” pointing to the clear dew drop on the tip of his cock. She could see it clearly in the glow from the dashboard.

“No, that’s precum. It’s what lubricates my cock before I put it in.” he said.


“What does it taste like? she asked. Her mind was on one thing only right now. She wanted to taste and hold a cock tonight and Tom was going to cooperate she knew.

Tom grabbed her hand and wrapped it around his shaft. He sighed at the erotic contact. He had had blowjobs and handjobs in the car before, but never from such a lovely virginal teen. He showed her how to stroke his cock and she quickly began pumping his shaft.

This was more than Tom could stand. He looked for and quickly found a quiet spot without a street light and pulled over, parking the big truck. Her hand was doing amazing things to his dick, and he could not concentrate on his driving.

His hand reached under her sweat shirt and began fondling her breasts and their rock hard nipples. His climax was coming soon and he had other plans.

“Do you want to taste a man cock?” he asked, pulling her head down to his lap.

Trisha’s gaze was transfixed on the cock in her hand. More fluid leaked freely from the end now and she wondered what was next. Tom’s hand guided her head down to his steel hard cock. Trisha stared at it for a moment and then felt it brush her lips. She was startled at the soft feel of the head.

“Lick it,” He asked in a soft voice.

She stuck her tongue out and began to lap gently at the head, reveling in the musky taste of his pre cum.

Tom was in heaven. The teen sure had a talented tongue… as she licked his cock, he kept trying to get her to open her mouth, prodding his cock gently at her lips.

Trisha knew she wanted this to last, and she licked and slurped her tongue up and down the shaft, delighting in the taste of pre cum and the groans that her ministrations brought from Tom.

Finally she brought her lips into contact with the crown of his cock and he gently pushed her head down as Trisha opened her mouth and allowed the man the first access to her oral cavity.

The wet warmth from her mouth was making Tom shake with excitement. He could hardly control himself. He wanted to force his cock down her throat and fuck her face until he came. He knew if he did, this magic moment would never repeat itself, so he let Trisha proceed at her own pace.

Trisha delighted in the warm taste of his cock, and she opened wider, allowing him to push further into her mouth. The soft feel of the head and the shaft had different and exciting textures she wanted to explore when suddenly, Tom pulled her head up to pull his cock from her exciting mouth, only to gently push it back in again. Hold her head, he gently tangled his hands in her hair and began to show her the rhythm he wanted her to sustain.

He said “yessss… suck my cock you little cock tease… oh let me fuck that wonderful mouth of yours…” as she continued on the rhythm he had set for her. She opened as wide as she could now, throwing herself into it totally, fucking his cock with her mouth and felt it gently bumping the back of her throat.

“Suck suck suck…” he murmured as the teen brought him close to climax, her hot mouth bringing him off faster than he would have dreamed possible.

Trisha was surprised when his cock began to swell and she thought he was going to cum soon. The liquid was building up in her mouth and his urgent pumping into her throat was causing her to swallow as much as she could.

“Trisha… I’m gonna cum,” he said. “Do you want to swallow it?”

By way of answer, the hot teen sucked harder on his cock, impaling her throat on it. Her hand was pumping the rest of the shaft she could not get in her mouth and she felt the swell in his cock.

“Pull my cock out to your lips and stick out your tongue so I can see my cum going into your mouth. Don’t stop jacking my dick until I tell you.” he said in a half groan, half whisper.

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She did as he asked, and he stared down at the lovely teen whose head in his lap was bringing him such pleasure. She stuck out her tongue and stroked his cock as the first eruption exploded a huge gob of cum onto her waiting taster. The heat of the seed surprised her at first, but she liked it and did as he asked, jacking his cock as explosions of thick gooey semen exploded into her mouth. As the flow diminished, she rolled the seed around in her mouth, relishing the taste.

Tom said in a husky voice ” That was great. You never did that before? Wow! Please suck it back in and clean off the rest of my cum”

The happy teen sucked his somewhat limper cock back in her mouth, savoring the rest of the taste of the musky load on his cock, and the new texture of his semi hard cock. Finally, he pulled her off his tool, and she grinned at him.

“Did I do a good job?” she asked.

“Babe you were great.” He wiped a dab of sperm of her chin and offered it to her, she greedily slurped it of his finger and began sucking it like a little cock.

“When can we do this again?” Trisha asked, pointedly staring at his cock.

“Isn’t your mother expecting you home?” Tom asked seeing the gleam of sexual lust in Trisha’s eyes.

“Mom is passed out on the couch. I just said I had to go home to get a ride with you…”

Tom stared at the teen and said “O.K. let’s go to my place. ” he put his still semihard cock back in his sweats as Trisha snuggled close.

“Now about that tit fucking thing you were talking about…” she said as they drove to Tom’s apartment.